SaLuSa 23-May-2012

 Ascension has been ongoing for many years, so as not to overpower you. It has gently been increased, and now you are recognizing the difference it is making to you. It is in many ways a delicate process of raising your vibrations, so that you can gradually absorb more, and more. Too much energy too soon could have been detrimental to your progress, upsetting those who are slow to respond. It affects all souls in one way or another, which is why some get symptoms that might otherwise be attributed to malfunctioning bodily systems.

Now perhaps you can understand why at the time of the 21st. December 2012, the high energy influx due to the alignment of your Sun and the Great Central Sun, is going to “separate” those who are ready to ascend, and those who are not. The choice is as ever yours, but do not be concerned if you are one desiring to remain in your present dimension. It will make no difference to your evolution in the long run, as opportunities to ascend will still come periodically. Indeed, if you set your mind on it, by sheer willpower and intent you could ascend anytime as an individual.

God set out the master plan eons of time ago, that would ensure as this cycle ended it would be in triumph for those seeking to return to the Light. Through many lives in the lowest vibrations in your Universe, you have come out of your earthly experiences much greater than you were when you descended into them. You would not necessarily enjoy looking back on some of your lives, as your evolution has taken through some very negative experiences. In all probabilities you would not recognize yourself as the same one you are today. That is not necessary anyway, but nevertheless if you insist all would be revealed from the information kept in the Akashic records.

Each life of every soul is recorded, and naturally it is those that have uplifted you that are considered the most important. Bear in mind that throughout your many lives, as you progress you are each time the sum total of your experiences. Nothing is ever without some value to you, which is why you have a life plan. You choose from what you need to further your evolution, and wiser heads than yours are always on hand to advise you what is best for you.

Your Guardian Angel will normally stay with you for life after life, and that is their way of service to you and God. They protect you, but at the same time guide you through whatever unpleasant experiences you may have elected to go through. It is not in your best interest to avoid them, as they will only come back to you again. Learn whatever it is that you need to understand, and you will not normally be asked to experience it again.

Many of you have so to say, already reached the end of the road now, and you will intuitively know that is so. Your final period on Earth will be well in your control, and it will pass quite easily as you experience an inner peace. It comes from knowing that you have achieved your goals, and have been able to break your bonds with the earthly links that no longer serve you. Indeed, for those who have not yet fully cleansed themselves of such links, the longer they go on the less you will find that they hold any attraction for you.

At this time when some of the most astounding events will take place, we look to Lightworkers to help those who will be fearful of what is happening. For a short while it will seem that all is about to collapse, and in part that will happen. However, it has all been anticipated and planned, as a means to get rid of all that stands in your way to a peaceful conclusion to life. The answers to your problems are known to us, and together with our allies all will be taken care of in quick time. This is the type of information that people will need, and we will soon be addressing the world so that all will hear our voices.

There will be a series of revelations that in different ways will shock you all, as no matter how prepared you feel you that you are, it is almost certain that they go a lot deeper. Some of the claims will be absolutely unbelievable and full details not given to satisfy peoples curiosity, but simply to draw attention to the heinous crimes against you. It will explain much that has puzzled you, and undoubtedly allow you to understand why so much crime has gone unpunished in the last 50 years or so. Indeed, you could go back to the World War Two and wonder why so few top people were called to answer for their crimes against Humanity. It was collusion my Dear Ones, where there was more interest amongst the big powers in capturing information, by allowing the criminals to join them instead of standing trial.

It does not matter how long ago crimes were carried out or the evidence destroyed, as we can go back in time to retrieve it. There is no escape from justice and the truth, and anything other than the truth can be identified for what it is. This is not meant to frighten you, but when you pass over the same conditions apply when a review of your life takes place. You cannot even lie to yourself, as some do to convince themselves that the facts are different to what they really are. You would not have it any other way, as how else will you learn but from your mistakes. You all make them and they are not held against you, but simply put down as experience.

We would say, savor the wonderful experiences that you have had on Earth, as you may never quite get the same again. It is sometimes going from one extreme to another that heightens the depth of your experiences. In the future your lives will be more steady and on an even keel, and there will hardly be any extremes unless you choose it to be so. Adventures will be your way of life, and give you great fulfillment. Yet, no matter how far you travel, your loved ones will be but a thought away, and with instantaneous travel friends are easily reached.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can see the probabilities that are ahead of you, and it is wonderful to be able to report that you have won the day. All will turn out as you have been led to believe, but almost certainly likely to be much better than you can imagine.


Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Goodmorning Babajij,
    Goodmorning everybody, how is it going latley?

    Above picture taken today on my way to work. You see the financial district of Johannesburg. The tall buildings you see, and where I also work.

