SaLuSa ~ February 1, 2013

For a long time the energy quotients upon Earth have been slowly growing, but since you have experienced a major upliftment in them they have greatly increased. It means that your levels of Light are increasing at a far greater rate, and the results will gradually be seen as more people look to be released from the hold of the dark Ones. The Light has long been revealing the truth about their activities, and they are no longer able to fool you with their plans to hold onto power. It is in fact quickly becoming obvious to them that their time is up, and they cling to whatever gives them hope of avoiding the inevitable end of their reign. With the understanding of what has gone on in the past that has supported the dark Ones, it is possible to life your lives without fear of their actions. That denies them the conditions that they have flourished in, and before their very eyes they see their power slipping away. Consequently our allies can more easily work to speed up the long awaited changes, and you will not have long to wait too long to see them.

Now that the lower energies are falling away, There is more opportunity for those who are still unawakened to respond to the Light, and the pressure is upon them to uplift themselves. Otherwise, they will find that they cannot continue to stay in the higher vibrations that are increasing all of the time. By their unspoken choice they will stay in the lower vibrations to continue their experiences. Certainly every soul will have been aware of the opportunities that accompany life on Earth during this period of Ascension, and may nevertheless have planned to simply live through it as part of their experiences. That is why Dear Ones you must allow each soul freedom to choose their own path. If it happens to be someone close to you, feel privileged to have been chosen as part of their life plan. Also bear in mind that as an ascended Being, you will have the ability to return to the lower dimension and maintain your contact with them.

As you are probably aware, a souls life plan is not some random arrangement with no actual goal in mind. It is carefully planned to give a soul the precise experiences that will further their evolution. Yet it is still your final choice as to whether you fulfill it, but be assured you would not easily change what is clearly in your best interests. However, life plans do change when circumstances arise that were not foreseen that have become part of your experiences. Sometimes they are not beneficial, but on other occasions they may take you forward quicker than anticipated. For every soul that decides to follow through on the Ascension pathway, there are numerous helpers that work incessantly to ensure your intent is fulfilled. We would emphasize that you are never alone on your journey, and our presence is never imposing to the point of intruding in your private moments. It is more a matter of us simply “knowing” when our help or presence is needed. It is not just the Galactic Federation of Light that is in service to others, as all ascended souls serve in one capacity or another and eventually so shall you.

The ramifications of the outcome of the 21st. December still smolder and ramble on, but that is largely due to the difficulty in appreciating that where the Light is concerned, there is no such thing as “failure”. The only constant is “change” and it is touches upon so many people’s lives and it is they who determine the outcome. You now know what is possible, and it is up to you to create your own reality. We are naturally aware of the ever growing demand for the Prosperity funds to be issued, the announcement of Disclosure and the bringing about of peace. Be assured they will be satisfied before long, and arrangements are well advanced. Your joy and happiness will abound in due course as deep down you know that you are already victorious. For you time has speeded up yet in some ways it also seems to be dragging its feet, and you start to become anxious or impatient. Please keep your eyes firmly on the future, and remember that most of you are in an advantaged position to know more certainly of what is taking place. As Lightworkers we look to you to lift people up, as the time has long gone when you felt reluctant to express your views. Be open without being too heavy and having said your truth leave it at that, and you will be doing the best for those around you.

Mother Earth has been steadily continuing to make changes, and because of the immense amount of Light now grounded upon it, has not needed to resort to more catastrophic measures. The climate changes occur for various reasons including manmade interference, but when everything has settled down you will have the most agreeable conditions without the extremes you are used to having now. Mother Earth is very appreciative of the love and blessings that you send her, as in the recent past she has tended to be forgotten for the “Mother” role she plays. The feminine influence is returning and bringing more harmony and balance into being, and masculine dominance is being replaced by a more even handed representation wherever you look.

From our level we are most pleased that so many groups are being formed to bring in the changes, as much of it starts at the lower level. Once you do that, by the Law of Attraction you get even more help until the whole thing becomes so well established your success is guaranteed. We operate at levels where you would find it difficult to work, so that together we are a formidable force for change. Nothing would delight us more than to tell you of our actions on your behalf, but it is still not the right time to reveal what we are doing. In time you will know, and there is so much that needs putting right where your history is concerned. It doesn’t matter where you look you will find the truth has been badly distorted, or even re-written to suit the ambitions of the dark Ones. They are found in all major institutions, and not always aware that they are working against the Light. You must get to know the truth as it will show you that your true selves have been repressed and enslaved, to give the impression that you were without the power to determine your own future.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and want you to know that we are still very much with you, and we protect those of the Light as far as possible. It may be difficult to understand, but sometimes a soul will sacrifice its life to emphasize the object of its existence. It is the ultimate gift to others that usually brings immense Light to Earth. We love you all as always.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Thank you for posting this, Mike! I just realized last night that I’ve not been checking in on the SaLuSa posts, and that’s why I miss everyone so much… duh! I hope everyone’s well. 🙂 I seem to be “settling” in to Atlanta for the moment, while also looking forward to being back in Pagosa at the end of the month. It’s good to have work again, just facing the usual challenge of how to balance the salary-earning work with the etherial work. 😉 Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

    • No question dear Leslee, balancing “the salary-earning work with the etherial work” is the challenge of the times. Hopefully we’re reaching a tipping point where the shit that keeps millions of people locked in doing shit they really don’t want to do gets rightsized by the emerging paradigm. Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps 😉

  2. Not sure if anyone has been following the One People’s Trust threads – it is easy to dismiss as being about “money” but I find it fascinating how the discussion has turned very quickly to a conversation about energy, and tying in with “energy work”. This is a similar conversation I had with Santa Muerte several months ago, relating it also to “water”. I have never really thought about gold and silver in terms of being “energy slaves” to “our” system – but if everything is INTELLIGENT energy, that seems to make a great deal of sense. And I can see how a lightworker might feel quite “at home” with some of the ideas they’re presenting whereas someone who is unaware of these things might have a harder time understanding the underlying framework.

