SaLuSa ~ 7-March-2012

More of you are beginning to believe that the changes are becoming significant, and the details are there for those who are prepared to search for them. After several disappointments a stage has now been reached where events have moved on, to a point where the dark Ones cannot stop or reverse what is happening. Their days are numbered and they face the embarrassment of losing their position and wealth. Often both have been gained through bribery and corruption, and for them the unspeakable is happening. Not only are they being forced to give up their position but to lose their ill gotten gains. Justice will be meted out according to their crimes, and a valuable lesson will have been learnt. They are treated no less or differently to any other soul, and will make good the damage they done.

Not a single thing is missed when you review each lifetime, and not a single thing can be hidden. Everything will be seen and understood exactly for the reasons it occurred, and if necessary for clarity you will re-live aspects once again. That extends to everyone you have involved in your life, and naturally when the time arrives they will also experience a similar recall. If you have guilty secrets now you are best advised to forgive yourself, as no one else can do that for you. That way you will avoid self punishment which is unnecessary, as each experience is considered as bringing a lesson for you. Get on with your life and make sure you do not repeat the same mistakes again, as you can be sure you will be tested again. Karma can be cleared within the same life that it took place, although most is normally carried forward and comes about in a future lifetime.

We have previously mentioned that there is a Law of Grace that can be used to release you from Karma, and it will come into being more so as you approach the end time. In fact out of all your lives your present one will see more instant Karma, as you will not carry it forward with you to Ascension. So Dear Ones, pay heed to your experiences and if they are for your evolution learn what they have to tell you. Some Lightworkers have already gone beyond the point where their lives have any more lessons for them. They already have two feet on the Ascension time line, and have raised their consciousness levels and cut their links to the lower vibrations. You will instinctively know what they are, and can ask for help if you have any difficulty in clearing them. You often argue with yourself against giving up something you enjoy, even if it is harmful to your physical being and spiritually unacceptable. Addictions can be hard to control, but when you have a firm intent to overcome them you will succeed.

It is not only a bad diet that is damaging to your body but also abuse resulting from bad habits, and the negative energies created by bad language and music that is discordant. The disturbances they cause can open you up to illness both physical and mental if you persist. Your body has remarkable healing powers that take over once you choose a different pathway in life. Ascension is getting so close and it is wise to assess exactly what you want, and how you are going to achieve it. It is your choice, so decide what you wish to do and work towards it.

Sound has an important place in your lives, and you are surrounded by such a cacophony of different ones and some are beyond your sense of hearing. Therefore your choice of music has a great bearing on how you feel. Pure sounds as you might imagine are very beneficial, and carry healing qualities which is why they are used for therapeutic reasons. Your main chakras are a series of energy centers from your Root Chakra up to your Crown Chakra, and according to their condition you will enjoy a health or illness. Sound can bring them into balance or distort them along with the glands behind them, which is detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Sound can destroy or even kill, it is that powerful and sometimes used as a weapon in war.

In the higher dimensions discordant sounds do not exist, and you are surrounded by energies that are balanced and beautiful. They uplift your finer body and the soul, and it can be described as a sensual experience. Ask anyone who has been into the astral realms known as the Summerland what it is like, and they will inevitably tell you that you are surrounded by an energy that is peaceful and of love. Yet that is what you call the 4th. density, and when you ascend you are going even higher to the 5th. density. Can you therefore get a feel of what that must be like, and is it no wonder that souls are reluctant to leave such levels. You cope with the lower vibrations of Earth because you have got used to them, but by contrast to the higher ones they are heavy and difficult to control. However, you have become the masters at working in them, and everyone of you are to be highly commended.

Not all of us in the Galactic Federation have passed through the human experience. We are therefore extremely interested in you and how you handle yourselves. The fact that you are given help, does not take away your fantastic achievement in overcoming the pull of the lower energies. You are powerful Beings proving just how clever you are at dealing with the dark Ones. One day in the future even they will marvel at your amazing powers to overcome whatever they have thrown at you. Your collective experiences will be kept in the Hall of Records for all to see and learn from them.

Ascension will not only be a welcome break from the challenges of duality, but a change of life to one that is most rewarding and joyful. It will be something you will take to quite naturally, as it is what you were used to before you left the higher realms. The illusion that you lived on Earth will have passed by, but not without having expanded your levels of consciousness. All experiences will have contributed to your overall understanding of the lower vibrations. That does not mean that you need to be fully conscious of them, but only the lessons learnt.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can confirm what you are learning right now from a number of different sources, that a major venture is well underway to remove those who stand in the way of progress. Our activities are also being stepped up to support our allies, and our love goes with you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Hi everyone.
    Thank you Salusa and Mike.
    Suntria, it’s Love at work indeed. The things are more calm today.
    Much Love to all.

  2. Thank you, SaLuSa, thank you Sun and KP
    Konstantinos,many people were feeling uncomfortable yesterday as far as I could follow…headaches, high blood pressure , nervousness and other symptoms …I think this is due to the purer Logos energy directed towards the Earth

    • Oh yes, Tauno, totally! My head yesterday was very weird, sometimes aching, sometimes just feeling pressure… I’ve learned that it’s best to just breathe deeply and not pay much attention to it 😉

      • Exactly, dear Sun! We should just Be and this is both the simplest and the most complicated state at the same time 🙂 Love and Light, dear friend…the other decision is Joy and appreciation and gratitude and in fact when you feel that You Are the Joy comes naturally!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you all 🙂 peaceful energy… Funny thing is, we have clouds here today… Fluffy white, cottony ones, after 2+ days of nada in the sky (except orbs)… 😉
    I have t read all the morning’s messages, but Lisa and Steffie; have we heard how everyone fared with the cyclone?

    • oh gosh, so sorry Les and everyone else who sent us blessings and protection! we caught the “tail” of the cyclone, which they then downgraded to a “tropical storm”. It did a fair amount of damage up north, and a number of people around here were also affected, but NOTHING like what had been forecast. So blessings and gratitude to all of you who were instrumental in turning Cyclone Irina away!!

      They are saying that it may be back again from tomorrow, but we shall see. We had solid rain from last Saturday evening until Monday morning and it was a bit scary for a while, let’s hope she stays away!


    • Hi Leslee,

      The cyclone is only affecting KZN and the region of Durban, that is 7 hours drive away from us. But we did get heavy rain and thunder yesterday afternoon and again in the evening. So maybe it is some affects of the storm. But all is well here in Johannesburg. Thanks for the concern Leslee.

      Wish you Light and love, my sister

  4. A large number of chemtrails over here today… giving permission to the syphs to deal with them…

    It occurred to me that the body / mind / spirit triangle template that can be applied to personal development can also be applied to Gaia. Because humanity is a part of this complex, as we improve ourselves we also help Gaia.

    Body – a process of cleanup needs to take place, but this applies not only to trash pickup but also the approach humanity takes to their environment. This has already improved over the last several years.

    Mind – collective consciousness, maybe includes everything on the planet?

    Spirit – it sounds from most messages that this is already at a fairly high level… that Gaia is uplifted by any and all efforts to improve other areas.

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    Wake up Call: Adama, March 07, 12

    I am Adama from Telos, Inner Earth. I come today to add to what has already been said through you. It is time now to get down to business, and the first order of such is that you all take a moment and take a breath of clear fresh air. You can do that no matter what the air is like around you. Take a deep breath, and while holding it take the moment to bless your life and what it has brought you. In that moment the air around you will purify and take on the blessings that you hold within yourself. In that moment there will be a new beginning for you and it will be laden with love and new promise for your life.

    As we prepare to come to the surface even more than we have been, we are seeing that there are more and more of you who are in the midst of clearing out what has been in storage for so long. We are allowing you the time to clear out enough of it to be able to think for yourselves and make decisions based on what you know to be truth, and what you welcome back to your sense of well-being.

    I speak now through Nancy because it is time for her to realize why she is here in Mt Shasta. It is time for her to bring messages forth to the community of where she lives, and to the community of the rest of the planet. I will be speaking through her, as well as will Horus and Hatonn, and various others. We are all here at this time to deliver information and glad tidings through many of you on the planet. As we do so we bring with the information plenty of love and truth that can be regarded as the keys to your new-found freedom.

