Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 20…

Again, a long night came, brought on
By a mysterious dark mood in the air.
But this time it was a feeling shared
Far and wide by those forced to
Confront things that broke reason
And rhythm in their lives. The times
Were tough all over…to live, to get by.
And adding the unexplainable and
Unnatural to circumstances only
Increased the uneasiness in the air.
Where it was going and what it
Meant could only be a guess by most.
Only one thing was certain, the sun
Would rise and set and the world
Would keep turning.

Jon had a restless sleep. There were
No dreams that night, only an
Anxiousness that grew. At times it
Was as though some higher senses
Within him converged to give him a
Silent course of action…to keep
Going, and spontaneously react
When he had to.

In the morning Jon confessed to
His family over breakfast about
His new friend that he allowed to
Stay in the loft in the barn. They
Were a bit surprised to hear this,
Especially after recent events.
They, much like everyone in their
Village, did not take kindly to
Vagabonds or strangers. But a dim
Sense of hospitality gave them
Reason to see kindness was better
Right now, after how the neighbors
Appeared the day before. It could
Be dangerous for anyone alone in
The area right now. So, for the time
Being, they permitted it. Jon was
Grateful that his family agreed to it…
Though if truth be told he would
Have found way to help Matthias
Anyway. He left breakfast early and
Went to share what little food that
He could with his new friend.

He found Matthias in the loft still
Yawning himself awake nestled
Among the hay bundles. Jon was
A little shocked and laughed at
This, he had forgotten how other
People had different schedules. ‘I
Have some bread and eggs for
You if you like.’ He told him as he
Carefully tried to make enough
Noise to wake him.

‘Ah, thank you.’ Matthias smiled
Sitting up. ‘I almost wanted to
Forget.’ He scowled at the light
Of the sunrise that came in through
The cracks in the wood of the barn.
Then he sat up quietly struggling to

‘Thinking about yesterday?’ Jon

‘Yes.’ Matthias answered with a
Yawn as he studied Jon. ‘There is
Something about this place.’

‘Something?’ Jon repeated.

‘I don’t know. I’m sure I would
Say it wrong…But something.’
Matthias could only say.

Jon laughed. ‘That says a lot.’

‘The world is crazy.’ Matthias
Moaned his thoughts out loud.
‘It gets crazier all the time. In
Cities its different…Is there any
Place at all for someone like me
To find an answer?’

‘Someone like you?’ Jon asked
As he knelt down and put the
Bread and eggs beside Matthias.

‘Looking…Waiting?’ Matthias
Could only say. ‘I have no words to
Explain it. Only that I have to find
Something…my place in it all.
Some peace…maybe. If that at all

‘If you find peace, please let me
Know. I would like some.’ Jon

‘You seem content though.’
Matthias replied. ‘You said that
You like simple things. I assumed
You meant that you were happy.’

‘Everyone I think is searching for
Something inside.’ Jon answered.
‘I guess I always thought that meant
That I had to find that peace…inside

‘You don’t have that?’ Matthias asked.

Jon hesitated to explain. That
Would be a hefty story to tell,
If words could convey it. ‘Do
You remember that story that
I told you about…the library,
Those people, that place?’

‘Yes.’ Matthias answered curiously.

‘Tonight, I want to show you
Something.’ Jon said more seriously.
‘I can’t now…the day’s work needs
To be done. But tonight I will show
You. If that’s that alright?’

Matthias nodded with a blink. ‘I
Have no where else to go right now.
You have me curious. Alright.’

Jon smiled then left the loft and
Began his day’s chores. He rushed
About the day full of energy thinking
Of what he would share with Matthias
That night. He wouldn’t be too bold
And share everything, but he had to
Show him something. Since that had
Both shared that experience with the
Mist…he thought it might be time
To share his work with someone
And take a chance and see what

The day flew by. Once nightfall
Came and the evening was finished
Jon hurried to his room and gathered
All the drawings he could that he hid
Under his bed and bundled them
Under his arm and went carefully
To the barn. With a candle in his free
Hand, he shook thinking of the
Right words to say as he held
Onto the papers tightly. He just
Kept wondering how Matthias
Would react, he had never
Shared his artwork with a story
With anyone before…. What a
Mess it could be to understand.

