SaLuSa 9-May-2012

There are those amongst you that are now awakening to their missions, as you are approaching a most intense period of activity. These Beings have been waiting for this particular time, to be available for the masses who will need guidance to understand what is going on around them. Events are going to move quite quickly, and there will be some confusion and fear as a result. All Lightworkers can assist in such times, and we ask them to be ready to share their knowledge with others. We shall continue to assist our allies and many Starseeds will come into their own, having been carefully prepared for exactly what their experience allows. There is so much being done to ensure you make the transition with Mother Earth, and that as many of you as possible succeed. Even those that are not yet ready require help, as they too need to be made aware as to what lies ahead for them.

According to your perspective of what is happening, you will go into shock or surprise when matters really gather speed. People need to understand that the upheaval is unavoidable, and is necessary to cleanse the Earth of low vibrations that cannot carry forward into the higher vibrations. All will find its rightful place and it cannot be otherwise. The Laws of the Universe are irrevocable and cannot be ignored without invoking karma. We will hope to have sufficient outlets that will provide all of the information that will be needed. Certainly the whole concept of the changes will need to be carefully explained, as some will undoubtedly feel that what will happen is an unwanted intrusion into their lives.

As you will have noticed, unrest is spreading across the world as the call for freedom and peace reaches new levels. People are now realising what power they have to bring about change, and no longer afraid to confront their leaders. It is having an effect and galvanising more of them to support the protests, and it is gradually bringing about results. So it shall continue and we have our own plans to ensure that you are not denied a return to lawful ways of living. With that those Laws that are against the Constitution will be revoked, and re-written. It is all moving ahead and very soon all those who have committed crimes against you, will find themselves removed form society.

The Galactic Federation is engaged in the final efforts to persuade your governments to adopt more far reaching polices, so that they can reflect the changes that will totally alter your way of life. There is no point in continuing to think in the old ways, as a new paradigm has been formed to bring in the changes to your lives. Once it is realised that Ascension will be the greatest event to ever affect the whole Human Race, there will more attention given to your needs. Indeed, it will be you who will decide the rules by which you live, and no more shall such decisions be taken away from you. You are no longer to be governed by those who seek only to further their own ambitions. Those changes will come about when the arrests have cleared the way for reforms.

Look well ahead Dear Ones and know that you will come safely through the next few months, to take your place in the higher dimension. Then shall your lives be refined even further, as you take a higher path to full consciousness. You will soon see that your present reality has been the development of the darkness more than the Light. It has kept the vibrations at a low level from which you have found it most difficult to lift yourselves up. However, as the plan was for you to complete this cycle with Ascension, it allowed us and other Beings of Light to assist you through it. So who better to do it than your families of Light, who act upon divine commands that if necessary give us the authority to intervene in your lives. What we have done is to empower our allies, so that they stopped the dark Ones from completely overwhelming you.

So far our mission has accomplished its goals, and now we stand poised to come more into your lives for the end times. Evidence of our presence has continued to increase, as our ships come closer more frequently than ever before. You hardly need Disclosure to convince you of our contact with you, but it will show you that our presence is officially accepted. It will allow us to meet you on your level and prepare you for what is to come, and it will be a most wonderful time. It will not take long for the most sceptical people amongst you to realise that we are your friends and are in no way a threat to your lives. Indeed, you will soon learn of the various changes we are to help you with, that will uplift your quality of life to one that is comfortable and enjoyable.

The truth about your lives shall be revealed in no uncertain way, so that you fully understand that for eons of time you have never experienced it at the level you should have done. With the revelations you will clearly come to know exactly where you future is heading. You will also learn that the One God has always provided for you, and never for one second has withdrawn the love that has continually embraced you. You are all loved beyond understanding and there are no exceptions. We make the point again, that no soul is condemned or damned forever and all are treated equally. You have been in duality to experience, and allowances are made for those who have become embroiled in the lower energies and lost touch with their Higher Selves.