    There are so many ways in which you are seeing that you have lost so much of your freedom. There are also many of the youth on the planet who have no idea what freedoms they have lost, for they have not experienced them in their present lifetime. They will be learning from you who know what it is to be able to walk the roads unencumbered by signs telling you what to do and what not to do. They will realize as they watch you take back your freedom what it is to walk through life in a loosely regarded way. This may seem strange and even against the laws of life for them, until they walk in those shoes and see how wonderful it can feel, once they have stepped out of the fear of the consequences should they disobey the laws.

    I am not suggesting that you all go out and flagrantly go against what has been set in place as laws. I am merely suggesting that every one of you do what you can to follow the laws of life. I am saying that for the time being it is wise to follow what is termed right, and to then see what feels good and free and what does not. That will give you all the idea of what to walk forward toward in a knowing way. What is it that tells you that it is against the laws of nature and your inner strength? What can you do to receive that back in your life? Realize that as you do this, as you discern from within, you will be opening the doors to turning around the steps that have been taken to secure your imprisonment on this planet you call home. Then it is up to you to seek the next step from within and go forward in being able to peacefully and with love re-establish the freedom to live your life on this planet in the way that eases you all into the harmony that is inherent within.

    I am telling you now that we are here to assist you with this. We speak through many wonderful messengers, and as we do we bring to you the insight that we have that can open doors for you. We are able to instill in you the knowledge that you have the ability to find within your own power the ability to stand in strength. You are able to claim you rights as beings of light and residents of this planet and the universe. You all are walking in that place, and you step through the divine dance of freedom in one way or another, in one dimension or another.

    We are here for you in every moment. Some of you will see us in a glance looking through your car windows as we pass by. Others will see us on your doorstep when you respond to a knock on your door. Still others will pass us in a store, or on a street, and cast a smile, returned to ours. We will be visiting many of you, and according to the readiness you have attained to recognize us, you will be able to communicate with us in a way that you are in place to do. We are ready for you to respond and we will give you all the love that we can muster in a glance, a long afternoon of talk, or anything in between.

    So, for now dear ones, we are in readiness to walk with you and to speak through many who are ready for their parts in this. We love you all so much! We are ready for the reunion and we will hug any of you who are ready for the recognition of the family embrace. Take a moment or two, or many, to stop and take a breath that revitalizes the air around you. Then in that next breath reach out and touch someone who comes along and smiles that knowing smile. No matter who it is, it will make a difference in their lives, and in yours. I leave you now to your day, and I sing your praises throughout existence.

    Thank you dear Adama,
    Love, Nancy Tate

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  6. A thousand thank you’s to Mike Quinsey and Salusa, to Greg Giles, to Wes Annec, to Laura Tyco, to Jean Haines and Benjamin Fulford, David icke and Ben Arion, Ute and Marilyn Raffaele and to the many others who are spreading the word and channeling vital information and supporting us spiritually and psychologically at this time of great change. My deepest appreciateion goes out to all, as I don’t know where we would be without all of you.

    Love xo

    BTW, when I get that nervous feeling for no reason, what helps me is I concentrate and remove any negative and nevous energy from my cells and atoms. I takes around 10 minutes but usuall works for me.
    DW, I thought about you when I seen our skies here. We also got the chemtrails going but the slyphs ar e our in full forec and now that I look out my window, it is blue skies YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Leslee, I gotta love thoswe cottony clouds and the last couple of years the coulds have changed and have become so much more magnificant than ever before. I hear a lot of people noticing this through these last couple of yeart.
    SM i feel ya and wow, i cant even think of all the beings, physical and in the spirit world who has helped me in this life. We really are all special and we deserve the help we get and I know i also spread the help to others.
    well, I am outta here for a nice peaceful night. have a great night everyone.

  8. Hi friends. Today, as it was getting darker outside, the atmosphere in my house turned into hell again. Just try to recall times of great intense, anger, dissapointment, desperation etc and I tried to keep on my Light. But while I was in my room I started suddenly to cry so hard that my whole body started shaking nervously…then my grand mother came in (she’s my closest ally and totally aware of the things we discuss here) and she was shocked, then started to laugh and cry the same time, I felt like a schizofrenic and my body and hands are still shaking…my mother later came in and apologised…the atmosphere now is calm again, but I don’t know for hw long. I try to remember that all these are part of the illusion, but at that time I couldn’t help myself and I experienced an inner imbalance, though that it did me some good, that kind of crying sometimes help…I am still trying to calm myself, but I am strong because I know that I’m not alone, that nothing is random and everything are for our Highest Good. Thank you for your posts and sending you all my Love.

    • Dear, Sweet Konstantinos! I have a feeling you’re experiencing something that I’ve run into a few times, with family, friends, and co-workers… Sometimes, the best way for us to “keep it together” is to “lose it”. That doesn’t make it easy or less painful, but it sounds to me like you needed to release some tension, and perhaps you released it for everyone in the house as well. It perhaps made visible what needs addressing, but no one wanted to talk about… ?
      The main thing is to remember that whatever you do, you are accomplishing your purpose with your family. simply be being there with them.
      Sending you all lots and lots of love and light! Sleep well!

    • Dear Konstantinos, I don’t know if you’re an empath like me (and even if you’re not!), the best advice I can give you, from a very personal view point, is to try to have a ‘compassionate detachment’. That means, you can’t help but feel the tension around you and you feel empathy for the people involved but allowing yourself to be in that pool of feelings will not help the situation. I know you want to help, that’s wonderful, but maybe you could try to look at the situation from another viewpoint: imagine it wasn’t happening with you, but with a friend of yours. What would you say to your friend?
      Try to step away a little from the whole situation and take a more ‘distanced’ look. Being in that hurricane of feelings will do very little good to you and… well, it doesn’t help the situation either.
      I’m not telling you *should* do this or that. It’s obviously your life and you know better. But when I was reading your words… well, it felt like someone was reading a page from my diary! I grew up in a home with lots of anger, frustration, yelling – and no sweet grandmother around the house. My best friend at those times was my walkman (gosh, I feel old now!). The reaction you had, crying and shaking, is very similar to the reactions I had while in the middle of yet another fight that had very little to do with me. But I felt all that rage and anger…
      Only very recently did I accept that it’s ok to protect myself (like placing a bubble of white light around me), that it doesn’t mean that I’m a bad person for not letting myself feel what people around me feel – I can still help them, but I don’t have to feel what they are feeling. And life became a lot easier, including being in crowded places! Of course, this didn’t happen overnight. My ‘supporting team’ (aka, my Higher Self/Angels/Guides) got me in hospital urgencies twice with a mysterious and incredibly painful dis-ease (it was sharp pain 24/7; painkillers made life more ‘bearable’ but I still had pain). Eventually I learned my lesson: protecting myself from feeling what other people feel doesn’t make me a bad person. I can actually help them better that way!
      Well, this was long! :mrgreen: I just wanted to help you! Stay cool and strong – oh, and give your grandmother a big hug for me! 😉
      ♥ ♥ ♥

    • My dear friend, I understand your situation well, I will suggest you quite efficient way to balance yourself so that to live peacefully at the eye of this storm around. Imagine that you are staying in a crystal structure resembling two pyramids – one upright and the other with its top downward, they form a structure with eight walls and you are in it. This is from Hathors, I practice it and it always works…I am sending to you this structure Now. If you like, take it
      Love and Light
      See the link

        • Thank you, dear Les 🙂
          Yes, it is a very efficient way for balancing emotions and to calm yourself in perfect balance. In fact the shape of the pyramid can work best with energies, it can heal, it can be used to transport energy and to gather energy. Meditating in a pyramid on a certain level of its height makes wonders indeed

    • Hi Konstantinos – I’m getting to this message about 24hrs after you posted it… I’m so sorry to hear what is happening, but reading the posts and responses below, I can only agree with everything they all say.

      I, too, am an empath, and it has taken me most of my 60 years to learn how to protect myself and remain objective… it is a very, very challenging thing to have to do. And, for so many years, I believed it was the right thing to do, to FEEL what others were feeling and experiencing. I did not begin to realise the damage it was doing to my own life.