Jon entered the barn and climbed
The ladder to the loft slowly. He
Listened to every sound in the air,
He hadn’t seen his new friend all
Day and wondered if he had in fact
Stayed or had left to pursue his
Adventures. A sudden cough from
Above gave him a quick answer.
There was no turning back now.
When he reached the top of the
Ladder to step into the loft he
Saw Matthias in the corner
Stretched out laying there silently
Lost in thoughts.

‘I was wondering when you would
Come.’ Matthias said sitting up.
‘What a day I had thinking about

‘I wasn’t sure if you would stay.’
Jon replied as he slowly maneuvered
Through the hay stacks to sit beside
Him. Then he set his candle down on
A bare spot of wood floor as he
Held his drawings tightly beneath
His arm. ‘I have something to show

Matthias waited eagerly, he watched
Jon hesitate then slowly pull the
Bundle of papers out and place them
On the floor in front of them. ‘What
Is that?’

‘My drawings.’ Jon said nervously.

‘You draw?’ Matthias asked with

‘Yes. When I have the time.’ He
Told him. ‘My grandparents and
Father hate it…But my mother and
Sister think it’s wonderful.’

‘Let me see.’ Matthias said as he
Scrambled forward to examine the
Artwork. His face lit up immediately
In the low light. ‘You are really
Good. REALLY GOOD. These are

Jon smiled fast. ‘Thank you.’ He
Paused before going on. ‘Once…
I went to the city with a friend…
And tried to be an artist…but it
Didn’t go well.’

Matthias seemed shocked. ‘Why?
These are great. These are as good
As any artists’ work that I’ve seen.
They’re beautiful.’

‘Thank you.’ Jon only smiled more.
‘I tried…but…Well, I guess I met
The wrong people.’ He paused again
Before going on. ‘I thought once…
If I could draw as a profession that I
Would draw the world beautiful and
Maybe inspire that beautiful to
Become real.’

‘That sounds great.’ Matthias said
As he enjoyed looking through
The drawings. ‘Why wouldn’t that
Work? People love beautiful things.’

‘Well,’ Jon answered, ‘See I always
Thought people wanted that too. And
I thought if I drew them as they wanted
To be, that would inspire them to be
What they wanted…But I guess they
Took it the wrong way. Too many
Thought I was falling in love with them
Because I drew them that way.’

‘Oh, I see.’ Matthias nodded with a
Laugh. ‘Yes, I understand that. Well,
There’s a lot of people looking for
Love, my friend.’

‘Yes. It was overwhelming.’ Jon
Replied. ‘I had no idea how many
People all wanted the same thing…’

Matthias studied the drawings of
The people Jon had done. ‘Are these
People from the city then, that you

‘No…’ Jon answered fast. ‘NO, I
Have never seen people in the city
Like THIS…Do you remember the
Dream that I told you about—the
People that I met? THESE are drawings
Of those people, of the people I met
In dreams like that. They were the ones
Who inspired me to draw this way.’

‘These women…these men…’ Matthias
Said with awe. ‘They are magnificent,
Gorgeous.’ His eyes lit up so bright
In the candle light that they lit
The room with excitement. ‘I would
Love to see people like this.’ He held
Up one drawing of a blond woman
In a pale dress. ‘This one, SHE is
Amazing. They all are. I could fall
In love with her. Are you in love
With her?’

‘What?’ Jon laughed. ‘Why would
You think that?’

‘The way you draw her.’ Matthias

‘No,’ Jon answered awkwardly. ‘NO,
In the dreams I had…when she visits…
She comes to tell me things. She is
Like my mother, a guide or something.
She gives advice, tells me what to
Do…She seems to know things about
Me, she worries about me, cares about
Me. I have seen her since I was very

‘You don’t love her?’ Matthias asked.