    Gunner not sure if you’re on today but you might like to print out this transcript (if you’re able)


  3. Hello everyone, took off 3 days this week so I am very busy at work.
    Thanks dw i WILL PRINT THAT OUT.
    Good dream last night with some ships. First we see a rectangular ship and my brother just gaffs it off as a ship from the black ops. Then a circular ship appeared and then, wow, this hige rectangular ship that seemed as big as my town which is 3 miles by 3 miles. It was black and cast a shade over the whole town. I was souped up but woke shortly after that.
    I had a lot of weird dreams the other night but cant remember them all.
    One, I was seeing my doctor and when I came into his room, OMG, He looked like cyclops. He only had one eye in the center of his head, but he did not look like an evil cyclops but a comical one. He then changed back over and we both were cracking up.
    I then ran into the next room to tell my brothers they got to check this out. So, we all went to see the doctor and I asked him to do that again. He was so happy , so he distorts his face, takes out his right eye and plants it in his forehead, The other eye just dissappeared somehow but all of us were cracking up. It was like a circus side show act but there was much rejoicing.

    • Cool dreams Gunner – I was watching a show last night on the top 10 UFO sightings. One sighting was a reported ship that was a mile long. I was thinking, holy crap – what would that even look like. It would be like that part of the spaceballs movie where the ship just keeps going and going and going. What the heck would they need a ship that big for anyways – that’s just flaunting it! 😉

      Also it ocurred to me that the rectangle “ships” are similar to the hovering people-mover platforms in The Smoky God book. They kind of look like a giant air mattress.

    • Hey, Gunner! Your rectangular ship sounds like the training ground I saw in a dream the other night. I’m trying to sketch it now, will try to share over the weekend… Have a great one!

  4. That same night I dreamed I seen this small plane, like a 5 seater, crash into this hospital. The thing about it was this tiny plane made this huge hospital compldetely demolished, like the twin towers. That was my thought in this dream.
    Then I look and see this highway and one car was trying to cross over the medium. In my mind I said he will crach and lo and behold, seconds later another car came craching into the side of his car. Debris were flying and I seen this dog on its side. The body was moving but when I got closer he had no eye in his socket and I could see in his skull and it was totally empty.
    Ive been called empty headed before so maybe there is a relation to this.
    It seemed that night I was having crazy dream after crazy dream.
    One night I was dreaming and these strands of what appeared to be strands of hair but not exactly were coming out of my body. I would pull on one and a strand of about one foot would come out. They were all over my body.
    I did not think much of it but then this came to mind.
    Maybe someone was upgrading my DNA and the strands coming out were the old making way for the new,, NEWDNAHOUSE!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bummer DW that site is blocked at my job. Seems a lot but not all, blog spots get blicked over here. I dont mind because I just love being in my cubicle.

  6. Happy February 1st Spirit Train Riders!!! Manifest Destiny 477 😉

    Your Are Very Close To An Important Boundary
    2 1 2013 ~ Jeshua through John Smallman

    You, all of humanity, are very close to an important boundary, and when you cross it, as you most surely will, an abrupt intensification of the divine energies enveloping each one of you, and of course the planet herself, will occur. It is the next step in God’s plan for your awakening, and it will uplift and inspire you. You have been very busy these last few weeks releasing monumental amounts of “stuff” – psychological, emotional, psychic, cultural, and karmic – that was impeding your progress, and you have been clearing the debris or residue from it that was making it difficult for you to access either the divine flame within or the intuitive guidance for which you have been calling so resolutely.

    It has been hard work for you on inner levels, which is why so many of you have felt so tired, but I assure you that it will prove to have been well worth the anxiety, stress, and discomfort that you have been experiencing. A lot of this “stuff” was spiritual energy work that you had agreed to carry out in order to help others who were themselves horribly overburdened. All are connected, all are one, and so this kind of cooperative venture is utterly appropriate. Your earthly experiences have frequently overemphasized individual blame and responsibility – a seemingly essential aspect of problem resolution in your 3D reality, where it has been somewhat effective in reducing dishonesty and corruption – but as spiritual beings you naturally come together in love and compassion to resolve issues that could be divisive, and this is what you have been doing, but mostly at a level that is far below your conscious 3D awareness.

    The field of divine Love enveloping you all is guiding you surely and reliably towards your inevitable awakening. Yes, your guides are constantly reminding you of this, but it is essential that you yourselves keep focusing on this magnificent and rapidly approaching event, because it is to be the most wonderful occurrence, fully and finally absorbing and incorporating you all into your Father’s loving embrace.

    Every time you are distracted by events or situations in ongoing worldly relationships – personal, social, religious, political, or of seeming major international significance – return your attention to being the loving, compassionate, forgiving, and accepting spiritual beings that you are. Do not allow the distractions and disturbances that may be going on around you prevent you, for more than a moment, from focusing your attention fully on the task in hand which, as you well know, is to assist completely and enthusiastically in this wondrous and divine awakening process.