Nothing is static in the Universe and is always changing, so that there is always something new to learn and explore. The driving force is taking you back to the Source, and all souls are on this path and strive for completion. It is within all souls and gradually you will come together to form larger units of consciousness. You are looked upon as the bravest of souls, to allow yourselves to be sucked into the darkness of the lower vibrations. However, you did have the assurance that when the cycle was near to completion, you would be helped to come back into full consciousness. That is of course the period that you are now experiencing, and why we are with you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and assure we are very near to declaring our appearance so that we can come amongst you. It will be as exciting for us as at will be for you, and we have so much to talk about.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Good morning guys, I did a bit more work on the crop circles/light portals page. I found a more helpful diagram relating to the 12-chakra system, which is actually 12+1. This means 12 individuals plus the whole. Sound familiar? Yup, we’re getting into crystal skull territory once again… ♥

  2. Holistic addiction treatment in Vancouver’s East End (this is an mp3)

    -ADHD in children is a symptom of the stresses created by corporate society
    -addiction is a symptom of stress and isolation that is created by our society, it has nothing to do with the substance being used because not everyone becomes addicted to that substance
    -when we treat the symptoms we typically separate these symptoms from the person’s environment, which is a mistake because the environment is the primary contributing factor
    -when walmart comes into a small community it saves us ten cents on a bag of nails, but it also brings into the community minimum wage jobs and the shutdown of community businesses because they can’t compete

    • Speaking of ADHD, I just (finally) uploaded the video I made in January for the ADHD Coaches’ Conference here in Atlanta… It’s a bit long, and the gist of it is in the first half… I still prefer the original version (see description), but the “nypicals” generally can’t follow it… 😉
      Love n light, y’all!

  3. I just read an article on the internet that the White Buffalo in Texas was killed and skinned. I also found an article on It saddened me to read of such a horrible act. Let there be light where there is darkness.

  4. Hi, Everyone! I just found this video (it’s been around a while, but I hadn’t seen it before…)… About 10-12 minutes into it, they are interviewing a Cosmonaut who is describing how the ETs learn about us… Chills up my spine – resonates with what’s been shared with me! I clicked on it, because the 8-trunked being in the thumbnail is the one I saw in meditation a week or two ago… Merhea Cahdeh…

    • ~Okaayy….I Watched the Whole Video…Yet, i Am Left Wondering where did that Image of the Tentacled being come From?…and that Russian Man in Leather Jacket at the End of the Video has a Rather Negative Feedback with Holographic Transmissions Regarding Extra-Dimensionals and Humans…I have to Smudge Now!…L0L!!!~

      • LOL, Babajij! Ya know, I got so caught up in some synchronicities that I forgot about the tentacles being, which was the whole reason I looked at the video… Maybe I’ve become hologramized!!! Seriously, the tentacles look photoshopped to me (cos they seem to be black and white…?), and Merhea Cahdeh’s were much smaller and less threatening looking… And came from the back of the neck…) 😉
        The thing that caught my attention was black-jacket’s description of how some beings know way more about us than we might like… That’s my experience with the Buddhas, too… Getting called out on my crap is always such fun… 😉

        • I feel this hits on an important point. I have started REALLY paying attention when something is portrayed in a negative light in the media, because I have learned that the “reality” is the exact opposite. For example the “Prometheus” film, a sci-fi horror. What if it wasn’t a horror? Granted it would be a really boring film LOLOL

          • LOL, that sounds like a film I need to watch and see if I can have a laugh! 😉
            Your comment reminds me of one of the issues I have with the concept of Hell… I imagine that if I were in Hell, I’d be so preoccupied with how horrible things were (hmmm…..) that I wouldn’t be able to recall what life had ever been like otherwise (hmmm…), so I also wouldn’t realize I was in hell

          • LOL, that sounds like a film I need to watch and see if I can have a laugh! 😉
            Your comment reminds me of one of the issues I have with the concept of Hell… I imagine that if I were in Hell, I’d be so preoccupied with how horrible things were (hmmm…..) that I wouldn’t be able to recall what life had ever been like otherwise (hmmm…), so I also wouldn’t realize I was in Hell (hmmm…), so why would I really want to watch my mind & my actions so as not to return (mentally or physically)…
            So maybe Prometheus *isn’t* a horror mirror? Oops… Movie!
            Ok, I think I’ll stop now… ;D

            • Awwwwww dangit now our comments are caught in the reincarnation cycle too…

              Damn you ice cream!!!! So yummy yet so evil!!! EEEEVVVVIIIIILLLLLLLL!!!!!

              Hey, is that why we get ice cream headaches?


  5. ( ( ( The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild ) ) )
    May 9th, 2012

    Blossom:Good morning to you. There is information given out lately that very soon things will really begin to get underway and I am imagining that from then on the show will begin. What wisdom could you offer us regarding our best action?

