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SaLuSa ~ 10-February-2012 Suddenly there is a great stirring and determination amongst you, to exercise your freedom to achieve what it is you want in the way of changes. Disclosure is something that you have continually pressed for yet as we have previously stated, the truth of our existence is known to many of you who have followed our activities over many, many years. It hardly needs verification in light of all the evidence there is about us, but the authorities cannot release what information they have without official recognition and approval. However, with or without it you are now pressing for opportunities to contact us direct, and it is taking place. We find acceptance of us is at an all time high, and it enables us to deal direct with you. Whilst the cancellation of the Neptune trip was obviously disappointing, it has nevertheless brought about a great surge of interest in us. It has clearly surprised many people that we are prepared to invite you on board our ships, but it is time for such experiences. Your authorities do not like it, as they desire to be in total control of such matters and would prevent any publicity being given to such happenings. We however believe it is time to make the facts known about us, and by drawing closer to you we are able to fill those gaps where you are lacking in information. We have found out a lot more about you because of the “Neptune trip” and without doubt, there will be more opportunities to visit our ships and that was planned from the very beginning. As you must realise by now, our contact with you is not one of a casual nature but one that was always intended to grow and prepare you for full contact. Be assured that before the end of this year, you will have come to know us well.

The media is still a stumbling block where we are concerned, but when fear of repercussions for reporting the truth is no longer an issue the truth about us will travel worldwide. We will then be very welcome as we will bring the answers to your problems, and with our help will transform your civilisation into one that is prepared for Ascension. The ghost of ages past will be exorcized, and the Golden Age will begin bringing peace and happiness. The long wait is nearly over, and best is yet to come and whatever effort you put in now the rewards will quickly be seen and felt. There is no question of being unable to afford the changes, as there is sufficient wealth in the world to cover all necessities. We shall see that it is used for the good of all and not misappropriated. Those who have done so believe that their wealth is safely hidden, but to their dismay and shock they will find it has been removed. No one will be allowed to keep their ill gotten gains, but that which has been earnt honestly will remain with them. There is also the World Trust Fund set up by St.Germain, that will ensure there is more than enough to go around. Money will never again be an issue as now, and it will become the slave and not the Master. Eventually it will have no purpose at all, as you will live in a society that has overcome its need for it. In the midst of the chaos that is growing, if you look carefully you will notice the first stirrings of the new systems that will set you on the right path. Our allies have worked hard to introduce them, and in spite of the obstacles placed in their way have made great achievements. Much is ready to be pushed those final steps along the path to completion. So do not give in to despair as from our vantage point all proceeds well. It is such that it will suddenly arise when you least expect it, and of course be very welcome. We feel that through various sources both on and off Earth you do have a lot of information available to you. As we have often advised you, find a source that resonates with you and use it to test others that may sometimes put over a different point of view. Times are becoming exciting because it is possible to see where things are headed, and that should be into the future. What is ahead sounds like a dream as you have little or nothing that you can relate to it. Yet you are coming out of a dream world where you live the illusion of separateness, so you may wonder what is real after all. Of course duality as an experience is perfectly real to you, but it is not your true reality that you will be soon returning to. There is no comparison, although Mother Earth has shared the beauty of Nature, on a world that was carefully seeded for you and as you know was once a Garden of Eden. The ascended Earth will be another Garden of Eden that this time will continue to be inhabited only by those who are of the Light. There will be beauty unparalleled, and harmony that is rooted in the perfection of the higher vibrations. Dear Ones all of the time you are making gains in bringing the new into being it makes our presence less urgent, as it is important you are seen to be well involved. It is true that you have always had help, but because it is the end of the cycle a lot of the onus is upon you to solve your own problems. In this there is no shortage of excellent ideas, and you are slowly moving into the new technological age. But for the fact that many have been deliberately suppressed, you would have been well into the New Age. So very soon a mass of new ideas will be released, and many are variations of devices that supply free energy. That in itself will solve some really pressing problems that are causing so much poverty and low standards of living. You are One Race, the Human Race and you are all responsible for each other. Many feel that already, and with the levels of consciousness rapidly rising more are awakening to it. Soon you will have the tools and means to put the wrongs right, and there will be a wonderful outpouring of love to each other. You are naturally benign Beings of Love and Light, and that only changed when the dark Ones took control and drove wedges of hatred between you to maintain false differences. When you look at another Human and can see a reflection of yourself in them, you are seeing beyond the outer appearance and into the soul. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and it is wonderful to be part of such a great event as Ascension. Remember that it is happening to your whole Universe, and that we wait upon you and Mother Earth to ascend before we do. Your part in the proceedings is much more important than you are aware. So Dear Ones keep going forward with love in your hearts. Thank you. Mike Quinsey,

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  1. …iLove that PassWord!…CenterCenterCenter…Since We All have to ConFigure an Internet Log-In Password to get Into Almost All Sites, ILike the Use of a Password to Parallel the Entry into a Safe SpaceSite…Indeed, Our Guiding HigherSelves Know & See to What Is the Highest Good Option for Us to Manifest…OnWards & UpWards… 😉

  2. Well, I will crash early as well and get into that ‘space,’ that higher dimensional place, so we can all be together tonight………..I’m so looking forward to it……….later aligator!

