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  1. Hello dear friends. Since yesterday (my birthday, 21 y.o.) and the message of Iltheos about recognizing our Divine self (https://spirittrainchronicles.com/2012/07/07/konstantinos-message-from-my-arcturian-parallel-self-iltheos-recognition-of-the-often-presence-of-your-divine-part/), I see indeed more and more my God part to take action through dreamscape and 3D reality.

    Now about yesterday’s dreams I remember only two of them.
    The one was about me and my brother being in a hotel, room 180, where later we learned that an armed gang had invaded the building. Some of us downstairs learned that they were in the room 180. I got first there and when I opened the door, there were dead people with the gang and my brother in there. Then, one of the gang shot my brother on the back, the scene there went slow motion, I felt a lot pain inside at that time. (By the way, I recently saw my own death from another gang, if you wish read here, 3rd comment: https://spirittrainchronicles.com/2012/07/04/salusa-july-4th-2012/)

    Then the gang guys commited suicide by shooting each other. Right after that, my brother was resurrected by achieving somehow superspeed force which had as a result the speed molecules’s reconstruction and finally, an instant healing factor. I felt very relieved.

    In the other dream I remember myself being a part/member of a hidden kingdom (felt like Inner Earth) of Elves. Now, this maybe is because of my ‘past life’ connection with Ariadnei (see her portrait
    here:https://spirittrainchronicles.com/artwork/lesleehare-art/). You see trough messages I, Lelsee and some others have learned that we are connected from a ‘past’ period when we were Inner Earth residents. When they will wish to share more about that, I’ll do that too =-) .

    Thank you all for your great posts.
    Much Love to all.

    • Hi, dear Konstantinos! Happy Birthday !
      Your dream shows a connection with previous dreams of mine where I have also been in hotel rooms, Elves ! Wonderful! You were connected with ALGIZ and Blaze, it is wonderful and also thought about Ariadnei, perhaps that shining amethyst crystal with silver particles is connected with Her, by the way, I also imagine Her the way that you have drawn Her 🙂
      Thank You, my Brother of Light! WOW, when I intended to type”(” I pressed 9, this is 180/1+8=9, a clue for decoding! Perhaps you are about to experience Joy after the moment of hardships and struggle or you are about to start another cycle of Life
      ( ( SUN ) )

    • Hmm interesting I am now wondering if the lady in the end of my dream was Adrial. I see she has dark hair from yours and leslees portraits. I remember a lady with dark sorta wavy hair and it was all down though no ponytail.
      Happy BIrthday!

  2. Amazing! Cool dear Tauno! Thank you for the birthday wishes too. By the way, Ariadnei’s portrait is done by Leslee, I’ve drawn Agnes’s portrait on my category =-) .

  3. I hope the answer concerning this new type of crystal to emerge soon
    I have already had an answer about the Bee 🙂 Troy, Adrial shows Her presence by me via Bees and small insects
    Love and Light

  4. ~Howdy…Before falling asleep,i sent an Intention/Request to visit GLS ALGIZ,with passwords Center,Spiral & Unity…I Acknowledged my Inner Self,RubinHuot,My Guides and Higher Self to Allow me to Go where it is for the Highest Good for All Concerned…
    …I dreamt of Baskets…Ones that i Have Personally made by Hand from the Ash Tree (In 3D physical Reality)…The Baskets had flowers of Roses and Lupins in them…some smaller baskets were in a small fridge,that was unplugged and used as a storage space…there was also flowers in there too,in the fridge…
    …Then right before i woke up i saw 2 pics of Stick,that he had just uploaded on STC…he had shoulder length hair of brown dregs and was Smiling~

  5. I so enjoyed reading your most rescent adventures! I was also swimming with the dolphins all night, very cool, had lots of fun! I spent time in healing chamber and then chatting some more with my star family.. just with Earth family, all good advice, all aspects of my life were looked at (which i will keep to myself now! lol)
    I have memories of being under water for a long time, and of waiting for our Cetacean friends to come back onboard 🙂 while I was speaking with many on the ship, for a long time. not sure did I go in healing chambers or Inner Earth also? lol hugs.

  6. This last week I’ve been having dreams of always being in big room with lots of people yet I was always trying to “stay under the radar” and not get noticed. One dream I was walking down a dirt road with Willie Nelson. Anyway, I was excited because I felt that I would definitly be dreaming last night. I did have a dream that I was in a large field with a bunch of people. Some were in the air sitting and some were on the grass. I had just learned to fly so I was all over the place. I was in so much joy flying around yet I didn’t quite have control over my fly ing yet and some electrical line got in my way. I knew I could not avoid them so I was getting ready for a jolt but when I ran into them nothing. Then something did jolt me awake. A loud crash happened inside the house but I was too tired to see what it was. Then I remember being surrounded by white light and in a container but I could not see the container I just knew it was there. As I relaxed into the feeling, another jolt ran through my body and I awoke. I went to see what had fallen earlier that night. It was my medicine drum that I used in my early twenties when I studied with a medicine woman. We used them to do “journey work” and I have no idea how it could have fallen, no wind or anything could have knocked it down. When it fell it took off a piece of plant that was given to me from another teacher I worked with in my thirties. Super happy to be able to finally share with you all. Happy Birthday kp40, I hope it was a wonder ful day for you! Love and Light

  7. Dream Flight Saturday July 7th
    Before going to sleep I had a conversation with my higher self and I was using my dowsing rods for the answers. I then noticed something. I get a feeling in my upper chest, my heart area, when the rods answer or right before it answers the feeling comes. I get this fluttery feeling and it’s as if something is rising at that spot. I had ah-ha this is how I know when I communicate with you, my higher self. I played with it to test this theory and sure enough I know when I am communicating. So I tested it without the rods and could feel the same thing as an answer came to me. Now I feel I am communicating telepathically with my higher self.

    I had woken from my dream and grabbed my phone to record what I remembered. Soon as I picked up my phone it was all lost. I couldn’t remember anything. I could just remember something was being measured. I tried and tried to remember and then I realized I was causing resistance to me remembering. I asked my higher self to help me remember parts of my dream flight and asked for a message to be given to me. So I let it go and drifted back to sleep with the crew on my mind. My dream came back to me again, like I restarted with the part I was trying to remember. But, when I finished with all my dreaming, I came back out with just the answer “I am being measured.” The visions floated away instantly again for this part. The rest of the dream I remember was me and a few people I know and others I do not know. We were at some kind of place that you stay. I think it was similar to a camp ground. I wanted to invite my husband. I knew in my dream he was in Morocco and I was traveling in the car and talking to him on a phone. It was his voice and he said he was going to be there but he had hoped I would still like him because he has part of his arm missing. I remember when he arrived and when I had seen him I thought to myself wow he is short and missing part of his arm but felt like I would be wrong to say this is not my husband. So I went along with it non- shalantly as to not make a scene and not make him feel bad. The whole time I was questioning what happened to my husband, this is not him; it is an imposter, in my head.

