Konstantinos-Some photos of cloudships and a cloud feline

Hello my wonderful family and companions. Here I share with you two photos of cloudships and of a cloud feline…it seems like a female lion…

The big cloudship was taken today and 5 minutes later, the cloud feline appeared next to it. I felt these manifestations as very powerful signs.

Much Love and Light to all.

Three little cloudships.

A big cloudship.

The head of a cloud lioness.

2 comments on “Konstantinos-Some photos of cloudships and a cloud feline

  1. ~Hi Konstantinos!…Very Pleased to See Ya Post Again! 🙂 These are very Interesting CloudEnergies!…The Cloud Lioness seems to Be Speaking…and the 3 Little CloudShips are Powerful…Good Eye Ya Got!~

  2. And good timing too. Thank you for your Love and kind energy Babajij. Tauno, thank you too. Much Love to all.

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