    You all made a very definite and conscious choice to be embodied on Earth at this point in her spiritual evolution. No one is on Earth by mistake, in error, or by coincidence. You are all here with a divine purpose, fully supported by your Father, and that purpose will be achieved because it is God’s Will, and yours, and He will not be denied. You are to become fully aware of the fact that you are enlightened spiritual beings — beings of power and majesty just as your Father created you — even though this divine state is presently disguised by, hidden, and consequently confused within your human bodies.

    Knowing this, as you most certainly do deep within yourselves, your continuing mission is to keep reminding yourselves of your purpose. The distractions going on around you much of the time are very alluring in that they seem to demand your constant attention. This is not the case. You can be aware of the suffering, pain, corruption, dishonesty, and general confusion without focusing your attention there and getting drawn in to take sides, or even take up arms – physical or psychological – in support of those you see as being “in the right.” Doing that only serves to support the illusion and you are on Earth to assist in its dissolution. And the best way to achieve that objective is by refusing to engage with the apparent rights and wrongs with which it constantly seems to bombard you, demanding your attention and support.

    You have abundant help from the spiritual realms, your true home, and the more you focus your attention there as you ask for and receive it, the more quickly the illusion will disintegrate. It truly is on its last legs, and the kindest and most generous thing you can do is allow the disintegration to happen, by refusing to support it by engaging with it unnecessarily, or by offering emotionally powered egoic judgments about the rights and wrongs of any given event or situation, large or small, personal or international. Conflict only leads to conflict, however righteous and sympathetic the intentions of those involved may be.

    Love heals, resolves, embraces, and makes Real.

    Your loving brother, Jesus.

  7. Leslee i just checked your Star SAM gallery and i`m very impressed with your work
    as not only they all look so beautiful aesthetically but they also serve a very important purpose.I just loved Star SAM 004!!!I dont know why but the moment i stared at it ,it just ”hit me”I admire your art:D
    Love and light to you.

  8. I experienced “bi-location” over the weekend, or something similar. I was at the supermarket buying groceries. It “felt” like I was in a completely different place. Kind of like when you know when you’re in a certain familiar place – you would know it blindfolded because of how it feels.

    So it was very strange because all the sights, sounds and smells told me “I’m in the supermarket” but if I did not have “external” stimulus to rely on, I might be mistaken and say I’m somewhere else that I’m familiar with. It was not a place I am familiar with “in this life” but it felt like a place I’m familiar with in my dream-state. But WHERE that is, I can’t say… fortunately it was a pretty good feeling. And what I was expecting to see wasn’t there. Whatever that was… 0_o

    • I think we’re on the same track… I had so much of that this past weekend that it was almost overwhelming! Did any of you also have instances lately of physical objects mysteriously disappearing and reappearing? Not right before the eyes, but when not looking. I had one instance where the object was gone for abut 30 minutes, then a DVD (Avatar, heheh…) reappeared after 6 months missing (just suddenly lying on the floor in the room, nobody knows where it came from…), and one item (a coffee canister) is still MIA. If it had not been empty, that would have really caused some turmoil!!! And it’s happening in dreams too.

      I feel a little like a hypocrite. I’ve been asking for this for quite a while, and now that it’s happening, I feel so overwhelmed by all the incoming info that I just wanna curl up in a ball and go to sleep. But since the same things happens in dreams, it doesn’t really help to try that. There’s no “escape”! ;D

      BTW, DW and others… Anything going on with crystal skulls? I’ll explain more soon. I think it has to do with Masters of Change reaching our solar system… Being VEY drawn to them…

      Hope you all have a super week!

      Feeling certifiable and sending lots of love…

  9. Hi Leslee & Mike –

    Leslee that’s interesting, the same thing happened with a WII game that my boys had. This was about a year ago. The game disappeared and then several weeks later it magically re-appeared in front of the couch. Now at the time we had several kids visiting at various times who were known to borrow stuff without asking, so we figured that’s what it was. Or possibly a game-hungry couch with indigestion!

    It’s that kind of silly thing that is a test of neighborhood resolve – so I took the approach that these things had momentarily disappeared from our reality and would magically re-appear some time later. And they did! Now I just have to have a little heart-to-heart with the Sock Monster, who has also developed an appetite for underwear…

    Who are the “Masters of Change”? Not “us” (humanity)?

    • Well, here’s what I know about the MOC so far: Ghost Radar got more clear and specific after 12/12/12, and I got a prompt about “purple Martin (Martian)”, so I found on that Alpha Centaurians are “purple aliens”, and I could just feel something stirring & shifting. Then a week later, talked with my friend Steve in Pagosa (I need to get his permission before I tell much about what he’s up to), and he had just been alerted directly that the “Masters of Change”‘s ship had reached our solar system (that would have been a week ago last Wed or so), and that they’re coming to help, and they asked him to let me know, and that all he knew at that pint was that they originated in Alpha Centauri, although so long ago that it wasn’t rally accurate to call tem Alpha Centaurians… And that things were about to really pick up. That was when things started busting loose for me, and my head is still spinning…. Wish I had more to share, but at this point it’s all really “mushy” in my head… Maybe, like with Abiquor, input is needed from others! 😉

      • Wow Leslee I was visited in a dream a few months ago by a family, He gave me his name but I could not pronounce it but I remember what they look like and when I asked where they were from they said Alpha Centauri. I had this dream on August the 16th this was the dream where we meet star families in a field it was so real the love was everywhere as more joined us in a picnic setting with their young children meeting ours 🙂

  10. Hello everyone,
    Troy and Les I have had similar experiences. I was in a store recently when I had a weird experience. As I was walking through the store a strange feeling came over me. Nothing seemed real. I kind of aimlessly walked around the store for a minute before I became focused again.