    Last night I had a dream of being chased by the military (they didn’t catch me :D)
    Then I was in a dancing company waiting for the train. We were poorly payed and also the treatment was also not up to standards. At the end of the dream someone was saying to me, after the 22nd it is going to spiral out of control (what I don’t know) and then I got a vision of portals, vortexes and galaxies co-existing together.
    What’s up? What do you think about this message?

    Love Lisa

    • ~Good Morning Over There,Lisa…Nice Photo of Ur City…Very Cosmopolitan and Country Blend,It seems…

      …Ur Dream appears to Say that Human Control over the Earthly Activities will Eventually Spiral out of Control…Mother Earth,the Cosmos and Galaxy Energy will Be Given thier Turn to Allow for Our True Nature to Grow…This is what i Get from Ur DreamScape… 🙂 ~

      • Thanks Babajij for the explanation, I agree with all the others 😀 on your interpretation of my dream, you or spot on :D. And yes, Johannesburg is very green, as far as you can see. Of course in the city there is less trees, but the suburbs there is a lot of green. 😀

    • Chorus:
      Joshua fit the battle of Jericho
      Jericho Jericho;
      Joshua fit the battle of Jericho
      And the walls came tumbling down.

      You may talk about your kings of Gideon,
      You may talk about your men of Saul
      But there’s none like good old Joshua
      At the battle of Jericho.

      2. Now the Lord commanded Joshua;
      “I command you and obey you must;
      You just march straight to those city walls
      And the walls will turn to dust.”

      3. Straight up to the walls of Jericho
      He marched with spear in hand,
      “Go blow that ram’s horn,” Joshua cried,
      “For the battle is in my hand.”

      4. The lamb ram sheep horns began to blow,
      And the trumpets began to sound,
      And Joshua commanded, “Now children, shout!”
      And the walls came tumbling down.

    • Thank you for sharing the photo and your dream Lisa. I agree with Babajij regarding your dream’s interpretation. Much Love and Light to you.

    • Thanks Lisa for a view of your city. I agree with babajij’s interpretation of your dream.
      Love and light

  2. Tuesday, May 22, 2012 by Cobra
    Reboot of the Grid Successful

    Our mass effort was a great success. The critical mass has been achieved. Although not everybody was doing the exact meditation that was given, enough people were synchronizing their consciousness stream to allow the Light forces to put a computer virus into the artificial intelligence Matrix program on the etheric and astral planes.

    This means that fuzzy logic program of the Matrix is now being busy within a closed loop, unable to repair itself and fill the cracks of clear space/time structure in the distorted etheric/astral Matrix electromagnetic field. Those cracks were created with our conscious effort on May 20th. They will never be closed again and Light will always shine through.

    The Matrix will now slowly start disintegrating. There will be less and less dark entities on the etheric and astral planes and Light will shine through more and more.

    The positive etheric leyline grid around the planet has been reactivated at the Reboot. This has prevented some quite strong earthquakes that would happen otherwise. It has also allowed an acceleration of the transformation process for this planet to reach a higher vibrational frequency.

    The exact moment of the Reboot has initialized a timeline of events that will ultimately lead towards Disclosure and First Contact.

  3. Good morning everyone! 🙂
    Lisa, that dream was very cool and I guess it goes along with what is being said, about all the events unfolding after the eclipse.
    As for me, well I’m about to have some serious practice in ‘teaching’, besides healing. A friend of mine, living in the UK, asked if I could help a friend of his, living here, who is suffering with depression. So we met yesterday and she brought a friend who is also going through some problems. Initially she was very distrustful, but after a 2-hour talk about Reiki, EFT, positive thought patterns, visualization techniques, breathing techniques and relaxation techniques she was smiling and saying she enjoyed our chat very much and – gasp! – she even touched my hand! :mrgreen: So this Saturday we’re starting with Reiki! Yay! 😀
    Hope you all have a great day! ♥

  4. Goodmorning Suntira,
    That is really wonderful news, I am so happy for you. I can’t wait to really physical clean up mother Earth. I am always attracted to work with nature or animals. I am doing this now in a small way, but can’t wait to do the big things and healing and balancing nature/Gaia again. 😀

    Have a great day too Sunitra.

  5. Yes, I’d also love to work with nature and animals! Actually, this weekend I visited an animal shelter that helps injured animals (mostly birds of prey) and then releases them into the wild (I’ve been a sponsor for some time, so we got a ‘private’ visit :D). It was really cool, because we actually got to see a lot of how they do things, I mean the whole background work… I imagined myself doing that kind of thing, but in the not-so-distant future, knowing that animals that had been treated and released in to the wild would not be hurt again ♥

  6. Message from the Angels

    My dear friends, we love you so very much.

