Message from SaLuSa for 3/29/2013

By now we see that Lightworkers have settled down to their tasks to lead people into the New Age. Their understanding of what is needed is helping the awakening process, which continues regardless of the world situation. It is important that people do not allow the chaos and disruption, to draw their energy away from work involving the Light and Love. The darkness will eventually play itself out and is already losing its power to create more fear. In this respect in spite of the apparent threat of war, know that it will no longer be allowed. The Galactic Federation of Light is aware of the intentions of all Superpowers and we will prevent any attempts to start a global war. The Light has made such a difference, that many souls connected with the war machine have experienced a change of consciousness. You can expect to hear doubts expressed about the reason for military activities, and the unnecessary attacks upon innocent civilians. A day is coming when war and everything that supports it will cease to have any place in your lives.

We ask those of you of Light to continue focussing upon all that is positive, as you have the most potent and powerful weapon in the Love that you express. All of you are lifting the vibrations that are your assurance of bringing the New Age into being, and nothing can stop it manifesting. In fact it is already having an impact beyond what is immediately apparent, and there is no way that the way of life can return to the old paradigm. Love is permeating all Institutions and Companies in the Government and private sectors, and what has been accepted in the past is now being questioned as to whether it operates in the best interests of everyone. People who try to perpetuate the old ways will find them impossible to maintain as is happening in the financial world. The extent of corruption goes far beyond what has been revealed, and the truth will eventually come out and shock many who placed their trust in them. A new system will be introduced that will operate openly and seen to be transparent.

Our allies continue to be much bolder in their activities, and have gained strength by finding much more support for the changes they are working to introduce. In actuality you are living with a foot in each world, and the sooner you withdraw any attachment to the old 3D the quicker you will advance into the higher dimensions. Old karma will come back for clearance and it could be as simple as changing your attitudes, and that includes how you think about them. The criterion for change is to stop being judgmental, and ensure that your own actions and words do not carry any threat or harm to another’s life. The invitation to “turn the other cheek” is worth remembering, as we know that as emotional and feeling Beings you find it hard not to respond to provocation. Anger and such reactions are considered part of the human make up, but if unchecked can harm your physical body and bring on illness. We do not for one moment tell you that you should not stand up for yourself, but there can come a moment when it is better to walk away from trouble.

In fact the more Light you carry you will find that your life becomes less stressful. Your higher vibrations will bring calmness around you, and you will be less likely to encounter physical or vocal attacks. Nothing can harm you unless you have attracted it to yourself. That really brings us to karmic experiences that can occur at any time it is appropriate and when the best conditions present themselves. Bear in mind that when it takes place amongst friends and families they all get involved to some degree, and each in turn can learn something from it. We will not tire in emphasizing that karma is never punishment, but is a means of presenting a lesson in life that will help your spiritual advancement. You do not necessarily have to experience everything yourself to gain some value from it. Set yourself up as a good example of Light in action, and others will see how beneficial it can be. For those of you celebrate Easter it is the remembrance of a great Teacher who came upon the Earth, to show you what could be achieved when you have reached the level of being able to express yourself by Unconditional Love.

Love is all there is and when you are aware of your many lifetime journeys in duality, you will understand that it is only the path to follow if you desire to evolve. You have taken many steps backwards only to have found your way forward again, but is so doing you have learnt how to apply yourself to any situation without losing your way. Presently your path is being made easier by the uplifting energies that continue to reach Earth, and so they shall until you experience Ascension into the higher vibrations. As you take your place in the 5th dimension you will truly have become so enlightened that you will be a Being of Light. Even then it is not the end of your upliftment as that will be ever ongoing until you reach the Source. That is however a long way off having regard to the fact that you will have only just fully returned to the Light. Your immediate task is to keep focussed on the Light and fulfil your intent to leave duality behind.

Working towards the Light can sometimes seem a burden that requires a change of lifestyle, and even the need to become more selective where friends are concerned. We know it is hard to keep knowledge to yourself unless invited to share it, but know that sometimes situations are set up so that someone else benefits from what you know. Once you find the truth you feel like shouting it from the rooftops, but one has to resist such actions as they can put people against you who are not ready for it. There is no rush to bring the truth to people as life is infinite and all happens in good time, indeed at the right time. However do not let it deter you from seeking to share your understanding with those who you perceive are ready. There may be times when you get an angry reaction, but let it pass you by and wish such people love and enlightenment. All souls will eventually find their true path, and the experiences they are having now can only help them in the future.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and see so much on the horizon that will lift you up. It is coming about quite quickly and will take many by surprise. It just needs one major change to be announced and the rest will follow in quick succession. We admire the good sense of duty and application to your chosen path working for the Light. We are One, and you are certainly one of us. As you send you love to us it is returned tenfold, and we thank you for doing so.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Hi Everyone!…Keeping in Touch with the Souls,here…I have found mySelf kinda busy this year, yet Discovering “The Place of my Heart”…Thank You for Being Here & There,hehe…Talk to Ya in Time 🙂

    • nice to see you babajij I was just thinking about you yesterday hoping all was well with you. Hope it is wonderful busy amongst the nature of home and universal balance dear one. 🙂

      • The Spring Thawing is kinda slow Up here…yet, the Sun is definitely more Radiant & Brighter this year. Golden Solar Rays. I should better invest in an compact air conditioner,now…as I see a Sizzling Summer just moons away.

        • Don’t remind me LOL

          I went to Monticello on Saturday and Thomas Jefferson recorded the temperature every day at 9am, 11am, 2pm, and 9pm. They provided an excerpt and showed his recordings over July / August. The temperatures were in the 70s during the day over July, and at the beginning of August hit 82 over two days (that’s in Fahrenheit). I did not see the actual date but it would have been some time during 1780-1820.

