Forum: SaLuSa ~ 10-February-2012

SaLuSa ~ 10-February-2012 Suddenly there is a great stirring and determination amongst you, to exercise your freedom to achieve what it is you want in the way of changes. Disclosure is something that you have continually pressed for yet as we have previously stated, the truth of our existence is known to many of you who have followed our activities over many, many years. It hardly needs verification in light of all the evidence there is about us, but the authorities cannot release what information they have without official recognition and approval. However, with or without it you are now pressing for opportunities to contact us direct, and it is taking place. We find acceptance of us is at an all time high, and it enables us to deal direct with you. Whilst the cancellation of the Neptune trip was obviously disappointing, it has nevertheless brought about a great surge of interest in us. It has clearly surprised many people that we are prepared to invite you on board our ships, but it is time for such experiences. Your authorities do not like it, as they desire to be in total control of such matters and would prevent any publicity being given to such happenings. We however believe it is time to make the facts known about us, and by drawing closer to you we are able to fill those gaps where you are lacking in information. We have found out a lot more about you because of the “Neptune trip” and without doubt, there will be more opportunities to visit our ships and that was planned from the very beginning. As you must realise by now, our contact with you is not one of a casual nature but one that was always intended to grow and prepare you for full contact. Be assured that before the end of this year, you will have come to know us well.

The media is still a stumbling block where we are concerned, but when fear of repercussions for reporting the truth is no longer an issue the truth about us will travel worldwide. We will then be very welcome as we will bring the answers to your problems, and with our help will transform your civilisation into one that is prepared for Ascension. The ghost of ages past will be exorcized, and the Golden Age will begin bringing peace and happiness. The long wait is nearly over, and best is yet to come and whatever effort you put in now the rewards will quickly be seen and felt. There is no question of being unable to afford the changes, as there is sufficient wealth in the world to cover all necessities. We shall see that it is used for the good of all and not misappropriated. Those who have done so believe that their wealth is safely hidden, but to their dismay and shock they will find it has been removed. No one will be allowed to keep their ill gotten gains, but that which has been earnt honestly will remain with them. There is also the World Trust Fund set up by St.Germain, that will ensure there is more than enough to go around. Money will never again be an issue as now, and it will become the slave and not the Master. Eventually it will have no purpose at all, as you will live in a society that has overcome its need for it. In the midst of the chaos that is growing, if you look carefully you will notice the first stirrings of the new systems that will set you on the right path. Our allies have worked hard to introduce them, and in spite of the obstacles placed in their way have made great achievements. Much is ready to be pushed those final steps along the path to completion. So do not give in to despair as from our vantage point all proceeds well. It is such that it will suddenly arise when you least expect it, and of course be very welcome. We feel that through various sources both on and off Earth you do have a lot of information available to you. As we have often advised you, find a source that resonates with you and use it to test others that may sometimes put over a different point of view. Times are becoming exciting because it is possible to see where things are headed, and that should be into the future. What is ahead sounds like a dream as you have little or nothing that you can relate to it. Yet you are coming out of a dream world where you live the illusion of separateness, so you may wonder what is real after all. Of course duality as an experience is perfectly real to you, but it is not your true reality that you will be soon returning to. There is no comparison, although Mother Earth has shared the beauty of Nature, on a world that was carefully seeded for you and as you know was once a Garden of Eden. The ascended Earth will be another Garden of Eden that this time will continue to be inhabited only by those who are of the Light. There will be beauty unparalleled, and harmony that is rooted in the perfection of the higher vibrations. Dear Ones all of the time you are making gains in bringing the new into being it makes our presence less urgent, as it is important you are seen to be well involved. It is true that you have always had help, but because it is the end of the cycle a lot of the onus is upon you to solve your own problems. In this there is no shortage of excellent ideas, and you are slowly moving into the new technological age. But for the fact that many have been deliberately suppressed, you would have been well into the New Age. So very soon a mass of new ideas will be released, and many are variations of devices that supply free energy. That in itself will solve some really pressing problems that are causing so much poverty and low standards of living. You are One Race, the Human Race and you are all responsible for each other. Many feel that already, and with the levels of consciousness rapidly rising more are awakening to it. Soon you will have the tools and means to put the wrongs right, and there will be a wonderful outpouring of love to each other. You are naturally benign Beings of Love and Light, and that only changed when the dark Ones took control and drove wedges of hatred between you to maintain false differences. When you look at another Human and can see a reflection of yourself in them, you are seeing beyond the outer appearance and into the soul. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and it is wonderful to be part of such a great event as Ascension. Remember that it is happening to your whole Universe, and that we wait upon you and Mother Earth to ascend before we do. Your part in the proceedings is much more important than you are aware. So Dear Ones keep going forward with love in your hearts. Thank you. Mike Quinsey,