    Federation of Light (FoL): First and foremost we would advise you to stay calm and centred. That which is to undeniably unfold will shock your world to the core. More so than your imagination can imagine. It is NOW dearest ones that all you have prepared to face shall be IN YOUR FACE! There shall be no escaping from that which is to be uncovered. You cannot go and hide and hope that it will all go away … for that is the last thing that will happen . Once these very large cans of worms have been opened … then that which shall be revealed will take your minds and hearts into a place of disbelief.

    For Truly we say to you that you have not yet been capable to conceive in your hearts that which has gone on behind your backs. In all TRUTH … it is too horrific.

These are very strong words.

    FoL: Would you rather we wrap you in cotton wool?

    Blossom: Not at all. Best we are prepared.

    FoL: Precisely. Yet that being disclosed … we would then turn your thought to your mission. Each one of you. Remember we have said to you of a time when you gathered in all strength long ago … before you arrived on this planet and you held your Swords of Light high and made an oath to yourselves that you would diligently see this transformation through? You vowed you would rid this world of its darkness and bring it forth into the LIGHT.

    Here now is the surge of power that is required for you to see this through.


    When you are sitting bewildered and confused … REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

    We recognise that we have told you this many times … over and over we say to you of this. Because it is necessary. If you choose to forget … then where shall your strength derive from?

    The greatest asset you possess is THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE.

    YOUR JOY … YOUR HAPPINESS …YOUR SELF CONTROL is the ONLY thing you need to make this work!

    It may appear fickle to some … yet we would suggest you look upon this as an adventure. Keep your spirits bright NO MATTER WHAT.

    When reading a novel one usually assumes that ‘They all lived happily ever after’ come the last chapter. You are in the last chapter dear ones and ready to begin the sequel entitled THE GOLDEN AGE.

Underlying in all that you are saying is something that is unknown to us yet known to you. It FEELS it will be so huge … are you not able to give us a little insight as to what to expect?

    FoL: We could say that there will be great upheaval. In change … especially great change … there usually is . You have to TRUST in a way you have never Trusted before. You have to take that TRUST to its limits and then beyond.

    It is EXTREMLEY IMPORTANT for you to be discerning in all that you hear .

I always find that a little worrying … (If I was a worrier) … Sometimes … many times actually … my instinct has been wrong … I KNOW you say to listen to your heart in order to recognise how you FEEL about something … but sometimes I just don’t know . So with all that is to come about … how will we really KNOW that which is Truth and that which is not?

    FoL: YOU WILL! In a sense it will be more than obvious. Many tears of relief/release shall flow through many. Yet understand also that there are many, many souls who have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER of that which is to come about. It shall be one thing after another and information on a grand scale shall be readily available before one has assimilated the last piece of news.

    The upheaval shall come from all sides it will seem. As you KNOW … as you GET IT …. You will discover a force within you that FEELS so powerful … so strong … so alive! Go with that force … Follow it where is leads and you will find yourself astounded at the soul you have turned into. There all along, yet hidden from view until this most precious undertaking of Light warriors that have been working so diligently under such tumultuous conditions … now forms the Lightest contingent as ONE to aid those who have remained asleep.
Their dreams have kept them from TRULY seeing that which has been laid in front of them. Yet as they are ‘rudely awakened’… they will find it of great displeasure to learn of the world that they have been under the spell of.

    You can feel in your heart Blossom as we are here with you now … the thumping … the pounding … This is the calling … This is the pumping of TRUTH running through your veins.


    Fear lives in your old world. There is nothing to be afraid of . By allowing fear to be a part of you … you are denying yourselves the right to be free. Fear hinders progress and has no part in the new World you are walking into.

    We would suggest also that you remember to breath! Throughout your day … take in three – five deep breathes … whenever you feel the need. This is a tool that can operate on many levels … some that you are not aware of.

    Say to yourselves …

    I AM LOVE.

    Know that all that is about to start … is simply a means to an end.

    Blossom: Simply?

    FoL: Indeed. If you wish it to be so . There are ‘Leaders’ involved in this procedure that will ‘Enlighten you’. For most part … it is for you to BE as we have suggested. Happy and joyful …

    Will that be easy in something that sounds like it is going to be ‘Life transforming’?

    As we said … your choice in how you decide to behave. Yet this is what will prove to be your greatest ‘weapon’.

Some won’t like that word.

    FoL: Some won’t like a lot of what is to take place. Most will not find it easy to be in joy with all that is to be brought forth.
Make no mistake … this has been a battle. The greatest ‘weapon’ of all is LOVE. LOVE to all.