          Now here in Virginia, our summers can be relied on for at least a few days of 100+ weather. If not more. So yeah we would not survive without air conditioning here & now…

  2. Happy Saturday Spirit Train Riders… Onward & Upward 555!!!

    Steven Greer Interviews David Wilcock on Where We’re Headed as a Civilization:

  3. From Steve Beckow: This video was originally posted on March 28 on YouTube. Now it’s surfaced in a mass circulation Murdoch media outlet.

    While I suggest your discernment as to the ‘Reptilian’ and ‘Annunaki’ assumptions relayed by the voice-modulated narrator, the concept – that the US President may indeed have Galactic ‘protection’, or even Earth Allies as part of his security force – is one that many of us Starseeds and Lightworkers may not find that difficult to believe.

    And while the tone of the news story below is somewhat satirical, at least the concept has been floated in the mainstream.

    *Steve: I can confirm that the Company of Heaven has said through Linda Dillon that the person in question is a galactic being.

    • I have seen this yesterday, if you look at the man behind you will also see he is of a different being closer to human look at his ears change. Reminds me of the Vulcan in Star trek. The one in front reminds me of men in black types by his movements,

  4. You Are Becoming Less Addicted To The Illusion’s Validity
    3 31 2013 ~ Jeshua through John Smallman

    One is the number of God’s creations, but One is not in any way limiting — it is infinite. This is a very complex concept for you to grasp let alone make any sense of; in fact, it is rather a paradox while you remain constrained by your physical bodies, so don’t even try — it is quite unnecessary. Just accept that it is so. Surrender to it and know that you are not being misled.

    You do understand and accept that what each one of you thinks, says, or does, has effects way beyond your immediate vicinity because your modern science of physics has proved that to the satisfaction of the brightest intelligences amongst you. And if this is so, as it most definitely is, then it follows that all are One, and that One is the number of God’s creations – One embracing infinite multitudes if you prefer, but One it is.

    The One creation – God and all that is – is constantly sharing with Itself the Love that is the life force, the intelligence, the sentience, and the consciousness that enables awareness of self and others, and allows and encourages enthusiastic interaction among and within that One. The One is a state of infinite, everlasting and ecstatic joy and happiness, and it is your Home where the infinite warmth of divine acceptance embraces you always. The illusion is a distraction that needs to be discarded, dissolved, and that will happen when you withdraw your collective attention from it.

    It is an imaginary environment in which fear and anxiety are your constant companions. Even if you deny them or bury them below your level of conscious awareness, they lie there festering until you address and release them, or until they explode venomously, demanding your shocked attention. Many are undergoing this experience at present as your fears break into your consciousness, disturbing your peace. Acknowledge them, observe them, and release them. There is no need to engage with them by attempting to uncover their roots, or to take the actions that unwarranted fear might deem advisable — just let them go.

    To withdraw your collective attention from the illusion will cause it to fade away like an ancient veil deteriorating into dust, and as it does so, it will reveal for you the wonder of Reality where you always are. Presently, that seems like a dream, a scarcely perceptible impression of some faint and distant memory, so remote and unattainable that you remain almost totally unaware of It. However, the Illusion is but a veil that you have chosen to hide behind, and because you have forgotten that choice it has become amazingly real for you, frighteningly real.

    Your task, humanity’s task, is to awaken. To do that you have to release your worries and anxieties, which are without foundation, and embrace the One fearlessly as It already embraces you. Fear is a concept that is but part of the illusion, because in Truth, in Reality, there is no fear and nothing that could cause fear. The illusion encourages fear, and the reasoning egoic mind seeks to uncover what it is afraid of, and the apparent state of separation with which the illusion presents you provides the evidence — others, who might attack you! But all are one and to attack anyone, as you have often been told, is only to attack yourself. The illusion, however, does a very good job of convincing you that attack is real, painful, constantly threatening you, and that it needs to be defended against constantly and vigorously.

    As you can see, the illusion is the problem and the solution! The problem, because it has convinced you that it is real, and the solution, because its apparent reality will melt away when you withdraw your attention from it.

    When you read a well-constructed novel, or watch a good play or movie, you pay attention, you engage with it, you become wrapped up in it and carried away to another realm — the realm the writer has created. You feel strong emotions as the storyline develops, drawing you in to identify with one of the characters – the hero or the villain – and you try to surmise what will happen, what will unfold. You become oblivious to the world around you as you focus utterly on the fascination of the developing story. Then it reaches its conclusion, and slowly you return to awareness of your surroundings, although the energy of the storyline remains with you for a while before fading away.

    The illusion is an unending cavalcade of collective stories with which you have all engaged, and the escape, the way out, is to withdraw your attention from it. Sometimes, when you are reading or daydreaming, a loud noise will pull you suddenly, perhaps violently, into the present moment, and the realm into which you had entered dissolves instantly. When humanity’s collective attention is withdrawn from the realm that you now seem to inhabit, there will be a sudden awakening for you, and it will be exhilarating!

    To encourage the arrival of this amazing and inevitable moment, make sure to spend time daily in your place of inner peace, intending to engage with God’s divine field of Love, Reality, that surrounds and protects you at all times. It is always there, waiting for you to lose interest in the now-rather-predictable and worn-out make-believe which the illusion has now shown itself to be, and to which you have become addicted. Nevertheless, you are becoming less addicted to, less convinced of, the illusion’s validity, and you have massive energetic assistance from Reality, those in the spiritual realms, to help you release the focus of your attention upon it.