  1. Yes Spacemuffin,yes…that’s what actually makes me smile the most times….I really feel beautiful when I envision and focus on it….thank you for that dear friend.

  2. Hey KP. I understand what you mean………….I’ve heard: “Our earth allies are in place waiting to make their move, while we press for disclosure,” one too many times now…………….but to be honest with you, I know it won’t be much longer………that’s what my intuition says…………..we’re just going to wake up one morning and bam………new world at our doorstep…………at that moment, everything else will be forgotten………. πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you for your great and interesting posts Leslee.
    As for Greg’s mesage, I like it…but right now as some other, few though, times…I feel a little tired..and getting a little impatient…..yes,well……..that doesn’t seem to help me, I know…I just wanted to express it, tha’s all….hope you guys don’t mind……(-_-)….

  4. Message from the Galactic Federation of Light

    I hope you hold this to be true. There will be a long series of changes to your world beginning with the arrests of the leaders of the dark cabal, and the changes will be far-reaching and these changes will alter many ways of your current lives. We feel many of you are reading these words, but we also feel there are those of you who doubt, those of you who distrust the veracity of these words. We say to you to go with your instincts, as your intuition will better guide you through these challenging times. Many of you are demanding proof at this time, and it is solid proof that you will not receive, as there are many different amounts of proof that each of you requires, and there are also different amounts each individual requires depending on the subject matter and how much of the information is already at least familiar to this particular person. So you see how handing you proof on a silver platter is not a viable option?