    • Yeeehaaaa! (Slim Pickens riding the missile on Dr. Strangelove… Where the heck did that image come from…? …sleepy… 😉 )
      I forgot to mention earlier, I dreamed last night of a friendly cluster of light orbs in deep space, just a-hangin’ out… 😉
      Sweet dreams!!!

  3. well, I guess the daytime hour gets to me before any of you!! it’s almost 11am here 🙂

    as for last night – I didn’t have any expectations, just hope and trust, but other than having a very “busy” night, with loads of strange dreams, very clear at the time, and rather weird, with lots of people and a generally uneasy feeling, I don’t remember a thing!!

    hope it was better and more meaningful for everyone else!

    • …Good Sunday Morning 2 Ya Steffie!…ima still Up…hehe…going on 5 a.m. here…been Up watchin the Whitney Houston Coverage & listening to Music Videos…taping the Scenarios 2gether on the vcr, as a music Collage…my Passion to Create has no Time Zones… 🙂

  4. BABAAAA!!!!! 🙂 so sad about Whitney, huh? well, for the 3D world it is, I mean. Just been on fbk and it’s hectic to see how much judgement there is coming from people… ah well, I guess they will learn. But, for me, that is one of the hardest things to live with – the assumptions and judgements I see around me all the time…

    Hope you get some shut-eye s**n! Have a blessed Sunday! luvya xx

  5. —————————- ( ( ( AS ABOVE ) ) ) —————————

    —————————- ( ( ( SO BELOW ) ) ) —————————

    “You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.” ~Terence McKenna


  6. Haven’t even gone to sleep yet on my side of the planet Steffie… it’s 2:02am 🙂

    Definitely sad about Whitney… here in L.A. the predator based media is prepping to sensationalize the hell out of her story. So interesting how much pleasure is taken in tearing so-called ‘celebrities’ down when they are struggling. Bottom line she will be deeply missed by her loved ones and those who were touched my her talent… without divulging too much, I have family & friends who were quite close with her and tried many times in vein over the years to get her help. No doubt they will be attending her funeral and try to celebrate her life. ~Sending Love, Light & Healing Energy to her Spirit & inner circle… Rest in Peace Whitney.

    • now how come Baba is six hours behind me and you are ten??? sheesh, these time differences are crazy! why can’t we all be in the NOW??!! 🙂

      Whitney will be missed by the entire world, but yeah, the media will suck every little bit of any and everything they can find out of it – thank god it won’t affect her any more, but it won’t be pleasant for those who loved her. She was an incredible gift to our planet, and we should all be grateful that our lives were touched by her in some way. I wholeheartedly join you in beaming Blessings of great trust, acceptance, love, light and wisdom to her Spirit and her loved ones. She is with Michael now – they will be singing their Hearts out amongst the REAL Stars!!! ♪♫*☆ ~*❤*~ ☆*♫♪

  7. To ALL the Visionaries helping to bring the New Paradigm to Light!!!

    “The creative act is a letting down of the net of human imagination into the ocean of chaos on which we are suspended, and the attempt to bring out of it ideas.

    It is the night sea journey, the lone fisherman on a tropical sea with his nets, and you let these nets down – sometimes, something tears through them that leaves them in shreds and you just row for shore, and put your head under your bed and pray.

    At other times what slips through are the minutiae, the minnows of this ichthyological metaphor of idea chasing.

    But, sometimes, you can actually bring home something that is food, food for the human community that we can sustain ourselves on and go forward.”
    ~Terence McKenna


    • Stick, thank you so much for Terence McKenna quotes… That’s somebody I wanna get to know better! In love and light… Hoping to meet you in dreams or visions soon! 😀

  8. More bankers arrested in the UK! Nice. The pieces are being moved off the board………making way for those who will feed the hungry and shelter those that are freezing to death on our planet. That breaks my heart.

    Steffie: It’s 9:24 on the west coast of Canada/America…………Babs is on the east coast………….so we’re 10 hours behind you hear, and Babs is 7 hours behind you there. Does that help?

  9. Well..I’m still here dear Steffie!
    Hello to everyone!
    Thank you all for your great posts.
    Whitney Houston, thank you for sharing your gift with us all your active years. Be blessed.

    Much Love to all.

