A journey to the light: Feilla’s Story (2013)

I am Arachanaï

All pictures are copyrighted by Feilla. She made those pictures during her journey of light.

(*PD =Paranormal Detector. As I writing the story some words came.)

Everybody is on a different path, but this is a journey of a woman, who courageously ( PD*1515) went on a journey to the light.

This journey started when I saw a similar picture of the hanging garden of Marqueyssac in South-West of France as the one Feilla took below. And I could feel an exciting and at the same time a mysterious feeling coming from this picture.


©2013 Feilla

There is some history about these gardens.

 The hanging gardens of Marqueyssac are unique gardens suspended high above the Dordogne River on a rocky outcrop. They are set in the grounds of the 17th century Chateau de Marqueyssac and are classified among the Notable Gardens of France by the Committee of Parks and Gardens…

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5 comments on “A journey to the light: Feilla’s Story (2013)

  1. God, I cannot but cry after reading this again. You not only brought me these very “fruits,” but also made this log so elaborate that I could not imagine at all. I have definitely a follow-up to add. Please wait…My dearest sister. No words are sufficient to express my appreciation to you to all these amazing grace. (((HUGS))), Feilla

    • Hi my sweet sister, when I was editing this story of yours to fit my blog and as I was thinking of you, my paranormal detector said “sister-in-law”, looks like my guides are saying that we are sisters.

      The reason I published this journey is because in a way, I took this journey with you.

      Love you so much sister

  2. What an amazing journey you both had thank you for sharing Lisa and Feilla ❤ it was beautiful

    • Thanks Elizabeth, it was an amazing journey. But of all the waves and energies going on, we only managed to take out the story now.

      Love Lisa

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