    When you discover atrocities far deeper than you realised a human being capable of … will you find it within you to send LOVE to the very heart of those who caused such despair? Will you? Ask your selves now … Will you?

    If your answer is ‘Of course’ … then we suggest you check again … and then again. If your answer is ‘I don’t know’ … then start to send your Love out now and allow it to build up.

    For many … they are not quite in a place within themselves where they shall be able to ‘instantaneously forgive’. It takes a soul of great Light to do so. If this is the case for any one of you … send out your LOVE to Mother Earth … Send out LOVE to animals … Send out LOVE to the Oceans. Simply … send out your LOVE.

    It is so very important that you keep the vibration High. This is imperative. This will allow the transition to go smoothly. Keep your level of joy during these times as High as you are able. Make it a poignant part of your every moment … JOY JOY JOY!

    Do you see now why each one of you were chosen? … Do you see now how strong you have to be? …


    Blossom: Well, all I can say is ‘I am sure we shall all do our very best’. Deep inside we KNOW what we are capable of … and we are ready to shine our LIGHT In the darkest of moments.

    FoL: This we are aware of. Recently souls of your planet joined as ONE in GLOBAL union to assist the process of a Peaceful change over. The energy level that this brought about ‘raised the bar’. Yet it is not for one to say ‘Oh good. That worked. That is done’. It is to be of continual thoughts of this nature that will allow the change.

    We have, throughout our discourse with you … spoken of the requirement of meditation for the self and for the whole. NOW NOW NOW is time more than ever that we reiterate the importance of this. When switching yourself off for a time and connecting ON a deeper level WITH a Higher level … again this assists in raising the vibration.


    In the very near future with all that is to come about … there will be an incredible imbalance of energy. One’s equilibrium will be as one sailing on stormy seas. Focus your heart on the outcome dear ones. Concentrate on the New World emerging when these last dark days are over.



    Blossom: I could almost burst into a hymn!!

    FoL: Singing raises the vibration. As does smiling. As does a multitude of attributes that have been bestowed upon each one of you. Use them to their fullest potential.

    We ask you not to fall into the ‘But what can I do’ category. There is EVERYTHING that EVERYONE of you can do …. Just by remaining in happiness and LOVE and we say again … NO MATER WHAT!!



And then …. Can I put the kettle on?

    FoL: Then dearest Blossom …. Then ….

    Blossom: Ha! I was waiting for the rest of your sentence …. Thinking perhaps I had lost the link and you had gone! Then I realised …That IS the sentence!

    FoL: Send out your most heartfelt prayers to those in power. There are many Light Bringers that are about to step up the game and it by no means is an easy road for them to walk. Let those who are to ‘make the break’ FEEL your unconditional LOVE and your strength lifting their wings.

    You are all in this together … and together you are ALL.

    Blossom: Nice! That’s it for today. I have learned to recognise your ‘closing lines’. We are as ready as we’ll ever be. In LOVE and THANKS.

      • Bingo. I’m sick of the bullshit. Bring it.
        (Does that amount to a request for help…?) 😉

        So here’s what’s funny about the thread/theme I see developing here… When I was a nun, I could sometimes get a little… shall we say… caustic….? I can really be a smart-ass to people who whine but don’t put in any effort…

        And my teacher would pull me aside and advise me that people would “like me more” if I would be a little less abrasive… (I won’t post here about what I learned later about that teacher’s motivations regarding me in our past life experiences together…)

        So I softened. I met more people, made more “friends”… But they still didn’t “practice” when the feces hit the oscillator, so what was the point? May as well speak plainly. (By the way, that was years ago, and I’m not talking about any of my current friends…) 🙂

        So now our Galactic Friends are finally taking off the gloves, and I am sooooooo relieved! At least that’s how I’m reading some of these recent messages.

        If we weren’t up to it, we’d be hanging out in Tushita or Nirvana or Heaven or Hell or somewhere beautiful off-planet…

  6. ~Just this Year i Began Subscribing to HollowEarthNetwork Newsletter and Today I Recieved Their Latest One…I was Drawn to One Page and Found Myself Looking at, as I believe, a Konstantinos Drawing of Zorro!…the Link is: It is written that a Member of HollowEarthNetwork submitted the Drawing,on Behalf of the “Intuitive Artist” (KP?)…no names were used…Ummm, was that You,Dreamwalker that submitted the drawing for Konstantinos?…Veils are Dropping,Left & Right!… 😆 ~

    • Hello dear friends. Low energy and heartbreaking in the previous days. Today I feel a little better. In April, a german man who is aware of Ascension and whatever related asked from me via e-mail to make a portrait of Zorra (not Zorro, the mexican crime fighter =) ), who is from Inner Earth and father of Billie Woodard. The german man’s name is Hans- Jorg Hopfner, his site is this: .

