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Hi, Everyone,

I was chatting with some friends tonight, comparing notes on recent energies. I think we agreed: there’s something going on right now, and HAARP or something similar is probably up to some tricks.

So I’ll briefly share some techniques that might help dispel “Sheeple Syndrome” (feeling dull, numb, negative, unable to complete tasks or think positively, or unable to connect with your Guidance in the usual ways…)

  1. Asking for help from your Guides is the easiest, most effective way to get out of a slump. Trust Them.
  2. Generate an awareness of a pale lavender light bouncing from one side of your brain to the other, passing through the Pineal Gland or Third Eye.
  3. Sit and watch a pendulum for more than 5 minutes, even if it does not move at all. Focus on the tip and intend to clear your mind, or focus on positive objects like gratitude…

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  1. With regard to HAARP Sierra Neblina gives us some astounding revelations with a story of attack and conflict in space that has happened just last week on her radio show. It’s on Lets Talk 2013 and Beyond in Spirituality – Wed, March 27, 2013 (get there from the list on ‘the golden age of Gaia’ website). I hope you will all listen to it because it’s amazing and it keeps us informed on what’s going on!. Christine

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