    It is your intention — it always has been your intention — to awaken from the dream of separation from your Father, and He has provided you with the means to do so: your own share of the eternal flame of His Love burning constantly within you and forever connected unbreakably to Him. Your awakening is inevitable, unavoidable, and divinely assured. You just have to allow it to happen, by embracing God’s Love and releasing all within you that is not in alignment with It.

    Your loving brother, Jesus.

  5. Hi everybody,
    Fewwww… has been a long time that I have been here on STC. It is due because I am not allowed at work to visit websites that are not work related. Also a lot happened in my live. Moving to a new place with all it’s troubles. And also three weeks ago I had a major operation, removing my gall bladder. Altho it is a marjor operation and I am still recovering from it. It is the best thing I did, because I have more energy then I had before. Even my husband and my manager say that I look different, more radiant and my skin colour better. In the mean time I also update my dreamflights and my meditation flights. Also I made a new page building Ab-qor and invite anyone to pour your creative ideas into this page how we can build abi-qor.

    I love you all so much my dear friends. Love and light Lisa

    • Thanks for the update Lisa – I am so glad to hear you are feeling better! I recall crafting centers. Places where people can go to create things with their own hands. That might include things like a forge for creating steel tools.

      I asked the question, why would we need to do this if there are replicators? The response is that creating something from scratch not only keeps the knowledge of how to build it alive, it is also a form of spiritual meditation. Quilters are well aware of this, for example. Although quilts can be made quickly and cheaply at a factory in China, quilters still enjoy creating quilts from scratch. The downside to this hobby is the personal expense, and this expense can be eliminated through the production of crafting centers, where all the materials to create these things are freely available (crafting is highly valued).

      Replicators can also be used as a training tool for the craft, since the replicator can not only create the final step in the process, but also the unfinished steps along the way. The replicator isn’t an essential part of the process since the crafting center could be available at the present time using present technology. However, relying on the acquisition of raw materials is a primary challenge to this model. The raw materials would be forthcoming initially along similar lines.

      I am reminded of Gandhi and how he opposed British rule using the spinning wheel. I don’t know how/if this applies to our current situation.

    • So pleased you are feeling much better Lisa. Gall Bladder seems to be the thing being removed from a few at the moment. My Aunt lost hers just before Christmas take care hope the move is ok. love light and blessings and big hugz Suzanne

  6. new channeled message

    april 1, 2013

    Hi there beautiful!

    The beauty of new beginnings is definitely here and April will be a month of movement and acceleration.

    I am just filled with so much love and soaring vibes~! It’s interesting that as I’m experiencing more of my self and more of the higher dimensional energies in my experience, that my experience of channeling is changing too. The new message from the Council of Light felt so familiar as I channeled it, yet the voice is different. It’s more familiar. It’s more playful. I realize it’s because we’re closer, I’ve opened up more which is opening up everything including that relationship and it’s beautiful! A wonderful demonstration of exactly what’s available to us.

    Here’s the new message orienting us to April, enjoy!