      These days, I am finding it very much easier to just let things BE whatever they are, and to observe, and to just project Violet Light into the situation. I have finally learned to accept that these are OTHER PEOPLE’S lessons, not mine… It doesn’t mean I still don’t feel it, or even get upset at times, of course I do – I am in a human body, just as you are. But I now understand and accept the true meaning of Soul Contracts, and realise that all I can ever do “for” anyone else, is to just hold the space for them, be there for them as a shoulder to cry on, or as a sounding board, and not be attached to the outcome.

      You are blessed to have a grandmother like that, and blessed to have the wisdom you already have, at such a young age.

      I am beaming so much love and many blessings to all your family, throughout this time of “purging” – it is painful, but it is necessary.

      I love you.
      steffie x

  9. Clarification: When I say ‘try to recall times of anger etc etc’ is for you to understand how generally the atmosphere in my house was…I don’t wish and it doesn’t need to describe it further.

  10. Thank you dear Leslee. The truth is that I realised some tension for sure…much Love dear friend. Thank you for your Love and Light.

  11. I will dear Leslee, she’s very happy for all of you here. Much Love everyone and I wish you a good and peaceful night.

  12. Message from the Ashtar Command

    There are those of you who live on with but a portion of what others do. This will change. It is because of this change that those who control a vast percentage of your wealth have done all they can to block the implementation of your new financial system. They see these changes as a threat to the enormous amounts of wealth they have accrued over the years by bilking the people out of what is rightfully theirs. The amounts of this wealth, stolen from you, are staggering when one sees how little the people have been forced to live on.
    Even in developed countries such as the United States, the working-class lives on a fraction of what they are entitled under a system based on fairness. Many other countries have a very large percentage of their citizens living in poverty, as they have not been allowed to share in the natural wealth created by society. This will also change.
    There are many other means to running a fair economic system. The system chosen today, again by a few, was designed by those few individuals themselves in order to allow them to hoard untold fortunes while this pilfering continued unnoticed by as many of the population as was possible. Those with a voice who did speak up were silenced, as your media outlets were bought up by these racketeers as an important commodity of their many assets. Without the media informing the people that something was wrong, many naïvely believed everything was right. This is also changing, and it is changing because you, the people, have taken it upon yourselves to be your own voices and begin sharing this information between yourselves, with little help from mainstream media.
    Now that you have broken the ice, it is the people that are setting the agenda for the media, instead of the other way around. Some of your major media outlets will now be following your lead, and will begin to cover the events, once off-limits to them, of the important proceedings transpiring in, and above, your world today. This is the new way, and you will witness this for yourselves upon the coverage of the mass arrests of the members of your criminal organizations and their many associates. This will be your sign that these media companies are now free from the clutches of the dark ones, and will be able to continue to do what they were always meant to do, and that is to report the truth of the events of your world.
    Many of you are astutely noticing leaks of these arrests and proceedings related to these investigations, as the dyke is beginning to crumble and very soon will burst, releasing the floodgates of activity all around your planet. We, the Ashtar Command, will be closely monitoring this activity and we will make certain that no forces of any kind be permitted to interfere in any way with any of these arrests or related proceedings. We remain on alert, fully prepared to intervene upon any movement perceived as an attempt to intervene in any of these matters. We have the technology to remove any number of forces immediately from wherever it is they are located and relocate them to secure facilities where they will be held to face legal charges of their own. The forces yet aligned with the criminal Cabal have been forewarned of this inevitable conclusion if they attempt to interfere. We have made ourselves clear to them, and we will honor our word.
    Upon these many arrests, your society will immediately begin a restructuring from top to bottom of all governments throughout your world. The old ways of your outdated paradigm that have failed to effectively govern will be replaced with an advanced form of leadership. Under this leadership, the people of your world will be free to prosper and live their lives as truly free individuals, unchained from the doctrines of draconian rule.
    The changes will be rapid and they will be effective. No individuals as well will be permitted to interfere with any of these proceedings, and any attempt to do so will be met with swift action to remove them to secure facilities where they will begin a reeducation program. This is the way it must be. All will be free to speak out in protest of anything that they wish. Your people will enjoy the right of free speech and freedom of expression, and for many of you it will be the first time you will be able to do so.
    Your new leaders will initialize many new programs as soon as is possible to relieve the suffering and hardships of so many of your world. Those that are in most need of assistance will benefit first from these programs. That is the way it will be, and we feel many of you will express your wishes that this be so. What a joy it will be for many of you to finally see those who are most in need in your world receive the help they require. Many of you will be working with us and will see the joy on the faces of those receiving these blessings firsthand, and we are looking forward to doing our part to make all this possible.
    Please help us help you, by clearing the last obstacles to our arrival by continuing to spread the news of our presence in your skies. We wish to see representatives of this understanding throughout all of your world, and we see you making very positive strides towards this goal each and every day as not an hour goes by without this knowledge spreading to areas and to people that have never even considered these possibilities. For this, we are truly thankful to all that are participating in these efforts, and for your reward, a new Earth for each of you to begin your lives anew. This is what you are earning with your efforts today, and it will be soon that you shall receive your reward for a job very well done.
    Continue to lay the groundwork for these changes by making this information available for all to see who wish to see. This is all you can do for them, and we do not ask you to do anymore. It is important that as many as is possible be at least aware of these events as possibilities, whether they wish at this time to believe it will ever happen. This is all we intend, as it is not important for them to accept this information as fact. All will discover in due time that you spoke your truth. There will be no denying this.
    We are your Family of Light from the stars.

    As channeled through Greg Giles

  13. Multidimensional Update…

    **Mayan Ancient Alien Artifacts Revealed** 2012 03 07

    Mayan Secrets to Be Revealed by Mexican Government in ‘2012’ – Documentary – “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond”

    The Mexican government is releasing state-held secrets about the end of the Mayan calendar to the makers of a documentary, “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond,” TheWrap has learned.

    The information — protected for 80 years — is expected to reveal Mayan beliefs in future catastrophes and wisdom characterized as “shocking,” producer Raul Julia-Levy, son of actor Raul Julia, told TheWrap.

    The end of the Mayan calendar in December 2012 has long given rise to theories and speculation about the end of the world.

    The agreement will allow Julia-Levy to film in never-before-seen locations.

    “The Mayans used to construct one pyramid over another,” tourism minister for the Mexican state of Campeche Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado told TheWrap. “In the site at Calakmul (pictured below right), workers for INAH [the National Institute of Anthropology and History] have discovered rooms inside the pyramid that have never been seen or explored before.

    “And we’re letting this documentary film there, to see what has been discovered inside the pyramid.”

    Julia-Levy (above) said he’d been made aware of the secret Mayan information by former Mexican president Vicente Fox — a friend of his family — and that it took four years of phone calls to finally get the OK from current president Felipe Calderon.

    “This is very important for humanity, not just for Mexico,” said Julia-Levy. “This information has been protected for 80 years, and now it’s important for people to understand the series of events that are coming, and the consequences for all of us.”

    The English-language documentary will be directed by Juan Carlos Ruflo (whose other films include the 2006 Sundance winner “In the Pit”), and will begin shooting later this year. Elbert said the filmmakers are talking to investors and waiting for the government to give them their first look at the material and the site.

    One big condition from the Mexican government was that the film get an initial theatrical release, which is planned for next fall, said Ed Elbert who is co-producing along with Julia-Levy and Sheila M. McCarthy and executive producer Eduardo Vertiz.

    “It has to be released before the end of the Mayan calendar, which is Dec. 21, 2012,” said Julia-Levy.

    That’s the date that the Mayan calendar — which some believe predicts a worldwide cataclysm — comes to the end of a 5,126-year cycle, and resets for another cycle.

    Julia-Levy has been specifically ordered not to talk about any of the more mystical possibilities that might strain credulity as Mexico prepares to launch the far-reaching (and tourism-inducing) 2012 Mayan World Program.

    At one point, Rosado was quoted in a press release talking about contact between the Mayans and extraterrestrials. That statement has been recalled, and Rosado now paints this as a simpler, more archaeological-oriented documentary.

    “At the moment, talk of the Mayans is a big thing,” Rosado said. “We’ve counted over 3 million websites talking about the end of the Mayan calendar, and we have been contacted by a lot of producers who want to come and film on our sites.”

    The project is similar in some ways to a novel Julia-Levy was writing, variously entitled “Chronicles of the Mayan Tunnel” and “Secrets of the Mayan Time Machine.” He and co-producer Elbert were also going to make a 3D movie from that novel starring him and Wesley Snipes, he said in the summer of 2010.