    Take a breath dear ones for everything is in right order. There is a grand dance being orchestrated in the universe by nothing less than the loving Divine Presence that animates all of creation. If you can imagine, the universe is like a giant body, with every element, every being, every little piece of creation designed to act and respond in cooperation with one another. The energy and love that flows between you and all creation is like a giant nervous system. If you cut your finger, the entire body responds immediately and begins immediately to heal the cut. In a healthy body, as cancer cells do not find a hospitable environment in which to grow.

    If any part of the universe is in need, the entire universe works in cooperation to respond with assistance. When you are in need, instead of falling into fear, tell yourself the Truth! “God loves me! I don’t know what to do but the power that made the universe, and lives within me does. I will receive help and guidance at the right time and the right way.” Then get on with your day. In this fashion you do not obstruct the love that is flowing towards you in answer to your call.

    If any part of the universe attempts to harm the whole, the universe attempts to withdraw support from it in a loving fashion. Decay in the forest stops when the dead tree has been turned to mulch. Cancer cells cannot grow in a healthy body in which circulation flows freely. Angry people cannot harm you if you refuse to take in and feed their upsets. So when you encounter such negativity remind yourself, I do not have to dance with this! I can transform it with my love. You can say to a cancer, “Thank you for teaching me or my loved one. Thank you for showing where something was eating at me. I now choose to learn and heal and I no longer support your being!” Sit with your ailments dear ones, and thank them for they are your teachers. You can truly love them out of existence.

    Likewise refuse to feed anger. Fires burn only when you throw on more fuel. Anger is simply meant to be a force that reminds you to create. It festers only when you feel powerless. If another aims their anger at you, can you choose not to throw a log on that fire. Can you simply withdraw, or say, “I’m sorry you are angry,” or if you can, present them with kindness? If you are jealous, can you say, “Wow. Amazing! My jealousy is teaching me that a part of me is coming to life! I want more for myself. Thank you for reminding me that I am worthy of what I want, and that I have the power to create.” Negativity cannot take root within and possess you unless you feed it either consciously or otherwise. Even those energies have their place in the universe and are part of the greater good. However, you can love them and learn from them, and thus choose not to suffer from them.

    The power that constantly creates the universe wants love to flow freely through all of creation. You are a valuable part of that creation! You contain the power, presence, and love of God within you! You are cared for. You are loved. You are heard and acknowledged in the heavens. Can you embrace this? Can you trust that your needs will be met, that you need not engage in the negativity of the world, but rather when presented with it, you can transform it with love. Thus, dear ones, you become the alchemists that take the dense leaden energies of life and turn them into gold.

    God bless you! We love you so very much.
    –The Angels

    Message from Ann

  7. Thank you Gunner for posting another wonderful message from the Angels. Much Love and Appreciation to you.

  8. Oh! The one of the two links posted, appeared as a video. But don’t forget the other link below…I think both of them are worth to be watched…

    • Hi KP, you have to leave some space between the two video links, then the two will appear as a video, I corrected it for you, just to see what happens if I put some space between them.

      I am happy to here from you again. I was wondering what was happening. My husband has already written 4 exams and has his last one on the 5th of June. Then on the 11th of June we go for a week on a beach vacation in Margate. Yeaahhhhhh….

      Love Lisa

  9. Troy (and everyone else!) – Saul’s latest message helps to explain a lot of what happened to those of us who couldn’t sleep and seemed to be purging negative “stuff” the other night… (I don’t THINK it’s been posted yet??) – as does SaLuSa’s message today:

    Emotions sweep through you, over which it seems you have no control at all – from Saul via John Smallman ~ 5.23.12

    As the moment for humanity’s awakening moves ever closer, you are all finding yourselves dealing with “stuff” or “issues” that have been buried in your subconscious for a long time. It can be quite a shock when something arises that you thought you had dealt with years ago. Do not be alarmed; the ego is a master of disguise and deception, and to protect itself it hides from you fears and doubts that if adequately addressed by you would loosen its hold on you. It wants to remain in control and have you react emotionally when your buttons are pushed, and so it attempts to convince you that you have dealt with something which if you did deal with it would weaken its hold on you, and so it buries it deep in the unawareness of your subconscious mind where it will fester until it demands your attention, encouraging you to find and release it.Part of your reason for being human is to deal with and learn the lessons that the illusion provides. No one on Earth is without “stuff” that prevents him from being totally loving, however saintly he may appear to be, and for awakening to occur this has to be dealt with and released. Previously, this could be done at leisure, when you felt moved by situations or events in your lives to address and release issues that were troubling you. Now, however, the push is on to release any remaining stuff, hidden and seemingly inaccessible, that is in any way unloving, judgmental, blaming, projecting, or non-accepting, and that continues to anchor you in the illusion.