    After interacting in the dream with everyone for a while, I put my foot down and said you are not my husband. This makes no sense. My husband is beautiful and taller and has an arm. I do not feel the connection with you that I have with him! You were here in only a few hours and my husband was travelling from far away and there is no way you are him. I remember the person admitting to me that he was not my husband I am right. I then felt apathetic to this person and found out he was imitating my husband and then he showed me his arm that was missing and it had looked like it was an arm that had been burned badly by fire. I thought to myself how did he pull his arm out of his shirt that has been half gone this whole time and why did he pretend to be my husband? Then I remember the scene changed and I was with a lady and I was being tested or told I was being tested and during this time I remember tracing lines in butter with a blue marker and then I took the marker and I drew these certain lines on my face; lines that extended down my face and lines that formed a pattern. I came out of the dream flight with a message. The last thing I was told was I was a leader. A true leader of a tribe as only the leader would instinctly do that.

    • Hi, Sirianstarchild
      Your dream about the pattern on your face reminded me a vision that appeared before one of my past Astral travels
      I saw a Native American chief/shaman with pattern on His face in white and black and feathers in His hair that was not long but had a very complicated haircut

  8. I was in college and had to find a place to live. I looked all over the city for a place but ended up living in the dorm. I tried a job as a cookie maker. Not so good. Took a job as a sandwich maker. Had issueswith cheese because of lactose intolerance. Was a security guard for a bit and met a group of hunters outside in the pasture by the woods. They ended up leaving me with 8 cats. Some of them were my current pets i have now. I couldn’t have them in the dorm and tried stuffing them all into one covered litter box. They didn’t like that. Had to think about selling them or giving them away or having them stay with my parents. Didn’t want them to stay with my parents because their shepherd might eat them. Oh the dilemma!

    In another dream I was Katy Perry and her song Wide Awake kept playing in my mind (i had just purchased it from itunes the day before–catchy tune). I was arguing with Russell Brand (her ex-husband). I think I remember pushing him, but that’s it.

  9. I don’t remember anything except maybe being “on” the ocean and maybe a little swimming. I feel very rested, and happy today.

  10. I woke up in the middle of the night in almost like a panic attack in that I was breathing quickly and my heart was racing. I had to get up from bed to settle down. I do not remember dreaming anything but I just noticed and went back to sleep. When I awoke and went into meditation I was very curious about what was going on as this is not normal for me. What came to my knowingness was that the veils that I have been asking to be removed were slowly being removed so I could process and heal past lives. I could sense in my physical body a lightness and a joy despite an unuasual sleeping night. I also noticed that my teeth had a noticeable ache as if they were worked on in a healing chamber. There was no noticable issues with them before sleep but it almost felt like they were repairing themselves. I too will share in the cosmic birthday party Kp40 as it is all about learning how to join hearts and minds.

  11. I was not able to recall my dream last night 7/7, in fact I was not able to get to sleep until around 3:00. During that time I saw a download process following the meditation that Laura/ Adrial provided, envisioning the inverted flower seemed to trigger this process. What I see is these radiating oval / circular bands of energy when my eyes are closed. I have seen these in other attunements such as Reiki and the crystal skulls energy. Thank you Adrial, and thank you Laura!

    • Dreamwalker, thats really interesting. When I close my eyes and concentrate I can see energy pulses that are light in color too!

  12. Afternoon all. I had 2 dreams but as I am meditating I was given another name and a date. John Stevenson 1869 I also have multi coloured orbs floating around I have no idea what this means either.
    My first dream. I am outside my childhood home. A man approaches and begins asking what I think of some gadget he has as I stoop down to collect something. He notices this and said is he has one of those I tell him it is my sons. For some reason he seems to look like my father. I try to get rid of him as I am tired and want to go to bed. but he begins to follow me up the drive. He stands looking at something and I realise he is a real estate agent. He tells me that they are coming to do the roof. I say ok and go inside. I go to what was my parents room and open a window as i open the second I notice a young man on a ladder and ask if this is ok he says no shut them. I am becoming frustrated as all I want to do is sleep. I go to what was my room as a child the floors are bare and all that is in there is a small pile of clothes in the corner. there are no curtains on the windows and I notice a potty on the floor and realise I need to go. Then my eldest son comes in and says I have found the star. What ? They don’t believe me so I go with him to look and he excitedly points up to a large shining star. I smile and tell him yes you have found the St Nicolas star.
    When I go back into the kitchen my mother who passed is there cooking. Need to go to little room again wake up.

    my second dream
    I am with my husband and he is busy cleaning up. Then I am standing with real estate agent this time a women at a bench much like a bar, she is checking the work and talking to a couple who are thinking of buying the property. The land lord is now talking to this couple saying the house is large with out buildings and a cellar lots of trees and storage areas two toilets all in very good condition. Just what they are looking for. I am thinking the place needs decorating and up dating it is very old and run down why is he lying and then it crosses my mind where are we going to live. ended here this is the third I have had with real estate agents in.

    • A direct connection there with my dream from Friday night, mine too was in my parents house and I too was in the room I had as a kid. It also involved “workers”, no idea what they were doing though. All I know is that they were somehow protected from chaos, a shift in reality.

      St. Nicolas and the Star Children – lovely story!

      Hmmmmmm, I had the funniest idea that our own John A is/ was Dear Saint Nick…. See the robes he posted earlier as reference… Now we just have to reconnect him with his elves!

      Position of influence indeed…!

    • Hi Suzanne, what an amazing dream. I see also some connection with my dream seeing myself as a kid. And in my Friday dream I also wanted to sleep but there were visitors….

      Love Lisa

  13. Easy there Troy… not really something I want to have known.. even if it is true (is it true???) I have no idea. I tend to shy away from the limelight these days. I’m just “I AM”, don’t strive for more. I’m pretty happy with anonymity.
    I guess I don’t have much longer to maintain this sort of life. It will soon come the time when I have to be front and center again explaining stuff to the newly awakened.