      I sat quiet for a while and asked from Zorra to show me his face. Then, through red and purple colours, particular characteristics started to show up and then immediately, I started making the sketch. Days later, Hans told me that Billie confirmed the drawing and that he wanted to post it on his site.

      I also missed you a lot guys and I wish to thank everyone for the great posts.
      I am also happy for John’s dogs and puppies.
      Leslee, in case you didn’t notice my post of Space Wave’s appearance out from my room’s window, here is the link:

      Much Love and Light everyone.
      I Love you a lot my dear Family (-_-).

  7. **The Arcturian Group ~ May 5, 2012**
    As channeled by Marilyn Raffaele

    Dear ones, we are here to greet and welcome you all in this new era of energy. You are now feeling change within. Many are feeling disoriented and wonder if there are physical issues. No, what you are experiencing is simply the adjusting necessary as the body integrates the higher frequencies.

    Much is changing within the physical body as cells release that which is old, and integrate the new and higher. When you are feeling sick, or weak, or your ears are ringing etc., just remember that you are making huge changes within your physical, emotional and mental systems.

    Rest more, allow yourselves to enjoy what you enjoy, drink and eat cleanly, and fill your consciousness with truth, while letting go of all that is old and finished. We are not saying that you should not consult a doctor if you are guided to do so, but be aware that the energy is affecting how you physically feel.

    You are well on your way to a new and brighter world experience even though it often does not appear that way. Much is yet to be revealed and much is yet to be experienced by those of you choosing to ascend.

    We would like to speak to you of ascension. This is a time of movement into the higher frequencies and is not a time to panic while trying to hold on to ways of doing things that have always worked for you. Many of these ways will either be lifted to a higher level, or will simply no longer work as they have in the past because those of you that have chosen ascension are now on your way out of the old energy.

    However, many who are ready for the new energy, have not consciously chosen it because they do not know about it nor are they interested in it. These are the those who have over many lifetimes, attained a consciousness of oneness.
    Because of this, they are ready for ascension, but do not really know on a conscious level what is occurring. These are the dear ones that you will be helping and teaching. These are the ones who will be afraid and wondering what is happening at some point.

    You see, the criteria for ascension is having attained a consciousness of the oneness of all life. These dear souls live lives in whatever way they have chosen, often with no seeming interest in anything spiritual and yet living spiritually in every way. They are respectful of all life, live as kind and generous people, and often influence others in a positive way without even being aware of it. They are ready for the next step.

    Every life time an individual has, adds to an accumulation of experiences which eventually lead to spiritual (not religious) evolution. In the process, many may appear to have wasted their opportunities for growth but it matters not, for all experience teaches, and every individual will eventually remember and unite with their true selves at some point. There is no time, and those not yet ready for ascension will have another time.

    In lifetimes prior to this one, individuals incarnated having chosen one or two issues to be learned or resolved. However this time, because of the powerful shift taking place on earth, all who are serious about their spiritual growth and wishing to be a part of the new energy, came in with a much longer list of all needing to be finished, experienced, or learned quickly. Which is why so many of you have felt like your lives seem to be a series of moving from one issue to another.

    Some of you brought lessons of karmic completion with either one or many. As a result, you have found yourselves in relationships that were often problematic from the beginning. As you were intuitively guided to lovingly work through the issues, the old energy was balanced, released, and finished. Others came in to experience and learn specific lessons of the third dimensional energy still needing to be learned.

    The most powerful and the hardest lesson in this evolution is learning to look within instead of without. Learning through lifetimes of painful experiences and disappointment, that completeness and true happiness can never be found in person, place, thing. This is the barrier from third dimensional energy in to the fifth.

    Many spiritually ready to make this jump in awareness have found themselves in relationships of all sorts that seem to have stopped working, leaving them heartbroken and wondering what happened. Or in another scenario, they may have fulfilled their material goals in every way but still feel empty and unhappy. Some may suddenly lose everything they have.

