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It only took 12 years to get this one to press! Sending hugs to everyone in STC world! I miss you all and hope to be engaging more (again) soon.
Love, Leslee

leslee hare

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…and we’re live!

In fact, we’re so live, we’ll be in the Authors’ Booth at Pine LakeFest this year. If you’re in the Atlanta area, please drop by, say hi to Leslee, and check out the books!

21 Steps to Happiness is now available on Amazon (and in expanded distribution channels)! The series includes 21 Steps To Happiness and the 21 Steps To Happiness COLORING BOOK. Great for all ages, and just in time for holiday shopping.

We all want to be happy!

In this world, it can be hard to figure out how to get that way.

Whether you’re a 3-year-old who just dropped their ice cream, or an octogenarian mourning the passing of someone dear – we all need comfort and help finding a way to make the best of our lives.

21 Steps to Happiness and its companion books offer insights from centuries-old classic Tibetan Buddhist…

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