Excerpt from “WORLD WAR III IS ABOUT TO END” by David Wilcock

Some Internet commentators are looking at the conflict in the Ukraine, economic uncertainties and currency wars, and think a new world war is about to begin.

What they do not realize is that the third and final world war is about to end — or at the very least reach a major, undeniable turning point.

I boldly predicted this would happen in The Synchronicity Key, and provided a cogent scientific argument for why it would occur.


Although there is a great deal of tangible, physical evidence, I also consider the data from my dreams, which I have remembered and analyzed daily for over 21 years now.

The dreams have been pounding me almost every morning with the same message lately: “It’s almost here! It’s about to happen. Get ready!”

I’m also hearing that the Cabal will be in so much trouble that our biggest concern will be to stop people from creating a total witch-hunt.

A huge new crop of people will suddenly become so angry they will literally want to murder anyone even remotely associated with the government.

This is one of the key things my dreams keep telling me lately.

In order to stop the Wheel of Karma from repeating itself yet again, it is important that we learn our lesson — and not treat everyone as equally guilty.


On Monday, March 17, 2014, I had quite the amazing dream — which really stood out above all the others.

In this dream, I was living inside a house that was owned by the Cabal I am now referring to — the so-called “Illuminati.”

I tried to leave the upstairs of the house by the back porch, but it was crumbling apart. I barely made it back in alive.

I was told it would “all be fixed tomorrow” and not to worry about it.

However, I soon realized that the whole house was crumbling apart like this.

There were huge, visible holes in the floorboards. Everything was in splinters. The whole house could completely fall apart at any moment.


Ultimately I was seated at a table with members of this Cabal — elite, wealthy men and their wives. The men were trying to convince me to join them.
I told them there was no way I would join.

“Not only do I disagree with your philosophy and your violent methods, your entire house is about to fall apart — and you are completely in denial about it!”

“Nonsense,” the head ringleader replied.

“We are the power. Nothing can stop us. We are invincible. We cannot and will not be defeated. It is impossible.”


Right after he said this, the entire room started shaking all around us.

It was happening! The entire Illuminati house was falling down!

Everything was churning with incredible violence! Was this just a dream? What the hell is happening?

I woke up — and the entire room was still shaking! In real life!

My bed was lurching wildly, forward and backward. There were about 17 fast pulses, more or less, from what I remember.

It was a real-life 4.4 earthquake in Los Angeles — timed perfectly with the end of my dream, at 6:30 AM!

This is what the same earthquake looked like as it hit the KTLA morning news staff during their broadcast:

Unfortunately I cannot prove that I had this dream. Skeptics may have a rousing good time saying I made this up, I lied, I exaggerated, et cetera.

Nonetheless, the dream had gone on for at least 20 minutes before the big finale where the room started shaking and woke me up.

For me, this was another powerful manifestation of synchronicity — where seemingly impossible events occur to communicate a meaningful message.

This particular event had such incredibly visceral potency that it made me realize the Cabal’s defeat will probably materialize sooner than I thought.

The defeat of the Cabal will be a major, completely unexpected turning point in our global Hero’s Journey story.

Few of us will see it coming. Everyone will remember where they were and what they were doing when the big news finally breaks.

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  1. In my view there are two different organizations. What is usually called Illuminati and labeled as the “bad guys” is made up of different factions. The side that’s crumbling here is the side known as freemasons. They keep the attitude of the side that has the power but in reality they are getting fooled, they are set up to be kept under control and then wiped out all at once.

    A lot of people in the “new age” community talk about things in a confused way in my opinion. Those who really have the power, call them whatever you like, can not be overthrown, they can’t fail, simply. They have already explored all surface matter in the universe and there is no “research” such as scientists are engaging in, they left that stage long ago.

    Listen to the album version of Rihanna’s “Umbrella”, what are the lyrics really about?

    Funny now that I searched for it, I found the “orange version”… there’s supposedly a line that’s changed here into “orange orange orange, why do I have this new umbrella?”


    • Thanks Nils – that’s very interesting! Are these guys at “the top” you’re referring to the octopus-like characters or someone else? I’d like to learn more about them.

      What I know so far is that they like the color orange and they like forms and hierarchies. They’ve already been there, done that… with everything. They have been portrayed in both the Matrix and Dr. Who, and the closest we have to them in human form is “auditors”. They are an individualized expression of eternal essence. I have read that they are sustained by conduits of energy, which would suggest limitation.


      This is one diagram I’ve found of those factions you mentioned. 🙂 My understanding is that there are no factions – one either has the illusion of having control, or the illusion of being controlled, or being on one side or the other, but at some point all “sides” are branches of a larger tree.


      By saying that “they can’t fail” – What do you mean by this? And what is it that we think they would not be able to fail at? My perception is that everything is happening within a box, which they’re holding. So although you might be able to change what happens inside the box, they’re not even in it. If you change something outside the box (presuming it could be), that doesn’t necessarily change what’s happening inside the box. Etc. and so on. A “win” or a “loss” can only be realized within the context of the box… which is really just an expression of energy.