    I have also experienced objects disappearing from where I placed it. This has happened quit a few times. I have learned to ask that the item be returned and placed in a location where I could easily find it. I usually find the item the same day or a day or two later. For example, one evening I placed my keys on my bed and walked out of the room. When I returned, my keys were gone. This really was maddening because I knew I left the keys on my bed. I looked all over. I looked under my bed, checked my computer desk, and I looked in my bedroom closet on the top shelf because I had gone in the closet. Finally I said “I am aware you are here. Please return my keys to a place where I will easily find them.” Maybe an hour passed and I went into my closet to get something off the shelf and right in front of my eyes were my keys.

    Here is something I want to share. There are times when I get random flashes of places, people, etc. When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast and we had not heard from Gunner, I decided to close my eyes and focus on him. I saw a little Yorkie stranded on a small bridge. I saw lots of debris and I knew I was looking at destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. Is that considered “remote viewing?”

    Love and light

    • Hi, Vee!

      You’re amazing! So much more polite about missing things than I am, so I’m encouraged to be more mindful about that… 😉

      I’m not sure about the remote viewing… But I’ve really enjoyed starting to read the Jay Bland post that Troy shared the link for, so that may answer your question…?

      I’m also really excited to hear about your book! Gosh, I feel so out of the loop online lately… Trying to figure it all out again… 🙂

      Much love to you!

      • Hi Leslee,
        Thank you for responding. I have had things to disappear and later found in some really awkward place. Regarding my book, it’s finished and I am now working on uploading it as an eBook. Later this year I plan to have it published. I wrote the story for 9 to 12 year old kids. It involves fairies, children and earth. The fairies and children work together to save Gaia/Mother Earth. The message I want to deliver is love, unity, and balance. Lisa is creating the illustrations for the published book! I know what she creates will be beautiful.

        There is so much that I have to do and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am in the process of creating a blog to present my work (I find that difficult). I already have an idea for another story involving the same fairies and I can’t wait to get started on it.

        Love and light dear sister

    • Hi Vee, you have some amazing experiences – you’re spot on with remote viewing. It’s sort of like the portkey in Harry Potter, except you’re using something you are familiar with to briefly “anchor” your ____________ (spirit self?) to that item. Then the rest of the world comes into focus around it.

      Knowing what you’ve mentioned previously, it sounds like you may have a hitchhiker spirit – either one attached to you, or attached to your residence, or one of your items. I’ve heard that sometimes these can be acquired through somewhere you’ve visited. They are usually benign and rarely even make themselves known. They can help or hinder depending on the nature of the “intelligent energy”. That energy as you know is just like you or I, it is not “good” or “evil” as hollywood sometimes makes them out to be.

      Given what I said above, it is a similar principle to the “portkey” concept. It is energy becoming attached to something. You can ask them to help or you can ask them to leave you alone – clearly you know what you’re doing. I think this kind of thing, “poltergeist”, could be an attempt at further communication. 🙂

      Another option is to transform into a samurai and sever that connection with a sword… up to you, Sensei Vee! (-_-) ♥

      • Hi Troy,
        I saw an Asian man in my home once and the energy felt happy. Twice I have seen a tall woman wearing a floor length light blue gown. But I believe her to be a guardian because once during meditation I asked my guardian to appear in my dreams and that if I saw light blue I would know it was my guardian. She did appear in a dream wearing light blue.

        I am reading and learning a little bit about Shamans. I read some information posted on (I believe it was on Top Secret) about Shamans and I read that we need to be careful when astral traveling because sometimes a spirit will attach. I also learned that we can be fooled by some spirits because they may appear as a loved one who has crossed-over. Thank you for sharing the information. If I need to transform into a samurai, I won’t hesitate. : )

        Love and light

  11. *Message from the Star Councils of Light*
    Channeled by Amuna Ra ~ 2 4 2013

    Dearest ones, we greet you from the stars! We call upon you to heed our words as you undergo the transformations currently taking place within each and every one of you. You will have noticed that this period of time when you are slowly waking from the sleep of winter in the Northern Hemisphere of your world is bringing a gradual increase in the available light, not only in the lengthening days but in your inner worlds also. For many it is as if you are awakening from a dream which had captivated you, and ensnared you on a level of your feeling life, your emotional life, or your life of thoughts. Suddenly it is as if a new day has dawned and you see more clearly: ‘No, that is not what I want, that is not what I intended!’ And you begin to pick up the threads of your own life path without it being mixed in with the tapestry of another who has chosen to go a different way. And this is all to the good, dear ones. As the threads which make up the life paths of each one of you gradually disentangle, you are each left in the glory of your own light.

    Turn that light inwards and see what it reveals to you. Shine the light into your own soul instead of casting it out to illumine another. And when you shine your light into your own soul, you see the perfection, the glory, of just who you are in your own right. You see the glory, the perfection, of your own life path. And it touches your heart, does it not, dear ones? You had almost forgotten how wonderful is the path you are treading, the path you have outlined for yourself long before your birth into your present incarnation upon the earth. You were caught up in the ideas of others, concepts which had come towards you as you sought to understand the meaning of the times you live in.