    There will always be those who refuse to see, there can be no other way as there are so many of you who have reached entirely different levels of your awakening. Try to remember this if you find yourself demanding or asking for proof as we move ahead together towards the many changes that must get underway. Some of you are demanding proof that we are benevolent and are not here to conquer. How would you like us to prove this to you? Is it references you require? Who would furnish to you these testimonials? You will see firsthand in the days ahead as we begin our many projects working side-by-side with many of your world that we do care deeply about you and your world and that we are here to assist you make the much needed changes before matters really get out of hand.
    At this time there are many fingers in the dyke trying to stop leaks from so many different areas, but we tell you very soon this dyke will burst if we are not permitted to land and begin our many projects with you. Give us this opportunity and we will then prove to all the naysayers, all the doubters, the skeptics, and those too fearful to trust our words today that we do come in peace and love, and have traveled here in service to you at this, a crucial time in your development.
    We promised you arrests and we will deliver. This is the next phase of the operation, and as you read these words our allies are moving into their final positions for these maneuvers. We have reached agreements with several of your media outlets to cover these events and this coverage will be made available throughout your world. We see many of you excited at this proposition, and we tell you today that tomorrow will not disappoint, but we also tell you these arrests are merely the beginning, the starting gun for the major changes that you will experience once those who have prevented humanity from advancing as they should are removed from your path. Some of these individuals are not elected officials within your governments, and there will be many of your world who may not recognize these powerbrokers and understand their vital roles in the agenda to oppress you, the people. We ask those of you who have taken the time and have made the effort to inform yourselves of these men and women and of their agenda, and share this information with your brothers and sisters so they can understand these arrests and what it means to them on a far greater level. Many of you have put much time and energy becoming knowledgeable of this far-reaching conspiracy, and we applaud your efforts in this regard. All of you have your own unique talents and gifts to share with others at this time, and this is one area that many can benefit from your expertise in these related fields.
    These conspirators go by many different names and organizations, but we of the Galactic Federation of Light prefer to simply refer to them as the Cabal, but we say to you to feel free to use any of the buzzwords that others may better register with as terms such as New World Order and Illuminati are also very accurate to say in many cases. The more of those who understand these proceedings and what it means to them, the greater the impact of this major event. We wish these arrests to be the watershed event that will usher in your new age of global transformation, and this is why we ask you at this time to spread far and wide this information and its implications.
    We see these arrests transpiring shortly, and we ask you to take this time in between now and the airing of these breaking stories and set the table, if you will, so when your television screens are displaying these men and women of the Cabal being brought into custody, the positive energy created among you will be a powerful catalyst for change. We wish to take full advantage of these events and we do not wish to squander any of this golden opportunity to create a positive energy that will sweep around your entire world. We will then fully capitalize on this momentum of energy and high vibration and move immediately into our next phase of the operation which is our open first contact with you. We will not allow this window of opportunity to close, you can be assured of that, so we suggest you stay alert, keeping an eye on several different sources of news as we do not wish to inform the dark of which media companies have agreed to cover these proceedings. These arrests will be difficult to miss however, you can be assured of this.
    Today we wish to share with you that we see a global trend of awakening that is gaining such power and speed that our monitoring services are predicting an awakening of vast numbers of humanity in the coming days. This would be tremendously good news as this is a vital area of focus at this time as there are so many of you yet un-awakened to the new energies available to them at this present time. We see this changing however, and changing quickly. We ask our many Lightworkers at this time to continue your efforts to spread your higher dimensional wisdom, whatever your specific areas of knowledge may be. Do not allow the naysayers and the skeptics to deter you from your pre-arranged assignments, as you were selected for this mission because there were those very confident of your abilities to persevere in the face of ridicule. We have assured you in the past and we wish to make this very clear today; you will not be left looking like a fool or a crazy person, but will be revered as a trendsetter, a visionary, and the jeering that may fill your eyes and ears today will soon turn to requests for the knowledge you have gained while they refused to see.
    This is your future, and it is not far in the distance. So drive forth in the face of adversity today, as you have nearly reached the light at the end of the tunnel and the completion of this stage of your mission. We greatly applaud each and every one of you for your tremendous efforts to shine your light throughout these darkened hallways.
    We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

    As channeled through Greg Giles English

  5. Words Spoken: (Today, 10 Feb 2012)
    5:07:20 PM : ourselves
    4:57:36 PM : instance
    4:57:24 PM : plan
    4:56:04 PM : kind
    4:55:52 PM : children
    4:53:56 PM : soon
    4:51:44 PM : bring
    4:51:32 PM : strike
    4:51:16 PM : hour
    4:50:52 PM : pack
    4:50:40 PM : deep
    4:50:12 PM : tribe
    4:50:00 PM : Norway
    4:49:48 PM : France
    4:49:32 PM : officer

    • Hi Les – please can you explain a little about this? I don’t know if I’ve missed something, because you also mention this in your mandala post, and I’m feeling totally lost – not sure what any of this means, or where it comes from? Thanks angel xx

    • Thank you, Konstantinos! Would you like to post it here in the thread, or create a new post for it? I’ve gotta run for a while, but may e back online later tonight (your morning). Sleep well and feel better tomorrow! lots of love and light!

