A journey to the light: Feilla’s Story (2013)

I am Arachanaï

All pictures are copyrighted by Feilla. She made those pictures during her journey of light.

(*PD =Paranormal Detector. As I writing the story some words came.)

Everybody is on a different path, but this is a journey of a woman, who courageously ( PD*1515) went on a journey to the light.

This journey started when I saw a similar picture of the hanging garden of Marqueyssac in South-West of France as the one Feilla took below. And I could feel an exciting and at the same time a mysterious feeling coming from this picture.


©2013 Feilla

There is some history about these gardens.

 The hanging gardens of Marqueyssac are unique gardens suspended high above the Dordogne River on a rocky outcrop. They are set in the grounds of the 17th century Chateau de Marqueyssac and are classified among the Notable Gardens of France by the Committee of Parks and Gardens…

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Dream 8 April 2014 : Come Home

I am Arachanaï

come home

Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne

Some friends and I are building a school for children who have special gifts. We are renovating an old monastery. A big truck comes with a lot of broken stuff but we don’t care as we can fix it as good as new. We are in the section of were the girls will be staying, the walls are pink and in every room there is a bunk bed.

Then we come together in the lobby of the new school and we got a speech from our new school director (it feels like it is Troy). He also tells us to be careful not to get lost in this very big building.

I find myself now in a big room with big windows and I am looking out on a beautiful landscape. I concentrate myself on the sky and suddenly out of nowhere I see a lot…

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Dream 7 May 2014

I am Arachanaï

Source picture: www.dominica-weekly.com

There was a contest to take as much clothes as you want from the clotheslines and then it would be yours. So I see a lot of people grabbing clothes, also me I have a pile of clothes next to my feet. But then I don’t feel so good so I have to lie down onto the grass. I can’t breathe and feel like I am going to die. The people around me were also thinking I was dying, but instead of helping me, they ran to my pile of clothes to take them. I stood up and chased them away, that it was no manners to do this.

I lie down again and I am feeling worse. A man comes along and tells me he can help me heal. He performs a kind of exorcism and I feel myself floating in the air and saying such…

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Dream 4 May 2014 : Changing Dimensions

soul body

Before I went to sleep I had the strangest feeling that came in waves and waves. I knew then something big was happening. The room didn’t feel as usual as it became bigger and bigger. I felt myself going bigger and bigger and instead of going into fear and told myself to go with the flow.  The dimensions change; I felt my spirit going across this dimension bridge, merging with this androgen spirit, which was also a facet of me.  I really felt like I was an engineer on this super big mother ship. I felt like I was one with the ship and I just could see in my mind if there was something out of balance I could fix  it.  Then the waves are coming and coming and kept on coming and felt myself ascend. Again the room got bigger and bigger and I got hotter and hotter. My whole body was so hot.

In the dream I found myself standing in a landscape were there was lot of ruins and we captured one of the big bad gods in stone and put the feet in concrete, surround by bullet proof glass. But this bad god managed to break free but I can stop him from escaping, by pressing a button.

The dream changes and I just came back from a big trip (probably to the mother ship) and I meet some people and friends who asked me to go on a shorter trip. So I find myself packing my bags again. (PD Orange) This was the first in ever that I felt that I am going to ascend as a family.


PD (Paranormal Detector)