    The year of 2012 posed many a riddle for many of you. What was it that was ending? What was it that was beginning anew? What are the powerful new energies that are available to you now in this new year of the 13, beyond the 12? Many of you were filled with expectations, expectations of what might come to pass on a world-scale or a cosmic scale, and many felt a profound disappointment when what they expected did not come to pass and things around them in their world remained much as they had been. And many of you had inner expectations on the feeling levels of the soul, expectations of this or the other person fulfilling aspects of your dreams, even dreams you were not fully conscious of having. These personal expectations have also in general terms not been fulfilled. What does this mean, dear ones, to experience such disappointment and confusion? How can this be understood in terms of the new energies of this year of 2013?

    Your year of 2013 brings you to the unity within the whole. Twelve is the cosmic completeness. One is the individual. You are experiencing yourself most clearly as a conscious individual right now. You are waking from the cosmic dream of wholeness to the awareness that while this is true and undeniable it is not the whole story. For in addition to the holistic nature of the cosmos as a wonderful hologram encompassing all that is, there is the great power of the individual consciousness, the thirteenth element. And without this power of the individual consciousness you would be quite unaware of the whole, would you not, dear ones?

    And herein lies the divine paradox. Each and every one of you is an aspect of the divine, and you are graced with this experience from time to time, perhaps when you behold the glories of the sunset, or look out on the vastness of the ocean, or gaze into your lover’s eyes, or hold a little child in your arms. In these peak moments you touch into the divine nature of all creation, of all souls, of all human beings, and you know deep within that you are divine, as well as that which you behold.

    And to be a spark of the divine living in a human body upon the planet earth is a grace indeed, dear ones, for it gives you a freedom to be conscious and creative in your own development which few beings in the universes possess to the degree you have it upon the earth. You are the thirteenth element added to the twelve. The cosmic dance takes place around the centre point which is your individualised consciousness. For you perceive everything from this centre point, do you not? You look out upon the world around you from this point of consciousness. You perceive the feelings of those around you from this point of consciousness. You set your intentions and decide what to do from this point of consciousness. You create your reality from this point of consciousness. You are a most powerful creative being, essential to the whole of the cosmos, for it revolves around you, does it not?

    And when you begin to comprehend your value to the whole of the cosmos, you begin to value yourself. You begin to perceive the glory of a soul living within a human body, the glory that you are. And from this perspective when you turn your attention to the problems your life has presented you with, you see very clearly that part of the choice you have made in your path of development is to see what no longer serves you in your life and simply to let it go. For refining your personality self so it may serve you as best it may is a great part of the path of human life. And when you view your tasks from a cosmic perspective it suddenly seems easier to do what must be done to enable the transformation to take place on a microcosmic level with an ease and a grace that gives you energy.

    For releasing the old patterns always gives energy. Consider for a moment what happened within you when you realised recently that something was no longer right for you – a thought, an expectation, a connection, whatever it was. Yes, you experienced a surge of joy, a lightening, for you had put down a burden that you realised you did not need to carry. It was not even really yours! And you experience this increase in the light within as clarity and a simple joy in existence. This is the energetic state in which many of you are finding yourself at present, dear ones, a state of being new born from out of illusion, of having newly opened your eyes and realised you have learned much about yourself, much that was hidden deep down within you.

    Take a new look, dear ones, at what surfaced in you from the depths during this last period. First it appeared as a dull stone, heavy and uninteresting, something to be shrugged off as quickly as possible. But if you pause and take a little care of it, dust it down and polish it a bit, you will uncover the treasure within the stone. Polish it until it shines in all its glory, in its true colours. Be brave, crack it open, if need be, and let its facets be revealed to you. Would you ever have thought that with a little love and care and attention such a treasure would have come from out of the depths? Nurture this jewel from within you, for it will be the key to your whole path in this incarnation, if only you take the time and trouble to see it in its entirety. For there is always the danger of dismissing your tribulations too quickly, feeling so anxious to release them and sort them out, only to have the shock of their resurfacing at a later stage still needing to be transmuted, because in reality they were only banished once more to the underworld. Take care of this precious jewel that you have discovered in your hearts, dear ones, nurture it well, and watch how the beautiful crystal grows. Look inside, into its facets and see what they reveal to your inner vision, for you will grow greatly in self-knowledge out of the trials of this time.

    And how is it possible for so many of you to be experiencing the re-birthing of yourselves in this time? It is because you are the children of your Mother Earth, and you have accompanied her through her re-birthing in the period between the 12-12-12 and the Solstice and have entered the Fourth Dimension along with her. All of you are effected by this transition of the earth, and much around you will be more transparent than before. And very many of you have entered the Fourth Dimension with your eyes wide open, and you are seeing the reality of the illusions you were previously caught up in. For to live consciously in the Fourth Dimension is to be able to steer your own path through the dream-like consciousness of the astral realms, to take up the rudder of your own ship and set it to take you where you wish to go. No longer will you drift and be carried along by the will of others, for you will feel this will being exerted, or see the energy being sent out, and you will hear the thoughts of others and not be taken in by outer appearances.