  6. I send you my Love and Healing Gunner and I wish you to have a great weekend as much as possible.
    Thank you for the Healing Light Leslee….does it happen you to know Suntria’s e-mail? I want to send her my location and birthdate, so she can do Reiki…
    Goodnight dear Tauno, much Love to you.

  7. OMG Now I am crying again but these are tears of joy. ashley just called and he had that kennel cough which has been going around bayonne and if left untreated could have killed him. Thanks again for all your healing love, OMG, I will never again take someelses pain lightly no matter if AI know them or not. i will have to watch out for athena now but OMG it feels like a huge weight lifted off of my shoulder. hnks again everyone and have the wekend of your lives, on me.

  8. Gunner, friend, never forget that we are only actors in our “reality”here on Earth, our goal is to learn lessons and to find the Light! Be brave!
    I am sending to you my Love and White Light now!

  9. Message from the Angels

    My dear friends, we love you so very much.

    Be kind to yourselves. It is a time on earth when the energy is very intense. Your sun is active and it is bringing new light and catalyzing new growth upon your planet earth. You will feel this in different ways.

    Some of you will feel intense inspiration and a drive to get moving in your lives. Take action when you feel it. Allow this energy to inspire you and carry you forward.

    Others will feel extreme fatigue as their body, mind, and soul cry out for balance. Honor this and rest more if this is what you are feeling. Your body is trying to become accustomed to the new frequencies and you cannot do so easily when you are exhausted. Be kind to yourselves. Allow the rest when needed.

    Still others will feel as if the proverbial “rug” is being jerked from under their feet. What was not working either inside of your mind, or in your outer lives is being exposed and you now have a choice as to what you wish to carry with you, what you wish to transform, and what you wish to leave by the wayside. Be honest with yourselves. Look at any unhealthy and unproductive beliefs and patters. Clear the clutter in your minds, hearts, and lives and make adjustments to focus your thoughts, words, and deeds more clearly upon the priorities you wish to espouse. Choose faith over fear. Get help if you need it. You are never alone.

    This energy is so strong dear ones that you can use it any way you like. It is like a powerful wave that can carry you forward if you walk in focus and faith, or can tumble you in its power if you give into fear and ignore your hearts. It is a wave of nothing less than love that is coming to your planet earth right now, touching your hearts, and wanting to wash you clean and clear of the past. Are you willing to let go of what does not serve you, be it material possessions, attitude, or beliefs? Are you willing to focus on what matters most to you?

    You are given a fresh start with every breath you breathe. A simple change of mind, change of attitude, or change in behavior can begin to change your entire life. One self-loving thought, one gracious thought about another, one small step towards a goal you have always dreamt of creating… these tiny loving choices that support your priorities in life are not so tiny after all with this great wave of energy backing them up.

    Be kind to yourselves and others. Rest when you are tired. Act when you are inspired. In this fashion you can ride these waves of energy safely to the shores of God’s love.

    God bless you! We love you so very much.
    — The Angels

  10. What IU really will do now is stay in the center of the storm as the Angels advised. So much shaos with family and friends these last 6 months but I guess I should of expected it.
    Aunt dies, my best friend Ashleys grandpa almost died, my in laws father4 is about to die, my father is on his way out, my nicece and nephew addicted to prescription drugs, and so much more. I am strong and just wanted to let all you know AI love you all and am so thankful I can talk to you all about this and so thankful for all the support you give.
    Just do me one favor and I dont want anyone at all to feel in the least bit sorry for me but only send me energy that everything is going to be alright. I have the strength to get through this all and with all the spirit help, human and galactic help, I cannot and will not go down for the count. I have been knocked down so many times in my life but i always get off the mat even though sometimes it is at the 9 count LOL.
    Well, let me go and if yo dont hear from me, know devo will be alright and have a great weekend eveyone.