  10. Hi, Y’all!!! Happy February 12! I think I finally caught up on all the comments, and now I’ve gotta run soon… Hi, Steffie! I’m still here! (Or came back, at least 😉 ) I read your description of your night, mine was similar… I think I typed it out into the comments on Tauno’s Astral Travels post (above)… There’s also DreamWalker’s post on DWD… let’s see if I can find links…

  11. well GOOOOOOOD MORNING Chilliwack!!! 🙂 How was the cruise last night??

    hey KP – yeah, I think you are not far off the same time zone – with everyone else, when they wake up, I’m about to go to bed 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Thank you for sharing your amazing dream experiences guys!
    Me, well…the bottom line is that my dream was violent (again) and adventurous…I was in a prison, working to the prison’s cooking section, was escaping several times and then was getting back to my position without be noticed. Then I got free and with a woman partner we got in a luxurous hotel-like room where there were a lot of well dressed people. The people across the stairs and floors of the room were making a ritual with swords (I felt like they were the so called ‘Illuminati’) and when they saw me and my partner they took their swords, ready to attack us. Then, I remember me to slaughter them very skillfully and quickly. Then immediately, I was
    flying, noticed that I wore a techno suit-armor (more like Batman’s) and I shoot right on a gigantic robot like opponent (felt like it was the ‘Illuminati’s’ weapon) and I wasn’t afraid at all. Then I woke up and my heart was beating rapidly.
    Any interpretations of my dream or opinions are welcome.
    Much Love to all.

  13. It looks like Steven Greer’s youtube site has been shut down – someone sent me a pic of the message. I’ve sent to John to post here for me, coz I still have no clue how to do that!!

  14. Message from the Galactic Federation of Light

    Can you really be certain from who these messages are coming from? We see many of you at this time questioning the veracity and accuracy of these and other similar communications, and we ask you at this time just what about these communications are you not resonating with? Are our words not vibrating with the strings of love and light? Do these words not emanate tones of beauty, of freedom, of hope? Do these words not assure you of your incredible futures that await you just up ahead? What part of these transmissions are you not resonating with you? Are there parts of these messages you feel are being conceived and sent to our channels from agents of the dark? Do you feel the entirety of these messages are manifestations of the dark? We ask you to allow your intuition to guide you and quiet the portion of yourself that requires proof at this time, as much can be learned from these transmissions and it is solid proof you will never receive as this is not part of your assignments at this time.
    Your assignments have been clearly outlined many times by now have they not? What part of your assignments suggest to you that solid proof will be furnished to you as barter for your services? Are you not guaranteed enough knowing that your ascension is just up ahead after your work here is completed? Do you not see how quickly your days are passing you by and how little time you have to wait to experience your true freedom apart from these limiting confines of the 3rd dimension? Have you not been assured that it is a paradise that awaits you and there is but work to be done to clear the path between you and the life you have always dreamed of? What is precisely causing some of you to begin to doubt these messages that are sent not to our channels, but to you through our channels? If our channels do not perform their duties according to our, the Galactic Federation of Light, high standards of accuracy, then we will discuss this with our channel and see to matters of improvement, and if improvement is not made than we will cease to share messages through this particular channel. To believe that we would stand by and allow even the smallest portions of our messages to be inserted by the dark is simply illogical, and a belief in this unlikely scenario is call for you to begin inner reflection and inspection, as it is your consciousness that is now being infiltrated by fear and its many aspects.
    Distrust and suspicion are elements of fear, as these are symptoms of the negative vibration. A clearing of what is causing these negative vibrations within you is the matter at hand at this time that must be dealt with, as they do not simply go away by themselves, but grow and consume more of your light and cause blockages that can and will prevent light from reaching you. We suggest at this time that you who are beginning to doubt these and certain other sources of our information to review what our messages are intended to do. Our messages are not intended to force you or order you to do anything or obey anyone. Do these messages from us ever command you to do any such thing? Our messages are shared with you to lift your spirits high by painting a portrait of what awaits you at the completion of your assignments. Do they not deliver in this way? Our messages also seek to inform you of some of our campaign to remove the obstacles between you and the better world that so many of you wish for yourselves. Do our messages fail to inform you of these proceedings? Do our messages instill fear within you, or do they radiate with love? This is certainly a question you may ask yourself as you read our words. If these messages and others like them were truly instruments of the dark, what would be the benefit to the dark for all this effort? What purpose would they be doing for the Cabal? The Cabal does not wish to fill you with hope, with confidence, with determination to complete your mission. The Cabal wants you to give up your work for the light, for they clearly understand that is you, the Lightworkers, who are the greatest threat to their power and it is you, the people, who will soon inherit what has always been rightfully yours.
    As we have clearly stated to you many times, we honor and respect all in every choice each of you makes and we honor the choice of all those who choose to believe our messages of light derive from the dark. All we ask at this time is that you carefully review your choice and find just what it is that has led you to this decision. That is all we ask at this time.
    There are, of course, messages shared by those who consider themselves channels who are not, and there are those who claim to be channels who are agents of the dark. It is up to you to discern for yourselves which messages emanate of higher vibration and which are attempts to instill fear and control. At this point we see so many of you who possess this ability and we are so confident in you that you will be able to discriminate between these different vibrations. We say to you not to shut out these avenues of information, but to simply use your powers of discernment and follow your intuition as it will guide you to your truths.
    We see from our vantage point so many of you making such great strides in your lives today, and we are so proud of each and every one of you for your efforts to persevere in these difficult times. As we have outlined you in the past, there are many institutions of your societies that must be broken down before they can be rebuilt, and today many of you are taking notice of these changes all around you. You see that your banking systems are crumbling under their own weight, and our Earth allies are seeing to it that the much needed changes will proceed as has been scheduled. Many icons of your banking and financial worlds will soon be toppled from their long-held positions of power and this will pave the way for your new financial system that is based on the universal law of abundance, and not on debt and scarcity as it is today. What a tremendous difference this will make for you all, even as there are still many of you who yet to completely understand what this means. To be simple about this, we will say that the economic system that you have come to understand and many of you still accept as the only viable option will be removed, leaving a void where your new system, based on natural abundance and the sharing of your vast resources with each and everyone on the planet, will be inserted. There is, and has always been, more than enough to go around, and each of you will share equally in the vast wealth that is soon to be made available to you. No one on your planet will go to bed hungry, and no one on your planet will ever again be forced to live in poverty. This is your new system.
    The paths are being cleared for your new system by many dedicated members of your human family. These brave men and women work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring about the necessary changes to allow your new system to take flight. We assist our Earth allies where our strengths are needed, but again, it is not we of the higher realms that are doing this work for you, it is you that are performing these tasks. We applaud all those who have committed so much of their lives to help facilitate these changes, and we see your tremendous efforts paying off for the benefit of all. Continue on in your efforts as many walls are being broken down each day. Soon there will be no obstacle left in your way to initiate the new system, and we see humanity’s collective vibration rising tremendously at the news that such an integral part of their hardships has been obliterated forever.
    We say to all of our Lightworkers, please continue on in your service as you are so near the completion of your assignments that you have been committed to for far longer than you may realize at this time. You will see the end of this difficult stage of your mission soon, and your next assignments are surely to be less burdensome for you. As we have said, we will be working personally with many of you, you can be assured of this, as it should be clear to many of you by now that we do not do your work for you, it is your world and it is you that must complete these tasks. We are here to assist you, to furnish you the proper tools and to train you in their proper use. How else can we do this without a personal relationship with you? We say to you we will be with you soon, not in spirit, but in the flesh, so we can get underway with many projects that, as you will soon understand, are necessary components of your new world. We will speak again soon. Be well dear ones.
    We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

