Astral Travels 17-18 March 2012 (Leslee)

From Leslee’s notebook:

Notes about stones associated with various crew members

Notes about structure of pyramid/mountain/temple under Mt Shasta (?), with cavern structures underneath; also, crystal body diagram (male)

Notes continued from previous page; body & temple (female);


Notes of meditation crystal layout & bubble city, chutes & vents & tubes near South Pole

Sketch of Anjaska with crystal globe at jaw & dark armor-like casing at jaw and neck; diagram of healing/rejuvenation/adjustment table; conversation between Bo and Sujira about emotional healing.

Diagrams of underwater bubble/cavern city; 7-pointed star layout with temple in city center; triangular panels of glass-like material that hold back water; young man on bipedal vehicle (like Mary Isabel saw?) coming out of one of 7 dark purple cavern entryways into city;


3 comments on “Astral Travels 17-18 March 2012 (Leslee)

  1. …Well, Definitely Seems Like a Sign/Message that Me/Paul/Babajij Should Pick Up my mantra Mantle and Begin Meditiating with Earnest and OverAll Appreciation…Things Are “Falling” Into Place…TY…

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