    • Gunner, so sorry man – I’m gradually catching up and reading down all the messages, so have just seen this one. I don’t think any of us will feel “sorry” for you in any way – but what we WILL all do is to provide a sanctuary for you, with all the love, support and caring you could wish for. Just hang in there my friend – that sounds so damn trite, but you know that we love you and we are all going through some really weird shit in these days of 2012… I’m just getting that, if you have a piece of Rose Quartz, please wear it – if you can’t, then just keep it in your pocket and handle it as much as you can. It will help absorb any negativity and will surround you with love. The Angels are surrounding you – try to just TRUST, and let everything just be what it is. Love you so much, my brother xxx ~*❀*~

  11. Thank you everyone. I wish I was stronger to handle situations like this but it seems I cant think straight, I want to cry and just feel totally out of it.
    Actually, the last 5 minutes I have been pulling myself together . I feel he will be alright and he is at the vet right now. I will see if I got an update before I leave today and thanks again for eneryones love.

  12. Much Love to you JGunner! I’m glad that you found us.
    Oh Leslee, I thought you wished to help me like Suntria, that’s what I understood by reading your 1:00 PM comment (-_-).

    • Oh, gotcha, KP! I thought maybe it was web-site related πŸ™‚
      I don’t do Reiki, but will take a few minutes and focus and send healing light to you and Devoted now πŸ™‚

  13. jgunner says : February 10, 2012 at 15:36
    Very interesting Salusa message today. Also, the message through Gregg,
    BTW, my dog was coughing through the night and I dont know what it could be from.
    Suntria, can you send him Reiki healing. His name is Devo and he lives at 192 prospect avenue Bayonne N.J.

  14. jgunner says : February 10, 2012 at 15:40
    Vendo, sorry about another disappointing loss by the patriots. It seemed the Giants were a team of destiny this year as most fans counted them out in Nov and dec but that is just the way New York fans are. It is actually hard for me to be a N.Y. fan because of all their negativity. I cant even go to a game and boo anyone but new Yorkers are pretty much cut throat when it comes to that. I mean 2 or 3 years ago they booed HBeltran on opening day in his first at bat. why would anyone want to come and play for fans like that.
    spo, I consider myself a NY fan from New Jersey.
    Snookie and Ja Wow from the jersey shore will be doing a new show and the place they are staying in is only a 5 minute walk from my office. I gotta go check that out, maybe I will run into them.

  15. jgunner says : February 10, 2012 at 15:48
    Has anyone ever received a static electric shock from touching water. It seems this year my static electricity is at an all time high. i even got a shock when I touched a sheet rock wall.
    So now here is the things i receive static shocks from. Water, walls and even plants, when I touch their leaves. It must have to do with all the energies hitting our earth nowadays. I just better not pump any gas into cars because if I get a shock then, BOOM!!!!! CANCEL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

  16. You can run but you cant hide. Got yas!!! Thought you all could slip by me but I found you all, somehow, well with some help from Leslee, thank you. missed yas all week long.
    Leslee, totally awesome story from you. Maybe it could have been one of ours. I hear the triangular shape ships are usually military and they make no noise.
    Hey, maybe it was a galactic ship, who knows but they have ben reaching out to more and more people these days.
    Well, I gotta go because I am so upset. Ashley and Chris checked on my dog and it seems the gagging and choking is a lot worse. Here are the 3 comments i left on the lrc site this morning.

  17. Update: Next Flight 11 FEB 2012
    A short update to remind everyone about our next Galactic Light Ship familiarization flight.

    Since the maiden voyage of the Galactic Light Ship (GLS) Aeterna, we have added several ships to our fleet. These include the GLS Algiz, the GLS Space Muffin, and the GLS Chimera.

    Information on our fleet of Galactic Light Ships is available here:

    All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us.

    Background information on our process is available here:

    • thanks KP – missed you guys. It’s been a hellish week, of 11hour days in the office, and then bringing work home. I’ve got quite a lot to do this weekend as well… it has to be done, so I don’t really have much choice.

