Dreamwalkerdiaries: Dream Log: Meeting Adrial on the Athabantian

20130210-214358.jpgThe dream started in a home or apartment typical of 2013. Two large light-colored couches, light beige carpet, white walls. One of the couches backed to a large window, with cheap white blinds covering the window. Basic coffee table, no wall decorations. I was sitting on the couch with several friends, we were planning what we were going to do that day. Go the market, go for a walk, check out the city.

So we got up to leave and walked through the front door. It opened into a space that was like a city, there were doors to other apartments next to each other, three to an alcove. The architecture was reminiscent of a gothic cathedral but the material was made of a dark black / blue stone. There was beautiful colored stained glass windows and the walls radiated light. It was not dark and oppressive like a cathedral can be, but very radiant. Outside was like a sunny day, but we were on a mothership, the Athabantian. The city of Light.

We walked to our right towards another set of apartments, crossing a small bridge with a stream running under it. The paths were gold colored. There were people around us, going to different places, happily walking along and enjoying each other’s company. Large towering buildings and vegetation.

So we arrive at Adrial’s apartment, she is standing in the alcove with her back to us. She’s sad. She is slender and looks about 22 but seems older, and her face is somewhat round with large slit-eyes, reminiscent of Manga women – but her eyes not as large as the cartoons. She was wearing a form-fitting yellow suit similar to a Star Trek uniform with long-sleeve shirt, pants and shoes. Light brown shoulder-length hair.

She knew we were coming. I ask her, can I comfort you? She thought to me, yes, if you like. So I put my arms around her and gave her a hug. When you comfort me, you comfort her, she thought to me, and I received an image of my wife.



  1. as the humanoid humanlike Sirians (giants) -is a vegans from the constellation Lyra,
    who migrated from the Vega star to Sirius, Aldebaran, Betelgeuse, the Pleiades, Procyon, Alpha Centauri, Epsilon Eridani, Tau Ceti and some others stars.

    • My home Planet was Lyra before my Marriage on Kurlklym my name is said as music from notes on a Harp. This was before I travelled to Lemuria with my Husband and the beginning of my many reincarnations here on Earth while my Husband left just over Two Thousand years ago. This is a little that I will reveal as much is personal to me. Vlad try your gut feelings, Let your Heart lead the way, if you listen feel it you will be surprised where it will lead you. Troy is right what resonates with you and feels like truth. Take out what does not and then re look at it you may just be surprised with what you find.

  2. “””””but we were on a mothership, the Athabantian. The city of Light.”””” – if i understand right this is not Giant planetoid Nibiru. Just very big space ship.
    is known anything about Nibiru planedoid ? Who lives there, the coalition, and who command there ?

      • I’m not telepathic, not a “psychic” and not “medium” and etc.
        Output in the Astral and meditation – for me as a “Chinese puzzle”)))
        i read several sources – in one say this is giant planetoid< battle space station. "AR" from space fleet of ruler ANU (AN-SHAR)…. in past from Sirius b.
        In other sourse -this is of one giant planet of SIrius B system . After disasters in Sirius ( or explosion of third star Sirius C) this planet change orbit and rotates between Sirius and Solar System . Hard to say who is right< or may be both information is right

  3. is so little information, or rather it absolutely not have.
    You forgot to mention the their coalition,
    inhabitants growth, and race species, types.
    The availability of oxygen or other gases). Level of gravity, the population size,
    describe in detail the ship itself, the dimensions are described in more detail

    If there’s money there and the caste system in their community ?
    In any case, thanks for the information – the Gothic cathedral is interesting =)
    Cities of light-means that there crystals in the walls of buildings?
    Whether they are immigrants from Sirius B (Anunnaki) – or is this another coalition?

    • Great questions Vlad. If someone from another planet were to jump into your body, walk out your front door, walk a block to a friend’s house… And then leave… Do you think they could answer all these questions about us?

      Maybe, maybe not!

      But I think from this, Adrial might be of the same group as SaLuSa and Mona Lisa, from the moon. Pretty much human but with larger eyes. Beautiful and fully telepathic. Yes the walls were a dark color but still managed to radiate light. I can’t think of anything here on earth to compare it to, except maybe black light.

      I was also surprised that they could feel sadness but I guess they’re basically human.

        • ties in with Sumerian texts, I think. Which could just be “ancient” mainstream media…

          I haven’t had the chance to read all but I will take a look. Thanks Vladimir. 🙂

          It’s funny you mention this I was just going to comment on marduk and the 13th planet, which is apparently now an asteroid belt in our solar system (though I have never seen it personally)

          I sometimes wonder if Nibiru is just our moon.

          • Marduk (Amon Ra, Amon Baal, Bel, Vaal, Asag) is rebel and traitor.
            He led to the Earth Evil reptiles from Orion, He raised a rebellion of grays, and terrestrial reptiles hybrids.
            About Nibiru this is was a planetoid “AR” in past , from Sirius ASA-RRR Empire.
            Under command of Lord Enlil , and his father – great Anu.

  4. The first time i met my twin flame through the astral plane,i was sitting right next to a park and from behind it i could see a dark but beautiful city.It was an experience that i cant realy describe by using words and it realy looked and felt like the one you were in.I had that same feeling a few times in the past,most of them during dreamtime.The atmosphere was dark but not negative and sometimes i feel like i have a connection with it,maybe i lived there in a previous life or a parallel universe.
    I believe the message was clear for you and it was/is a beautiful one too.
    Maybe you have a connection with the place you were in;) Thanks for sharing!!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Theodore, if we are multi-dimensional beings then I guess it would make sense that it is possible to have conscious awareness in more than one dimension. It’s hard to wrap my head around the idea that I might be “here” as well as “there” – but I guess it works in a similar way to the Avatar movie. Thankfully I do not have to be locked in a metal coffin to do it…

    • Thank you cosmos, my real name is Troy but I could very well be “Daniel” in another dimension. Or perhaps I am another dreamwalker from the one you know… 😀 Well pleased to meet you sir

  5. Dear Troy : I in fact never consciously knew I did be there in Athabantian. However, you are just comforting me in not only one aspect. I think I got what I need to know and cannot express enough my appreciation anyhow.

  6. resonates so much dear Troy !! 🙂 Such a wonderful writing, Goes straight to me heart, thank you so much ! Laura ❤

    • Thanks Leslee for the confirmation – I added an image of a cathedral which is kind of the spirit of what I saw – but change the stone to a dark blue material that radiates light (and I’m not even sure how that would be possible…)

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