    As channeled through Greg Giles

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  16. **Major changes to the way society is organized are happening right now**
    02/12/2012 by John Smallman

    In the spiritual realms we are observing with joy the rapid progress that humanity is now making in its spiritual evolution as the moment for its awakening approaches. In the illusion the majority of wonderful events that are occurring across the world are not widely reported, and much is done to discount the importance of the few that do make it into the news and to discredit those who report them. But do not fear – the tide will not be turned! Major changes to the way society is organized on Planet Earth are happening right now, and the enormous benefits that this will bring to all mankind are long overdue and will not be prevented. Many loving souls have been working gently and discretely for a long time to help bring this part of God’s plan for humanity to fruition, and that moment is nigh.

    Love is the power, the energy, and the lubricant that enables the creative endeavors of life to flow easily and smoothly as God intends. Humanity is finally beginning to understand this wondrous Truth. However, to very many of you this does not seem to be the case as you observe those self-serving ones who have taken power and authority unto themselves enriching themselves, while the vast majority of humanity struggles to maintain even a subsistence level of existence. This is changing, and it is doing so because so many of you have decided to exchange loving attitudes and behaviors for the irresponsible and self-centered ways that have been endemic on Earth for so long. You have always been surrounded by guides and teachers from the spiritual realms who nudge you towards love whenever you open your hearts a little to accept it, or when you pray for guidance and assistance in your earthly lives.

    Love is a very gentle energy, but infinitely powerful and infinitely abundant. When you start to open your hearts to allow It in the flow is slow and steady so that you will not be overpowered or overwhelmed. In your physical form you have to take It in slowly because your bodies are delicate and take time to adjust to Its enormous warmth and strength. And even when they have adjusted the amount that an individual body can process as a conduit is, of course, severely limited by the physical limitations of the body itself. By entering the illusion you chose to experience severe limitation, and although that can be somewhat alleviated, it cannot be utterly dispelled until you leave it by awakening.

    In the meantime, while you remain embodied within the illusion, you are receiving loving assistance on a scale never before seen or experienced on your beautiful planet. And the reason for this is because you are to awaken, and to do so you must turn away from the self-centered survival modes of behavior and thinking that have been prevalent for so long, and embrace the Love that surrounds every one of you at all times. It takes practice, determination, and willingness to make this essential change of heart and to engage lovingly with everyone with whom you interact, in whatever situation you may find yourselves. That is why you are being given so much assistance. You cannot fail, and you will not fail, because your Father has decreed that you will awaken into Reality to enjoy eternally the marvels of that divine state.

    While you maintain unloving and self-centered attitudes and behaviors you support and maintain the illusion – the only place where they could even appear to exist – and enclose yourselves within it. Love can seep into your awareness while you remain in hiding within the illusion, but only if you choose to open yourselves to receive It, and It then requires that you share It indiscriminately with everyone that you encounter. This is why you are receiving, and becoming aware that you are receiving, such an abundance of assistance from those in the spiritual realms. The Love that you share in this divine and indiscriminate manner links you with many others doing likewise, strengthening and intensifying the divine Love field that desires only to embrace you and bring you Home.