    For awakening to occur you must release this stuff. Sometimes it seems to you that it has nothing at all to do with you, as it rises up into your awareness with a sudden and intense impact. “What is this?” you ask yourselves in amazement, as emotions sweep through you in disordered confusion — emotions over which it seems you have no control at all. Relax. Release your need to understand what is happening, and watch as these issues play themselves out as they pass through your minds and bodies. You do not need to do anything; in fact, if you do do something they will just take longer to pass through you on their way to their dissolution into nothingness.

    The mass collective consciousness that you all share has vast numbers of issues that have to be released before your awakening, and each one of you has chosen to work with some of them to ensure that they are all are released in good time to enable the awakening to happen. Consequently, many of the issues and situations that you are experiencing are from an indeterminate source, which is why they seem so strange and unrelated to you. They are just part of the great release that humanity is involved in and allowing, so that the present Earth cycle may come to completion.

    The New Age will be completely new, and so all the issues, doubts, conflicts, and self-serving agendas that have plagued the illusory environment in which you have been experiencing your existence need to be dissolved back into the nothingness from which you brought them forth. This release and dissolution is proceeding apace because you have all agreed to play your essential parts, and the fact that in your severely limited present state of consciousness it seems to make no sense to you is of no consequence.

    You are all following paths to awakening, and if it is your intent to awaken – and that is the case with the vast majority of humanity – then nothing will prevent you from doing so. Your rate of progress along these paths is continuing to accelerate as you become increasingly aware of the need to release all attitudes and behaviors that exclude unconditional love for all beings, knowing, as you most definitely do, that all are divine children of God, infinitely loved by Him, and that they are therefore one with each of you. There is no separation, and finally this is dawning on you consciously, enabling you to offer love to all indiscriminately. And this is the key to your awakening.

    With so very much love, Saul

  10. Hi everyone aqnd glad you loved the angel message. I cant help but tear up when I reaad them and this one came at just the right time for me. The guy that sits next to me is usually always negative and angry. It got to me a little this morning and then something made or pushed me to read this message and I freaked out. This always happens to me with these sort of miracles when dealing with the Angels. I also feel them physically while reading.
    Suntria, I dont know much about Reiki healing but I do know of so many people with severe depression. Most of them are so young also between 16 to 25. i know Ashleys little brother 16 years old has got it so bad that they already have him on those phychotic meds.
    Keep us informed on the healing for depression, I will suggest this to ashley for her brother.

  11. Steffie, thanks so much for the saul message. i always look forwar to those and also o the hilarion messages. I fully trust both of those chanells.
    your friend Gooner, why I ought too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. WAKE UP CALL!!!! DOGHOUSE!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!
    You may also access the Wake up Calls by going to note; this is a One-way List, so Do Not Reply to it. If you would like to comment, please email me at Wake up Call: Hatonn, May 23, 12 I am here today to bring you some information from out in the universe. I am Hatonn and I come with the news of the planet that is coming from around the sun. It is a planet that many of you know as Nibiru, and it has made many trips around the sun in the existence of the universe.
    This planet was created for the specific purpose of being a catalyst for the evolvement of humanity. It is a matter of being in the right place at the right time, as is said so often on earth. With this planet’s revolutions through the solar system it brings energies of awakening to the people of earth and of the other planets that are in close enough proximity to the orbit of Nibiru.As the revolutions take their path they bring about a continuation of the evolutionary process of the system. Beings who live on Nibiru volunteered to go there from Lyra and all over the universe. Lyra was designed for the preparation of the evolution of earth. It is said that there are no more people who are going to come to earth in this particular lifetime who have never been here. That is true except for those who have a mission that was originated in the beginning of time to be here in this final aspect of the growth of humanity. Those ones have come from Lyra and will be coming in fullness by the end of this year. As they come they will be bringing much information. In this energetic information there is contained a great deal of knowledge that has been stored off planet for the purpose of keeping it unavailable until it is time for it to be assimilated into the Oneness of all of life on earth. That includes all plant life, animal life, etc. even the one-celled life that is still prevalent on the planet. As this is released and integrated in the various ways that will be experienced it will lend itself to the opening up of many of the ones on earth who are ready for it to be the key to their freedom from their limitedness. It will give them the key to the doors that reveal what it is that has kept them captive for so long. As this process takes place and is integrated into all of life on earth, it will be a catalyst to the ascension that is in its first stages in this moment. The ascension I speak of is what will be built in three stages. The first one was brought about in the past twelve hundred years. The second has been in progress since then and it has been synchronistic in its nature. In this way it has brought about a harmonic that has rung throughout all of creation, not just on earth. It has brought all of the energies into potential harmony. It is now being increased and brought into the reality of earth life. This will be seen as the ascension process continues. In this last stage, which is in process, it will build exponentially one stage upon another until it has reached its destined final state. This is what is scheduled to happen on 12-12 2012. This is the sequential part of the whole process that has been in sync since the creation of this universe began. I tell you all this now because it is time for you who read of this, and who feel it in their beingness to open up to that truth, and to step into the roles that you have been destined to walk. Many of you have been in what seems to be a no-walk state. You have been feeling like there is nothing for you to do but twiddle your thumbs and whistle a happy tune. That about sums it up dear ones. But now you are on the threshold of what I speak. You are going to be finding a whole new energy come your way with all of the steps in place for you to follow. It is a matter of being able to keep a clear mind and heart and allow the knowledge that comes your way to guide you in the way that you are destined for. Know that this initial stage of your newness is in place and ready for your arrival at the gate. In just a little while you will have completed the steps to the door and you will know when it is time to open it and walk through. Till then it is important for you to just enjoy this time and laugh, sing, dance, be at peace and love all of creation….all of it! I leave now with the knowledge that you who are in line for this message will receive it. There will be other sources of the knowledge of this and all of you will be given that source. I am right beside you all in this and as the journey in this last stage begins for those of you who are in readiness it will be a most profound journey to the door of total freedom, power, creativity and love. Step forth and enjoy the ride, for it will be one that will ring through creation forevermore. Thank you dear Hatonn,Love, Nancy Tate