Jon thought quickly with a gentle smile.
‘Hmm…. I never thought about it very
Much. I suppose I do. But I have seen
Her since I was very little…its hard
To see her in a way that’s…inappropriate.’

‘But the way that you draw her…’
Matthias went on.

‘I draw them all the same.’ Jon only

‘OH…’ Matthias finally understood
Then nodded. ‘Oh, I see.’ Then he
Continued to examine the drawings
With fascination, the people especially
Held his interest. ‘These people, they
Are just so amazing…And so many
Of them.’

‘I have never shown them to anyone
Before like this.’ Jon explained. ‘Some
Have seen them…. Well, in the past those
That saw them either stole them…or
Just destroyed them.’

‘WHAT? Why would they do that?’
Matthias asked.

‘I don’t know.’ Jon answered shaking
His head. ‘That’s why I don’t show
Anyone. For some reason…they bring
Out an intense reaction in some people.’

‘Your art is beautiful.’ Matthias said
Then. ‘No one should do that. You
Should stay away from people like
That.’ He paused then. ‘But I have
To ask…. Is there a special reason
That you wanted to show me these

‘The mist, what we saw…’ Jon
Answered. ‘In these dreams, these
Visits…These people show me things.
They tell me things some times. Some
Things I remember, some things I
Can’t. I have no idea why. I only know
That somehow its connected to strange

‘How?’ Matthias asked. ‘Did they
Ever explain?’

‘No, not really.’ Jon replied. ‘They
Give me brief odd answers…I
Believe they tell me more, but I
Can’t remember it all. I just know
Things…react to things. I don’t
Know why I do, it just happens.
My grandmother says it runs in
The family…but we are not
Supposed to talk about it. No one
Ever gives me answers. I believe
Because no one knows exactly.’

‘Most people guess at answers.’
Matthias laughed. ‘They say that
They know, but they don’t. Trust
Me, I have encountered that A LOT.’
He sighed looking at the drawings
Again. ‘Another mystery…Interesting.’

‘Confusing.’ Jon laughed. ‘You see
That is why I like things simple. There
Is too much to think about. I find it
Best to just simply accept it…let it out
In my drawings, then I can put them
Away and move on…Then I can get
Through the day and work without
Getting lost in thinking about it too

‘I would think nonstop about it.’
Matthias laughed.

‘Well, that’s hard to do when you’re
Herding goats or chasing geese.’
Jon laughed in return. ‘So, I keep
It simple…and I figure one day
When its supposed to, if it will,
It will all work itself out in some way.’

‘I can see why you are careful to
Share that.’ Matthias laughed shaking
His head. ‘The way people are…Every
Opinion out there would tear it apart
Every which way other than what it

‘It felt right to share this now.’ Jon
Told him. ‘After what we saw…
And with what’s happening now…
If there is a connection…Somehow
It’s there.’

‘Yes, but what connection could
There be?’ Matthias wondered.

Jon thought carefully of the words
To say. But somehow only one
Word came to mind. ‘Hope.’

‘Hope?’ Matthias asked. Then he
Made a serious face thinking to
Himself of his own experiences and
Of what he was seeing now. ‘The
World is crazy place…The more
You see, the bigger and crazier it
Gets. I swear it’s the same everywhere.
Only slightly different depending
On where you go. It’s a desperate
Search to find your place in it all…
And what it brings.’

‘If there is something building,’
Jon responded cautiously, ‘Maybe
These people know things…Maybe
They are from a time or place that
Has those answers, found those
Answers…and can help. I don’t
Know. So far, that’s all that I can
Come up with.’

‘So why don’t they just do it then,’
Matthias went on. ‘IF they can do
This…if that’s what they are. Why
Can’t they simply make it easier
Or fit it then?’

Jon simply shook his head. ‘Maybe
There are rules. Maybe they can only
Do so much. Maybe through a dream
Is the only safe way. And besides,
Life still must go on…You still
Have to do things.’

‘True.’ Matthias sighed. ‘If life were
Too easy then all anyone would do
Is sit around and talk and eat…it
Would be a lot of nonsense, I think.
Arguing…indulgence, chaos even.’