    As the numbers of you engaging in this divine and loving practice continue to increase, so does the strength of each individual taking part, and that gives each one of you the confidence that you need to hold your Light high for all to see. It is all of you coming together in this way that makes your awakening possible and, of course, inevitable. The divine plan has always been for you to awaken, not to be awoken, and this is what you are about to achieve. When you do, your joy will be supreme.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  17. You are all now in a highly accelerated state of releasing
    February 12, 2012 ~ Jesus through John Smallman

    When humanity awakens as one into its divine and fully-conscious state, there will be great rejoicing throughout creation. Its awakening has been planned since the moment apparent separation occurred eons ago, and the moment for that plan to reach completion is at hand. All can awaken, and only a very small number of humans will choose not to, as the benefits of awakening are infinite and inestimable. As you open more and more fully to the divine Love field that supports you always, you will begin to appreciate how this must be so, because when you engage with Love, operate in Love, and share Love it becomes readily apparent that living in joy is the only possibility because It dissolves all unloving attitudes and behaviors.

    That is what you are doing at present – releasing all that would interfere with Love. Because you have spent so many lifetimes in the illusion you have accumulated an enormous amount of negativity, resentment, and intolerance which you have become accustomed to directing at others, and needless to say, those others have redirected it back towards you. You have built a continuous feedback loop of unlovingness which feeds on itself and causes suffering for all, and that is what you are all in the process of undoing. Some are further along the path of undoing than others and need to help them to catch up so that all will arrive together at the grand moment of awakening into the glory of God’s brilliant and eternal day.

    Throwing off all traces of unlovingness is the way forwards, and you have abundant assistance from the spiritual realms to ensure that you succeed in completing this task in a timely manner. However, you do need, each and every one of you, to become increasingly aware of your moods and emotional states so that you can maintain loving attitudes and behaviors at all times – by choosing to do so, regardless of any disturbing emotions or moods you are experiencing. With practice you will find that your moods and emotions do not control you and that you can operate lovingly in any situation, and as this realization grows the seeming need to respond according to those moods and emotions will weaken and fall away.

    Many of you have restrained yourselves – often with difficulty – from behaving unlovingly to a loved one when you were in a bad mood, realizing that it would be most inappropriate. And later, when the mood had dissipated, you were very relieved that you did so. Now you need to practice doing this in every situation where you are tempted to attack another or defend yourselves, until it becomes your normal response. When that happens, instead of sensing an attack on yourself you will see only the pain in the other, to which you can respond lovingly, and love and compassion will flow from you easily and effectively to resolve or bypass the issues that seem to be causing the problem.

    You are all on the path to eternal Love because that is your natural state. Deep within yourselves you know this, and this knowledge drives the misguided search within the illusion, in which so many of you engage, to find someone who will love you as you so desperately desire to be loved. But of course you are and always have been infinitely divinely loved, that can never change. By entering the illusion you chose to separate yourselves from the experience of that eternal Love, and feeling lost and alone without it you sought it in others. But those others also feel alone and inadequately loved. The result is that you go into relationships displaying a mask that you hope will appeal to the other, and the other does likewise.

    Often, instead of offering love, of which the supply available to you is infinitely abundant, you demand it, making the other feel used and abused. Of course many of you do manage to work through these issues, become loving, and establish stable relationships. Nevertheless, because these are relationships formed within the illusion they are in a sense illusory, and can therefore never provide what you are seeking: the unconditional Love in which God embraces you all eternally. You tend to become co-dependent, so that when separation occurs, due to physical death or divorce, in the ensuing loneliness you once again experience that intense need for love.

    It resides within you, hidden under the heaps of resentment and grudges that have built up over lifetimes in the illusion and which you are all now in a highly accelerated state of uncovering and releasing. You are Love because it is from That that you were created, and the Flame of that Love continues to burn eternally within each one of you, waiting for you to remove the debris under which It is hidden so that It can blaze forth as divinely intended. The piles of debris are rapidly dwindling as you all become more loving and the divine Flame within each of you will not be contained for very much longer. Then your seeking will be over. ~Your loving brother, Jesus.


  18. Three fantastic messages posted above, thanks KP and Stick! I’m sending them off to mom and dad………….my retired parents are sitting around their condo in Toronto waiting for starriders to land………hehe……….go figure…….these are strange times we are in………… 😉

  19. Ya I hear ya……..wanna go back to Arcturus? Meet me tomorrow morning at around 9? I’ll pick you up in my spaceship………? Yup, it’s almost time to go home……….

    Funny how everyday I feel closer and closer to these people………..what a day it will be when they come………….once these arrests are complete, or perhaps sooner, the media will be infiltrated………… it will be game over………half the world is ready to disclose but the US government won’t budge………..Mercury goes retrograde on Mar 4th and it will effect the media………..this is a dam just waiting to burst open…….I love that Galactic Federation message above………..”Your assignments have been clearly outlined many times by now have they not? What part of your assignments suggest to you that solid proof will be furnished to you as barter for your services?”