    • John… only you can make this soul-connection, this is what resonates (in a big way) for me. For you, this is connecting to the REAL St. Nick, not the jolly fat guy in the red suit, in a similar way to how someone might connect to the REAL Jesus, who was just some dude who was turned into a movie star. Understand that this is not an idle accusation… I need several indicators before I’ll act on something like this. For example, what you just said! ♥

      There are some great resources on that site – you may find some interesting parallels between his life and yours. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to be associated with this guy… everyone will be asking you for presents on Christmas, for one thing… :mrgreen: Namaste

      • Although I do see some possibilities that we, the wayshowers, the ones that blaze the trail so to speak, are in some, perhaps many ways connected with notable figures of moments past, I tend to hold that at arms length. Partly to not feed the conflict that would arise when some say, “Sure you were Tutankhamen, (Caesar Augustus, Joan of Arc, insert your favorite figure here), yeah right… Quite the ego there my boy”… and others that would place us on a pedestal. I don’t feel the importance that some do to discover/remember some illustrious past, as it is simply that, past. Were there some benefit to those that I interact with should I recall a tidbit of remembrance that would offer an alternate possibility, then that would be something I would embrace. I would be just as inclined to be honored in knowing that I was some lowly peasant, scratching out a living from the soil as some figure of nobility and influence.

        I do not offer any negativity to others that chose to seek out their past lives and for whatever reason, find interest in it. But for me, for the I AM that I currently hold the keys to, the details are not important. What I find important for my role in this play we all participate in, is that I follow what I know to be the true course, the course of greater good for the extent of my influence in events.

        If it turns out that I do have a connection with Nicholas of Patara, so be it. It changes little in my expression of the role I currently play. I feel that this perspective allows me to be true to that expression in a way that would be unavailable were I to know what influence I may have had in moments prior.

        Each of us has our own path, and I am grateful that for the moment, we are traveling on parallel paths, close enough to wave over the brambles and say hi to each other.

        We all will know the totality of our influence and roles in this expression soon enough.

        • I feel there is an Atlantean term that means “your path honors me”, which I suppose is “Espavo”, and that term also applies here, John. For me, I have also resisted identifying with past lives for the same reasons, and yes I have definitely had to overcome the “ego factor” that you mention. But I have also found those paths leading to some surprising insights, particularly to gain understanding of “templates” of events, i.e. the “underlying plot” of the “illusion”. This may be an opportunity to simply practice the art of detachment, or it may lead to other things, but this is of course your choice, my friend. When a “guide” surfaces, I feel there is usually some reason for it. Namaste 🙂

  14. I agree Lisa and dreamwalker444 I have read the dreams and have a question for you both. Were you aware of being different not really fitting within the family as a child. Sorry you don’t have to answer. When I was a child I was always told to stop day dreaming,Its just your imagination, or an hallucination, as I wrote this I had an image of a star being in my room as a child watching me now he is smiling at me. wow its like I can see but cant.

    • Hi Suzanne,
      You are spot on, I was the black sheep of the family, sort of say… and my parents said to me that when I saw something,feel or hear….it was just my overactive imagination. I also had the feeling I was observing behaviors of the people and sometime asking myself why are they doing this or that, still I have that same feeling like i am an observer. I always looked up at the stars and when I was young, like 12 years, I started to read about UFO’s, shamanism, fantasy and so….

      If you interested in my story i wrote it on my page Lisa, just scroll down almost at the bottom of my page before the comments, I made a section about me.
      Can I ask how the image that you had of the child, how did he look because I had a similar image two days ago. It maybe strange to here, even though we just have met each other , but I feel the same connection to you as I feel the connection as some of the other STC and I have the same feeling with Michael.

      I hope you are well Suzanne,

      • The person I saw was a man he appeared as I was writing my reply. But I saw him in the corner of my childhood bedroom. It was as if I am here now awake but could see into the past as if a veil lifted for a few moments. He was dressed in a suit similar to a jumpsuit I think they are called all in one type with a belt and what looked like a merkaba on his left upper chest area I get the colour Blue as the suit. I feel he was with me in my childhood. much love suzanne

        • Hi suzanne,
          What I saw was a child’s/boy’s face, very close, very lovingly looking at me. He had like a brown/black half coupe hair, olive color skin , like in the dreamflight. But very briefly, but can’t seem to see the connection with me.

          Thanks Suzanne for sharing. Last night I had a remarkable feeling when I set my intention to full consciousness. A feeling of one of my past lives , I think with the impressions I got, with the Mayan Culture. And then those remarkable feelings kept incoming and impacting and it made me happy even though I don’t know what was downloaded…but it felt pretty amazing.

          It is also pretty amazing that everyone stimulates everyone to take our personal journey further up the road and I want to thank everyone, yes also you Suzanne :D, to help me grow in my journey.

          Love Lisa

      • Imagine Lisa how life would have been different with an atmosphere that nurtured the higher connection, huh? Faster progress much earlier, for one thing, but I guess everything happens for a reason. Bless them and bless the old ways, whatever purpose they may have served. ♥

    • Absolutely black sheep for me. I managed to fit in with my family to some degree because my mother’s cousin has similar abilities to me, and my aunt was a lightworker nun, the “light in the darkness” so to speak. Also my dad is all about UFOs, billy meir, etc. However when I shared any of my experience with my mother it was just my imagination, which I found frustrating because I know it is much more than that. For example, how did I know my grandfather and cousin passed away the nights they did? Because they visited me. I was only told they passed away the following morning. I think that’s a wee bit more than an overactive imagination, don’t you? 😀

      • Total black sheep here. For years I thought I was adopted. Luke and Lea skywalker were my “imaginary friends” and after everyone else went to bed I would get up and talk to the stars. It was the only time I felt safe. BTW Troy, I saw 4:44 yesterday and thought of you. Plus I’m not sure if anyone told you that honey and lavendar oil(essentail) is amazing for wasp stings. I had three go down my pants last year (long story) and it was a great relief and healed quickly.

        • Thank you melissa, on the phone now to relay this helpful information!!! I applied lemon juice to my sting, and although I still had these twinges of pain every now and then the day of, the swelling and pain is now completely gone. Thank goodness!

          • True, the acid in lemons will neutralize the sting. It sounds as if your wife really got a heavy dose of it though. The good thing is you both now have alot of extra antibodies in your bloodstream to fight off any kind of an infection that might be floating in the air. ( a blessing perhaps?)

          • Troy, why didn`t you ask me
            The most effective recepy is that one –
            Take one spoon of mashed garlic with some vine acid and some salt, eat this mixture immediately after the sting but I think you can try it still and you can use mashed parsley on the place that have been stunk

      • Yes dream walker my dad was into UFO and space also in a big way. I knew when it was time for my grandmother and mother to pass and also have a feeling for unborn children. I know when some one is expecting and the child’s sex. I new my daughter in law was expecting twins and then when my son handed me the sona gram the next day my reply was you are blessed a son and a daughter and yes they are near 3 now.