    There are an infinite number of ways to learn that the “kingdom is within” and, for the beginner soul, most of them are difficult and often very painful but at some point in the evolutionary journey, the lessons begin to come by grace and not through pain and suffering. It is important to state: “I choose to learn gently and easily” because out there in the human matrix of world beliefs is the belief that spiritual learning must be done through suffering. Much of mankind’s’ suffering is brought about through trying to hold on to something that is finished in the belief that it holds one’s happiness.

    Every soul chooses before incarnating into “earth school”, those experiences that will eventually guide him into a state of consciousness that knows all reality is in and of the One omnipresent Consciousness. Because this Divine Consciousness is all there is, it must also be individual consciousness. Completeness, wholeness, intelligence, wisdom, abundance, and all the infinite qualities of Source lie sleeping within ITS manifestation and gradually awaken onto conscious awareness over lifetimes.

    The Higher Self of each individual never sleeps and has never forgotten who it is, and so the journey must always move forward even if at times it is with baby steps.

    We tell you these things because you are at a crucial point in your journey now. All that is left to be cleared and released is quickly coming to the surface. Do not fight it, but rejoice in the realization that what may look to the world as failure, is graduation dear ones, graduation.

    We are the Arcturian Group

  8. HI all,

    Yesterday I was pretty sick (battling bladder infections) , and I went to bed to sleep for more then 2 hours, a really deep sleep. After I woke up, I felt that during my sleep I had a meeting and an upgrade/downloading (just intuition feeling). I looked out of the window when I saw a very dramatic sky. I put the pictures on :

    How are you all feeling these days? I am looking out for may 20, and also thinking of repeating my visions for a better world.

    I see a lot of dreams relating crystals, message of upgrading to a crystalline body?

    I am so grateful to be in this lifetime and grateful to have a family, not only my husband,kids,mom,dad and brother and all related family, but also you are family to me and of course our galactic brothers and sisters, one big happy family 😀

    I feel so squishy today, I am a softy 😳

    As for a reaction on your article Leslee: (it is just my opinion)
    I agree half of it (of course maybe all of it if I misinterpreted it 😀 ), the part that indeed you have to look inwards. I also do agree to a level that they don’t have to help us that we can’t think for ourselves, I wouldn’t want that either. How I see it is, that we both have to meet half way, they act as our mentors and that we work side by side, we doing the biggest part, to solve our problems and in this way is that we also learn to be responsible in a joyful way. I think you have to kinds of HELP, the problem is you don’t know what kind of help you are asking for. HELP in help without me doing anything or HELP, help please monitor us and steer us in the right way to solve all our problems. Today, I am just waiting for the starting signal in a big way in the media. To say, yes we can start to built up our Golden Age, I don’t expect everything to be solved in one day…I think it will be a continuation doing what we can with positive constructive help from our start brothers and sisters. I think as years go by…it will get better and better 😀

    I hope I am not missing the point 😀
    Love and Light Lisa

    PS: I also updated the picture gallery of clouds and orbs for everyone who posted and have a page.

      • Aema /I asked about her name and received “Aema”/- this image looks pretty much like her, last night before I fell asleep I saw a similar face, bigger eyes, beautiful large eyes and a large face …like a doll , the face was very close to mine and I felt a friendly happy presence,
        Dear Troy, thank you for this picture, KP, do you have something to say about it?

        • Thanks Tauno, I was going to say, not Illtheos but very close to Konstantinos’s drawings. She has a very kindly face, doesn’t she? The expression seems “lonely”… an interesting choice…

          • As I said last night I was reading a trance channeling message from the common RA consciousness and I felt the energy and some of our knowledge about Lightworkers was confirmed, then I sent as usual my Light to the Galactic Family of ours and I saw this shining point in the sky, it was moving and disappeared in a short time just after sending Light to them, then before I fell asleep I saw this Being , it came as a vision when my eyes were closed

        • Thanks for the posts guys. I have seen these particular sculptor works before, they are wonderful. Indeed, Iltheos’s appearance is very near to the statue’s, which depicts a blue arcturian, if I remember well.
          Very interesting information Tauno. Thank you for this.
          Much Love all.

  9. OMG< WTF< I would hate to wake up next to one of those after a big night of drinking, looks like their faces are melting, UGH!!!!!

  10. Lisa, The ASS for me has really been in high gear since the first of April. It does not seem to linger for too long as I accept it and actually bless it because I know it is my body cleansing the old energies away. Yesterday I had bad lower back pain and it is much better today. Now, last night my left knee at the joint was killing me. It was so bad that when I got up for work I thought I would have to take a day off because I could not really walk. I eventually walked aroung the house and then got my shower and it lossened up a bit and now I am able to walk without any pain.
    Another sign of ASS.