    Faith………….It’s true, we signed up to be here and we are powerful beings who are awake and aware, long before the others who surround us. It’s our own consciousness that is spreading to help them wake up………..this is us fulfilling the contracts that we begged to sign up for, that we claimed to be worthy of undertaking .I’ve always said that those who demand proof without acquiring faith want to take the trophy without running the race………..what an empty prize.

    Thank you STICK for holding the flame high for all to see…….Your faith is strong and you have no fear, you have no doubt………… ♥

  20. Poofness – 2-12-12 – Hope You’re Ready For This

    Posted on February 12, 2012

    From: []

    Redemption Song lyrics
    Songwriters: HAWKINS, EDWIN R./MARLEY, BOB

    Old pirates, yes, they rob I
    Sold I to the merchant ships
    Minutes after they took I
    From the bottomless pit
    But my hand was made strong
    By the hand of the almighty
    We forward in this generation
    Won’t you help to sing
    These songs of freedom?
    ‘Cause all I ever have
    Redemption songs
    Redemption songs
    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
    None but ourselves can free our minds
    Have no fear for atomic energy
    ‘Cause none of them can stop the time
    How long shall they kill our prophets
    While we stand aside and look? Ooh
    Some say it’s just a part of it
    We’ve got to fullfil the book

    Won’t you help to sing
    These songs of freedom?
    ‘Cause all I ever have
    Redemption songs
    Redemption songs
    Redemption songs
    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
    None but ourselves can free our mind
    Woh, have no fear for atomic energy
    ‘Cause none of them-a can-a stop-a the time
    How long shall they kill our prophets
    While we stand aside and look?
    Yes, some say it’s just a part of it
    We’ve got to fullfill the book
    Won’t you help to sing
    These songs of freedom?
    ‘Cause all I ever had
    Redemption songs
    All I ever had
    Redemption songs
    These songs of freedom
    Songs of freedom

    Greetings and Salutations;

    Remember the term, ‘indentured servant’? Just a little higher than a slave basically, a serf. You have faced the same issues, trying to pay off debt, while the house shuffles the deck in it’s favor. It’s really a fake freedom. As long as, one remains indebted to the ‘man’(plutocrats), limits to that freedom are inherent. Listen to the politicians this season and watch them massage words to alter your vision of what they are really saying. ‘Vote for me, I’ll set you free’. Now, the scary part is at your door, real freedom. After a series of tactical moves behind the curtain, the dark cabals have been subjugated. Light makes right, evil always loses. Whatever actions are taken that ultimately results in less freedom or power to the people, a counter measure automatically is birthed. The universe is about balance and that effects daily life.

    There is no more ‘grey’ areas, step forward in confidence, your back is covered. No more negotiations with they who would pick your pockets. They are receiving ‘edicts’ and will suffer the consequences for breaking them. They won’t be able to tie up the courts with endless crap….BAR attorneys will not be allowed into the new courts of justice. The smart judges are already getting their ‘common law’ chops up to work in the new system, under a bonafide constitutional system. All we await is the ‘announcements’ to make it all public. Time to be adults, take what you want and help others not as fortunate as you. There’s nothing hard about this and you will be helped in your decision making process. No one is throwing you into deep water without life saving devices. Hold this thought, everything around you is alive, act like you know. Respect life. Get in the flow of it and all will be easy going forward. Thank the St. Germain folks for holding a focus over 3 centuries, never backing off their mission despite the wars and alot of other things which took place, the vagaries of time.

    Since the beginning of pulling all this together in america, the idea of prosperity programs for regular people have become somewhat of an urban legend. The cabal was intent on keeping it that way, too. They have used every measure at their disposal to divert, stop, or make folks crazy even thinking about the possibilities. Some have even went in an opposite direction and swear to god, it was all a scam in the first place. That way they did not have to think about it. ‘Ah, the grapes are sour anyway’. The world is bigger than your back yard or your politicians. You will see what I mean very shortly, as some of the ‘sacred cows’ are destroyed or sent to the dustbins of history. While these folks keep saying bernanke is printing, look into your pocket or wallet and see if you can find a recently printed fed res note. Things are not as the media or even the politicians state it. The proof is with you. I can find nothing newer than 2009, how about you?

    The master said the ‘Kingdom of god is within you’, well try acting like you may be worth something rather than the piece of crap, preached in your ear. Maybe you need to rethink what that kingdom really is, sans someone else’s idea of what that means. We have a lot of the walking wounded out here, who don’t even know they have been mentally abused. Time has come to change the world. Ask questions of the person at the bank, they represent the 5 star trust. Instructions are very simple, 3rd grade level. If you can read and follow along, you’ll be fine. There are some details I’m not privy too, but the big picture was always very clear. That has not altered save time may have sped up a bit causing other things to be at your table faster. Stay loose, world change is here, listen and observe. Don’t believe everything you hear, and only 50% of what you see. You will now start using the rest of your senses and brain. Call it a reset.
    “Change your mind and your butt will follow.”

    Must say, now you will have peace, Whitney Houston. That voice has now gone from the planet. Great lights seem to leave the planet early, she’s certainly has gone to rock and roll heaven.

