SHIFT – research summary

Sharing / writing down my own interpretation helps me understand this topic, but it’s not intended to override other interpretations or understandings.

I’m not sure that any of us have to worry too much about what “will” happen… my thinking is that, much like earthquakes, or allergies, we’re open to accepting the energy in smaller bursts, which could build up an immunity to the bigger thing. That isn’t to say we wouldn’t feel something… We are in some ways already “there.”

Those who aren’t able to accept it at this time could get a larger whammy – but will ultimately benefit in the same way. I expect a few folks to take sick days or maybe even just pass out from exhaustion… but since we’re more immune we’ll be able to help set things right where needed. The rescuer needs to be well to help others!

We should all consider using those sick days if we have them, right now. We won’t get sick so much, but remember your 3-D “work” is something detracting from the process.

Those who are passing away for whatever reason (natural causes, violence, illness, etc.) are those who will not be going through the process… and that’s fine… this “event” is not something they need to experience at this time.

So the majority of folks alive during that time will be fine… but may start to lose interest in things they once found alluring, once it happens. Opportunities for coaching will be there, but some may also react negatively to assistance. It’s not a question of “if” they will… it is going to happen to most people. We’ve decided collectively, on a spirit level, to DO IT. “Gaia” energy means all of us… not just the planet. We are all connected.

Children will also be fine (especially those we mistakenly see as having “disabilities”). There is some “adultification” energy that the “regular kids” will need to deal with. But they’ll be fine too. Embracing your inner child and letting them do so too is very important.

This is my take on the material through my own research… your mileage may vary.



  1. Thanks for the reassurance. Beyond/Outside the 3-D matrix the process has already happened/is always happening of course. So no worries … unless we create them. 🙂

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