        • That is very interesting, CB! I love hearing about others who have this gift/ curse! I used to wonder why me, and I guess I still do, one explanation I’ve heard is genetics… So others in your family may have the same but never spoke of it. Something to do with a “bloodline”. I have also heard it is just a combination of luck and open-mindedness. We happen to remember the experience. As to birth divining I have never tried, being a guy perhaps I’m more squirmish about these things… :-S But I am grateful for the experiences I’ve had because they have helped immensely in my understanding of somewhere other than “here”. Thank you!

          • Bloodline makes sense to me as I have many cultures flowing through me. Sadly family was just mum dad 2 brothers and a grandmother. It was not till I did my family tree I realised how many continents were had lived on. 🙂 thank you. much love suzanne

  15. Hi, dear Spirit Train Riders 🙂
    During a crystal meditation last night I have received a confirmation from Adrial that they are here, we have to be aware of clues and signs for their presence and when ready we will have more close communications. Adrial I feel most in resonance with me and for me the clues are Bees and small insects, the little things in nature give me the clues and I am trying to learn this communication

    I had the following dream last night
    I was on GLS ALGIZ and w e were flying over/in the same forest that in one of my previous dreams my sister`s husband had built an Elf`s village. There were numerous holes in the ground and the little people were living in them, ALGIZ established an open connection with these little people, they looked like Leprecons and were very cheerful guys , then I saw the Elfs village inhabited
    This is all I can remember
    Love and Light

  16. Hi Tauno,
    That sounds incredible…..thanks for sharing it. Last night I tried to connect with Adrial through Leslee’s easy meditation, but my daughters were making so much noise (our bedroom is next to the living-room) that I couldn’t keep focus and I thought lets try when they are asleep….but I fell asleep also….can’t remember my dream…

    Love Lisa

    • WOW, Lisa! Do you remember Leslee`s dream about dwarfs …my dream of last night is in synchronicity with hers
      You and Blaze are also in this vibration!

  17. Yes Tauno, It remembers also about a dream I had about an elven village, if you recall… I can so feel it and the connection with it. I always felt a connection to dwarfs, fairies , dragons and like…(dream I had about seeing a lot of fairies).. it is so great to feel a connection. I hope all is well Tauno. Me I have it harder and harder to leave my family/daughters for work. i want to spent so much more time with my kids, also the pains are just driving me crazy and this last weekend my body was soar all over and had a terrible headache. Maybe the were doing maintenance on me 😀 rewiring cables in my head and body. I will try again tonight with my crystal companion to do the meditation, see what flies…or not 😀

    I will certainly look out for clues and signs, there is one thing I noticed in the few days, is that every day I am seeing now 777. Clue that what we desired is really going to manifest?

    Love Lisa
    😀 I wonder when we get our pointy ears 😀 just kidding

  18. Last night I was up at the big house with Pat and Sue and we were watching the skies, gazing at the stars. We were only out for an hour and other than some full sky subtle flashes, I was the only one that “saw” (in my peripheral vision) pinpoint flashes and short views of moving ships. We did see a really cool meteor that came in from the south and burned with a very bright orange light. It was significantly slower than the other meteors I have seen. It was quite a sight. it lasted for a few seconds and burned up with an impressive “poof”.

    My dream, that I can remember, was centered around a sort of run down apartment building and many young people, an old truck and a very pretty young lady that took an interest in me. Details are sketchy, but nothing of a specific Galactic nature, again. Well I suppose the young lady’s top could be considered spacey… It looked like something out of a 60s space comedy. sort of half way between a bullet bra and plastic drinking cups… Sorry… not much more sticks in my mind.

    • Oh man, John, last night we stayed up till midnight and say some pretty cool stuff. We did see a ship, when we caught it, it flashed at us, 4-5 times, saying hello back to us! Pure magic

  19. Dreams of Tuesday July 10, 2012

    I was a new recruit in the army and I remember going to an older white house where I was staying to pick up a bunch of fizzy drinks and potato chips and other treats. I filled my bag full and went to join the other recruits. I think I got teased a lot and ate a lot of the treats because I wasn’t going to be able to keep them.

    The next dream I was in a large old white apartment complex, like the kind in New York or the Ghostbusters movie, on a higher floor and I was getting ready for something. I was really hungry and wanted a burger and fries. There was a darker-skinned gentleman in a red t-shirt waiting for me on a wooden chair in one of the open rooms that looked like a dance studio. I was getting ready and did embarrassing things to get ready and didn’t notice him until I picked a wedgie from my pants. I was embarrassed and tried to ignore him, and tried to figure out why he was there. He eventually told me he was there from a dating-type website and he was waiting to meet me. I think I told him to leave. Other people started showing up at my apartment, guys and girls. One of the girls took me to a burger join (I think McDonald’s) and we had burgers and a good time. I remember being in the apartment again and a woman like a young Elizabeth Shue was coming back to the apartment and I was eating her burger and fries and she was mad at me. She may have told the darker-skinned gentleman from earlier in the day about me and then I think they sent someone after me with 3 or 4 vicious dogs. I ran all over the apartment jumping onto shelves and going into separate rooms, but the dogs kept coming. I eventually jumped out a window.

    Next dream I was in a setting like in an ’80’s movie in a Southern-type looking town. I was in a house that was mine. It was an older white house with a porch and kitty corner across the street was a store I had bought. I talking with a lady with curly long brown hair and a big smile and kind eyes wearing something that reminded me of a brown robe with blue on it or something. It could have been Adrial or a guide, but I think Adrial. She asked me how much I payed for the house and I said 29 for each, 29 for the store and 29 for the house. She said something about 60 or 60,000 and I think she she was rounding up because 29+29=58. I then gave 323 for something and I got back 1212. She was over visiting me and offering me something, possibly a pie. When I woke up I looked up the numbers 323 and 1212 and got. From a Spiritlibrary.com search I got: 2’s and 3’s, such as 223 or 323 – The ascended masters are working with you as co-creators of your new project. They are telling you that they share your excitement and know that everything is working out well for you. The masters can see that your future is already guaranteed to be filled with the happiness you seek. Enjoy this new phase of your life! And the info I found for 1212 is here: 12:12 The Gateway of Completion but I don’t know if this is the correct information.

