Konstantinos-A conversation with my Arcturian parallel self.

   Hey dear friends. Today, I was waiting, sitting on a chair in a particular hospital waiting for the anatomy class.
 Before I get there, I received a strong emotion of will to experience something I haven’t consciously done/dared before. To communicate with a being outside from this earth.

  The being was my Arcturian parallel self, Iltheos. I learnt some things about this matter through Leslee’s Guides and I wish to thank her and them as well. So,I took a seat, got out a piece of paper and a pencil and started writing down my questions. Then I was waiting calmly to receive thoughts, which would come through me but not from me. The result was the following dialogue (in the original is in my native language):
Konstantinos: Iltheos, are you there? I wish to discuss with you for a while, if you can and wish to do so.
Iltheos: Of course and I wish that. I’m glad that you are here.
K: Was I you before I come to/incarnate on Earth?
I: Yes, you were. In fact you are/I am/we are. All exist simultaneously. You know that. Everybody know that. Even the ones who don’t perceive it (consciously).
K: Do you look like I have drawn you?
I: Pretty much yes. You think I’m cute, right?
K: Yes. I like your physical characteristics. I strongly wish to see/meet you and the others and give you hugs.
I: We too, dear one. We too.
K: How is your spaceship?
I: Big. Spacious. Subservient.
K: It is also alive, isn’t it? 
I:The Wisdom of the answers to these type of questions exists inside you/all of you/us. What the Wisdom inside you, tells you?

 K: That everything is alive. That’s why they exist. They exist because the Essence of the Creator is placed in everyone and everything.
I: Precisely. We are Life.
K: We are Love. Unconditional Love.
I: We are exactly that.
K: What role I had/have/you have on Arcturus?
I: Freedom. Love. Help.
K: Did I offer these?
I: You still do.
K: As you?
I: As me and as you as well.
K: Iam in a hospital. The people around me seem displeased. How does this seem to you? How do you feel when you see/face something like this?
I: How do you feel?
K: I try to not get emotionally attached to their affairs, because I won’t be able to help me and them as well.

I: Send them your Love without getting emotionaly attached to their affairs. Become/Be Compassion and Love. That’s who we/you are.
K: I wish and look forward to hug you and discuss with you in a physical way. Not like this. That is, because I’m not sure if the answers I get, come from you and not my Ego.
I: Keep working on it. Move by your Heart. You will find the answers.
K: It’s better to stop for now. The environment around here isn’t suitable to continue this kind of communication. Although I carried out a part of it, because my wish for it was so strong that I didn’t want to withhold it.
I: Don’t regret about it. We are going to have more communications if you want it. Take care of yourself. I Love you.
K: Me too. Goodbye for now.
I: Goodbye. Peace.

When I exam this dialogue with my mind, I keep doubting about myself , but my Heart feels joyous and calm. I think I’ll try again to communicate, trying to be as calm and open as possible. Advices from friends with experience on this kind of communication are welcome . Same goes for everyone’s opinions too.

Much Love and Light.

7 comments on “Konstantinos-A conversation with my Arcturian parallel self.

  1. …iLove Ur Communication. Konstantinos!…the Drawing of Ya & Iltheos Hugging Brought Tears to My Eyes…Thank You… 🙂

  2. wow, konstantinos! Awesome! Way to go! Reaching instantaneously through time and space… I love the drawing at the end.. very heartwarming & symbolic! namaste

  3. Wow, what an amazing experience Konstantinos! The drawing of the two of you is lovely.

    Love, light and laughter

  4. Thank you Babajij, Troy, Vee and Lisa. I’m glad you liked the outcome of my connection with Iltheos. Yes, I also felt touched by the second drawing…that’s what I felt about my relationship with him, heartwarming feeling and touched….

    Much Love and Light.

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