To Believe in Faeries

Wonderful Works of Spirit

From the age of four to six, I lived in the Ozark Mountains. At night when the lights went off, I would often see my room fill with faeries, flitting and shining in the darkness. There were so many of them they frightened me and I would shut my eyes and pull the covers over my head…but I could still see them! They looked like little people with wings. I told my mother, and she simply said that they would not hurt me so to not be afraid of them. She did not tell me it was my imagination.

In my adult life as a source translator (akashic reader and channel), I have been enlightened to the fact that devic nature spirits will often present to us in the form we understand best. So for me as a small child it was like the faeries in storybooks.

If the images in the…

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  1. Thanks Babajij, I have a couple of them taken up residence in my abode, so this is timely info. One named Amariss (female), the other Alisthere (male). They seem “wise”, and teenager-ish, but they don’t seem to do very much (and I’m not saying they should!). They look a lot like the gelflings from the Dark Crystal.

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