    • ~Well,Finally!…Nibiru/Planet X (ten) has Arrived in “Popular” Channeled Messages…Mind Ya,Nancy from Zetatalk has Been Speaking of Niburu for Many Years…The latest Technique to “Capture” Nibiru on Film is to Take apart an old Floppy Disk and Place the Center reddish brown film found in the center of floppy disk, in front of Camera Lens…The Red Filter Revolution…Remarkable Results~

  13. How is everything going in Greece Konstaninos. Is the government working and able to pay the bills?
    BTW does anyone know those ladies who make those ET sculptures? I still have not heard from them and I e-mailed them twice.

  14. Hey Gunner! The things here, regarding political-economical stuff are still the same…VERY low energy they carry. As for me I have an exam period from May 30th till June 19th…sigh….much Love to you.

  15. Here is the part i dont get about Greece. If they are bankrupt, how is the government paying their employees and how are they paying for electrical and material supplies. How are they paying the police force, I think you get my drift at what I am talking about.
    I love the idea of forgiving all foreign debt. wow, now that would take away some of the powers from the larger countries.

  16. Well Gunner, I’ve heard that they pay (less than ever of course) with money which they got through loans, although we still haven’t payed back all the money from previous loans…here comes an etiquete: Tragic….
    Oh Gunner, thank you for your encouraging comment about my exams =).

    Much Love and Light on your way and have a nice night.

  17. Food for thought from Cobra’s site

    I am not intending to open up any arguments regarding the GFOL, I just appreciate different perspectives. He has had similar experiences to us so I feel it is worth consideration. For me it is hard to “know” second-hand information, since he is the one having the experience. I need to “feel” the connection, and that tells me something about the source of the information. I think you guys do the same thing (I know Gunner does this).

    My observation is that we have connected with beings that are encouraging us to help ourselves, and guiding us on our individual paths. They are not meeting us at our level, we are meeting them at theirs. Whether or not they belong to the GFL, I’m not sure. To me it doesn’t matter because I can “feel” their energy. I know that this is a good connection.

    As to other sources, I can’t say. It feels as though whatever positive or negative perspective or intent may be offered (for example through SaLuSa), this has more to do with duality and less to do with negative or positive entities.

    Just my two cents… would be curious to know how others feel about this. Does it even matter?

  18. I feel connections from certain Galactics and also the spiritual heirarchy. And I never forget to do the protection of only having being of the highest light come into my aura.
    I also feel so honored to actually feel them on a physical level, I mean I feel so blessed. Gaias energy almost lifts me off my feet everyday as I connect my light with her core and then connect it to the central sun.
    I would also add that each individual that feels this has invited them into their lives as they usually dont intervene unless asked due to free will.
    Well, almost time to go so have a great night everyone

  19. Thanks to ALL Spirit Train Riders for the Uplifting Energies this beautiful day. Carpe Noctem!!!… One Love Evolution 247!!!

    **We offer you a new vocation now ~ Michael channeled by Ron Head**
    May 23,2012

    We will speak this morning on the subject of vocation. To your conscious minds, vocation means the way in which you earn the coin which pays for your daily subsistence. We speak today of your vocation as the manners which you have chosen to make your way on you spiritual journey.

    These are as varied as you could possibly imagine. Your purpose being to experience as much of this dimension as possible, you have each taken paths to this point which no other soul has taken. Together you have experienced billions upon billions of lifetimes, all angers, fears, loves, hates, and joys. Every imaginable avenue of experience has been explored.

    Now it is time for you to bring all of the wisdom gained from those lifetimes back to your true selves. You have trouble, most of you, in thinking of yourselves as wise, as masters, but we assure you that is exactly what you truly are. It is a matter of perspective, you see. From our perspective, you are bringing gifts of rare value, although you are unable to see the value from where you stand. This will soon be made apparent to you, dear ones.