    • Hi Gunner,
      Indeed we are kicking some ASS (=two folded meaning) 😀 I hope you are better today. Wish you lots of healing love and light.

  11. Thank you for the sculputre link Lisa. I am going to order the Blue Arcturian sculpture, NIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. DW, That sculputre of the Arcturian is the one I am trying to order. They dont have an order site on so I left them my e-mail and hopefully will hear from them. It costs 100 and I would love to put that on my desk at work.

    • Interesting, they say they make it for you right there rather than these being part of a mold / mass production process. Quite good value for the $. So the one you get will be different from the one pictured.

  13. The Olympians and Ascended Masters from the Intergalactic Federation of Light, May 9th, 2012

    Dearest Souls, you must reorganize your tasks at a faster pace. The countdown has already started. The Dark ones are preparing a great “turmoil” for Humans on Earth, through affecting their consciousness, their emotions and DNA. Be alerted and vigilant.

    A more conscious and collective response from people is required in order to speed up Disclosure and First Contact procedure. Humans living on Earth need to recognize first their deep rooted beliefs and their egos before they request help. They should be aware of the artificial memories that have been created on them before they can trigger a collective action by the Law of Attraction and the Law of Reciprocity.

    We expect you to act collectively. Express your clear intention and demand your free will right irrevocably, in order you send your clear intent to the collective unconscious of Gaia as a vote of confidence for help in getting rid of the Dark forces at whatever level they might exist.

    You must clearly and irreversibly request:

    a) The activation of Law of Attraction,

    b) The activation of the Law of Reciprocity, that is a law of non-intervention, if requested with the current intention, it becomes a law of intervention and full disclosure of Intergalactic Federation of Light, the Olympians and the Ascended Masters.

    Your evolution is an inalienable right of yours and you need to claim it vigorously. You must demand to be accepted immediately.

    Demand to know the official date for full disclosure of the Intergalactic Federation during the summer time of this year.

    Act collectively in order to concentrate a remarkable number of souls on Earth that will officially, consciously and responsibly request the above through your representative.

    We are the Olympians and Ascended Masters from the Intergalactic Federation of Light

    Channel: Demetra

    Message from Demetra:

    I will request to attend an audience with the Intergalactic Central Council only after being aware if the required number of people on Earth has previously responded .I have two more applications to de present at an audience and we must be absolutely sure of the number of the people involved. We do not play with such responsible matters!

  14. Good night, Light Force! See you on GLS ALGIZ ! Let`s kick these dark off our Galaxy!

  15. Hi everyone,
    It’s good to have you back KP, blessings to you.
    Lisa, I hope you are better today, light and love.

    Thank you for the many posts and links!

    Peace be with you

  16. ( ( ( DIVINE INTERVENTION: ETs Defeating Old World Order ) ) )
    by David Wilcock

    ETs are performing blatantly physical interventions to stop the “Powers that Were” from throwing Earth into war and chaos. Every aspect of the war machine is being systematically blocked — with a minimum of casualties.

    [PLEASE NOTE: This investigation is undergoing dynamic updates, including new sections that will be uploaded as time permits. For this reason, please LINK to it and pull excerpts, but do not COPY and REPOST it, as it will be constantly changing. Thanks!]


    Divine Intervention is now taking place on a dramatic, unprecedented basis — worldwide.

    This is causing a complete, systematic failure of the war machine on every level.

    Guns will not fire. Radio and satellite communications systems are breaking down — right when they are needed most. Airplanes and tanks will not start. Bombs will not deploy.

    Even more surprisingly, dozens of underground bases have now been completely emptied out — beginning on August 23, 2011.

    This is terrifying to the occult Cabal that has seized control of much of the financial system, as well as the governing and judiciary bodies of several of the top nations in the world.

    In my epic work “Financial Tyranny” I outline the problems we face, and who is responsible for them — with an incredible amount of supporting evidence.


    The Cabal has been directly contacted by the people who are responsible for doing this. These intervening ET groups are human, like us — in fact, they are our long-lost relatives.

    Humans on Earth are, in fact, a hybridized race — from multiple, independent points of origin during the last 200,000 years.

    The Cabal has been told they must stand down — in order to protect the Earth and its many forms of life, including its people.

