Dream 17 May 2014: A Starship Visit?

I am Arachanaï


Before I went to sleep I expressed my intention to visit the star ships of my star sisters and brothers. Even though I don’t remember visiting there are some clues found in the dream. Also I don’t remember much of the dream either. So if someone has a clue…please share.   😀

I am wanted by the police and they are chasing me. (Don’t know what I am wanted for) So I was chased by the police and find myself in the city, standing in front of a very tall glass skyscraper. My kids are inside and I go inside to protect them. They are very small and put them in a size of a toothpaste box to keep them save and put them on a ledge.

Just for a moment my perceptions changes and find myself in the toothpaste box with a little window cut out. I am yelling…

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Dream 12 May 2014: Heavenly Experience

I am Arachanaï

scan0002 This the moment in the dream where I saw myself two times from different angles.

I find myself in it seems heaven, or it feels that way. It feels amazing. I find myself standing on clouds and there seems to be a mirror effect as I can see myself standing in heavenly light. It appears I am quite younger there, around 20 years old. The light that exists out of different sets of light; there is yellow, orange/pink and white light, it reminds me of my safe place. There is a path going to her.

Now I find myself in those little bumper cars that you use when there is a fair and it is riding on some train tracks around this scene above. So as we go around, I am now 39 years old and I see myself standing 26 years old looking at me in the heavenly light…

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