    Beloved Family of Light,
    At this time the dawning of the New Age is being increasingly felt by each of you.
    You notice this in the sublte ways your emotions are different — less dominant in your experience.
    You notice this as you sense incoming energies amplifying your presence.
    You notice this as you feel the familiar sense of loving energy around you, this sustained ongoing awareness of the deep connection you have with All-That-Is.
    These are all reminders of your awakening, your remembering and they are increasingly available as the energy evolves within your field and the energy of the crystalline grid shifts and opens into a new expression of planetary consciousness. All of life, in all kingdoms, is opening to this newness at the same time, in an interwoven dance of light and upliftment. It is a grand time indeed to be human and experiencing Earth. And it is a grand time to be in the stands, so to speak, watching and smiling with joy, humor and knee-slapping delight as you discover your capacites once more.
    The newness in your experience is your own leading edge.
    As you allow yourself to pay attention to your own newness, you amplify the energy on your own leading edge of evolution.
    You in effect, say, “Yes!” to your own accelerated evolving, opening more fully and demonstrating, in fact empowering this to occur with your attentiveness to your own newness. Remind yourself of this when you find yourself feeling lower, or stuck, when you find energies getting heavier or things feeling difficult. Most likely you have shifted your focus from your own leading edge and are now instead paying attention to patterns that are actually old energy, patterns of the past, that are not truly in the present. In fact you have partially left the present moment in your attention going there and in doing so, you’re no longer creative and free, so you feel that life gets sluggish, energy becomes thicker-feeling, emotions get heavier and more prominent in your awareness and you feel a sense of having
    lost your groove
    . You have in fact, for you split your awareness, or more then split it, you’ve gone into a enclosed cycle from which there is no creativity — you’re in lens experiencing life as “the past,” from within a perspective or energy pattern or loop which is a closed system and you’re along for the ride.
    You can easily reinstate your higher vibrational energies instantaneously.
    Anything that is familiar yet uncomfortable can be understood this way. The way out of this is to simply say to your being, “let’s raise the vibration, let’s return to the present, let’s open once more to the soaring, ascending energies…” and feel your energy lift. Keep calling forth the leading edge of your experience as the energy of your being begins to vibrate faster and let the other go. You can easily reinstate your higher vibrational energies instantaneously. Of course this means you have to stop thinking about things which were taking you throught he wormhole of focus into the past and a closed circuit cycle of energy that you’ve already lived.
    Whenever you cut yourself off from the present there are what you will consider unpleasant consequences. If you are mining the past for learning, you will actually not be in the past, but rather viewing the past with your present awareness, you will be in the present examining the past in a way that is invigorating and can set you free in greater ways. You will know this when you feel it because you will feel the empowerment of the present revising the experience of the past. But when you are in the past and it feels heavy and sluggish, then you are in a closed circuit space where you do not have creative options. If you extend the past into the future with fear you will also find this terribly miserable and dense. You will always find it less than desirable in terms of how it feels to you, for these choices of focus pinch you off from the nature of your being, which is inherently, perpetually creative.
    The emotions you used to feel are softening.
    You are finding yourself more able to open to life without the drama! Who knew this was possible! If you think about how your life was a year or two ago, or even 6 months ago, there was way more drama then there is now.
    You have opened up so much! Please see this and smile to yourself! You have much more confidence now in your remembering and as a result of this confidence you are empowering your own higher levels of being to come forth. You relate to higher levels of your own being with more nonchalance and ease.
    This is a beautiful thing because this interpretation reflects the truth of connecting with the higher levels of your being –it’s totally natural! It’s exactly what you do — you come into spheres of existence and you move, following your inner nudges and knowings, toward a fuller and fuller experience of all that you are! Doing this is the innate drive of your being. It is why you are drawn to anything and everything.
    On Earth you all think that people do things to be happy. What is more happiness than being more You? 🙂 We tease you here, but in fact, you are in essence an extremely enthusiastic cheerful, eternally upflited energy of creation. Divine light and love is quick moving, fluid, confident, playful, filled with delight and in essence, kind of how you think of dogs — eternally cheerful and fun-loving. How could it not be a happier experience to be more of that?
    You are experiencing life more and more from an inherent state of value.
    The true nature of your being is coming forth more and more now and as you allow yourself to have more fun, to play more, to not need for everything to have a purpose, but instead to trust in your own worth separate from doing and even being.
    You then say, “Oh my GOSH what am I waiting for to have more fun? To eat more ice cream? To go swimming and play hookey more often?”
    You begin to remember how when you were young rolling in the grass with a dog was the most incredible fun. Or how walking in the woods you sensed and played with the fairies.
    You begin to remember that you always knew what your dog was thinking or feeling and that you could communicate and not just with your dog, but with trees and rocks and the people you knew — even when they didn’t know you were talking and they were opening up to you from within. You had this wide-open communication with all of life the unity simply WAS and it was operating as extension of its principal, until you begin to believe things which then shut this all down.
    The beliefs made it an impossibility and so you stopped tuning into all this. But it’s all there, the interconnctedness which makes all of this communion and communication possible. And now you’re remembering this and remembering your own true capacities and it’s thrilling to find out what you loved most about being human when you were young and small, is exactly what’s best about being YOU!
    Feeling powerfully creative, confident, enthusiastic, cheerful, passionately interested in things, entirely seizing what shows up and loving it and diving headlong into it, these are the ways you know how to be in relationship to what life shows you and you’re remembering in essence, how to live more directly.
    Being direct is being you with clarity and ease.
    For much of your life, life itself got very mediated. First it got meditated by other people interpreting things for you and stating things in ways that didn’t make sense. Then it got meditated as the mind started trying to filter things to understand them and try to help you to live in ways that kept everyone you love happy. In the beginning you thought this would be possible, but over time you begin to feel how heavy a burden it was and somewhere the idea of making other people happy seemed very important and the idea of actually being happy slipped away.
    Now you’re beginning to bump into happiness. It happens more easily and it happens all the time in very simple ways. It’s reminding you that the things that make you happy are right here right everywhere, because it’s actually more about experiencing love and fullness and connection and consciously allowing life to show you how marvelous it all is. And nothing stands between you and that experience except your own willingness to suspend ideas and beliefs that are just filters, another way of mediating your life, closing down the opportunities and narrowing things…and instead, just relate to life directly as it is showing up for you.
    You can actually just let your energy create your life.
    Just like Archangel Michael shared that protection is an old idea and the way you create what you feel is meant by protection by setting standards energetically — standards which are created by the way you relate to yourself — you can actually just let your own energy create all of your life.
    Using intentions and affirmations is a helpful step in learning to live a more joyful life but there is a new way, reflecting your capacities being remembering and this is to simply let your own energy do the creating.
    Abraham-Hicks, the great teachers of the Law of Attraction have been telling you all this, in their own subtle way for a long time, but then understanding how much you human beings get into trying hard and how hard it is for you to let things be easy, they also gave you things to do — processes and ideas.
    But the essence of their message has always been that you’re very being is constantly choosing. They call it “sending off rockets of desire,” remember? That your energy is creating in response to the contrast in which you find yourself. What this means, what we wish for you to know, is that your energy is continually drawing to you that which matches your energy, this is the Law of Attraction. AND…as you are opening to more and more of who you really are, you can really stop creating intentions, you can stop making vision boards, you can stop trying to dream up the perfect life and you can instead let the energy you are summon and show you openings to the fuller expression and experience of your life as presence.