    Several reports from that time said the novel was being written with the help of “secret information” never before released by the Mexican government. But in their conversations with TheWrap, Julia-Levy and Elbert dismissed that project as a “Harry Potter”-style piece of fiction with no connection to the current documentary.

    That film has been set aside, they said, because Snipes is serving a prison sentence for tax evasion. “We put that film on hold,” said Elbert. “Dollar-wise, this documentary might be smaller, but it is based on the release of new and important knowledge from the Mayans.”

    Asked if the movie will involve aliens, mystical elements or doomsday scenarios that have fueled the popular imagination, Julia-Levy declined to elaborate.

    “I’m not allowed to speak about that,” he said. “Everything is going to come out in time, but I can’t comment on aliens or on 2012.

    “I can just say that the Mexican government is preparing to tell humanity and the world things that are critical for us, for the way we live, for the way we’ve been handling the planet.”


    • Stick, I’m watching this video AGAIN and grabbing screenshots – these little guys are the crew of Tulya! If that doesn’t ring a bell, look over on the Galactic Fleet/GLS TULYA page… I’m not sure I’m going to be able to sleep tonight… This is blowing my mind… but it’s all good 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this! 😀

    • Thank you Stick! Wow, I plan to view it again and … “look for the motif of being-within-being-within-being, and the tattoos and markings, and male-female pairs, and the tiny “sarcophogi” actually depict not coffins, but our different dimensions of self… and how the markings seem to depict inner pathways” as Steffie suggests. I love it!

  14. & more multidimensional food for thought…

    **Ecstasy and the Eschaton**
    by Shunyamurti

    Language immanentizes the Eschaton. The hyperdimensionality of the Supreme Real is lost in the flattened intellectualized reflection that discourse forces upon our supramental intuition. To say that the Eschaton is upon us is to recognize that the Real Itself is morphing into the monstrous, invading our imaginaries, seizing up our symbolic defenses, and finally forcing us to face the beyond of language. We are entering that beyond, one way or another: through horror that is unspeakable, sadness that cannot control its tears, or infinite ecstasy that unfolds as the Eschaton embodied as the ultimate paradox that is the Self.

    Many people still want to waste time arguing over how serious a crisis is this really; or, whether any leader can be trusted to guide us through the transition; or, whether the vaunted goal of transcendence of the ego is even more than a mirage; or if renunciation of egoic jouissance is useful, healthy, and a necessary part of a redemptive path; or whether grace will simply descend upon us all one day, no matter if we are meditating and fasting, or drinking beer and watching tv.

    Thankfully, there is no more time for such barren debates. Civilization is breaking apart; unpredictable catastrophes are occurring daily in every part of the world; the ecological die-off accelerates, murdering our oceans and our lands; the climate continues to morph our sacred planet savagely into a world that is uninhabitable; while armies and bands of guerrillas everywhere continue an irrelevant armed struggle, either to defend or to overthrow a system that is doomed, no matter which side wins.

    There is no winning any more. There is no narrative that can grasp the enormity of this situation that is self-created as a karmic backlash to our existential malfeasance as a species. How can we explain the worthlessness of our lives to our children? How can we face them and admit that we do not leave them a future, that we have destroyed our home? There are no words deep enough to express the shameful feelings, were our hearts open enough even to have such feelings as we deserve to suffer.

    In a more creative time, operas would be performed about this Event. But there is no Wagner now to present this Egotterdammerung of the Real, to compose a sonic tragedy about the decomposition of our world in the utter madness of petty bureaucratic sanity. New Guantanamos are being built to house the growing legions of our voiceless prophets of doom, while the media drone on about the drone wars, and drone-like we daily lose more of what is left of our souls. The Eschaton will not be televised, although we are already seeing reruns of its prequels.

    Yet the true Eschaton is not the mere end of a world, but the transcendence of the ultimate illusion, the Mahamaya. Apocalypse means uncovering, and what is being uncovered is the omnipotent Real that relativizes all our versions of reality, our phenomenal plane of petty concerns. It is a revelation that radically fuses life with death and time with eternity. The ego itself dissolves in the impotence of language to control or even grasp the meaning of this immeasurable Event.

    All our projects aimed at the approval of some Other are rendered laughable, even those intended for an extraterrestrial Other or a divine Other, let alone a human Other. The ego can do no one any favors except by dying. There is no possible justification by works any more, except to provide a space in which egos can come to die in peace, to offer a requiem for souls in torment. All we are capable of understanding is that there is no way to understand all this, and the only payment acceptable is the renunciation of the ego. Silence is the final refuge.

    Acceptance can result, acceptance not of future death, of the ending of a world, but acceptance of the unbearable truth that nothing ever was: only a dream in the vast emptiness of cosmic mind.

    How many universes have there been before ours, utterly unremembered? How many planets have gone through a similar Eschaton as ours now faces? How many times has our own planet reached this point? How many lost civilizations still lie buried under layers of earth and fathoms of water? How much will we never know of this reality? Is not all history just a grand lie? Do we even know anything at all? Not even our own history as individuals is anything but a private myth. Yet all these narratives have somehow conspired at achieving the grandest climax of all, forcing the ultimate unmasking at this midnight of the world, the unmasking of the emptiness at the heart of all that is.

    Yet who is here — behind all your own most tenderly cruel masks — what last edge of subjectivity is there to witness this final denouement? What holy or unholy ghost really runs the soft machine? Are you ready to discover That?

    Past all imaginings of light and love, past all mythologies of heaven and hell, past all dreams both collective and personal that we have futilely plastered over the black hole of the fast-approaching singularity, past all hope of some deus ex machina saving us from our fate, past even the peace of pain-free reflection on our destined demise, can we at this last moment in which there is still margin of separation from the failed death of mere unconsciousness, resign our attention to the Absolute, and attain the Liberation that some unknowable nucleus that is beyond Being, yet within us, still pulses valiantly to realize?

    This supreme ecstasy that beats ever more intensely in the Heart, the ecstasy of freedom, freedom from knowing, from becoming, from yearning — this Ecstasy the ancient Shaivite sages called Anuttara, the total surrender to the ultimate and unsurpassable delight, the nameless, formless deliverance from even the cosmic mind, deliverance from the creation and from the nothingness before creation, this is the secret of the Eschaton.

    The true Ecstasy, that no experience can reveal, that no entheogen can illumine, no eucharist can invoke, the Beyond that I forever am, is itself the Eschaton. Now Here This.


  15. In the very short time we have left, let’s not forget that we have one another to fall back on, and rely upon. I know it’s been quite the bumpy ride, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way. Indeed, the time is now! We are the bravehearts, let us not crumble at the last minute. The world needs us more than ever! And we need each other, more than ever……………..first contact day is approaching, and we helped bring it on. With our faith, our discernment, and our steadfastness. Let no falseness stand in our way………..we are the lightworkers and the starseeds brought to planet earth to bring in the 5th dimension of consciousness. We have already accompomlished our mission. Bang the gong, the Age of Aquarius is upon us. So let the sunshine in!

  16. This is funny until you start to break down the countless ways this money could have been put to better use. Bottom line: F@#k the Illuminati!

    **One Billion Dollars of TSA Nude Body Scanners Made Worthless By Blog**
    07 March 2012

    ‘This video is here to demonstrate that the TSA’s insistence that the nude body scanner program is effective and necessary is nothing but a fraud, just like their claims that the program is safe (radiation what?) and non-invasive (nude pictures who?). The scanners are now effectively worthless, as anyone can beat them with virtually no effort. The TSA has been provided this video in advance of it being made public to give them an opportunity to turn off the scanners and revert to the metal detectors. I personally believe they now have no choice but to turn them off.’

    • It’s just going to get worse as more and more truths come out…….this will sorely test our compassion levels, as they WILL be confined to earth and we WILL have to deal with the trials. They can’t escape to the Moon anymore, and they can’t go underground……, I’m afraid we’re stuck with them.

  17. **Message from Yeshua ~ Be in the Now**
    8 March 2012 ~ Channeler: Fran Zepeda

    Everyone on this Earth is feeling to some extent the Shift that is occurring and it is no small matter, dear ones. For many there is a feeling of anticipation, and for some a slowing down of their energy. For many there is a quickening, or speeding up of energy. Each is feeling the Shift in their own individual way, but be assured it is happening.