    With the assault on women rights going on in D.C. now, ladies listen to this song.
    You All have personal decision to make.

    Love and Kisses;


  21. Montague Keen, February 12, 2012

    Veronica, my dear, the time has come when those who are awake and aware of all that is happening in your world must stand together and do whatever is necessary to reclaim your world. Those with missions to complete will be given signs to indicate when it is time to step forward. This is your opportunity to rescue your fellow man from the slaughter that the Cabal is demanding to satisfy their lust for blood – though, of course, not their own blood – that, they protect above all else. Only those they see as lesser mortals are required to spill their blood to satisfy the cabal’s lust for total control of your world.

    They become more demented each day as they demand more and more wars. They foolishly believe it will buy them time to find another way to take control of your world and all who live in it. They are having to learn that gold alone cannot buy them what they want. The blackmail they use to buy and control politicians is beginning to fail also. They use fear and mind control to control the masses; but this, too, is beginning to fail. Because of this, they are exposing themselves and their true intentions. They are quite prepared to destroy masses of their own people to satisfy their craving for total control.

    Evil is the force within them. It has got them to where they are today. Though they may appear to look like everyone else, they most decidedly are not. They come in many guises. Do not be fooled by their fine words and false promises: underneath, they are all the same – not to be trusted. Never judge a book by the cover. Examine carefully what is really being proposed. Ask how it will affect your fellow man. Cease to be the cannon fodder that satisfies their demand for blood sacrifice. They will not be allowed to change the time lines: their time is up. Their technology will not save them. They have never shared this technology with what they see as lesser mortals. In fact, they have quite deliberately made your lives extremely difficult.

    They exist on the energy that your pain and suffering produce. Soon, I promise you, all this will come to an end. People will smile once more, all the stress, tension, and FEAR of the last nearly 2000 years will come to an end. Their plans to take over your world took shape then. This is why your history was totally changed and you became slaves, confined to your own planet, disconnected from all the other planets that surround your Earth. They went to great lengths to hide and keep hidden all that might alert you to who and what you are. They are the people who created the whole idea of hell and punishment that has served to control so many. If only you understood the energy that fear gives off, and how your oppressors thrive on it. It is their oxygen. So they must keep up the fear.

    Love will return to your world and people will live in peace.

    We were fortunate, my dear. We experienced real love. We know what a difference it makes to one’s life. Love opens up a window to the soul. It spreads its warmth through the veins of our lives. Love heals, it is undemanding. I wrote these words to you in a poem I wrote to you for our wedding. Our love has enabled us to continue our work. Remember how we used to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Every day could be a Valentine’s Day once more, when the terrible pressure of trying to survive is removed.

    If you could see your world as we see it. Even your weather is controlled. Illnesses are created to keep the pressure up. Drugs are produced to cause further suffering, pain, and stress. All this is done by 1% of the population of your world. How can this have been allowed to happen? 99% of humanity is suffering because of the greed of the 1% who have no right to be there. Once you remove the fear, they are defeated. The judgement that they will face is the judgement of the people.

    We, in Spirit, will ensure that you have all that you need to continue your lives on Earth. Our Centres will be there to offer advice and assistance with any problems that may concern you. Veronica and I have considered and planned what should be available when the Cabal is removed. I have stated, many times, that this will be an eventful year. It presents opportunities to make the changes that are so necessary to remove the Cabal’s control forever. Let this be your legacy to the world.

    We thank all those brave people who are speaking out about the corruption that they were expected to go along with and accept. Evil only succeeds when good men do nothing to expose it. The desire for truth is spreading. People are responding to it and coming forward. Again, I say, beware of misinformation that is carefully placed to create false illusions and hopes. This serves to take minds off what they should be looking at. The Cabal are creatures of habit. They continue to use the same old and trusted formula.

    You are entering a New Dawn. Exciting challenges present themselves. Nothing will be asked of you that you cannot easily deliver. When the 99% come together, the energy will be so amazing. All the barriers created by religion and race will be removed forever. This is what we are all working towards. Together, we are invincible. This is our window of opportunity. Do not be found wanting. You have a lot to look forward to.

    My dear, you were, you are, and you always will be, my one true love. I remain your adoring, Monty.


  22. We are already living on the ‘separated earth,’ the earth’s ethereal body, where the ‘template’ is being set for what she will move into and eventually become, or align with. We helped create that ‘new earth’ with our thoughts and our consciousness and our way of being/living. We are already in a higher dimension, separate from illusion, and away from 3D. Our resonance on 3D earth is only what remains of our physical bodies, which continue on her 3D physical body. But our ethereal bodies are already living on the newly created planet, and we shift from one dimension to another and the one, it is said, shall not know the other. It’s a choice now, which one we want to spend more time on……which one we want to give our attention to. Whichever one we choose, is the one we will continue to create…………isn’t that cool?