    Dexter said he went up to Tuli last night for his birthday. He said Brucie was there and it was his Birthday party. He got a small personal chocolate-flavoured cake that said Happy Birthday Dex. There was a lot of people and he had a lot of fun playing with his Tigger. He always sits on Brucie’s lap, plays tug of war with Tigger and he got lots of pats from lots of people. He was very happy. He said Brucie was wearing a yellow shirt. There were no balloons. Balloons scare Dexter. Brucie showed Dexter his room, where there was a bed and it was pretty simple. He said there was a step thing by the bed so Dexter could get on Brucie’s bed. He said the bed floated. He said nothing sits on the floor, so he can run around and not hit anything. Everything floats. Brucie likes music like his Daddy Ethan. Dexter says Brucie reminds him of Ethan. He says Brucie called him his ‘little shit-dog’ just like Ethan. They have TV up there. Brucie likes reality shows. Brucie had big bug eyes like Dexter. He touches Dexter’s nose with his finger to give him a kiss. Dexter says Brucie makes him safe. Dexter likes to watch the stars with Brucie. He says there are big round ones and bright ones. Brucie likes to dance (our dogs call it toe-tapping). Brucie was patting Dexter and he was telling him that he wants to get married to someone on a ship. Dexter came back to 3D reality when he had to use the washroom and Ethan took him outside.

  20. Very nice dream I love hearing Dexters also. It seems a few of us are dreaming about houses that are old. From our childhoods or towns we grew up in. Clearing the veils from our childhood so we can begin to remember? Just my thoughts talking to me?

    • ~I Relate to what Ya are saying,CrystalineBlue…A Few Days/Nights ago I also had a Dreamscape of Being in a House and it’s basement, of where i was partially raised (my Aunt Foster-Cared me when I decided to leave my strict home)…So it seems that there is some sort of appropriately “timed” Inner Child Healings being taken place in Our dreams…I feel that there is a direct connection with Our Inner Child & Our Higher/Outer Self…I wonder if this what “Ascension” is kinda about: Bring Up Our Inner Child to “Merge” with our Higher Self,all within Our Expanded Self…
      …Intriguing Times it Is~

      • yes babajij I have that feeling too. Most of us have built a protection around our inner child to keep it safe like a cocoon I too feel that the child and the adult are to merge into something wonderful much love and light dear friend.

      • I wanted to say Babajij I didn’t see your post until after I posted mine. Sorry to hear you had a rough childhood. My friend Tabachimu (who is now in the next world) characterized his childhood as being “raised by a herd of aunts” (pronounced “onts”). Maybe as Bashar says, sometimes the rubber band needs to be pulled back so it can fly forward. 🙂 ♥

    • The source of power is the heart. When we are young at heart is when we are most powerful. Reconnecting with the child within seems to have a very spiritual meaning. So perhaps this is key, similar to gratitude. A meditation of me as my younger self, both tieing back to the story of Peter Pan.

      Old houses…. A strong foundation… Family roots & connections… A place of safety for me, “home”, maybe a reminder of a place we might like to go back to, we can’t here, but can “there”… Just some random thoughts…

  21. I just had a dream that mixed a lot of old images and references, but most notable thing in it was near the end I was oiling a chair I currently have but I could not see my hands. I went looking for my Mother to tell her about it, but she wasn’t there… then I woke up.

  22. Last night was a very vivid dream. I was in a clearing with very green grass, it was a kind of lightworker conference, although there didn’t seem to be too many people there. The clearing was near a lake, and the lake was kind of misty, and it was cloudy but warm. The clearing had evergreen trees around it, a forest, the trees also surrounded the lake, and there was a large path that ran between the lake and the trees to the right of the lake. Near the lake where the path started was a small stage. A little way back from the stage was a nice large comfy couch, which was facing the clearing (so the couch and the stage were on the right hand side of the clearing). The couch was large enough so I could stretch out my legs, and a woman who looked a lot like Lisa/Wolfke (this may or may not have been her) was sitting at the other end of the couch with her legs crossed. She fidgeted with her hands as she was talking and tapped my leg from time to time. She was wearing khaki shorts and a white shirt, I was wearing cotton pants and a white button-up shirt, so maybe it was early summer / late spring. It felt like it was on the West Coast somewhere. The stage was decorated with white bridal veils, like it was a wedding, but this felt more like a meeting or a music concert than a wedding.

    We were talking about lightworker ideas, it seemed like she was sad or depressed about something and I was working through some ideas with her. We were good friends in the dream. I remember mentioning a music video which might be helpful to her, it was one that zoomed over a misty lake (the same lake in the dream), and then zoomed in to a character that looked a lot like mouse woman (or possibly Gollum…).

    Mouse woman is depicted on the Bill Reid Sculpture “Spirit of Haida Gwaii”. She is the grandmother of the raven, who attempts to restore order in things whenever she can (and often gets herself in trouble because of it…).

    That was the end of the dream.

    • Troy, what an amazing dream it was!
      This place that you describe is just the same place I imagine when I think of my home in 5th dimension, the lake, the forest, the road on the right, wow
      My last Saturday night dream was connected with a conference taking place in the West at the same place that you described, I was not physically there, I was on ALGIZ and ALGIZ served as an antenna receiving and sending signals and connecting all of Us!
      Lisa, I think my totems are raven, wolf and bear
      Love and Light

      • Hi Tauno,
        Yep, my totem is also the brown bear, it looks like we are family now 😀

        I just wish they get on with it, instead of us trying to figuring out in dream-scape how it all looks like (yes I am a child that is a bit impatience 😀 )
        Last night I was dreaming that I could fly when I wanted to and the feeling was not of doubt (like we do here in 3D) , but a 100% knowing, feeling it through my whole body that I could fly, and just do it. Just an amazing feeling.

        Love Lisa

        • Dear Lisa, I feel a connection between us and today I have been wondering – the crow is representing Scandinavian God Odin who gave the people the Knowledge, the Runes and Wisdom

          Also, in my meditation when I saw OcaTawa as a Native American I also saw a white owl there, I feel the Owl is connected with the Earth and also with the Wisdom
          Love and Light

  23. Hi Troy what an interesting dream, my dream last night of being at the sea making pictures of the sunset and my family sitting in a boat. Then I was in a room putting green stones in a safe and then that safe in another safe. Then next thing I walk on a dirt road and on my right there was a vast plane of sanddunes and pools of water and on the road I met a huge group of moslim girls and they saw me walking without my hair covered and they got mad at me of not wearing something. End of dream.