    Take a moment now to consider your state of mind. What is your overriding thought or feeling? What is ruling your inner state, your inner sense of being? What is your priority at this moment, each Now moment? Break it down to a feeling right now. Is it Joy? Is it Allowance? Is it Surrender? Is it Happiness? Is it Peace? Is it Love? Is it Acceptance? You choose. You choose, and then embrace it totally and fully so there can be no room for anything else.

    Moving from these Now Moments to the next is how you are creating your new world. Let nothing interfere with the Bliss you are feeling in this Now Moment. And if you are not feeling it, why not? It is your natural state. Embrace it. Everything else is just like grains of sand being blown about by the wind. Just observe, without attachment, the many thoughts circulating around you that are not of Bliss. Do not let them stick.

    Breathe in the Golden Light being offered to you now. Absorb it fully and completely and with abandon, dear ones. Fill yourselves up with it and let go of anything else that is not of that Light. Allow the Light to push out any remaining debris from old patterns, thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you or humanity towards the new consciousness of Unity and Love.

    You are indeed clearing old wounds and karma from many eons, each and every one of you. Be patient with yourselves and revel in this new lightness you are feeling. Confusion sometimes comes with this new feeling because you have not experienced such a huge shift in such a short amount of time, ever. Time is speeding up, along with the Shift, so float along with it and enjoy the new lightness you are feeling.

    Be cautious of any pull towards old ways and patterns of thinking or doing. It is time to be conscious of that and to choose to move away from it. You are indeed such beautiful warriors of Love and Light and Peace taking your rightful place on this New Earth, and Gaia is with you, shrugging her old patterns and negativity right along with you. You are right with her and it is becoming a synergy of energy with all of you and Her. She thanks you and requests your continued support as you and she make your way towards Ascension.

    Ascension is happening dear ones; make no mistake about it. You do not have far to go if you keep at this pace. Guard against any feelings of doubt and negativity or fear, which can easily be dissolved if you pay attention to them and choose to let them go.

    For now and always, I walk alongside you in this unprecedented journey of Love and Spiritual Evolvement that you find yourselves in. You were all chosen wisely and we applaud your brave, beautiful and persistent spirits.

    Your loving brother, Yeshua.


  18. So I had a weird dream last night: I was with my husband strolling in some place unknown to me, but it felt like ‘tourism’ and ‘holidays’. We passed something that came from the ground, like a tree would, but it was larger and it looked kind of like a road and spiralled towards the sky. It had three small wooden ‘cabins’, but they belonged to some kind of hostel. Everything was roundish and there were a lot of people just taking a walk and enjoying themselves like we were. Then I looked to the sky and there was a strange looking bird. It looked unreal, it was very plump with small wings, like a baby bird, except it didn’t look like a real bird, more like a stuffed toy animal. Although it was flying I managed to see it up close and felt it was an eagle. Then it came flying down and landed on my hand. I felt there was something ‘wrong’ with it and took it to the vet – who happened to be an aunt of mine (she’s not a vet in real life)! Although this was a weird-looking bird I was growing very fond of it, so I took it home to be my pet (!) and when I got home I realised I also had a black cat as a pet! O_o

  19. Good Morning! Troy, Tauno, Suntria, Babajij, and anyone else who’s interested in what we’ve been finding about Tulya… Please be sure to watch the “Mayan Artefacts” video that Stick posted several comments back… Many of the artefacts are of the crew of Tulya, and you’ll see that one of them depicts Tulya herself with a crew of 8.
    I’ve been getting some pretty overwhelming downloads about this (they’re overwhelming for me, at least), and am still processing and receiving… I also, thru that video, discovered Nassim Haramein, and am further blown away… it all ties together.
    I need to get ready for work, but as you watch the video, look for the motif of being-within-being-within-being, and the tattoos and markings, and male-female pairs, and the tiny “sarcophogi” actually depict not coffins, but our different dimensions of self… and how the markings seem to depict inner pathways…
    I hope to create a post tonight that will connect the video iMages to Tulya… Crew members names that I’ve received so far are: Sasha, Umbro, Sujira, Anjaska (I think this is same as Wes’ Sanjaska), Manskez, Masilon, Puziduk, and there is an 8th member presently on Earth…)
    I think I’m gonna have to have a big fat burger for lunch to ground myself…
    It’s all tying together… Buddhist stuff, Ghost Radar, Agarttha, Telos, other worlds, inter-dimensional travel, our work, the orbs…
    (the orbs comes from the person taking the photograph!)
    Okay, I’m starting to feel like Ben Fulford…. :mrgreen:
    Need to do that Vulcan mind meld thing again…
    Talk to you all in a bit – love and light, Leslee

    • Now that you mention it Leslee those orbs are the same blue orbs I’ve been seeing all the time. I had no idea you could photograph them! They just kind of pop in and out of my vision every now and then, very quickly. They were a lot more frequent last year but I still see them from time to time. I think I’m taking them more for granted now, they’re just a part of my “new” reality much like the ringing I hear from time to time.

      Pretty cool revelation… it always amazes me that a carving on the side of a small artifact can actually be found like that – you’d think the artifact would be pretty easy to lose!

      • Yes, orbs, Sun! They’re our connecting threads to our guides! Geez, why do I have to go to work??? The good thing is that I doubt I’ll forget any of this…
        Update: the 8th crew member is actually Umbro, distinction made because of his role. All 8 have reps here on Earth in 3D, some of whom are in this group… Do any of those names resonate with you? I’m told the 8th name is Bo… This is just too wild…

        • 8 – number of eternity 🙂 8 March, March – 3
          8+3=11 – 11 one of the special numbers
          8-3=5 – fifth dimension

    • Thank you so much, dear Les! You are doing a wonderful job! Love and Light, dear…if you like, please, check the name Leos to see what will come out 🙂

      • Hi, Tauno! Happy evening to you! I’m at work now, so not able to focus too deeply, but I’m getting a very nice response about Leos! 😀
        Another thing I’m understanding is that the 8 crew members are like archetypes (or templates?), and everyone we meet has a connection with one if them. It’s so hard to describe in words… I hope someday that castings of these artifacts will be available, because I sense they are very powerful objects of meditation! Much love & light!

        • Thank you, dear friend,
          I understand, it is a matter of telepathy and common consciousness …everything is connected and we are about to achieve a great success in this regard! I am looking forward to hearing more about Leos when you have a chance to concentrate on this…the name came out from meditation with a Lemurian and I call him Leos but the most interesting is just to be discovered

  20. Song by Yes
    Rejoice forward out this feeling
    Ten true summers long
    We go round and round and round and round
    Until we pick it up again

    Time flies, on and on it goes
    Thru the setting sun
    Carry round and round and round and round
    Until it comes to carry you home

    Rejoice forward out this feeling
    The white eagle soars
    He goes round and round and round
    Until the early winds of change

    Dawns new light conquering timeless ease
    Spread the harvest breeze
    Let our hour of passion
    Gently hold our heads on high with you

    Gently hold our heads on high

  21. Good morning everyone and this is how I feel today. I know we got a solar storm hitting us but i feel great, slept well, anchored awesome love unto Gaia, and I am ready too fly. too bad I am in work but i will make the best of it anyways.

  22. Stick, OMG I did not realize that those scanners actually showed people nude until I read about your post. Its almost like a porn rag.
    It just amazes me at the ease in which the USA has become such a police state.
    God bless you and your family Konstaninos and I cant add moe to that which was already advised. I really like where someone told you that imagine this happened to a friend and what would you do

  23. Quebec City

    I was in that town again last night… the european town with stone buildings and cobblestone streets… reminded me of Quebec City… I was at a cafe sitting on the patio having breakfast. I was talking with excitement to the people walking by, we were very happy… as people walked by I would discuss various plans with them… then someone else would come along… okay, don’t forget this! Make sure you do this! Everyone was having a great time preparing for whatever is to come… wish I could remember the details…

  24. Nice place, dear friend, the image is recorded in my mind and we will see what will happen, another orb shined a few seconds ago
    ( ( HAPPY ) )

  25. Oh BTW happy international women’s day! …without whom we would not have the immortal phrase from Mr. Groucho Marx:

    “Behind every great man is a woman… and behind her, his wife…” 😉

  26. Darling Starseeds and Lightworkers. None other compares with you. Through it all, we have made our way, back to the light. Through the darkness we have sojourned, to this place where we stand. And on the threshold we see, the new light shining upon us. We are the gatekeepers, the ones who have ushered in the Age of Aquarius. We have suffered the lonely road, and in the end, we triumph. No longer will we walk alone. No longer will our knowledge be locked away inside. Now we are free, no longer the outcasts of the world. No longer will we be be mis-understood, and mocked by others. Now we are the way-showers and must continue to lead our beloved brothers and sisters who cry for our help, out of the confusion.