    Trust every perception, dearest ones, for the inner reality speaks to you in subtle ways. If you feel uncomfortable, ask yourself what it is that you do not feel comfortable with, and you will know and learn from it. If you feel intrusions into your energy field, know that you can remove yourself from the path of these energies by removing your attention, and that you can work to make your energy field impermeable to all but goodness and love. If you hear thoughts which are not compatible with your energy, you have the choice whether to continue with these people who choose a different path. Simply leave them to it, for you may not ask another to change, and move on yourself to what is compatible with you, and to those with whom you can travel further with ease. This is the river of life, dearest ones, ever flowing onwards, and now you have your head above the waters, and can see sufficiently well to steer your ship with confidence because you trust in your new ability to perceive what was previously hidden behind the veil. You will rapidly become used to your enhanced abilities, and learn to act upon every perception with an easy grace, speaking your truth with tact and immediately to avoid confusion. And your passage down the river will become a floating in joy as you realise that the river has broadened, that the surface is calm, and that it is taking you just where you need to go.

    As this begins to become your experience, lift your heads and look around you to notice who is there floating alongside and what is beckoning to you, for many of you will be receiving quite new tasks in the near future. This is something which is always a marker of trials well passed. There are new openings, new work, new associations, and new vistas ahead. Go forward with joy when the new approaches you. And look up to the stars, for we wish also to work with you when you are ready to hear our call. We are ever there to receive you and welcome you into our realms.Just open your hearts and minds and speak with us, and we will hear you and respond. You are in our thoughts always, dear ones. We admire your courage as you progress down the river of life with greater and greater consciousness, and we offer you our assistance whenever you wish. Just call on us in your hearts, for we are only a thought away.

    Peroptimé, for the Star Councils of Light,

  12. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy & the Galactic Federation

    8 Cimi, 14 Yax, 9 Eb

    Selamat Jarin! We return and bring with us Good News! The time for the grand moment is arriving! Major elements of the dark cabal are now under arrest and those in charge of planning the high-profile series of trials are setting dates for formally reporting on these significant events, which constitute the tip of a truly enormous iceberg. The long wait for announcements is nearing its end and we watch as the dark cabalists come to realize that the moment they dread is beginning to manifest. To prolong the charade now in play, they have concocted a fictitious picture of an American domestic economy that is ‘somehow’ rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the past few years. In truth it waits for the final blow to be struck. The world’s economies are mired in a collective debt that is the world’s total GNP many times over. The disaster your globe faces cannot so easily be swept under the rug, which explains why Spain is sinking fast and Germany is not far behind. The cabal has long treated the world as its personal ‘oyster’ and has been indulging in a massive spending-spree of unbelievable proportions. The way out is global debt forgiveness.

    This solution is one that the dark refuses to countenance. They fear an enormous loss of power and wealth if global debt forgiveness is formally granted, and so these grand titans of hypocrisy refuse to permit even a measure of freedom and dignity to the world’s people. They are dedicated to the preservation of illegal wage slavery and deep indebtedness, as this keeps you securely under their control. This defiance, as was foreseen, has actually been a great boon: it allowed our various Earth allies to secure the legal means for ousting the cabal from power. At present we have substituted what we call life-and-light surrogates for those we have legally incarcerated, and all this will be revealed when the new governance takes over. Until then we are doing our part to make the transition go as smoothly as possible. The gargantuan debt needs to be publicly exposed and then fully forgiven, and to bicker about any aspect of this prime requisite is just absurd. This national debt business is nothing more than illusion, a control mechanism, deliberately set up by the dark to maintain its debt-driven economy.

    Besides the various substitutions being made to keep the business-as-usual charade going, we have been busy forging a working partnership between us and those who are to replace the wrong-doers who still hold sway in your global governments, who swindle you each day out of money and properties, and who pass judgments that are not theirs to make. The sheer volume of illegal activity that goes on every day is quite astonishing, and we cannot wait to send these scoundrels packing! By contrast, your new governance may at first surprise you with its transparency and is to interact with you in as useful and honest a way as possible. Government needs to be seen as an instrument that guarantees your sovereignty and welfare rather than adhering exclusively to self-serving special interests. The new transparency will approximate to some degree that of galactic society, and as you grow in consciousness you will become more aware of how government (while it exists) necessitates strict and dutiful oversight on the part of the people. This is something you will need to monitor until the mass landings occur.

    As you morph the reality you now know into one that is quite different, it would be useful to observe carefully each new component of your society in order to understand how it might affect your world as a whole. Change is to come rapidly once the various pieces currently delayed by Heaven begin to flow. This time is getting very close. A sacred accord was made with the Anunnaki nearly 13,000 years ago which detailed a number of natural events that were to mark the end of that agreement and herald the rise of a new epoch of Light for humanity. These signals are arising and shortly a new reality will descend and change your world forever. This is the sacred pledge of Heaven, and we are here as mentors of this pledge and to ensure that the changes decreed long ago appear. Heaven is moving you from your present state of limited consciousness to your natural state of full consciousness. In your natural state you will inherit responsibilities which we will undertake jointly to render permanent the current galactic peace treaty.

    Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today in joy! Many of the ‘natural celestial events’ referred to earlier have come and gone. Only a few are yet to happen and all of these are very close to occurring. As they happen, they bring your world closer to its sacred destiny. These things are divine heralds of a new reality filled with Light, Love, and prosperity. Everywhere the Heavens are preparing to greet us with a display of energy that will signal the beginning of your new epoch! Likewise, we are preparing our associates to announce our coming schedule and begin a campaign that will cause your present government to change. This change will lead to your liberation and to a formal declaration that your space family is shortly to land on your most beautiful living world. The Agarthans, who have long made their homes available to us, are also preparing to announce their presence in the interior realms of your glorious Mother Earth.