      **EDIT : and now I’m off to bed – can barely see through my eyes! will catch up with you all tomorrow. Blessings, love & light to all… πŸ™‚ **

  18. oh STICK!! I loved that reggae on the last (??) thread! even used up quite a lot of my mega-gobbles for it πŸ™‚ My parents were both born in Trinidad, so I was brought up on steel band, calypso and reggae – although this has changed a lot in recent years. It is so soothing and soulful, I love it!

  19. helllloooooooooooooo everyone!! kinda battled to find where you all were, but got here eventually! πŸ™‚

    Les – I LOVE this background – those are the colours and the kind of effect I was trying to describe to you, about my STAR!! (hint hint hint!!) and THANK YOU for making it a white background – now i can read it all easily!

    just a suggestion on the threads – i really battled to find everyone now – had bookmarked the original thread, but that stopped on the 8th… would it perhaps be possible, at the end of each thread, just to post the URL to the new one? that would help so much, specially for us technologically-challenged elderly blondes!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and maybe that’s why Gunner can’t find us either – not that he’s blonde OR old, but I think he is quite limited on his computer at work…

    So good to see Baba and Tauno found us too!

    • Yeah yeah yeah, DreamWalker!!!
      That’s a great image you found! I’m guessing that’s Kalachakra… I’ll see if I can post a pic of Heruka’s/Chakrasamvara’s over the weekend… I have more mandala sketches too… My favorite part is the charnel grounds, where you can’t tell the holy beings from the corpses… Which is which? πŸ˜‰ (it’s around the very outside, BTW, kind of like us crust-dwelling skinbags, as I have heard us referred to…) :mrgreen:

    • …iHad to Come to this Beautifully Abundant Image!…Thanks for Posting It,Dreamwalker…SomeThing ‘Bout it is Dreamy,yet Tangible… πŸ™‚

  20. Whoa Leslee great post connecting some dots on the umbrellas/elephants/ spaceships…. some interesting synchronicity there for sure… I feel the more the inner world is explored the more we will start to see similarities to the outer world, and vice-versa… holographic principle and the law of reflection acting hand-in-hand and we are touching on the inner workings of the source code of this “killer app”…

  21. Have a nice weekend dear Suntria. Now guys, can anyone of you send me via e-mail the gmail address of Suntria? I’d be glad and very grateful for some Reiki.

    Much Love to you dear Tauno.

    Much Love and Light to all of you dear friends.

  22. Hi, KP I am so happy to be with you again πŸ™‚ I had a busy translating day today and I am staying at home because of the bad weather outside πŸ™‚

  23. Thank you dear Leslee and Tauno for sharing your magnificent experiences!!
    I’ve just returned from exam class…almost three hours…stressful environment..and lots of pain on my shanks…..anyway…

    • Hi, KP, so glad to have you back with us! Ask Suntria for some reiki, and I bet those pains will ease πŸ™‚ best wishes for some wonderful rest – are you finished with Uni for the day?

    • Yes, Konstantinos, if you’d like I can send you Reiki to ease the pains. Assuming your real name is Konstantinos (my real name isn’t Suntria!) I’ll just need your location and age/date of birth. I probably won’t be around here during the weekend, but Leslee and others have my gmail address and I check it every now and then on the phone, so I’ll be sure to see your email requesting Reiki πŸ™‚ ♥

  24. WOW ! Leslee, dear ! That is it! The Spirit! You have skills, my friend, you have made a communication, nothing comes to us by chance
    Love and Light!

  25. Hi, Everybody!
    I’m very happy to introduce the GLS Chimera! I posted one possible manifestation on my page, and am chatting with Tauno about it on her Yeshua post…

    Here’s the story, from last night:

    As I was driving home and on the way to get a bite to eat, I was passing through a neighborhood, and just as I was about to park, (it was late dusk), I looked up, and above my car and then the tree topsΒ (I’d guess at about 1500 feet), something flew, quite fast and low.Β 

    It didn’t look huge, maybe the size of a learjet, medium to dark silver, with a few red, green and white lights. Looked more like a triangular shape than a jet with wings, but hard to tell because of the dusk, the speed, and it was quite close to the trees.