    You can simply say yes to what comes into your life, knowing that it is a match for you and continue opening. The more you embody you, the more life will show you the opportunities and the experiences that are a perfect match for you! And you will notice these invitations and openings you will notice this hints and ideas that are given to you because you’re being present to how life opens for you every day
    instead of asking asking asking asking asking
    … and being so busy making sure life knows what you want to manifest you cannot see what’s being offered.
    Ease comes from living directly.
    And in this opening to the fullness life is offering you, you tap into the incredible ease that you have longed for and long sensed was available. And life becomes a lot more like lounging on the beach with someone bringing you beautiful fruity drinks and your body feeling the rhythm of the waves and soaking up the warmth and the nourishment of the sunshine, while you breathe deeply, relaxing and renewing and meanwhile, in this blissful state of non-thinking, you are directly present to life and your whole being is like, “Wow! She’s giving us free reign! She’s let us go hog wild and she’s just open to it all…” and your body starts recalibrating and opening and remaking your entire being to optomize your presence and light and love. And soon before you know it this uplifted version of you is magnetizing even more incredible openings to a life beyond your wildest dreams and you begin to let go even more. In fact you want to let go, because letting go is turning out so rocking good.
    You’re becoming more and more of You.
    So you see? This is what’s coming Old Soul. The innate wisdom of your being is filling you up as you become increasingly embodied with the beautiful golden light of your Divine Essence and your amazing mind is learning how to work perfectly with you in all of this, opening more and more to your life with you and like all of you discovering new ways of connecting and relating.
    And you are bypassing all the “middle-men,” of life, all the mediated ways of relating to life, all the ways you let others in the past tell you what’s right, what you need, how to do things. You’ve let that go or you’re letting that go. More and more you’re only interested in what you recognize as your truth. You can see it and hear it anywhere because you feel it within. And this is letting you live directly and it’s very energy effiecient. In fact you have more energy then you can remember having perhaps ever. And you feel good. Your body is starting to feel really good. And even on days where there are big energies coming in, when you’re absorbing and using solar flares to intensify your presence, you are more and more both aware that you’re being amplified and comfortable with the process, because you’re living directly and things are flowing without resitance.
    The groove of being sovereign and trusting You.
    You see? You are finding out how wonderful being sovereign really is, because that’s what living directly is, it’s being sovereign. It’s knowing it’s all within you. You just bring more and more of it into this sphere, you just keep blossomoing, just keep allowing yourself to open to more and more comprehension and as you do this your whole interface with the world gets better and better at handling all that’s coming to you, all that you are aware of and it’s graceful. It feels natural. You handle so much more energy and awareness then you had before and it’s all easy and beautiful. And life begins to really hum, to soar, to simply be day after day of awesome amazement. You wake up totaly invogorated wondering what is possible and what might happen, you anticipate with incredible enthusiasm and an unrestrained sense of knowing you will love it and entirely trusting yourself to deliver on your behalf.
    Divine Embodiment.
    You are, at that point, really living in the fullness of who you are, within a human form and in fact this is where you’re headed. If you’re feeling these things, you know this. You know in your heart of hearts the truth of that which we’re sharing with you today. And if you don’t know this, not yet, then notice how you feel about all this. if you feel like it’s the next thing, like it might be coming for you, in fact it might even be coming for you today as a result of reading this as a result of reading this you might let yourself open up a little more, just letting go of feeling you need to create anything in partiular and instead giving yourself this day as a present. Giving yourself the ability to relate to this whole day just as it’s shown to you. And seeing what that’s like. And discovering if in fact the ease that’s talked about here becomes more real to you.
    What if you did this? What if you asked yourself, “Is it possible that if I just let go entirely and let everything show up for me today, that I’ll actually really like what shows up? Is it possible dear heart and soul, that you’re already arranging amazing things for me and I don’t have to do anything today but watch and be present and notice what you show me about my life? Just hold out my hands and catch the amazing things that are falling into my life from seeming nowhere? Can it be true? Can it finally be this easy?” We tell you Old Soul, it’s truly time.
    What if…? Your innate purity was arising?
    And as you let yourself relate to life with this kind of innate trust in your own being to deliver, it will get better at connecting with you and relating to you in ways that you love and can feel? What if you invite you own Soul to show itself to you today in how your day unfolds? What if you asked your soul to show you your own holy divine presence in some really surprising and amazing way today to help you have more confidence in the New Reality and in opening to this new, direct, more graceful way of living? Wouldn’t that maybe be an amazing thing?
    Dear ones, the time is here for each of you to step into the waters of the new consciousness. To flood the cells of your being with this new life. The resurrection of divine consciousness is at hand. The waters of life which have always been available to those who trust life within themselves and learn to let go into the flow of being. You have prepared for so long for this moment, why wait a minute more to drink up this incredible nectar of your own being?
    It’s time isn’t it? To begin to ask questions about how this is going to go now? Expecting that it’s different, you’re different and so it will be different. To look at life through eyes that are open to seeing what shows up and not narrowly focused by expecting the same-old-same-old.
    What about asking about how you can feel the grace more now? About how your Soul can step up and step in more fully and show you how to play with this higher dimensional energy in which it is so at home and so capable and familiar?
    Ah, lovely one. The time is here for you to notice how very much you are shining already and for you to take a chance, that maybe you’ve already evolved enough, you’re already full of enough light, you can just finally, let go, stop trying so hard, just call in your Soul and your higher self, your Cosmic Consciousness and any angels, or guides, archangels or ascended masters, any star beings or other non-physical friends, the trees, your pets, the mountains and all of the planetary consciousness, you could just consider, putting them on alert that here and now, you’re ready to be led into your glory! You’re ready to be in not knowing and in openness, ready to be shown the new ways, shown what’s next to reflect your incredible opening and to open you up more.
    Your permission is what brings up all of this for you. Your permission and your willingness to take this day, just this one simple day and be totally present to receive. What if…? You take a whole day without asking, except for inviting your Soul to lead you and show you where the newness is, where the openings are, what’s next for you in this moment. Then just hold out your hands and open your heart and feel and receive and open to the love that is You.
    What if you really trust and believe that we are with you! We are close! You can feel us! We are right there beside you. We are always with you! You are surrounded by fields of light and love. And all of life is blown away by the glory of your being! All is well and everything is incredible and you, beautiful Old Soul are so radiant and fine!
    What if you began to realize that as you become more and more You, your innate pure nature, what you truly are, was not only what we see, but what is creating your experience?
    What if this were happening? Could you finally let go? Could you finally look in the mirror and smile at yourself with deep, total, sweetness and love? Could you allow yourself to let yourself see the sweet and light inside you? Could you claim it and open to it? Open to who you truly are? Who we know you to be?
    All of Creation recognizes You, every moment of every day! Could you take off the filters of all those stories and ideas that keep you from feeling okay about being you and all the ideas that you’re not enough, not okay and consider, just for this day, that you are pure? Perfect? Lacking nothing. Entirely enough and more then that, truly brilliant and shiny and filled with light?
    Hmm…What if…?
    We love these questions dear heart. For just you opening up to them is opening You up more. See? It’s really so very easy. What is purity, really? But something that’s free from anything other then itself. {Smile.}
    We are the Council of Light.
    If you’d like to comment or share this message, the link to the online version is here:

