Thought Experiment

Ben Naga


Unthinking thinking
Tears me apart
Being a being, a player
Taking a part
Gamely playing a part
In the play of doing

At interval time
Unthinking all thinking
Seeing my own doing
Without owning a thing
Watching one body
Nobody now
No longer apart

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The Light Collective: On Self-Acceptance

Blue Dragon Journal

Skagit Tulips

The Light Collective: On Self-Acceptance

We are the Light Collective. Greetings, dear ones!

We have come today to address the issue of self-acceptance. It is quite endearing to us that you are so resistant to coming into full acceptance of yourself, as you are now, as you will be and as you have always been in your full multidimensionality.

To view yourself as being only a body or even a consciousness separate from everything around you is to continue to live in illusion, dear ones. For you are parts of the Whole and have always been so, even if you were not always aware of this fact of existence.

We understand that you have been conditioned to look outside of yourself for verification on how you should approach questions and circumstances that arise during the course of your daily life. And we are sure that some of you are now…

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