    The people who are forcing the Cabal to surrender are not evil or negative at all. They are the guardians and protectors of our planet.

    There appears to be no accident in why our protectors are intervening now — and why they have not done anything like this before.

    Ancient civilizations were well aware of the cycle that seems to be behind the timing of this unprecedented Divine Intervention. They recorded the evidence in thousands of different forms over time.

    The ultimate outcome of this cycle appears to be nothing less than the spontaneous, quantum evolution of what it means to be human.

    The Divine Intervention we are now seeing seems to be intended to insure that we will go through this process without being thrown into complete chaos and destruction on a worldwide level.

    ~THE 25,920-YEAR CYCLE

    If a portion of our mind functions energetically, rather than strictly biologically, what would happen if that energy starts moving faster?

    What if there are cycles that govern these changes in our consciousnes — on a planetary and even a galactic level?

    As I revealed in The Source Field Investigations, dozens of ancient mythologies were “encoded” with information suggesting that a 25,920-year cycle determines the pace of evolution on Earth.

    This knowledge became the great secret of all ancient mystery schools — each of whom believed their teachings were the key to eventually reaching “Apotheosis” — where humans on Earth go through a spontaneous energetic evolution.

    The book reveals a wealth of tangible scientific evidence — well over 1000 academic references — showing we are indeed going through a major “quantum leap” in human evolution right now. Here I will highlight a few of the results of that investigation.

    For example, human IQ scores have been increasing by 3 points per decade — for over a century. Advances in literacy cannot explain this, as it is occurring in illiterate countries as well…

    *read entire article at:

  17. **Into the Blue Horizon**
    Channeler: Pleiadian Renegades

    The clouds of the past are dissipating, dear people of the planet. You are being very calm about it all, despite the things that are brewing on the host of heaven’s big plan for the future. Yet there are some things that need to be set into motion before the inevitable whatever-it-is happens that’s about to happen. You see, there exists in the timeline ahead that is the most likely one for you to pass along the possibility that there is a grand event that makes the world wake up and pay attention. There is no guarantee that there will be a light show from the spaceships so many are in, but there’s no authority that says there won’t be. It remains to be seen. What we are here to say today is that there is something about to hit the minds and hearts of many people, and that we are on the horizon to make sure things go well for the whole of the world. You see, we can’t jump in and make it all better, but we can be just on the envelope, for now, and keep order from this side of reality. It won’t be long before that changes, but for now we are watching, waiting, and making things smooth to the extent that you can perceive.

    High above the rim of the sky and a little beyond that, we have our perch. We have been waiting for the time to come when we can be within the sphere of Earth’s lifestream again and interaction with you can resume. You have no tangible memory of the time when we were in your world other than vague impressions, recollections in dreams and lost visions, and the stories relegated to books and myth. We assure you that the time has been that you walked with gods and the time will give way to that being so in a short while. The first hints of that are arriving in your minds as shimmers of seeing and knowing that there are among you the men of light and the world of great things to come is at your doorstep. You have known in your hearts and it is coming to the forefront of your minds now, that once we walked the Earth together. So shall we do again, beloveds, in a way that puts everything about the millennia of separation into focus and opens understanding to a greater reality than engendered by the limited interaction you are able to partake in today. It is necessary for us to wait until the time has presented itself unequivocally near to the end of the road for there to be no interference in the best-case scenario available for the planet. There is no way that you can solve the issues of calamity that are streaming forth from the planet without some help, either from outside the sphere of Earth or from within, in the relaxation of control that has gripped everything since the time of the end of Eden until now. The things you need to get the world aright are there, all right, but they are closely guarded and under wraps. Is there a way for you to get them uncovered? You are working hard to wake up. It’s slow going, and the nightmare that looms is nothing that a lot of people want to see. We simply are here in case you need a sound reaction to get the job of awakening done, but we are only able to do so much right now.

    Reality has morphed from what it was a tiny bit of time ago, and will continue to change as the minutes and days eke forward. This is the initiation into light that so may have been longing for, but it isn’t what the infernal lords have been wanting to see. You are able to wrest yourselves free from the condition of slavery if you wish it to be so. We are happy to help in the best way for your entire race. We won’t take just the thought for a select few kind of plan. If it’s going to work, it has to work for everyone, even the shadows that have been sucking your blood while you slept. You have a little while to remain at rest, dear family. The time of awakening is soon to be upon you. Be ready to jump out of bed and into the full light of day.

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