    What a day this is, what a light it is that shines on us and mother earth. How triumphant we are, now and in the days to come. Our purpose has been fulfilled. We have not walked circles around our mission, but have walked headlong into the darkness without help, it seems. How difficult it was for us, but now we know who we are! Now our lonileness is over! Now we know the angels have never left us, and our star has never misled us. What kind of hearts are these, that we carry so deep inside? And from so far away, the spirit guides. What warrior hearts are these, who have bravely continued, through suffering and tears? We have made it now, and the lonely road is a thing of the past.

    The confusion of who we are, is like a veil slowly lifting, and we look around to see we are the ones who must help our brothers and sisters back to the light. Although the path is now unshadowed, the task is not yet finished. In the Light of the Eternity of the End, we shine as the stars in the night sky. Now we know who we are and everything is different! All the lifelong isolation is but a dream of the past, a sorrow so easily forgotten, as we were but asleep, and now we are awake. Our awakening was never guaranteed. Our awareness was never a foregone conclusion. We so easily could have failed, but we did not. We are the trailblazers, and even though it cost us everything, we woke up from the dream and as the stars, we were steadfast. The Elohim come now and they say to us:

    Humanity has reached a cross roads now and they must choose their path. The earth is separating and splitting in two and the time will come when a direct separation will take place. We are the Elohim and we come to guide you at this time. Our love for all of you is great and we urge you forward in your mission towards ascension. No longer can false ways serve you on this course.

    The journey is wrought with responsibility and choices. Staying in one place is no longer an option and the stagnation of the past is no longer that which can sustain you. Feel us with you, we come closer. Now the veils are permitting direct contact and soon you will see us.

    We come to the new earth you create in your dreams and we support this new reality. Come visit with us there. We are welcoming you home. No longer shall you suffer. No longer shall you want. No longer shall you walk the lonely path of life. This is your calling. But there are choices to make and each and every one of you knows which road to take.

    Do not dally, for time is speeding up and it will dissolve in the near future.
    Some will be left on the old earth, but even then they will still have a choice to move forward, but it will be more difficult for them as this separation of worlds is becoming more pronounced. We love you so much, dear ones. Come back home to us.

    We leave you with these words of love and say to you that all is well and proceeding to plan and we are with you and walk with you and guide you back to the light. Until the next time that we meet. We are One.

    Face Piles of Trials with Smiles

    The Muffin

  27. Hello everybody!

    I miss you all. I’ve only read a few of the posts and I don’t think I will be able to catch up.

    KP – dear heart, love and light to you.

    SM – strong and powerful post. Wow, it brought back memories of being misunderstood, thought of as weird and feeling totally alone. But today I am empowered! I feel privileged and honored to share my knowledge and help others who are seeking truth.

  28. Hello Vee and as always so great to see you shine your light over here.
    How are you doing today with the solar storm hitting us.
    i actually feel great today.
    I was talking to a co-woeker about ASS today and he said he thinks the worst is over. He went through so much but I hope things are calm for him now.

    • Hi Gunner,

      I am happy to hear you are feeling great today. I’m great! I’ve have been experiencing a little dizziness these past few days. Initially I thought I might faint again but I removed that thought from my mind.

      I recently had my yearly reading and I learned I have some blocked chakras, my three lower chakras and heart chakra are blocked. One of my guides got the message to me through the reader that I fainted because of the blockage in my heart chakra. So, I am working on clearing my chakras.

      I’m sorry to hear about your friend, peace and blessings to him.

  29. Hi dear friends. I wish to thank you all for your Love and your wonderful advices, I’ll try to use these tools and implement them.
    Sending you lots of hugs and Love and I feel blessed for my meeting with you in this life, really blessed.
    I made some meditations today and I could feel very strong and smooth feelings of ‘goosebumps’ to my whole body.
    I didn’t stop thinking of you, but I didn’t feel alright to get here earlier, but now I feel better. And yes, I feel blessed for my grandmother. Thank you all for your great posts. Sending you vast amounts of Love and Light.

  30. Greg Giles-Has Microsoft’s Bill Gates Really Been Arrested?

    In an attempt to either verify or refute what high ranking Pentagon officials reportedly told investigative reporter Benjamin Fulford about the arrest of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Kerry Cassidy , of Project Camelot, contacted Microsoft’s Public Relations department by email requesting confirmation of this story that is going viral across the World Wide Web, a medium of information sharing that Gates himself, whether this story is true or not, will have his name and company forever connected. The following is the very interesting response offered by Microsoft.
    ‘Hi Kerry, thank you for your patience as I looked into your request. I have connected with my colleagues and unfortunately we are unable to accommodate your request at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Should you need attribution, please attribute to a Microsoft spokesperson’.

    This reply is certainly interesting, as at first glance it may appear to be a formulated response and this request for information was never read by anyone at Microsoft. However, the fact that this email suggests a Microsoft spokesperson would be more suited to handle this query leads me to believe that not only has this email been read, but that there is likely to be fire beneath all this smoke, as an arrest of the software giant’s founding father would certainly be a issue for an official company spokesperson to discuss.

    Posted by Greg Giles at 5:31 PM

  31. Steve Beckow: Lightworker Back on the Beat

    What an incredible month I’ve had.

    If you’re looking for revelations, I may have to disappoint you.

    No, I did not go aboard the ships. The Boss said I was at the center of intense observation and would bring harm to someone. I know that Dave Schmidt and BZ Riger, who were to have gone ahead as scouts, drew heat and probably were harassed (we can’t say for sure because black operatives don’t leave notes). More about that later.

    I’m not a person who courts revelations, looks for insider information or seeks out secrets. In fact I told the Boss not so long ago that I was not interested in that role and he replied that transparency was the nature of his work and that I wasn’t required to be a secret sharer. That’s fine with me. I’m here to emerge, stand forth as my truth, and serve. In whatever way is needed.

    Have I grown in the last month? Yes. Am I more independent and stronger than I was? Yes. Am I better prepared to serve the Divine Plan and to serve it more courageously? You bet.

    In the days and weeks ahead I’ll share some of my personal learnings.

    One of the first stories to greet me as I began to stir again was Greg Giles column:

    “A very restricted plan is unfolding whereby our ships of the Galactic Commands will rendezvous with certain members of your societies as well as certain members of your media. …

    “We do need to rendezvous with those that will be working with us, and we will also be required to navigate some of our ships close to ground-level in order to perform some of the tasks essential for the advancement of your world. … Know that when we say to you that we will be working with many of you personally that we mean just that, and nothing or no one will interfere with this plan as it is a necessary step on your way to ascension.” (1)

    I look forward to the trip when it comes. Perhaps after the cabal has been cleared out.

    The predominant sense I’m left with after the postponed Neptune expedition is that our knowledge of the galactics is so sparse as to be practically non-existent. None of the matters that Grener and AAM raised as reasons why the galactics postponed the trip were even in my thinking.

    Obviously I know nothing about what makes our space family tick, how to be with them. what they can brook and what they can’t. There’s infinite room to learn and not even some half-baked understandings to share with you. At this moment, I know nothing about how to be with a galactic. That much has been proven.

    Graham Dewyea has begun a radio show on Our Galactic Family one of whose aims, as I understand it, is to fill these very gaps in our knowledge that were made so evident last month.

    While the galactics are benevolent and compassionate, our motives and intentions are fully known to them and apparently important. Our motives and intentions are not something within their control or something they’d wish to control. But without them being pure and selfless, or so it seems, we cannot be with them. We’ll have to begin the process of learning how to be together and work together. And probably the sooner we get to work in that area, the better.