    April Energy Update: What if…?

    You can also use the “forward this email” link below.

    In joy…
    Love & happiness!

    For experiences that support living in the New Reality, see Opening to New Patterns of Love, Lightworker Collective Event.

    For more on trusting yourself and listening

  7. Can Music Be More Effective Than Drugs?

    According to a new analysis of 400 published scientific papers, the old adage that “music is medicine” may literally be true. Canadian psychologists from McGill University have shown that the neurochemical benefits of music can boost the body’s immune system, reduce anxiety, and help regulate mood. The time has come, say the researchers, for doctors and therapists to start taking music much more seriously.

  8. The Shoemaker

    Made in Brooklyn: The Shoemaker

    Frank Catalfumo is a 91 year old shoemaker and repairer in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. He first opened the doors to F&C Shoes in 1945 and continues to work five days a week alongside his son Michael. If you’re ever in the area, make sure to stop by the shop and listen to one of Frank’s amazing stories about life in Brooklyn back in the day.

    View the photo gallery here:

    Directed by Dustin Cohen, Filmed by Dustin Cohen and Michael Hurley, Edited by Bill Kemmler, Color Grading by Simon Biswas.

  9. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy & the Galactic Federation

    12 Ik, 10 Mac, 9 Eb

    Dratzo! We arrive! Your world is advancing toward the dawn of a new epoch for all of Gaia’s surface humanity. The specific good works of Heaven are ushering this positive movement in! We come here to verify this and give you a better knowledge of what is happening. The dark is thoroughly enjoying its last moments of power. Their arrogance is so high that they collectively have decided to ignore the consequences of their final actions. The key target point remains any trumped up situation that can lead to a global conflict. Our Agarthan cousins are at the forefront of our liaisons that are working relentlessly to prevent this from happening. This effort is to be a successful one since the dark does not realize how we can continue to prevent them from achieving their most heinous goal. We comprehend the nature of what the dark is doing and understand the best ways to prevent this from occurring. Besides these serious efforts, we are as well setting up the scenario for how your global governance morphs into the one that we have been describing to you. This is something that now requires your attention.

    Changing the type of governance is something that runs counter to what is occurring throughout your world. Normally your globe’s governance is influenced by the actions of your branch of the dark cabal. This group follows the agreement made among themselves globally on how your coming history is to unfold. There is no provision for any interference in this ongoing system of intolerance, extreme wealth and a continual feeling that they remain omnipotent. What we are doing is not only going to disrupt this process, but more importantly to transform it. We have supported groups that are challenging this system and using many legal proceedings to bring it down. Thus, a network of subtle victories proved the facts that this governance outstepped its bounds and became blatantly illegal. Our friends have thus given us the weapons to push this governance from power and replace it with a temporary one that can set the stage for what are indeed fair elections, and governance that is true to your real needs!

    Added to this is a system of special global trusts that are under the auspices of Quan Yin in the East and Count Saint Germain in the West. These immense financial organizations intend to release funds that are to permit the setting up of a new financial system. This system has been secretly hammered out by a group of individuals tied to policies that are to bring an end to the present illegal banking system and allow for a permanent prosperity to manifest across your globe. This new reality is to be enforced by a world-wide disclosure that is to lead to the arrest and detention of the leaders and minions of this dark cabal. The trials that follow are mainly done to emphasize that this new reality is here and that it cannot be so easily set aside by the dark. Our point here is simply that once Heaven so directs us, the reality that you have lived under is most dramatically to go away. A different history based upon the ways and decrees of the Light is to be established upon this realm.

    This new realm is to be the Loving environment that is to set the stage for your final journey back to full consciousness. This path is to be travelled by you with mentors who are to instruct you in the wonders of full consciousness. This operation is to take only a few months and then you are to go through the grand metamorphosis that makes you a “physical Angel” Then you are to be trained in the day-to-day etiquette that socially governs this most heavenly realm. Heaven has set aside a series of special tasks as your first divine service. The Light is to embrace this galaxy and forge a grand set of sacred alliances that are be the forerunner of expanding the Light throughout physicality. You are to remember why you are here in the solar system and how this new star nation is to permit a permanent peace to become part and parcel of your new reality. This is something that you sense and realize. All of us are part of the Creator’s divine plan! As physical Angels we are here to co-create this new wondrous realm!

    Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come before you with some signs that sit in the Heavens and are harbingers of your new realm. The Sun has recently increased its hyperactivity. These large ejections of solar plasma are a sign by the Light that something extraordinary is shortly to happen! The stars in your night sky are moving in ways that point to the very edge of your galaxy. This direction is where an amazing event is occurring. Your stargazers and others who follow the paths of these multitudes of stars know that a new set of stars is preparing to reveal itself and add to the collection of sacred ones that nightly ply the heavens. Within these changes are others that we cannot yet reveal. They are forging the symbol of a grand harbinger who promises to terminate the dark’s rule on your world. These odd things are largely unknown to you. Yet they are a way by which Heaven is showing us in physicality that a new epoch is indeed on the horizon for Earth’s humanity. This new epoch is Heaven-sent and is already starting to manifest physically! The grand shift is quite near!