    This planet has long been partitioned into two separate realms: one exists beneath your feet and has often sent representatives to live quietly among you; the other is on the surface where you live. The Agarthan explorers to the surface realm returned home with large amounts of data which is being used to ascertain the most harmonious way to prepare surface humanity to learn of Agartha’s existence. Since the Agarthans are also domiciled there, they also wish to contribute, at the right moment and in the most compatible way, to the unveiling of this information. As these announcements are broadcast, we, your Ascended Masters, will use our good offices to set the record straight about your many religious practices and traditions. These truths can provide you with the chance to learn more about full consciousness and the plan to return you to this enlightened and divine state of Being. In this state you will have the experiences we once did when we reached the status we now enjoy as immortals of Spirit.

    In this exalted state, you will rediscover who you really are and why you came, so long ago, to Mother Earth. This knowingness will be a foundation for all that you are to accomplish in divine service to the Great One, and to this end we are being prepared for our roles as your heavenly supervisors. Part of this service is to guide you and to prepare us, your sacred counselors, to teach you more about your duties in a galactic society. The Light ‘knows’ how you are likely to respond to this realm, and is giving daily instructions on the best way to oversee the start-up of Earth humanity’s new sacred society. You will reunite with your Agarthan family and together we will carry out the initial duties of this new society as we expand our reach to our sister planets and begin to coalesce these worlds into a new star-nation. We are ready, and joyously anticipate our shared divine destiny!

    Today we addressed what you are to expect as we change your society and prepare you for full consciousness. We also touched on the creation of your new star-nation. The glory of the heavenly hosts will be seen and manifested by all! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

  13. The Galactic Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild
    February 5, 2013

    Blossom: Hello … and as White Cloud always begins … A very warm welcome to you, my friends! Without question these new energies are playing havoc when mixing with the old! Yet I do clearly see now what is happening regarding removing the old that keeps hitting you in the face until you do. Within me there is a KNOWING that the Divine Plan is working out just fine as we prepare to burst forth through into the New Earth … into the glorious sunshine. Care to comment?

    Federation of Light: Welcome to all. Indeed this is very much what is taking place. As one is aligning the self with a Higher aspect of the self it is necessary to let go of that which no longer serves. Many times have we expressed this, yet when it is taking place … it is not nearly so pleasant to experience as when simply reading the words.

    On the other hand … let us say that when this HAS taken place … the words in which we have expressed NEW LIFE and a NEW AGE … will be so much more pleasant to experience than when just reading the words! This you have to look forward to.

    Yet at the same time … if you so choose YOU CAN HAVE IT NOW!

    For this which we speak of is a FEELING. You can choose within this moment to experience the KNOWING and the LOVING that IS YOU … or you can choose to indulge in the lower vibrations that are clawing at your heart … holding on for dear life for they have remained with you for so long that they will do their upmost to stay. Yet YOU KNOW they cannot. It is not the easiest of tasks to let go of circumstances … or indeed souls … that you have outgrown and yet it is a necessity if one desires to progress. In fact we would say not only is it necessary … it is essential!

    The more you recognise your NEW SELF … the more you KNOW that the old has to go … and as ‘the switch’ is taking place it can leave ones energies swimming around aimlessly unsure of what is what .


    What makes you FEEL GOOD?

    Blossom: I Truly am FEELING such a mixture of emotions, yet I DO FEEL/KNOW on a level that is new to me that ‘a change is coming’.

    Federation of Light: A Change has already come, dearest Blossom. The Change has shifted much that was cemented within your world and released it from bonds of darkness. Yet it is for you to accept and realise that as these negative aspects that were deeply rooted are released from your Earth’s atmosphere … they are bound to have an effect as they mingle with the new … on their way out .

    Blossom: Yet this has been happening with every shift we have been told of … has it not?

    Federation of Light: Of course.

    Blossom: Will there be a time when there are no more shifts?

    Federation of Light: No. Yet understand that as you and your planet rise into Higher vibrations … one will experience LOVE on a greater level of itself for the self. Leaving behind that which has done its duty and allow it to dissolve. So ‘shifts’ in days ahead … as one emerges into THE GOLDEN AGE will not be unpleasant for there will come a time when there is nothing unpleasant to be left behind. One will just continue to move on up into a Higher understanding of the self. Which can only bring joy.

    People of Earth … For those of you who are experiencing the FEELING of BEING LOST within thoughts of what is actually taking place … FEELINGS of ‘has anything taken place?’ … FEELINGS of ‘Losing hope and faith’ … we ask you to search deep inside of yourself and KNOW …



    You wanted change upon your planet did you not? And you have it … yet many of you are choosing to push it aside because it is not how you expected it to be. Did we not say to you to expect the unexpected?

    Blossom: Yes. We accept all that. Yet … for many of us THE CHANGE we were ‘expecting’ … involved assistance regarding healing the planet, healing souls upon it, new technology in which to do so … a sign of some sort for us to KNOW we are not nutters …. You know that kind of thing! … and yet it is interesting to see that so far … there is none of that … yet there is this change within side of us … a BIG CHANGE … if we choose to recognise it and stick with it!

    Federation of Light: And therefore dearest friends … do you not see? Do you not get it? Do you still have your eyes closed?

    This change as you recognise ‘THE DIFFERENCE’ within yourself … is exactly that! Exactly all these things that you thought THE CHANGE would be. For as YOU unfold … as YOU become … as YOU lift yourselves up … as YOU let go of old … as YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE … ALL THESE THINGS THAT YOU LONG FOR … YOU will bring about.