    • very way cool!
      I’m calling it a night, since I was told this morning that I’m more likely to find the ships (and remember) during meditation…
      now don’t go stir up any mischief… 😉

  23. Hey, Everyone! Please keep an eye out for Corinthia – I finally rounded her up today! She’s in college, has 3 kids and is studying mid-wifery, so she may mostly lurk, but she was really liking the site 😉 (waves hi!)
    Good night (or morning) to all – love you much!

  24. Nighty night Leslee………….I’m in an altered reality tonight, that’s for sure……space muffin rides again…………….zoom, zoom, zoom………….earth? Oh ya……..I remember that………… 🙂

  25. SaLuSa ~ 13-February-2012

    The pressures are mounting on the dark Ones who in recent weeks have lost so much power. They see their financial ploys failing and circumstances turning against them. The cabal have long been identified, and they are now known for what they are in their attempts to bring the world under one government. You shall soon see them taken out of circulation, and kept under supervision where they can no longer interfere or impede the changes that are already underway. There are thousands upon thousands of people who are working for the Light, and their collective energies are a powerful force for bringing out the truth and manifesting their vision of peace. The awakening continues and more souls are looking beyond their everyday happenings for the answers. They are beginning to see how their lives have been rigidly controlled, and seek the return of their rights and freedom from the restrictions placed upon them.

    We are pleased that you as a Human Race you are taking hold of your destiny, and refuse to be led down a path to total enslavement. It does lead to some degree of violence as you demand your freedom, as those in control who wield the power are reluctant to concede to your demands. We deplore any form of violence but do understand that your anger is a powerful emotion. These situations should change once governmental changes have taken place, as the new leadership will make it clear that their appointment is one that will work for the good of all. At this time we hope to be able to openly participate with them, particularly as several important changes will also need our support. Our presence largely comes down to being invited to appear, and the information we get suggests that our coming would be welcomed.

    The Galactic Federation has made contacts all over the world, and some countries respond more readily than others. Our major challenge is in those dominated by religious beliefs, particularly of the Catholic faith who believe that we are in league with the Devil. It was however helped by the announcement from the Vatican acknowledging that we do exist. In fact our representative has visited them on more than one occasion, and our hope was that it would improve their understanding of us as they were made aware of Ascension. The different religions will have to bring their teachings into line with the truth about your origin, and the true purpose of life. They will however, continue to exist all of the time that they are needed, by those who are unable to accept changes.

    Your first taste of the different responses to the truth is often when you pass over and find yourselves in the Astral Regions. Since in these levels you can find all of those things you desired upon Earth, and you can create by thought. These planes are much nearer to the reality that you meet when you ascend. There is continual light, and your bodies are more ethereal and require little in the way of solid food, yet souls enjoy the eating customs that they were familiar with on Earth. There is a freshness and cleanliness wherever you go, and what is often first noticed is that the light is such it does not cast shadows. So Dear Ones, the future offers you many exciting and interesting experiences so different to what you are now familiar with.

    Your experiences on Earth can be so severe that come at a cost even to the extent of losing your life. Yet Man has a drive that never seems to be quenched, and pushes himself further and further until he finds the limits. This inbuilt passion and yearning can also be applied to your spiritual quest. You know there is something to be discovered that will enlarge your understanding, yet it often takes quite some time to find that the knowledge is held within. In fact at a subconscious level you really have all knowledge, and the difficulty is knowing how to tap into it. In this time when you seek to raise your levels quickly the best approach is through meditation, as those quiet times more easily allow contact to be made.

    Your whole lifestyle is going to change quite remarkably, and in time many of you will be like us as Galactic Travellers. It is why we must soon come closer together and share what we have to offer each other. Through our presence we want you to think more expansively, and put aside your limited Earth consciousness. Some people even now refuse to accept the reality of our existence, and have closed minds to the evidence that exists. For them the experience leading to Ascension will be most difficult, as the truth must come out and can no longer be hidden from your eyes. Yet every attempt will be made to open everyone’s eyes, but as you say “there are none are as blind as those who do not want to see”. It is not our place or indeed yours to force the truth upon them, and we should all respect the choice people have made.

    As the big changes commence and become publicly known, it will bring out a lot of soul searching as to what should be accepted. It is for some difficult to accept that their cherished beliefs are incomplete, or actually false. Yet if souls are to take a quantum leap forward, they will need to be totally honest with themselves by letting go whatever has no place in the Light. There is no disgrace or judgment where such matters are concerned, and you will be applauded if you find the strength to move on. Everyone needs to have an open mind right now, because you are about to commence a period of intense activity. Surprising events with unexpected outcomes will soon be in your news, and you will know for certain that matters are coming to a head.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that we have been the observers for so long, there is not much we do not know about you, and we certainly see you as rising to the occasion that is going to change your lives. Deep down you knew you were taking you last lifetime in duality, and how important it was going to be to your future. So as we see it the awakening should speed up, and many more souls join those who are already well advanced in their preparations to ascend. Bear in mind that first and foremost it is the intent to ascend that sets you on the right path, and from thereon you will attract the attention of those who will work with you on that particular path. Clearly well before you express that intent, you will have learnt much about the process and what it means to ascend. Keep you goal in mind, and you will never walk alone, as we and your Guides are with you in Love and Light.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

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