    You are becoming more and more aware of our loving presence, that of your guides and your angels. We have always been with you, regardless of the paths you have chosen and the situations you have gotten yourselves into. You have gone where it would seem no one would dare to go. You have done amazing things. And the wonder is that you have returned to do it all over and over again. You are truly the strongest of the strong.

    We offer you a new vocation now. Be yourselves, be in love and peace. And hold that love and peace no matter the apparent chaos which may occur around you for this last short time of the illusion. Find this energy flowing through you at this time, anchor it firmly where you stand and allow it to spread out from you in all directions. Feel it join with all those others of you doing the same, the seen ones and the unseen. Let this be your vocation now. Bring the feeling of home, the unconditional love of your Creator and Source, into this physical existence where it has been missed for so long. You have called it here, prayed for it, dreamed of it, and it has been sent to you. It is being beamed at you now from every corner of the universe.

    The immense power being brought to your aid at this moment will absolutely overcome any remaining resistance to your ascension. Very soon all other concerns will be vague memories. Keep your intention upon the approaching goal and the time remaining will fly past at ever increasing speed, something every one of you has remarked upon these last few years.

    We are all about you, dear ones, guiding your every step. Be at peace now and we will speak tomorrow.

  20. ~Good Day Trainers!… 😀 …Dreamwalker, I am Utterly Fascinated with Ur Recent Discourse with SM!…The Symbolism with Water & Wealth Energy is So Feng Shui…the Small Stream Flows to Big River…

    …WaterFalls Symbolize Flow of Money…Pictures of WaterFalls are Often Found Hung Prominently in Restaurants,Business Places and Homes to Enhance/Attract the Current of Money…

    …In Front of Super Wealthy Homes, One May See a Flowing Fountains with Clear Water…and as SM has Noted, the Money/Water Flow tends Toward Homes/Places/People with the Most Money…The ones with Great Abundance have Learnt to Create a Dam, Holding the Massive Money/Water In…The Energy of Giving is therefore Highly Calculated…The Intent of Return is Very Strong…

    …I Totally was Impressed with what You and SM Discussed!…One of the Top 3 Dreamwalker Channelings Yet!…for Me that Is… 😉 …Great Food for Thought…Welalin!~

    • Thank you Babajij! This has been one of the more profound experiences for me as well… a real noggin-scratcher… I have been ruminating about this one over the last few days, a definite “shift” and challenge to my own way of thinking… and the fengshui connection hadn’t occurred to me, but that makes a LOT of sense, this is helpful to my understanding. This does tend to go against the idea of service-to-self and service-to-others; but maybe that’s a bit of a wash, eh? 😉

      Interestingly, one of the primary elements of a Santa Muerte shrine/mandala is clear water. The water should be changed whenever it gets cloudy. It sounds to me like there is a direct connection between the clear water in this mandala and the “flow” of money / energy. I wonder if a filtered waterfall or fountain might be even more appropriate…

      Namaste/ Welalin ⊕

      • ~It’s True, eh!…This Whole “Concept” of STO & STS creates Division…The Divine Spark/Source WithIn All Life Force is Here and Up There and Down There (hehe) to Fully Immerse in Experience…Me Feels that whether those Experiences are Viewed as Bad/Good,Really makes No Difference to the Spark…The Divine Spark Goes Along On the Ride…I Guess that This is The Essence of Our Free Will…and the Nike Ad that Says. “Just Do It”… 😆 ~

  21. Source website to join: The World Gathering 2012

    We are calling people all over the world to observe the days leading up to this Venus Transit, June 6-8, as a time for opening to the bright impulse of cosmic energy that is streaming into the mass consciousness of Humanity. What are our highest dreams and hopes? What is our greatest potential as divinely inspired humans? What can we create together as we step into the “doorway” to the Golden Age?

    June 6-8 is being promoted worldwide as the Call for Global Oneness, and we will continue building the momentum year after year until June 6, 2012. Let us come together during this time in gatherings throughout the world to celebrate love and beauty, light and unity. Let us work with these expansive cosmic energies to anchor them deep into the heart of Earth Mother, deep into the human collective consciousness. Let us translate these energies into art, economics, culture, politics, education and ecology. Let us bring transformation into every field of human endeavor. Let us pray, each in our own way, for the emergence of the Golden Age, for enlightenment for all, for peace, healing, and beauty on the planet! Le us pray for the unity of humankind.