Jon nodded. ‘Yes, it would.’

‘But still that leaves us with now.
We are living now…. right here.
These strange things happening
Must mean something.’ Matthias
Wondered aloud.

‘There must be some reason for
It. I don’t know.’ Jon answered.
‘A place in time…’

‘You are talking about great influences
Then.’ Matthias said fast. ‘That there
Is more to life than we are told. I
Can believe that. Higher Forces
At work…as if the world is some
Big game board.’

‘It seems to be.’ Jon agreed.

‘Still that makes me nervous of
My place in it all.’ Matthias groaned.
‘I don’t like not having a choice in
Something like that.’

‘I don’t either.’ Jon agreed. ‘I didn’t
Ask for this…I would be happy with
It simple, or not knowing as much.
I don’t know why it happens, it just
Does. Who knows what the reasons

‘You have some interesting things
Here…for some village farm boy.’
Matthias laughed kindly.

Jon smiled. ‘So, do you…for some
Wild traveler of the road. Maybe
There is a reason there.’

‘I want to believe in what you said.’
Matthias went on. ‘That in some way
There is…hope. But I just don’t know.’

Jon paused and sat up straight as his
Ears caught a disturbing sound coming
From the house. There were voices,
Crashing sounds and then shouting. He
Jumped to his feet. ‘Something is
Wrong in the house…’ He listened
More carefully, but what he heard only
Upset him more. ‘Could you please
Watch my drawings? I have to go see
What is going on.’

‘Yes, I will. I hope everything is
Alright.’ Matthias nodded as he watched
Jon race down the ladder and disappear.

Jon raced to the house to find
Everyone awake and hysterical.
His grandfather was yelling, ‘Dear
God, Please Help Us!’

His mother was racing about
Trying to assemble water, blankets,
Anything her wits could manage
To think of. Jon watched his
Sister huddle in tears beside his
Grandmother’s room…Then he just
Knew…his grandmother was dying.
Quickly and briefly his grandfather
Told Jon she had a heart
Attack, a bad one. Then he grabbed
His arm tightly for support.
‘I don’t know what to do!’

All reason seemed to depart, Jon
Somehow shut all sounds out
And focused on his grandparents
Room…then he went to his
Grandmother’s bedside in a daze
And knelt beside her as everyone
Kept crying and moving about
In hysterics. He saw her face so
Pale and still, her eyes big and
Glazed like pearls with chilling
Grayish and purple veins.
She was in tremendous pain…
In her sleep, something had
Frightened her so badly that
Her heart could not take it.

Finally, the family all gathered
Around his grandmother’s bed…
Crying silently. All they could do
Was watch and wait. Jon was
Paralyzed as he knelt beside her
Bed…he had dreaded the moment,
They all knew it was coming.

Suddenly, his grandmother gasped
As she stared wildly at the ceiling.
Then she grabbed Jon’s arm with
An iron grip and stared intensely
Into him. She shook violently
From a fear… ‘You were right…
I’m sorry…They’re watching you.
They watched my mother and
Her mother…and now they’re
Watching you.’

‘Who is she talking about?’ His
Grandfather asked.

Jon studied her carefully…he knew
What she meant…The others, not
The visitors he knew.

‘They are fighting for it.’ His grandmother
Said wildly. ‘So many worlds. They
Won’t split…They want it all…The sky
Is full of shapes…orbs, dark
Triangles…They’re all dark…
One battle will lead to another
To another and another…’

‘She is talking nonsense.’ His
Grandfather cried.

His grandmother held Jon’s arm
Tighter. ‘Be careful. They’re trying
To help you…The dark ones are
Trying to keep them out. But they
Can’t catch them or see them…
The Traveler is from the future…
It keeps repeating…all of it…
They come, they go…they stop it.
They try again. They keep trying.
You can’t stop what has to happen.
The moon…In April, then in June…
The last starts in August…
He was born on New Year’s…
The hope is won on a rose.’
Then she went silent in peace.




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