21 steps

It only took 12 years to get this one to press! Sending hugs to everyone in STC world! I miss you all and hope to be engaging more (again) soon.
Love, Leslee

leslee hare

21 STEPS-COVER_20180823

…and we’re live!

In fact, we’re so live, we’ll be in the Authors’ Booth at Pine LakeFest this year. If you’re in the Atlanta area, please drop by, say hi to Leslee, and check out the books!

21 Steps to Happiness is now available on Amazon (and in expanded distribution channels)! The series includes 21 Steps To Happiness and the 21 Steps To Happiness COLORING BOOK. Great for all ages, and just in time for holiday shopping.

We all want to be happy!

In this world, it can be hard to figure out how to get that way.

Whether you’re a 3-year-old who just dropped their ice cream, or an octogenarian mourning the passing of someone dear – we all need comfort and help finding a way to make the best of our lives.

21 Steps to Happiness and its companion books offer insights from centuries-old classic Tibetan Buddhist…

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  1. Hey there Leslee, happy to keep it going, it’s just what needs to be done. Bill (Valiant) has been kind enough to allow the posting of his content here – it would be nice to have a few more perspectives. But keep on keeping on as needed, it’s all in the “now” anyways. 🙂 Happy to see this book, and coincidentally addresses a need I have.. at just the right “time”… so thank you! Any starting point is always better than no starting point…. and then we figure the rest out from there.

  2. After having left the last comment, I’ve felt something wrong about what I had said. NO, dear LESLEE, YOUR PRESENCE HERE just WEIGH so much that how busy your are, pls anyhow still spare some little bit of time to share your CREATION to INSPIRE & CHARGE US with this SUPER POWER OF DREAM!!!

  3. God……..you are just that PSYCHIC. I knew you got me, and it’s such a great ENCOURAGMENT to see this COMFIRMATION from you in mutilpe sense!!! Pls never hesitate concentrating on making this incredible series of CREATION, for you are the literal PIEONEER ARCHITECT in multiple sense.

    Magically…you know…you are just charging or even igniting the writing passion inside me!!!

    My precious ones, pls take care, be safe and FLY !!!

  4. Ah Feilla! And Troy, of course! My heart swells to think of how you two have kept STC going while I’ve been away for so long! It’s been an extremely challenging couple of years for me, as I gather it’s been for you too.
    Lots of good excitement in some ways, yet at times I’ve had to just find ways to divert my mind. Seeing 21 Steps online (finally) is a huge catharsis for me.
    I’m not sure how much I’ll have for commenting and such, because I’ve got more books in the works… But please know how much you’re all still in my heart! And of course that includes Tauno and Liesbeth!
    Much love to you all!

  5. Dear Leslee, God, I was just thinking of you so much that the next day this post was released. It’s such an encouragment and comfort to know more and more of you get better than better. Owing to the Full-Moon-Equinox effect?, I’m still extremely emotional that each event or words heard could just dry me cry; still in the course of purging the negativity accumulated and buried in depth?! This is the greetings that I got on that festival, to be happy. Yes, it’s just something so distant from me, not only at this period, but all my life. So thank you for bringing this LOVELY & BEAUTIFUL GIFT to the world, for kidS and for me !!!

    Today, when looking for the remedies of ART, oddly, came up lots of cakes. It feels like that it’s given by some DIVINE DJ for reminding of some CELEBRATION. This one just attracts my attention for it reminds me of STARS, lots of nice memory with you and the precious ones who can be gathered here THANKS TO YOU. I’m sure without you, this bridge which connects the realms not only in horizontal but vertical terms, would not be materialized. You just have never stopped creation, making this world NEW, the impossible possible for the COLLECTIVE.

    Thank you again, our precious sister and Troy,[Dreamwalker333], our diligent gardener for this great GARDEN of DREAM.

    Thank you all here who have ever been passionately pouring the water, love, WISDOM, any precious memory memory and knowledge here, which undoubtedly FLOURISH this GARDEN !!!

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