Konstantinos-Setting great goals through 3D challenges

Hello again dear Lightworkers. When I have a tendency for a lower mood, I think that there are people who are in ‘worst’ positions. Our friends and families of Light always tell us to focus on the wondrous future that awaits us, while we go through our daily struggles. Struggles which exist at different extents and a variety of situations.  It’s difficult to see the true meaning of our experiences behind the veil of this heavy and so realistically created illusion of duality from which come the criticized terms of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Terms from the perspective of each individual through his/her earthly experiences.

  Yes, I know that we have chosen our experiences before our incarnation and that these experiences intend to help us grow our spiritual awareness. But how can this be understood by someone who feels pain for his/her passed beloved, or someone who has been tortured or live in poverty or generally experience any kind of ‘unfortunate’ situation (here is a label again)? We better let them face their situation as they wish and feel, until they realise that each experience is a gift. The Creator has sent us nothing more than angels (as Neale Donald Walsh has written).

  This Universal Truth and many aspects of the Divine Knowledge, people are/will be called to aknowledge while the same time, they will have to choose which path serves them better. And here is what we (at least I do from my perspective) can do when the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ terms come on the surface. We can make this simple step of just replace these duality terms with the thought ‘ which path serves me better?’, so we can help increasing the Light that is so much needed. Of course there are many ways for that and many factors are included.

  There are people (like you,me and others) who have already made their decision which path serves them better and they are steady and dedicated to it. From the other hand, there are those who change their decisions as many times they change their clothes. But that’s okay, all happen for a reason.
Let’s all the Lightworkers of this world, through their/our united bonds of their common tasks, continue to spread the Light, create and keep the Peace inside our hearts and then externalize it to the world, viualise and energise the events of the Divine Plan, so they will be manifested as s**n  as possible!

  I believe and I know that many of you have already done this and continue to do so, each one by his/her personal way. I thank you dearly from the depths of my heart and soul. I personally do it by visualisation and drawing.
I wish and visualise for this year Abundance, Happiness, Peace, Equality, Dislosure, First Contact and a successful shift to the Higher Realms . Don’t you wish all that? Don’t you wish to see displays of colourful lights, not from fireworks but from the luminous spaceships of our Galactic Brethren, which will have landed on Gaia’s shores? I bet you do (at least the ones who know and feel the importance of this event)!

  I just wanted to share some thoughts. I didn’t intend to tell something new, how could I by the time I am in a place of awakened souls who are already aware of all these and much more? I consider you my partners on this journey and I hope you think the same about me too. We will be called to calm down the persons who will be in shock and explain to them (at least the ones who will want to listen) what’s going on and we’ll do that side by side with our Space partners.

  This, among with what I mentioned some lines above, I wish to experience a lot ( and I believe you do too). Vast amounts of Love and Light are my gifts to all the Lightworkers, to the world,to Mother Gaia, to ET families in and out of Earth, to the Divine Hierarchy and to the Source of All that Is.

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  1. I’ve only had time to skim over this briefly, but I’m deeply touched, so happy you’ve posted this, and I look forward to reading it more deeply soon… Namaste (-_-)

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