    You know one of my totems is crow, next to wolf. Maybe it was me…who knows.
    Thanks for sharing the dream.
    Love Lisa

  24. So here’s an interesting one…
    I found myself in a fishing cabin on a lake that I have swam in a few times, but as it turns out the cabin is not actually there in 3D, but still… I was visited by a Cop that took an inordinate interest in a small 150 watt sodium light bulb I had. We had a long conversation about it’s use and why I could possibly have it in the first place. It was all rather cordial. We made sandwiches and talked for quite some time. In the end, he agreed that he really couldn’t TAKE the bulb, as that would be theft, but agreed to pay me for it. He offered $85, to which I told him “no, We would look up the real value and I would take 10% less, because the bulb was used”.
    It turned out that the bulb was listed at $12.95..
    During the conversation, I had to steer it carefully because he was trying to get me to agree to some things that were untrue, and also trying to break the bulb. I finally had it wrapped up neatly in newspaper and tucked away in a tough sided briefcase so it wouldn’t get broken. The scene shifted before the sale and before he went on his way, to another encounter with a Cop that was interested in questioning me about the encounter, but had no interest in the truth of it. He kept ignoring what I was saying and making things up, being more interested in his version than the truth.

    In both encounters I felt the presence of several others that were of the same cut of cloth as myself, but they were all in the background, except for one fellow in the second encounter. He was sitting with the self absorbed Cop listening and nodding to everything he said. Nobody there resembled or reminded me of anyone I have dealt with before.
    As with many of these types of dreams, it didn’t really end when I woke up and I recall the last part of the conversation as I walked down the hall to the bathroom being…
    Cop – “You know, I can have 20 men here in minutes?”
    Me – “You know, I have 200 here right now?”
    Cop – “Gotta go….”
    Then I thought, “I’m not the leader, their leader, but their brother… We are family and that is stronger than what you have”.
    (not exact conversation but really close… Memory is malleable… )

    Ooooh… goosebump time… That has to be the best part. I get that when I make the connection between the distortion of the dream and the reality of 5D….
    (happy dance)

  25. I was at a beach, a bay with an island across from the beach. I was with a woman. We were trying to get a hobie catamaran sailboat with red and white sails launched but a strong gust of wind kept picking up the boat and flipping it over like a kite. For whatever reason I didn’t think to put the sails down first (which would have made sense!).

  26. I am in a street like a dirt road. I am helping carry something into a house which is quite compact. The walls are wooden slates horizontal like floor boards but on the walls and roof they are painted white. the floor is light nutty brown. We are assembling a water bed frame. I am trying to flatten out the the inner. Then I am on a bridge stone work along the edges I sense I am above the earth as the beings I am conversing with said they cannot breath our air., seperated from 3D I ask them if the water bed is stolen they say no. There faces look like mime faces but blue or red cant make out the colour for definite they are my height.
    next I am back in this room and being told my spleen or gall bladder have been replaced. very strange dream.

  27. Good Morning, my dear Friends astral travellers 🙂

    I cannot remember much of my dream but what I remember is wonderful
    Here is my dream

    I was given a balloon. This gift was from a woman, one of my colleagues. The balloon was full of plants, light green fresh plants inside. Me and the woman that gave me this balloon were in the library. There were many plants in this library as if it was not a library but a greenhouse.
    Next part of the dream – I was on a ship with many other people and although I was on board I felt my presence above the ship, I was watching this little ship floating on a beautiful sea near a land of beauty. There were mountains , rocks and green trees and plants. The ship was heavy with green plants too and there was no space on it, the plants were too heavy and the ship could hardly keep itself on water.

    The Sun was shining bright and there was so much fresh air

    End of the dream memories for this dream experience

    Love and Light

  28. I’m not remembering my dreams right now as I was up several times during the night because one of my dogs wasn’t feeling well. She is ok now. I did get a channeled message this morning from someone named Vincent who just wanted to thank me for helping him find his baby boy last night. I don’t know what this is about, but maybe it is a clue to one of our missions last night. I asked to board the GLS Balthazar. Anyone have any impressions they would like to share?

  29. I have been visiting the ships nightly and sense in my sleeping patterns when I am on-board and when I come back. The memories and dreams are not strong and usually involve an image as I am leaving. Last night I was on board the OcaTAwa and sensed it was now time to learn and work on future projects. The image I was left with was being at a little leage baseball field and seeing the lines at the restroom lined up around the building. During my morning meditation my mind gave me the anology of humanity knowing that the wait was necessary but would not last forever. I have the sense that much more is being accomplished during our journeys then simply visiting as our understanding of time is not fully understood. I look forward to our time of physical interactions.

  30. Good morning everyone,
    Looks like we had quite a bit of work doing during our dream nights. I post here two dreams I had. Friday dream and the dream flight. I will also post it on my dream pages under Lisa with some extra information attached to it, for the ones who like to read more….:D

    Dream 13 july 2012: I set my intentions to visit GLS Tulya

    It appears I am in a basement and I am in a separate cell. We are training in getting used to be weightless, like in space. So I am floating in the room, very peacefully as suddenly somebody puts on the gravity again and I fall onto the floor. Others experienced the same faith. One guy got hurt and I went over him to see if he needed any help. Another guy appears, but he looks evil, his glasses that he puts on (the glass is pink) and it keeps on changing shape as he looks at us very intensely.

    I am upstairs with a group and we are going onto an exploration.I have a notebook in my hand in the shape of a teddy bear and if you open it, there is music coming out. One of the group member point out to the teacher of my music notebook. He commands me to search for another one without music. As I am searching for the book, the group already goes to exploration. As I find my notebook I quickly follow the group.

    I am in a sort of misty dark room and and there is a lady with blond hair waiting for me. I feel this is very important, and it almost feels like I am there. She said she had something important to tell me. And she gives my a necklace with a golden flower on it and in the middle was an amber stone settled. She says I am the guardian of truth and with it she also gives me a long black dress with long sleeves. I put it on. There is also a another lady with me in the room giving the same thing.

    The dream shifts and I am with the group again, and also the guy I helped in the beginning of the dream with his injury and the bad guy. And we they where playing a game, but the bad guy is poking into the eye of the other guy. I threaten him to expel him from the game if he doesn’t’ follow the rules.

    My dream shifts again and I am standing in the room in front of my team leader and he demands that I give my cellphone to him because it is distracting me from my homework. I reluctantly I hand over my cellphone to him. I take my book where I have to do my homework and there is a strawberry milkshake standing on the ledge of the couch. It falls over and spills my milkshake.Quickly I take my straw I try to suck up the spilled milkshake. End of dream.

    Dreamflight 14 July 2012

    Stating my intent to visit at least, Aurora, Athabantian, Blaze and left also the intent if possible to visit any other ships.

    I said all the passwords of the ships.