    The blessings that we refer to are ones that promise to alter this realm forever. Inside you, you daily feel the aches, pains and signs of a new body. These alterations are simply another indication of the numerous changes that are the forerunner of your new reality. We sit here in joy and watch as you change like some unknown butterfly into something that is truly magnificent! There is to come a time shortly when our various space and heavenly families are to manifest and permit the divine Will to become known to you. When each of us chose to Ascend and put your well-being into our hearts, we took on a path that is to take all of humanity to its destined salvation. Your blessed hearts have endured vast discomfitures along with great disappointments for untold generations. This is now to stop! Heaven has a plan and this plan is to manifest the pushing of the dark from its perch of insult, arrogance and punishment. Their point is to be challenged by those who are greater than them. This time is now!

    You are on a sacred path that we daily use our prayers and energy to maintain. This path can no longer be delayed or have irreverent obstacles put in place by the dark. They have a final grand moment that is simply permitting them to display the total disregard they inwardly possess for each of you. This last show of power is written on the Creator’s “blackboard” and demonstrates why they are to be thrown en masse into the dustbins of history. These final acts are in reality pushing the proverbial noose around their respective necks! They are thus to be found guilty of these various heinous acts and are to be incarcerated within a special series of energies that are to be a means for showing them what they have done and provide them a way to make a needed forgiveness to all. We are all one and there is a need to secure such an acknowledgement from those who so swiftly used their advantages to rule in such an unforgiving and unkempt manner.
    Humanity is soon to come together and share the wonders that are full consciousness!

    Today, we have shown you what is happening in the Heavens and on this world to shift us all from the tyranny of a dark realm to the joys of one forged by the Light! We rejoice and wait for the Light to manifest its wonder upon this realm. As Masters of the Light, we wait in joy for this new day! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

  10. Time to come to the Table -Openly with Full Transparency
    Posted on April 4, 2013 by D Breakingthesilence

    As you guys have probably noticed, I don’t post “channellings” usually. This is a choice I made way back when I first started RTS. Now, because I don’t post them doesn’t mean that I don’t read them. I know that many people think that they are bunk ramblings of crazy people, but the fact is that they actually contain a lot of important information- even if it’s only to see what the “wizards” and so called “divines” are up to.

    I have been following Shelden’s messages for a long time because I know that they really do originate with the Galactics- or at least, with the Galactics that are involved with certain “divine” wanna bes and the military here on Earth. Take note of that, because not all the Galactics (for lack of a better term) are involved in these actions or with these groups.

    I am posting this information because it’s an important piece of the puzzle. The time has come for OPEN discussion. I sent a message up through my contacts to the Pleiadian faction three galactics to open the door to fully transparent discussions. Their non-response was a lead up to this weeks message from Shelden.

    To quote Heather: I do NOT consent!!

    To our Galactic brothers and sisters: Open discussion is the only option. Face to face, in full transparency with Absolute data on the table. In the past week other groups have come forward to arrange meetings, and if you wish to move forward, then you will do the same.

    NOW is the time of FULL Transparency and ABSOLUTE Data. The Experiment is over and the time of everyone bumbling around the stage blindfolded is at an end. If you wish to move forward with everyone here on this lovely blue planet, then you will meet with us as EQUALS and we will all share our knowledge with each other in the open with complete transparency. Anything less than that is not acceptable.

    We are ALL ETERNAL ESSENCE EMBODIED- You are, We are, and even those that you try to cast into damnation are. We are EQUAL in all things. There is no hierarchy among EQUALS, There is no lesser or greater. There is no higher or lower. Your own people are figuring that out.

    I send this message with Love.



    From Sheldon Nidles update:
    we are as well setting up the scenario for how your global governance morphs into the one that we have been describing to you.

    Our friends have thus given us the weapons to push this governance from power and replace it with a temporary one that can set the stage for what are indeed fair elections, and governance that is true to your real needs!interesting….

    Added to this is a system of special global trusts that are under the auspices of Quan Yin in the East and Count Saint Germain in the West.
    These immense financial organizations intend to release funds that are to permit the setting up of a new financial system.

    Heathers response:
    This system has been secretly hammered out by a group of individuals who are the individuals?…what is the system?….why the secrets?

    From Sheldon Nidles update:
    “a group of individuals tied to policies that are to bring an end to the present illegal banking system and allow for a permanent prosperity to manifest across your globe.”

    Heathers response:
    what are the policies? how are they tied to the policies? This new reality is to be enforced by a world-wide disclosure that is to lead to the arrest and detention of the leaders and minions of this dark cabal.

    I thought they previously and repeatedly reported that arrests and detentions have ALREADY happened…that they left clones/holographic representatives in their place so as not to freak “the people” out.

    From Sheldon Nidles update:
    Our point here is simply that once Heaven so directs us, the reality that you have lived under is most dramatically to go away.

    Heathers response:
    Heaven is Earth/Gaia…all of eternal essence’s universe that reside within eternal essence….all these separations, divisions….dark cabal vs. light workers…secret allies vs. dark cabal…positive military vs. dark cabal/minions…ascended masters vs. those “we help to ascend/activate”…STOP…NO…I DO NOT CONSENT TO SEPARATION…all are one…all eternal essence embodied absent limit, dimension, level, condition, exception, judgment, and border….

    I DO what I BE…eternal essence embodied…transparently absent secrets absent judgment

    I cancel “versus”…I cancel the label “Powers that Were/BE”…I cancel all separations and divisions…I PAY ENERGY AND ATTENTION TO ETERNAL ESSENCE CONSCIOUS that is within each of its embodiments….TURN ON! WAKE UP! BE AND DO WHAT YOU BE! (heart)

    From Sheldon Nidles update:
    Added to this is a system of special global trusts that are under the auspices of Quan Yin in the East and Count Saint Germain in the West.