    Blossom: I am assuming that we WILL bring this about … even to go as far as ‘meeting you ‘ or at least having a massive display of craft etc … due to US raising the vibration enough for it to happen? Much has been spoken of by others about this. Yet to be honest … why then give us all the promises in the past when YOU KNEW we were not yet of the correct vibration for it to take place?

    Federation of Light: There is the simple understanding of NOW and the misunderstanding of TIME. We do not live in time. We live in NOW and we KNOW what is to come about and what IS TO BE.

    Blossom: Yet … just before Dec 21st and at other times your words to us have reached a peak as if something is about to take place … and we all get so excited … and then … whoop! … It all dies down again … and once more we carry on as normal … that to me doesn’t make sense.

    Federation of Light: To us … it makes total sense. For the ‘hype’ that we build up concerning many things is OUR TRUTH of what actually is to happen.

    Blossom: Well … ok … yet … for instance … before Christmas you talked a lot about THE EVENT … THE HAPPENNING … You talked about it over and over … and it came across to us that it was about to happen any minute … i.e. Dec 21st . NOW … you hardly mention it at all. That’s the kind of thing I mean. That’s what I don’t understand … and I am not alone in this I am sure.

    Federation of Light: Dearest Blossom … dear ALL … It is our desire to get you ‘hyped up’ as you say … for when you are ‘hyped up’ about anything … you are raising your own vibration. Imagine what the affect is en masse when you are all getting hyped up together. Imagine how the vibration of yourselves as ONE is lifting the planet and your consciousness.

    Blossom: Yes … yet then … when nothing transpires … surely that does not serve … for indeed … do we not all come crashing down again … bringing everything around us with it?

    Federation of Light: Not at all.

    Blossom: How so? Is not that like two steps up, five back?

    Federation of Light: We would not consider this so. For within each rise and fall … your strength …your KNOWING… becomes more deeply seated with inside your heart.

    Blossom: I’m not so sure about that. Many would say that it becomes less!

    Federation of Light: We would question that. For yes … one may question it all … and one may indeed have moments of losing that which they know to be Truth … yet only for such a short moment in ones BEING . Yet would you not say Blossom that you always come bouncing back … with a stronger placement of that KNOWING within your heart?

    Blossom: I guess as time has gone on … after all these years … after all we’ve been through … my KNOWING that one day ‘all this’ will make sense and that I will be so so so so satisfied within myself that I kept on hanging on … if at times only by a thread … will make it all just Tickety Boo!

    Federation of Light: Imagine this … Imagine that in your sleep this following night … you dreamt that you were in a classroom ‘somewhere’ … There were many in this room that were familiar to you … Some on a very close level … others just familiar faces … Some not familiar yet you knew them. You were then instructed of what was to take place whilst you were living an existence upon Planet Earth at this auspicious time. As you were informed of happenings … one’s excitement grew.

    One’s KNOWINGNESS that one simply had to BE ON EARTH … TO BE THERE … TO BE PART OF THIS GREAT CHANGE … filled one’s Being with such honour and LOVE .

    As you sit there … being informed of THIS DIVINE PLAN … you cannot wait to get to it.
    Think about this .


    Then … you get to the part of this dream … where you are told that ALL THIS YOU HAVE JUST BEEN TOLD … YOU WILL NOT RECALL. Do you suddenly decide to back out? Do you decide that you are not the one for the job? NOT AT ALL! You are not fazed by this information at all … For you KNOW it is part of the plan!!!

    You are then told … that as each ‘phase’ reveals itself to you … your recall … your remembrance shall return … And that YOU SHALL RECOGNISE THIS KNOWING BY THE LOVE YOU FEEL INSIDE YOURSELF. For it is drawing you ever closer to the LOVE that YOU KNOW there in that class room within that dream.

    As you are told of this … THE BRIGHTEST LOVELIGHT encompasses the room. No longer can you see those familiar faces … you can see nothing … for YOU ARE THAT LOVELIGHT and in that instant YOU UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING

    You FEEL those familiar faces because they are you. In that moment of EVERYTHING … EVERYTHING IS KNOWN.

    The Light dissipates and you are back in the classroom. Remembering an experience that shall remain within you … and shall reveal itself to you … when the DIVINE PLAN plans to.

    You awake in the morning from a beautiful sleep. You KNOW you had a dream … like many … you can’t quite grasp it all … just vague images and FEELINGS here and there

    And now our most Beloved Family … we say to you with deep LOVE and KNOWING:

    We choose to finish here this day … It may seem a little abruptly … yet we KNOW the significance of such a decision.


    Blossom: And we LOVE YOU. In Love and thanks!

  14. Sarah: “So the WingMakers, or Central Race, created us and presumably hundreds of other species, planted us on earth, and then built a complex defensive system to protect their genetics. Is that the situation?”

    Dr. Neruda: “The best way to conceptualize who these beings are, is to consider them as geneticists who were the first born of First Source. The galaxies in which the Central Race resides are approximately eighteen billion years old and their genetics are immeasurably more developed than our own. They are the optimal soul carrier in that they can co-exist in the material world and the non-material dimensions simultaneously. This is because their genetic blueprint has been fully activated.”

  15. Just checking in to let yous know I am still alive, but been very busyy.
    I loved the message from the star coucils of light and could feel a big time energy while readintg it, thanks Stick.
    Getting some snow tomorrow but probably late so we wont be off. We call it white gold in Bayonne because you could make some decent bucks shoveling for a few hours.
    Well, gotta go and will check in tomorrow with salusas new message.

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