    I can’t remember the first two dreams but ended up with a weird kind of feeling/image of a book that helps me to deal with my

    feelings. (I must say something happened that day and I got very disappointing and asked before sleeping to AA Michael to help me with this)

    I was in a sort of trailer community and people where standing before a silver trailer looking inside what was happening inside the trailer. I looked in and saw a circle of chairs and a bit on the right was sitting Patrick Jane (from the series Mentalist) talking to people. There were camera’s filming the event, the room was lit with a soft orange light. I saw two people standing. I asked someone who is at the door if there were any seats free? Cause I wanted to be part of it. He said there was 1 chair free. So I go in and I sit in the chair. But it wasn’t free, it belonged to the woman on my right that was standing up.A bit embarrassed I got up and left.

    Now I am walking on a trail and on both of my sides there was green and trees. Suddenly Patrick Jane appears next to me and walks with me asking me a lot of questions. We got stopped by a river that was crossing the road. Suddenly I feel the urge to look for something and I go into the water and follow the river to the left. A bit further on the bank I saw a big white paper bag with handles. I opened it and inside there were letters and pictures in it. There were names written on the letters and I could also see the stamps from different countries. Patrick Jane asks me what I am going to do with them.

    I am now on the path again but walking towards the community with the bag. But I know the
    content has changed and there a papers in there that shouldn’t be seen by anyone. As I entered the community I put the bag in some room and set it on fire. A lot of smoke comes out of it and engulfs the community.

    I am looking again inside the same silver trailer, but from the back. And I see a detective asking questions to the people inside. I wonder what happened with Patrick Jane. On his right side , a small group of people are standing in a half circle. Then an old lady (Anne Haney) was saying something upsetting to the detective. And then she vanishes in tin air before he could react. On the table was a little book that was opened, and I saw here picture and that she was coming from the future.

    The dreams shifts and I am standing on a rock looking down a very wild but clear wide water river with boulders. I see a man swimming and trying to keep his head above water. Suddenly I see a big anaconda swim towards him. I yell and warn him of the anaconda that is coming after him. He swims very fast to the shore, but the anaconda is very fast and the come face to face. I am to far away to do anything except trowing a rock at the anaconda and this helped. End of dream.

    I don’t know where this vision is coming from, if I have dream it….but I saw a white light ball and it was floating in the air , and there was little lightening bolts coming from it.

    Love Lisa

  31. This is what I posted on Aurora Dream Flight Experiences.

    “It’s great to read all of your posts and experiences! I also don’t remember anything but I know I was with a lot of people and very busy. This happened Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night. It’s strange because when I woke up I remembered bits of my dream time but once I reached for my journal, the little that I remembered was gone.
    However, Friday night when I began to meditate I immediately had a vision of a sort of stone tablet with a hand flipping (like a rolodex) the tablet to the next stone. Each stone had strange symbols on it. They did not look like hieroglyphics.
    I had another vision Saturday night which is disturbing to me. I saw a man and he was in a wooded area. The man wore a baseball cap and a jacket (seemed to be a hunting jacket, maybe). He was a tall man and big but not fat. He was down on one knee and I could see a tree log next to him. He was holding a little girl in his arms. The little girl appeared to be six or seven and she had blond hair. She was lifeless and he was laying her down next to the tree log. My feeling was he had raped and killed the child.
    I have been getting these types of images for the past three years. I’ve seen an automobile accident and I knew what state it was in. I’ve also seen a man falling down a flight of stairs. I don’t know why I am seeing these things. What am I supposed to do with these visions? The good thing is when I get these random visions I am emotionally detached.”

    Love, light and laughter my dear brothers and sisters

  32. Hey fellow riders… what a night last night. No dream to relate, but that I woke up absolutely bagged… More tired than when I went to bed. I guess I was a busy little fraggle last night.

    In continuation to the vision of the robe given to me by Seripus Bey, I stumbled on this. This image is attributed to Seripus and other than the color, (the one shown me was deep red and silver) the robe is the same. This one is missing the insignia or sigel or whatever that was…

    Seripus Bey

  33. Hi everyone,
    I am really busy visiting places and ships 😀
    Last night I set my intent to visit Abi-Qor and got following dream:

    I left my work because felt like it didn’t suit me anymore, didn’t like it either. (for the record I like my job that I am currently doing). So I left to never come back and I went with a lot of people to this place, there was a lot of green, on my left I saw sand-dunes and the sea in the distance. We were holding a ceremony under a gazebo almost totally closed off by the branches/leaves from the willow tree. We had to drink a drink that looked like whiskey and when I drank it, I had a flash vision of a black/white ball. After that we went on out and we were building some houses. I see a being with big eyes looking at me. I must off looked away because the dream skips and I am looking for this being, and I am asking the people that are there but nobody saw anything. That was the end of my dream.

    Love Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,

      I wanted to share that this morning I had a dream about my co-worker trying to sell me a big house. I would have to move to Vancouver. My other co-worker was there as well. That was basically the dream. In 3D life yesterday I was thinking about my work a lot because I met a guy there who said I should apply for a job in maintenance because they need females and it pays a lot more. So I was thinking about my job a lot yesterday. And this morning while I was waking up I got a picture of a hairy-faced being (like Chewbacca from Star Wars) with big black and white eyes. I am currently doing training with Bren-Ton and Enid from Balthazar and the being I think was Beni, a sasquatch-like being that I received a channeling from earlier in the month. Enid said it would be a good idea for me to let you know about what I saw because it was a message being transmitted and I guess we both picked it up. Bren-Ton asked me to interpret it this morning, I only got the meaning partially. What meaning did you get from it?

      • Hi Arianna,
        I didn’t see the being quite well, I only remembered a bit better because I was drawing him, big head, big black eyes, don’t remember a mouth. tssss, this is a really hard one, what meaning I got from it. Let’s go with my intuition and say: that I was initiated as a guide in New Earth, preparations are being done for the move, and find myself in a new job… what I always wanted. Being in nature and guide who ever needs guidance…. That is my intuition on the fly 😀

        Love Lisa

  34. I made a comment about your dream Lisa but I don’t know why it didn’t post. Well, I will repeat myself. It seems you received a download after consuming the whiskey like drink. “A flash vision of a black/white ball.” I’m curious about the being with big eyes.

    Here’s a dream I had last night. I saw a small, dark, snake but I was not afraid. The snake bit me on my right foot. I could feel the pressure of the bit but it did not hurt. A man came and removed the snake. End of dream.