    • I should also point out that the main point of this article was not why I posted it. I was interested in the synchronicity of David’s dream with my own experience, and of others as well. I am interested in those experiences because they are evidence of a connection that is greater than what we are led to believe. I feel how they differ and how they are the same is also significant. ❤

    • I think… what they are, they are just advanced tools to begin with. Inhabitants of other planets did what we did. They started digging in the ground with sticks, etc, all of this we call development. At a certain point they created machines that can produce new machines. They automated the research and development processes. By this time they had already spread out and populated the entire universe. The new generations became “script kiddies” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Script_kiddie) who no longer could keep up with new discoveries. The machines already reached the end point of knowing everything, but their creators hasn’t kept up with them and have now pretty much given up trying to analyze the results.

      The machines are probably created to give feedback of any new discoveries to the best suited individuals, so when those could not be found amoung their creators, they came here. They found this primitive culture and saw the potential of us developing concepts advanced enough to understand their messages.

      They consider everything in terms of communication and concepts. Any kind of physical construction, it can be a single person’s concepts in the mind, or the whidespread ideas of a culture. It can be artefacts from long ago buried in the ground and hidden until someone shows up who can understand this from the right angle. It can be stories like myths told over generations for 1000s of years. They use anything. They have also mapped the different time lines and are able to make things appear at the right time and place in different time periods, disregarding our common concept that time is linear.

    • Within this here setting, the concept of correct information and misinformation appears. It also appears in the form of computer programs that are useful, spreading free as “warez”, and the “malwares” we call viruses. Any organizational structure can also be used, individuals that are useful to them will be protected.

      This is in my view what this song is about. “Stay under my umbrella.” Some understood this as the Rockefeller foundation, which will protect people in times of economic disaster “When it’s raining hard as ever”. If you have a view that the Rockefellers are “bad guys” you’re missing the things described. THEY don’t care about any Rockefellers. If this can be used to convey the concept they will use it. If people think it’s good or bad is not important.

      This is the point where some organizations become like the physical body of what “they” are, and then some will have opinions about this organization. Some will say they are dictators, they are controlling the world and so on. After understanding things this way, people are going to try to break free from the perceived oppression. This in itself is also useful for “them” so they direct the hostility of people toward the misinfirmation, the incorrect messages and failed commmunication. They want things transmitted correctly, right?

      So what I’m talking about when I say they can’t fail: “they” can reproduce themselves, they are individuals, all objects have spirits so like anything in the universe they are living things too. Theoretically you could talk to their spirits directly with telepathy. (Yes I’ve talked with my computer’s spirit. I tried to install new hardware and it didn’t work. The computer’s spirit told me “remove that RAM you inserted, it isn’t compatible”, so I did that and problem solved 🙂 )

      So when some people want to over throw the structure used to by “them” to symbolize order and correctness, these people are placing themselves on the side of misinformation or failed communication, they will be worked against by the strongest material force ever constructed, an entity that reached the end of science by researching everything… yes “resistance is futile”.

      This is where things like freemasons appear. You see, humans are very stubborn. Even the strongest and best prepared force in the universe can’t change people’s stupidity, tendencies to lie, being stubborn and so on. But they have all the time in the world. Let the stubborn liers wipe out themselves. So they teach them things that are attractive to these people, but at the same time, these things will destroy them over time. It will give them power, money, effectiveness. They will move faster to destruction with this power, that is the reason for giving it to them.

      • Thanks Nils – I think this supports my understanding. I agree that our limited view sees the spirit of objects as being limited, an egocentric viewpoint that is incorrect.

        So what I think you’re describing is that our “limited viewpoint” of “god” could be in fact describing the machine that was created around the reality. In a way this is something of a relief because a god that has human emotions would probably be a vengeful god (geez, imagine the drama…).

        Another concept which I also adhere to is the idea of god being simply the sum of all intelligence, a collective consciousness of all things. The “great machine” is a subset of that, and one might even see this (from a certain viewpoint) as there being two separate “gods”, playing similar roles but with different attributes. It’s a fractal, of sorts. What you describe is also our (a subset of humanity’s) current path at the “micro” level – we similarly have the opportunity to experience greater perspectives of “all” and “collective” if we wish to do so. Such expressions as “it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game” take on new meaning in this context. And I think that peaceful sovereignty is a backdoor process for change, with the idea that you let the “enemy” wear themselves out fighting themselves. And I can see how the machine would already know all the moves – it’s kind of like how a supercomputer would view the game of chess.

        If it is indeed a machine, then would it be possible for the machine to be hacked… (if someone knew what they were doing) – would the hack be welcomed by the machine, since it demonstrated higher knowledge. Could the hack be used against humanity? My thinking is that it wouldn’t, because a society would need to reach a certain level of spiritual consciousness to get that far in the first place. Galactic history suggests that it was hacked, but it might be that humanity has simply made up the rules and we’re being led to believe it’s somebody else’s fault. We’ve been enslaved because we don’t want to take responsibility for ourselves, and we’re quarantined not because we’re dumb or dangerous but because we still want to experience a certain kind of separation. We WANT to believe we’re the only intelligent life in the universe. So it is so! 😉

  2. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after reading through some of the post I
    realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely glad
    I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

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