    I can’t thank enough BZ Riger, Vina, Dave Schmidt, Paul Quistgard, Stephen Cook, Louis, Casey Plummer, Ellen McGuffie and so many others who drew together, under BZ’s management, while I was away to produce the 2012 Scenario. They did not miss a beat in supplying the news. The blogsite has shone. We’re aware of how many people felt there was an improvement and we invite you to be more specific with us so that we can retain the features, tone or anything else you enjoyed and drop the rest. (Comments left open for this purpose. You’re welcome to thank them as well.)

    Some of them are members of the Bridge Fund and will need to hunker down when that effort gets underway. So at that time I’ll be looking for additional writers and editors. Lots of opportunities opening up in the near future.

    Thanks as well to Andrea Scully and the Mod Squad on 2012S discussion group (Barry, Colleen, Allen, Greg, Libby and JD). Unfortunately the Boss asked me to stay off even the discussion group for the month so that no questions of integrity could arise. So I’ve been mostly carving a lumbermen’s tally on my cell wall.

    And I thank Geoff West for taking over from me on An Hour with an Angel. He’s done such an excellent job and has won such widespread public acceptance that I’ve asked him to split the show with me and alternate on a two weeks on/two weeks off basis. (Next week is St. Germaine. How wonderful is that?)

    Geoff is also planning his own new-times news show and Stephen Cook is also looking at the possibility of starting a news show as well. The circle of lightworkers at work is growing and growing.

    I also acknowledge the work of Kauilapele, Jean Haines, Greg Giles and all other 2012 bloggers providing the news of what’s going on as the efforts continue to report what the mainstream media cover up. They’re giving an enquiring public access to the information it needs to understand the renaissance and reformation that are underway.

    I acknowledge here as well the work of Pat Donworth, Ann Pomazal, and Suzan Joy, each of whom is now pursuing new horizons or attending to urgent family business. Thank you for your contributions too in so many ways and for such a long a time.

    This work needs to expand and spread. And probably quickly. When are you starting your blog, radio or TV show? We heard Sananda say recently how the work needed to grow.

    “A decree has gone out across the universe for all to come to the aid of their fellow brothers and sisters. …

    “Why would you hesitate after lifetime after lifetime of stress and strain, to see a better Earth now when you are so close. Is it too much to ask for just a little more effort to end the bonds of tyranny forever on this planet or would you continue to sit idly by and wait for someone else to do it? What can I do you might ask? …

    “As you have been told many times and though many sources, you are the Ones. We can not do it without your help nor would we want to, as this is your world and what happens here is a product of your collective unconscious. …

    “Prepare your selves my beloved for the times that are fast approaching that will literally shake all out of their doldrums and awaken them to realities they thought only existed in fairy tales and fantasy or science fiction.

    “Prepare by first becoming informed of the many atrocities that have been committed in the name of God or for misuse of power. This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as so much will be revealed to you shortly. Many when they hear of these atrocities and ponder if they could be true, will reach out to those who may know. …

    “So as they ask, you will be there to assist in their awakening and to extinguish all the flames of mistrust that arise and to quench their thirst for truth. Literally, “the truth shall set you all free”. It is the truth that will pave the way for a new earth and a new heaven upon the earth for only in truth are a people actually free. …

    “It is time now for you to respond to the call to do everything you can to spread the word of light and love to all you can, so that no one will be wanting again. You have the power dear ones to take back what has rightfully been yours, to nourish the earth and all those who reside on and within.” (2)

    And the Galactic Federation through Greg Giles said much the same thing:

    “We have a lot of things to do. Each of you has his part to play in the role of your end times and your journey as a planet and people through ascension. We have outlined previously what we must get done together, and these projects must get underway very soon. What these projects will mean for the people of your world is incalculable, and beneficial to all across your globe.

    “We, the Galactic Federation of Light, would like to get started immediately and we require the assistance of the people of your world to help us gain acceptance by those who either have yet no idea of who we are and those who have allowed fear to convince them that we are here for destructive purposes.

    “You are our agents in the field who can reach these people. It is you that can allow them to see a clearer picture of us and what we do. Your task is not an easy one, and many will shun your attempts to show them an alternative view to our presence here. Their reaction will be fear-based, and as we have said all along it is fear that is, and has always been your greatest enemy.” (3)

    Time for us to shoulder the task of communication, which seems peculiarly to fall to us Starseeds and Lightworkers.

    Meanwhile for me, I’m glad I’m back. It’s time to stretch my legs, get back in communication with you, and return to work. There may not be any more vacations from here on in. Time will speed up. The cabal will be gone. It’s time for us to come out and play.

    (1) The Galactic Federation through Greg Giles,, March 2, 2012.

    (2) “Sananda: Only Love Prevails,” channeled through James McConnel, February 28,2012, at

    (3) The Galactic Federation through Greg Giles,, February 26, 2012.

  32. …HiYa!…*Leslee, iGot the Pendulum 2Day!… 🙂 …Merci!…Very Impressive Personality It Has…It’s on the WindowSill Now…”Adjustment Period”… 😉 …

    …Hi Vee!…

    …iSend Strength to Ya,KP…Thanks for Posting the Return of Beckow Post…

    • Hi, Babajij! I’m so glad “they” arrived! I’m still in the midst of looking at these Mayan artifacts, and in some indescribable way, they all seem to resonate (to me)… I look forward to hearing y’all get along!
      Hi, Vee! I’ve missed you, hope you’re well!
      So glad things are well with Lisa & Steffie.., KP, good night and hang in there with your family 🙂
      Much love & life to all of you!!! Namaste, Leslee

  33. Big Up ‘The Light’ Spirit Train Riders… Much Raspect to ALL of you!

    **Message from the Galactic Federation of Light**
    3/8/12 ~ As channeled through Greg Giles

    Members everywhere of the forces of light can begin to celebrate. There is yet much work to be done, but we are reaching a successful conclusion to phase 1 of our overall operation. Our goal, in part, was to dismantle the large fighting forces ruled by your dark Cabal, and then remove from seats of power as many members of these criminal organizations of your society as is possible. You will soon see many media reports of the latter, and this will also tell you that we have effectively dismantled the space forces of your Cabal as well as their Earth and space-based weaponry. As we have said, celebrations will certainly be in order upon news of these arrests and we do encourage this, as this event is hoped to be a wave that washes over the planet that awakens so many yet soundly in slumber.

    Your work as Lightworkers will not be over either, but you all deserve a day to celebrate when you see for yourselves the payoff for all your hard work. We wish to celebrate with you, but this will have to wait until the next phase of the operation reaches its successful conclusion. We will immediately begin this next phase of the plan as we see the members of your Cabal being taken into custody to face the many charges against them.

    There will be scores of these arrests and there will be a mountain of legal proceedings to follow, however, we wish to inform you that we will be overseeing these proceedings and they will move forward quickly and efficiently with no delays or stall tactics permitted. Nothing will be allowed to interfere with justice throughout these proceedings, and we, along with our dedicated Earth allies, will see to that. Too much rides on this to allow the games and legal maneuverings so effective for the Cabal in the past to play a part any longer in your world. They are out of tricks and out of delays. They will now face the justice that has always been inevitable for them. We told them this clearly from the very beginning, but their arrogance got the better of them and they believed they could avoid all attempts to bring them to trial for their crimes. They were wrong. They also conceitedly believed that nothing or no one could stop their New World Order from manifesting in your world. They have now learned that they were wrong about that as well.

    The education they are receiving is not yet over either, as there are many new lessons awaiting them as these proceedings move forward. The manner in which evidence is presented against them and the way justice is dispensed are two aspects of these criminal proceedings that they are unaccustomed to. As we have mentioned all along and fully explained to them many times from the very beginning, they will not prevail by defense of high-priced legal teams, connections within the criminal justice system, or attempts to coerce or manipulate this process. These men and women were unsuccessfully persuaded to surrender long ago, and for their peaceful cooperation, they were to receive a certain amount of leniency for their crimes. Time and again they refused our more than generous offers as they arrogantly continued to plot and scheme against us and against you. They will now receive the full punishment for their crimes as far as we are concerned, as we also have matters of justice with these individuals.