    Please network this information widely. Please link up to Global Oneness for suggestions on what you can do, for further information on the Venus transit, to publicize any events you may wish to plan, or to receive information on events in your local area. This will be a continually updated interactive website, and your input is welcome. We are inviting spiritual teachers from every religious faith, indigenous elders from every tradition, healers, artists, musicians, dancers, networkers, and organizers to join with us in co-creating the biggest spiritual event in human history. As we move into this 3-day global festival, we will be broadcasting live streaming images from Oneness Gatherings around the world. Let us participate together to co-create heaven on earth!


    First streaks of dawn.
    The dismal cries of an age gone by
    Fade into eternity past.
    I wake up shivering…
    Why must darkness precede the dawn?
    Why is death the prerequisite to birth?
    No matter;
    The long night is ended now.
    The first rays of a new dawn
    Illuminate my path,
    Beckoning me to follow.
    Can I shape the coming Day?

  22. Wow, that Arch Angel post really hit home for me. Excellent way to start my day, Thanks Stick for the posting.

  23. Hi Suntria yes, one more day. I got me a 4 day weekend, NIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I forgot to tell you all my dream of about 10 days ago.
    I was in my hometown standing on a platform and there was a little girl with me. It was the day I was to be hung. My older brother was making the hang mans noose but I was so calm and not worried at all.
    Here is the weird part. While awaiting my hanging I was thinkin g it wont be so bad because I have been throgh this at least 5 times before. It seemed the past hangings my soul would leave my body before I really suffered. I thought about running away but knew I would be caught. Then I thought, I hope my head comes off this time. It was a very calm feeling.
    So, I wonder, was I hung in multiple past lives, damn I wish I had memories of at least one good past life. Oh well, I guess I saved the best for last.

    • I guess one would have to be calm to “hope my head comes off this time”… wow Gunner, pretty intense stuff. The lack of worry implies an ‘enlightened’ state of consciousness… not sure about the symbolism of you brother tying the noose? Perhaps the little girl was your guardian Angel… standing ready to escort you to the next level? ~In Light

  24. Hi all, last evening , I felt so tired and my legs felt like lead. Today is not better, but better then yesterday. Anyway I created a new subpage under my page mapping my road to full consciousness if anyone interested to read. 😀

    Hi gunner, that is the same feeling I got last night in my dream: see my new subpage road to full consciousness, where I was about to fall a long way down, I had the same calmness and indeed not worried at all. And funny there was a girl who was standing in front of me before I fell.(I only read your comment after I finished with my sub-page 😀 )

    For me it is almost time to go home. Love and light. Lisa.

  25. This article is spot on for me, and how I feel lately.

    Beyond the Solar Eclipse

    By Brenda Hoffman

    May 23, 2012

    Dear Ones,

    Let us begin with your personal new earth – for the recent solar eclipse shifted your world dramatically.

    Many of you want to know the fine points of this shift: Will there be more earthquakes? Will governments topple? Will friends disappear? Such questions are premature. You are shell-shocked, so allow yourself to rest a bit.

    Even though you have successfully maneuvered past energy waves, this last wave, this solar eclipse, was beyond anything you have experienced. Your physical being was scrambled.

    Before this solar eclipse, you maintained two parts of your being in a somewhat parallel fashion.

    The Old Age you and the New Age you worked in unison to decipher the shifts. Even though you may have been a bit fuzzy after some energy bursts, you returned to your day-to-day life with little interruption.

    This last solar eclipse changed your cellular/DNA structure to the extent that those of you who are Lightworker advance team members are probably having difficulties focussing in your Old Age life. It is not that you do not wish to work or care for your children, but those activities are not necessarily that important now. Or you may experience dull headaches and similar minor ailments. Your Old Age life seems repetitive and tiresome – not fearful – just dull.

    You are letting go or have let go of your earth fears. Even though you will likely feel some anxiety for a time, you are no longer that concerned with issues that were of great importance in your Old Age life.

    Does that mean you will move away from friends and relatives? Yes, we have long prophesied that. Those who are not interested in the New Age will not be seem that attractive to you. You may even feel like a “stranger in a strange land” at family gatherings and parties. Such feelings may produce short term anxiety or fear.

    You are no longer of the Old Age, but do remember that the Old Age has been your structure, your keystone for eons. Letting go is not an easy task.

    Even though you differed with many pieces of the Old Age, until the May 20 eclipse you maintained an image of comfortably fitting in. You attended the right parties, congratulated the right people and accepted the ups and downs of your work life. You may have had erratic thoughts (according to society), but you maintained those thoughts within the cloak of New Age wisdom. You removed your cloak last weekend.

    Will you resign from your job tomorrow? Perhaps. More likely, your shift will be a process. That which was acceptable will become unacceptable – forcing you to move, leave, shift, change or do whatever your inner-being indicates is right for you. Perhaps your new direction will not seem logical to many – including yourself. But you will need to follow through to maintain your emotional health.

