threads and synchronicities

Just wanted to share some things that have tied together this week (smiles)…

Last week, Konstantinos and I were talking about Greece, caves, some bizarre experiences I’d had, and some information I’d been given about a being named Mimmakkme…

So I’ve been intending to share this sketch with him:

The sketch depicts what I’ve been calling “Heruka’s Mandala”… It’s full of my personal interpretation of a classic Tibetan Buddhist meditation visualization, used in prayers for creating a “perfect” world.

The prayer, as I know it, begins like this:

OM vajra bhumi ah hum
Great and powerful golden ground
OM vajra rehki ah hum

At the edge the iron fence stands around the outer circle

In the center Mount Meru, the king of mountains…

and goes on to mention, among other things the Precious Elephant…

(from Great Treasury of Merit, by Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Tharpa Publications)

Here’s a more conventional representation, from, as well as a link that explains more:


On February 7, Babajij shared this image with us:


And the next morning, Ghost Radar had this to say about it:

Increase plastic elephant

From: Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012, 11:36 PM
To: Thursday, Feb 9, 2012, 12:30 AM


Words Spoken:
12:22:48 AM : elephant
12:22:36 AM : plastic
11:42:04 PM : increase
11:41:40 PM : test
11:38:24 PM : forty

In my sketch, I didn’t know why, 2 years ago, I was supposed to draw the Precious Umbrella floating in the sky… Like a space ship… And I didn’t know why I felt the urge to draw the Mandala INSIDE of Gaia…

Just sayin’… All these threads make me very happy!


Here are some more brief excerpts from GTM, describing the world of the Buddhist cosmology as an offering… I’ve highlighted some sections that you might find synchronistic with our conversations…

Especially check out the description of the Precious Wheel!


12 comments on “threads and synchronicities

  1. Wow, Leslee, that’s quite amazing and I think our word of the day is “synchronistic” !!!!

    So that is interesting that the umbrellas do indeed resemble space ships. What do they represent in the Buddhist tradition? They appear to be banners that represent a specific mode of thought?

    This has also put me in mind of several Salvador Dali paintings… methinks he may have been onto something…

    • Wow! So I didn’t see anything on the precious umbrella, but maybe I was drawing the precious wheel! This is distinguished form the Wheel of Dharma… I’m gonna add some more page shots with the wheel highlighted… see if it reminds oyu of anything! πŸ˜‰

  2. …Hi!..iCan Offer 2 Further SynchroRealities 2 this Thread…the Polo Type Shirt that i Put On 2Day has little Golf Images on It…One the Images is 2 Flags that beside each Other…One Flag has the #18 on it,the other has some Sort of Emblem on it…the Flags drew my Attention to them,earlier,Prior to Rading and Looking at Leslee’s Drawing…In the Drawing, iImmediately saw the Flags,on both Sides of Precious Elephant…then iProceeded to Count the Number of Feather-Like Protrusions that Surround the InnerGaia Mandala…iCount 19,my shirt has the #18 on one Flag Plus another Flag beside it = 19!…

    …and IBought a Lapis Lazuli double-pointed necklace StonePiece,just Last Saturday!…

    ….mmm… πŸ™‚

    • Wow! And those flags are called victory banners πŸ˜‰
      Okay, since we’re on a roll… Over to the far right, donyou see the tiny figure seated in meditation under a tree? This are colorful tinkly glass windchimes hanging from
      the tree… And a silver bridge that floats up into the sky, connecting worlds… That’s from a dream I had about 10 years ago, about creating bridges between worlds…

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there are connections there, too! πŸ™‚

      • …Indeed,Leslee!…iDid Notice the Tree with WindChimes!..just like my Dangling Brazilian Cut Agate Chimes that make a Tinkling Sound!…iHave a Youtube Channel under the username of babajij,just in case You wish to see any Further Parallel Similiarities…all my videos are rather short and taken from inSide my LivingSpace…Something May Pop! out!…hehe… πŸ™‚

  3. (-_-) Interesting Leslee, Maureen mentioned the silver cord connecting me to Aeterna, in a similar way to how body is connected to soul-self..

    And the flags and columns reminded me of my chariot dream… It also looks like a Roman coluseum.. And there’s the emperor in the little group in the middle…

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