    Heathers response:

    From Sheldon Nidles update:
    This new realm is to be the Loving environment that is to set the stage for your final journey back to full consciousness. This path is to be travelled by you with mentors who are to instruct you in the wonders of full consciousness.

    Heathers response:

    From Sheldon Nidles update:
    They have a final grand moment that is simply permitting them to display the total disregard they inwardly possess for each of you.

    Heathers response:

    From Sheldon Nidles update:
    This last show of power is written on the Creator’s “blackboard” and demonstrates why they are to be thrown en masse into the dustbins of history.

    Heathers response:
    SOME ONE(S) SERIOUSLY HAVE ISSUES READING “Creator’s ‘blackboard’ (chuckle)….or they are fabricating/manipulating what is written there….the original MESSAGE WRITTEN IS….all that IS, BE eternal essence…all that IS, BE eternal essence embodied.


    From Sheldon Nidles update:
    They are thus to be found guilty of these various heinous acts and are to be incarcerated within a special series of energies that are to be a means for showing them what they have done and provide them a way to make a needed forgiveness to all.

    Heathers response:
    eternal essence…DO’ing? eternal essence…”ascended”? Mastered? BE’ing?

    Eternal essence IS;

    All value that IS, IS eternal essence;

    All that IS embodied, IS eternal essence;

    All that IS, IS eternal essence;

    Eternal essence’s universe IS eternal essence;

    Any and all existences that ARE, ARE eternal essence’s universe;

    All records BE eternal essence;

    Eternal essence IS Absolute Light;

    Eternal essence IS Absolute Love;

    Eternal essence IS Absolute Truth;

    Eternal essence IS Absolute;

    From Sheldon Nidles update:
    We are all one and there is a need to secure such an acknowledgement from those who so swiftly used their advantages to rule in such an unforgiving and unkempt manner.

    Heathers response:
    how are we all one with all the separation, division, and judgment that was written up to this point?

    From Sheldon Nidles update:
    Today, we have shown you what is happening in the Heavens and on this world to shift us all from the tyranny of a dark realm to the joys of one forged by the Light!

    Heathers response:
    how are we all one? TRANSPARENCY NOW!

    : Heather, why don’t they “get it” yet? if they are so “ascended” why are they so dense…? what gives? it’s just getting silly now…..isn’t it? I love you so very much (heart)
    [7:52:19 AM] Pete Lysohirka: [5:17:59 AM] Jarrafusa: I love you too Steph!!!! the final moments of illusion and deception shaking out…SHINE THAT LOVE AND COMPASSION FROM WITHIN OUT TO ALL OF THEM…for they are learning the lesson they designed for them self and asked us to play a role in…are role is anchored in BE’ing eternal essence embodied and DO’ing what we BE…their lesson was to learn that they are no better or less than any other embodiment…that all are eternal essence…the journey and arrival is an illusion because we always BE eternal essence…the ascension to higher dimensions and frequencies is an illusion because we always BE absolute frequency, eternal essence


    This question is from the chat:Steph
    Heather, why don’t they “get it” yet? if they are so “ascended” why are they so dense…?

    Heathers response: *side note: this was actually my response, lol*
    yes, hmmmmmmm>>>>>> if they are sooooooooo ascended? (chuckle)

    (highfive) Heather on R & R

    Heathers response:
    (heart)rant and rock (rock)…with absolute love and peace
    Jarrafusa: (rock)
    how are we all one with all the separation, division, and judgment that was written up to this point?

    (*) we are all One in side this seperation loop which keeps us from BEing WHOLE … as long as we keep comminucating using the grammar which is all about division through contractions…we will feel the sting of seperation….. Heather we all can start by saying YES I WILL SPEAK MY HEARTS ETERNAL ESSENCE LANGUAGE NOW … (Nidle was just played)

  11. Awesome video DW, just wish the lion wasw not locked down.
    Here is mikes latest update

    4-5-13: Just in From Mike!
    Hi Friends,
    I have been overwhelmed by your kind comments and best wishes since my stroke. Fortunately I have only experienced a very mild heart attack, in fact I was unaware that I had one., but it has left me with the virtual loss of sight in one eye. Otherwise I am unscathed and understand my sight may come back. I have lost partial memory in respect of using the computer but that will come back with use and practice. My memory is otherwise still very good, and I expect to get it back in due course. I am continuing with my Radio Programs and will see how it goes, but I do not expect much difficulty.
    I am obviously having to adjust to a slightly easier way of life, and in fact because I can no longer drive a car I am having to alter my life style. But I am still able to contribute to the Light, and hope to be able to continue as usual. I will have to see how it works out.
    Thank you for all of your wishes for a healthy return to a normal life.
    In Love and Light, Mike Quinsey.
    Please note; this is a One-way List, so Do Not

  12. I would think that Salusa and company would help Mike in these kinds of situations.
    cany they at least put him in some sort of healing chamber while he sleeps.

    • I think at this time the “paradigm” is that they are in the process of kicking the baby birds (us) out of the nest, as it were. As I understand it, the intent was never to have Mike be their sole representative. This is not to say that they will do away with Mike once he has outlived his usefulness! But rather, they will be working towards giving those who wish to connect directly more and more reasons to do so (or more and more reasons to stop putting it off…). This is my own interpretation from messages I’ve read, both here and in other places, as well as from my own feeling on this. In crisis comes opportunity. Mike is going to be seeing all this through to its natural conclusion. I’m guessing those healing chambers could be useful for the “spiritual” attacks he might receive as a result of his unique position.

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