    As it flew overhead, just above the treetops, and passed my car, it gracefully swung in a tight arc and turned… It looked like the way a military jet would bank and turn, the shape that wasΒ horizontalΒ becoming vertical. Then it disappeared behind the trees.

    (I remember now – isn’t that how jets “wave” hello?)

    What didn’t occur to me until I got home was, it moved much like one of the Blue Angels jets that I’ve seen many times down on the Gulf of Mexico… But those things are loud as heck, and this was silent.

    I parked and took out my pendulum, because when I saw it, I felt intuitively that this was not man-made. I asked, and was told it was a UFO, and of course skeptical me went, “no way!!!”

    So I pulled out the chart, and asked in every way I could possibly think of, kept getting affirmation… Lots of psychic arguing going on there for a few a minutes…Β 

    Then I finally got a “no”, but also realized that I was being tested: I’m willing to believe I talk to Buddhas, but NOT that I could manifest spaceship? Even when I KNOW our friends are around and watching us all the time? Hypocrite πŸ™‚

    So I asked, “what should I tell my friends on STC tonight?”

    “Tell them you saw… The Ch…”

    At that point I stopped, because I got that I had seen the ship that I had manifested, and They were about to give me its name. I knew that would take a little while because I’d have tons of questions, and I was getting really cold sitting in the car :).

    Sitting at the noodle place, a woman came in and joined two ladies who had been sitting near me at the shared table. One of them had noticed me working with the pendulum… They started talking about Buddhist Centers in the area, that they were trying to find different kinds to try. I finally apologized for interrupting, but offered that I had been a nun and could tell them a little about what was in the area. We sat & talked for about 15 minutes πŸ™‚

    Now, in my circle of Buddhist friends, we’d refer to that kind of synchronicity as an “emanation”… Something that we’d all manifested. Widely accepted that this happens all the time. Considered quite magical. Another reminder of my double standard, because I was still resisting the spaceship idea!Β 

    When I get fortune cookies, there’s a little emanation-practice exercise that I started doing years ago. Before I even open the wrapper, I silently remind myself that anything is possible. Yes, it is possible to emanate a message that I need, onto a piece of “paper” that is “already” “inside” a cookie that was made days if not weeks ago. It’s critical to sit with it until I’m able to eliminate any doubt.

    So I asked that the cookie message would tell me what I needed to know about my sighting, “my ship”. I was at peace, and willing to accept whatever the paper said.

    It says, “We are very happy together.”

    • oh Les, I just got to read this now!! wow wow wow!!! what an incredible experience πŸ™‚ Also very interested in the “emanation” teachings – I am very aware that there is no such thing as “coincidence”, only synchronicity, and that we do manifest in synch with one another. Emanation… hmmm πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hoping that’s gonna work tonight, as I couldn’t make it last week, was just too exhausted. Will be going to sleep very shortly – it’s already after 11pm here πŸ™‚

      • Good night, Steffie, sweet dreams! I’m wishing to send you stars while you sleep, so we’ll see if I manage that and if you manage to catch some! Much love & light to you!

  26. Btw, I posted some poems (not mine!) on my page. Only got to place one as ‘post’, the others are as ‘comments’, but I’ll get there – eventually :mrgreen:

    • Wonderful, Suntria! I’m realizing that as we post on our pages, we might want to let folks know in the main forum thread, since pages don’t post to the home page (unless one of our wiz’s can fix that?)
      However, once we comment on a page and check the box to see replies, we’ll get an email when something is added πŸ™‚
      Also, you can add to the post itself by clicking “edit” at the bottom of the page (before comments, I think?)
      I’m late to work again, lol… Ciao!

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