    Their punishments meted out for their crimes against you will be decided by you, as this is the way it should be. You were the victims of these many crimes and as such it will be upon you as a collective to decide what is adequate compensation for these injustices as well as what you believe to be suitable rehabilitation. These proceedings will move along swiftly as we wish to clear the table of this entire matter before your ascension into the higher realms. This may seem quite impossible based on the manner in which your legal systems have dispensed with cases, but we assure you we have more effective methods of justice which will allow these criminal hearings to move ahead rapidly.

    Please continue to do all you can do to spread forewarning of these arrests and what they will mean to the people of your world. We assure you time is running out for this part of your mission. Turn the intensity up in your efforts, as you are just about to make it all happen. This will be the moment so many of you have waited on for so long, and we are just as excited as you at what this will mean for the people of your world.

    In the days following these arrests, many announcements will begin informing the people of your world what these arrests are all about and what this means to your people. Several of your media outlets will be assisting with this process to inform the populations of many countries around your world, and we will continue to relay messages throughout our channels as well. In time, we will be addressing your people directly as there is very much to discuss and this will be the most effective way to reach a very large audience.

    As we have said, there are many important projects to get underway as soon as is possible, and upon the news of these arrests we will immediately begin these next stages of the overall mission. We ask at this time that all of you who are interested in working with us stay prepared and begin making arrangements at home that will facilitate your new careers. You will be away from your homes and away from your current jobs at least during your working hours with us, and the details of this will be made known to you at the proper time, but we do wish you to understand that after you witness these arrests all matters will begin to move ahead with far greater speed than they may have appeared to you over the last months and years.

    We ask you to stay alert and prepare for many changes to your daily routines as much of your lives are about to change, and these changes will continue until the lives you know today will be barely recognizable from your new lives as members of your Galactic community. We look so forward to extending our hand and welcoming your planet to our Galactic society, and we tell you that you are earning your membership each and every day. It has been a very long journey for your people, and we tell you that you will soon see how every moment of it has been well worth what you have gone through personally, as well as a collective society. Many worlds have experienced what you are about to experience, and we are very excited to be a part of this. We have also worked very hard to see you reach this point, and our reunion together will surely be cause for a mutual celebration.

    Continue to pave the way for this reunion by spreading the news of the arrests of the members of the Cabal and of our presence here in your world. Mainstream news of these arrests will be breaking soon, and we ask you to continue to monitor your media outlets and share with each other the identities of those media companies that will be covering this event that will soon become evident to many of you.

    This will surely be a very exciting time for many of you, and we would very much like to see as many of you as possible enjoying these news reports and joining in celebrations which we feel are very much called for. This is your moment. You have earned it, all of you, and we wish to see you all enjoying this moment together. It is been a long and tough road for all of you, and we tell you that this part of your journey is about to reach its end. It will be a new road for you, with new challenges, adventures, and rewards waiting for you, and it all begins just up ahead. Keep moving forward. You are almost there.

    We are the Galactic Federation of Light.


  34. ( ( ( “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” ) ) )
    ~Albert Einstein

    “I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and ALL there is.”
    ~Alan Watts

    ~DreamingAwake247 😉

  35. & more multidimensional food for thought…

    ————————( ( ( * RED ICE RADIO * ) ) )———————-

    **Paul Levy ~ Wetiko & The Dreaming**
    March 8, 2012

    Paul is a pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, as well as an innovator in the field of dreaming, a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner for over 30 years and the author of The Madness of George Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis, as well as the book we’ll discuss, Wetiko: The Greatest Epidemic Sickness Known to Humanity. Paul says our species is clearly in the middle of a mass psychic epidemic, which he calls malignant egophrenia and Native Americans call wetiko psychosis. There is a psycho-spiritual disease of the soul whose origin is within ourselves that has the potential either to destroy our species or wake us up, depending upon whether or not we recognize what it is revealing to us. We’ll discuss how Wetiko operates, what it needs and how it mutates. Paul talks about co-collective creation, our unconscious mind and shadow self. He also explains how Wetiko can actually be the greatest gift.

    Listen to Hour One:


  36. SaLuSa ~ 9-March-2012

    What a journey you are having through duality, and one day you will be able to bring to mind any lifetime that you wish to check out. Your present consciousness level is such that very few people can do it in a controlled manner, but sometimes you get a short recall out of the blue. It can occur when you visit places or countries that have a past life meaning to you. Occasionally it is something simple like a smell, or a familiarity with a certain period in your history. In fact all of your many life experiences are still within your subconscious memories. They serve you well and account for example in many of your preferences in dress, and you could hardly have not noticed how styles seem to go around and come back again. Of course you are affected by your surroundings and cultural upbringing, and conformity is often expected by your peers but you still find your own preferences surface.

    Of recent times you will know that many Star Seeds have graced your Earth, and as you see it you could well believe that they are non-conformists. They are often very individual Beings, and in some instances may be visiting Earth for the first time. They are used to expressing themselves exactly as they feel and according to their personality. To some they appear rebellious, but that is simply because of their ability to see above and beyond what the “normal” person does. They are free souls not used to being hampered or restricted in the way that you normally are by doing what is expected of you. They are therefore to be given the freedom to fully express themselves, and often even with very young souls their wisdom is far beyond the average person. They should be encouraged to speak their mind, and listen to their words and advice. It is why they have come to the Earth at this special time, and have a lot to offer as you prepare for Ascension. Having said that all knowledge lies within, but not everyone has the ability to tap into it when they choose to.

    It is as you might say a time when it is “all hands on deck” as you enter a period when changes will take place in rapid succession. For many reasons those who are Lightworkers will be called upon to involve themselves in many tasks, that they have prepared for over many lives. There will be souls that find it so difficult to comprehend what is taking place, leaving them confused or even fearful. What you can do is to put their minds at rest and give comfort where it is needed. Your presence and calm approach will be reassuring, and ease their worries. Given time it will become apparent to most people that out of the chaos a new age is growing from it, one that will give the answers and bring to the people what they want.

    Many of you have lived through a similar time such as the demise and destruction of Atlantis. Those memories are still held deep within your subconsciousness and may evoke fear when you feel you are facing another catastrophe. However, this time as most of you are aware there is to be different ending as divinely decreed. It does not matter what is placed in your path, nothing will stop Ascension taking place. We confirm again that it is your intent to ascend that will carry you through, because having made that decision you are immediately helped to achieve it. It is about following a path that lifts your vibrations, so that when the time comes you are ready.

    Knowing what you are aiming for in life is going to give you self assurance, and a level of contentment that regardless of what is happening around you, you will not be detracted from your goal. The thought of bringing your time in duality to an end should give you a wonderful boost, and the ability to keep steadfastly on your chosen path. Lightworkers are coming into their own now because they will soon be needed, to help pass the word around as to what is happening and why. If some souls reject it then accept it as their choice and allow them to experience what they have chosen. It is all taking place with a purpose that at the end of time as you know it will have served its purpose. Experience in any shape or form is what you have come to Earth for to help further your spiritual evolution. Do not make the mistake of judging yourself unsuitable to ascend, as whatever your life so far you can always step onto a new path.

    Dear Ones. life on Earth is no picnic, but is not meant to grind you into the dust. You take on what you believe you can handle and you still have free choice as to how far you go. Indeed, this particular life is so important to you, as it is the opportunity to set the record straight and clear any remaining karma. Some of you have already reached that stage and can devote yourself to working for the Light. If you are one who does not yet feel fulfilled in this way, simply put out the thought that you wish to serve the Light in whatever way your abilities will allow. Be assured once you have done that you will be used at an appropriate time, and many Lightworkers will be involved in the final few months before Ascension. Once we are able to openly show ourselves and work with you, there will be plenty of activity where you can be used.

    Presently we are occupied with the confrontations in the Middle East, and although it is threatening to lead to war, we state again that it will not be allowed to happen. The New World Order will not be allowed to take advantage of any situation that might lead to one, as we can in any event disable weapons if we so wish. You could say that by our very actions, peace has been declared and an end to war in this cycle. It would delight us if your leaders would acknowledge this development, and announce it to the world. President Obama is probably the first one to make a major announcement that clearly indicates his place as a peacekeeper. He is much maligned and blamed for activities beyond his control, but that will all change very soon.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, wishing you all unlimited peace, joy and love. You will enjoy all of them in the near future, and there will be no going back to how it was.

    Thank you SaLuSa
    Mike Quinsey.

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