Incoming message from Adrial (20AUG2012)

[channeled by dreamwalker |]

You have now created some powerful tools for anchoring and disseminating the light around your world. These are amplifiers, healers, and facilitators, a platform for your thoughts to become reality.

Now you will notice that what you create with your thoughts will become real. In your world and in other worlds as well.

You have broken through the veil and are now able to consciously function as a fully-realized multidimensional being. This is no small task. It is in fact where others have [blue flash] walked before, but each one of you must break the veil in your own unique way. You are not still without some fear of the unknown, but this is slipping away from you as you realize your own power and heritage. You are filling in the placeholders with your being. You are consciously occupying more and more space within what was once an empty void. Of course void is relative as all is intelligent energy reflecting the Great Spirit. For without light does something in complete darkness even truly exist? It is only your focus that allows it to exist.

[radiant energy bands]

The strife that still exists in your life is only because your focus is on that strife, although as you have surmised there is still an illusion that needs to be maintained for the purposes of the simulation. It is a direct cause and effect, although it is sometimes difficult to see how one’s intentions can be reflected by physical reality in seemingly unrelated ways. Do not give up hope, although I understand you feel this is a four-letter word better left unsaid. Hope is not for those who create their own reality. Hope is for those who succumb to it. You remember much even though you don’t remember what it is you remember. And yet remembering more every day!

So the connections of light that you make may be similarly unrecognizable, but you do not need to fear or shy away from closeness and love. This is something that will only blossom. Judgmental ways are those of the past, and know that giving love is also receiving love. Love conquers all.

As for the physical aspects of this reality, it is all very real, and you will be able to trace the thread of that reality to the cause and effect, and eliminate the cause right at the source. Follow the thread. Be it a friend’s pain or disability, the threads are there for those who wish to see them. What you were trained for [in Reiki] was to detect/feel elements of that pain, but it doesn’t stop there. I encourage you to follow the thread further to the source, and you will be able to remove that which caused the problems in the first place. This is similar to the process of seeing threads during telepathy training. So follow the thread further to the source.

Thank you, Troy, keep keeping on. We love you.


Notes: I have included my observations in square brackets. I included my energy observations that would not come through in typed words but are a part of the experience. I had left these out in previous messages but I feel this is a part of the “complete package”.



  1. Troy, thank you so much for sharing this! It’s right in line with what we were hearing at the conference, too!

    It seems we are all sort of being tossed into the crucible, hahaha… It’s so refreshing to get those glimmers of insight that tell us that the alchemy is working! The GOLD is floating to the surface!

    I’m also finding that the more I am able to speak about these changes with others – especially “strangers” or acquaintances, people with whom I consider it to be “taking a chance” to mention this topic – the more real it becomes. There are few things that are more reassuring – for me at least – than seeing a complete stranger nod or wink in acknowledgement when I mention that things are shifting…

  2. Communicating with animals is changing! A friend of mine came home one day and her dog was telling her (his behavior) that a visitor had been there that day and my friend had the “idea” in her head that that person was wearing shorts and had hairy legs. She asked her mother if anyone had been in the home that day. A deliveryman had come into the home that day, he was wearing shorts. Needless to say, all humans involved in this story took an quick in breath!
    Her parents are stunned.
    This is so exciting and my heart skips a beat when I have another an AHA MOMENT.
    It is getting harder to talk myself out of believing the most unbelievable, the most wonderful.
    Thank you for such inspiring reading and communication with us.

  3. Just finished watching “The Secret” and I must say that these synchronicities lately are getting rather “in your face”. What a wonderful thing.
    Not five minutes after watching that show, I came here and read this message… I think someone is trying to get my attention…. πŸ™‚

    Well it worked… LOL

    • Wow John, that’s cool, I have not seen “The Secret” but it sounds interesting. Man, I was just getting ready for bed and this comes through. Who needs sleep, huh? πŸ™‚ I’m glad it was helpful, there’s some new perspectives for me here. πŸ™‚

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