    Again, last weekend’s solar eclipse left you, the Lightworker advance team, shell-shocked. Wait to make major decisions until you have a clear reading from your inner-being – which might take a few days or a few weeks. When you are ready to move according to your inner-directives and no longer trying to fit in, you will surprise even yourself with your thoughts and needs.

    Allow yourself to move as you must. If you do not move according to your inner-being, you will note headaches, stomach discomfort, blurry visions and hundreds of other indicators that are directly related to attempting to live a false life after shifting your cellular and DNA structures.

    You have studied the predicted physical body changes for generations. That time is now.

    You no longer have the freedom of hiding in the comfort of the Old Age. You are no longer of the Old Age.

    Those of you with young children, parents to care for or bills to pay are perhaps terrified. We wish to alleviate your fears. With your New Age being, you also have New Age skills. It is time to use those skills to create the life you want.

    You cannot live your life for others without being a victim. You cannot care take others without being a care taker. These roles are no longer part of your life. You will discover, in your own time, what skills replace your care taking and victim roles. Please ask your inner-being for help if this message is frightening.

    You will not starve, be poverty-stricken, abandon your elders or resign from your job without due consideration. You are much wiser than you were the Friday before this solar eclipse – as is everyone who volunteered to be a Lightworker advance team member.

    Allow yourself to follow your inner-being and miracles will occur. Negate the messages from your inner-being and you will feel dramatic physical symptoms that cannot be diagnosed by the medical world. Your being now holds additional energy that must be allowed to flow naturally.

    Perhaps you wonder what the upcoming lunar eclipse means for the Lightworker advance team. The June lunar eclipse will merely seal your energy. For by the lunar eclipse, the majority of you will have little or no need to test your New Age skills on outmoded Old Age activities.

    Know that you are very different than you were before the May solar eclipse. Allow that to be. And then allow yourself to test your New Age skills in whatever fashion your inner-being directs you. Your new actions might be as simple as not calling your adult child daily to find out if they are healthy and happy – knowing they have the skills to care for themselves.

    Listen to your inner-being and check to decide if the directive of your inner-being feels light and bright or dark and heavy. For indeed, dark and heavy indicators are not of your inner-being, but of your Old Age life. So be it. Amen.

      • Wow that was a good one. Also connected directly with my chat with LadyDeath, regarding focusing on 1:1 self, and connection with spirit guides. Nice to get confirmation/ affirmation from other sources too!

        It would seem a bit of “tough love” may be coming down the pike. Following inner guidance / spirit guidance is important, which may mean in some cases standing by and letting things happen. That can be hard to do…

  26. Amazing Lisa. I read in one of the past life regression books that many souls who die violently actually do not experience all of the pain. It seems their soul leaves the body before physical death occurs.
    I also have many dreams of falling from high places. I am pretty sure in one past life I fell off of one of those huge round mountain rocks and as I was sliding off I could not grip anything to save myself. I have had dreams of being in high places and i would be like 10 to 20 feet from the edge but something always pulled me right to the edge and off and no matter what I did, I could not stop this. I am not afraid of heights but get a little spooked when I am up high without any sort of railing on the edge.
    Now, what about the little girl, hum, maybe an Angel.
    Tauno, sending much light out to Bulgaria. I pray for the best for everyone. there.

    • Just got to this point in the thread… I wrote earlier that perhaps the little girl was your guardian Angel… ‘Synchromysteries’ abound!

  27. Lisa, the message is cool, but I wonder… many of those things listed have been a reality in my life for quite some time now (I’m talking years time). But I do feel more ‘ready’ for action, more confident about my skills.

    Gunner, I used to have a lot of dreams involving falling down from bridges and things like that until one day I dreamt I was falling down and then I thought: ‘This is a dream, I can’t die!’. And as soon as I thought this my body changed position and I was hovering above the ground, like levitating 😀

  28. Good morning everyone!
    Love and light to Bulgaria. I pray for everyone’s safety. Wow, Gunner before long you will know more about some of your past lives. Thank you everyone for the various messages posted.

  29. Yes Vee, it seems that way
    Suntria- I always seem to dream of how I died n past lives for some odd reason.
    I know one life I was murdered as a child of around 8 o 10 years old. hopefully not molested though OUCH!!!!
    Are you afraid of heights now? I know our fears are directly related to our past lives and I usually tell people who would go and see a phycholigist that if they really want to heal, they should go to transgressional past life therapist who is also certified in life between lives therapy.
    Wow, we are about to get a huge thunderstorm here and the first bang was so loud it shook our building. I looked at the girl sitting across from me and said the ET’s are here and they just passed through a time warp. She gave me that regular glazed over look, I just smiled.

  30. Why in our dreams cant we sometimes run. Did you ever try to run away from someone in a dream and found out you cant run. I know others who have told me the same thing. I also fall and cant get up sometimes, just like the commercial, “help, ive fallen and cant get up”

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