    I looked up the meaning of dreaming of being bitten by a dark snake. There are various meanings: facing fears, facing troubles to come, transformation and healing, growth moving from the unconscious and unknown to more awareness…

    I feel the meaning of the dream has to do with transformation, healing, growth and awareness because the dream didn’t feel negative to me. Well, I’d like to think that is what it means. I have to get clarity on this one.

    love and light to all

  35. So , I feel like am playing catchup with you all………so far I have no ship memories, but with Leslee and Laura’s help, now know that I have made contact with a rather funny , warm hearted guy named Zobran. My memories so far are of Zobran are first contact…..him dressed like Todd Lubner ( Bill Murreys SNL character), pants belted up high, plaid shirt, short sleves, Black rim glasses, along with wiry auburn hair , some what long, and a big mustache. He telepathically asking me to look into his eyes as he offer a piece of corroded copper pipe. My reaction was port-key, and bang I was awake. The copper as an offering has to do with the fact that pipe like this is what I use to dye wool by soaking it in water to get the green patina. Next contact was looking down a hill of badly mowed lawn, and me wanting to rake and clean up the site, in come a mower with no handle, which then stops and I imediatly go and pick it up an dcarry to a garage full of rusty objects, but can’t fiind anyone around to help me. Next contact was a whir freeze frame tech space room , followed by a freeze frame abstract painting of a home and landscape, followed by a theme park I had already been through, but now was taking a friend, but wait my mother would love to go along, so driving in reverse quit a ways I parked next to a corroded disk-shaped space craft wedged in between some boulders. Of Coarse my mother and I decided to hit the lu before the adventure and then I awoke. Now the other night, Not Saturday, I felt that Zobran was calling out to me as I was to him, so I slipped my cyrstal in my hand for a quick one….I was instantly under……..then back out, but what I saw was so brillant it left me smiling wide. Zobran showed me a cabin lake front were I had just weeded, and made 2 command seats side by side out of cut bouldars with the lake representing the wide horizon of infinity. The arms had cup holders with some kind of drink with paper umbrellas !!!……….now up until this time in my lift I have recall of less then 10 dreams …………I am enjoying this, it’s so fun !!!!!!!

  36. Just had one concerning being a pilot , flying a plane that was falling apart. We lost a vital piece of gear but managed to turn her around and put her down without brakes, while the doors were falling off.. After some tense moments she wound up parked nicely on the grass… I went to the Boss and told him about it, and he asked me to get it ready to fly again to take some stuff his wife was working on to Ontario. When I went back, the plane was caught in some kind of storm, like you would see in a sci-fi movie.. and underwater, mostly. I climbed back in and started the camera to document the repair and restart… Then returned here to report it to you folks…. Now there might have been some coloration from the First Aid course today…. Spending 8 hours thinking of all the ways someone can get bent, spindled or mutilated does have the effect of sticking in ones mind for a time.

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  38. My dream last night well how to describe it. there is a large platform I see men and women with brooms what is unusual is they are dancing and sweeping to music.
    next I am looking toward a street with brick plaster type walls on both sides men on the right women on the left dancing and they then stop in front of the men kissing them on the check the men are in navy whites. the women in skirts bright colours and a belt with like a tee shirt top.
    To my left are stairs coming down cycles with baskets of bright yellow flowers the riders coming down the steps are men.
    What strikes me is the blue of the ocean and the sky is brilliant so clean so true and the golden sands glisten. the songs I heard cannot remember the first but the next one was the Makarena and summer loving. There was so much fun and laughter and the love was just everywhere.

  39. Hi, my dear travel companion 🙂
    Here is my dream for 21 July 2012

    I do not remember well the first part of the dream but it was connected with travelling
    Next – I was in the corridor ofa large building with many friends, we got to the entrance, there were huge glass windows and white -grey colours, my friends were going somewhere but I stayed at the building. When they left I was with my cousin and my sister, we went to my hotel room with red colours and rich royal furniture. My cousin suggested to look for a cat that must be somewhere in the room and we started to look for the animal, we made a little mess while looking under the bed covers, the cat was not there

    Next – I was at home at the entrance and was talking with my neighbor – an old lady that I do not trust in, she was holding a floor duster and cleaned my floor without a permission by my side

    Next – I was in a large room with a row of tables, this was a fair of a different national foods, I sat at a table next to a nice middle aged woman with blond hair who presented her national specialty and I tried it, the woman was very kind
    I tried the meal that was macaroni with round flat forms and fried tomatoes and egg-I think, the food had a pleasant mild taste and I liked it

    End of the dream

    Love and Light

  40. Dream 20 July 2012
    highlander I had given no intention to do anything but got following dream. The dream was very intense and some part of the dream felt familiar. The feeling that I got was elements of real memories intertwined with dream elements. I was standing in an apartment, standing very close to a big window. (This is the part that feels like it was a kinda déjà-vu feeling) I feel a tingling feeling going to my body and slowly I am being lifted up in the air. It is a really neat feeling, but as I say, it was déjà -vu feeling and I remembered as I was going to float out of the window that the next encounter wouldn’t be very painful and unpleasant. (Like what happens in the movie Highlander when he gets struck by electricity/lightening that amplify his powers) So I was thinking I didn’t want that again and also it would attract unwanted attention. The force, the special tingling feeling, gently put me down again and I woke up out of the dream, still feeling that tingling feeling through me body.
    I went back to sleep and the dream picks up where it left me. I am standing in the living room and I know the damage have been done, I already got unwanted attention of negative spirits who wanted to do me harm. Quickly I cast out a spell to put up protection shields around the room with openings, like doors, windows. But they were breaking through. As last defence I put up a shield that surrounds only the living room, shielding the big archway living doors. They try to break through this but the shield reacts like a spider web and they got all entangled with it. Then it seems I am on the run with somebody and we are hiding in a space between walls and I cast a spell so that the wall closed on us, hiding us from the bad spirits. But it works only half leaving an open gap big enough to look through. I see a blond woman peeking through but because it was dark she didn’t see us. But I made the mistake to whisper a spell to close the gap and she heard me. Again we are on the run and now we are hiding in a closet and speaking up a spell that will make the closet invisible for them. But they found us anyway and we start to fight each other. But I am not alone; my friends are there to help me. I get picked up by a giant worm but I manage to fight it and tie it into a knot. Then I fought together with a friend that blond lady and she was sitting on a closet shelf and I set it on fire. Then I woke up, end of dream.

    Dreamflight 21 July 2012
    After I set my intention to aboard Nine, Susan, Athabantian and other ships with matching passwords I got following dream:
    The first dream I remember only the last bit of it. A friend and I went into a family car and I was driving. We come at a circle and I am a bit confused which way I should take. (Here in South-Africa you go left onto the circle, while in Belgium you go the right) I take the left but it is the wrong choice and I drive into upcoming traffic. Now I am standing outside, the car is gone. I see on the ground three stones that shift into knives and then two knives shift back into green stones.
    The second dream I am in an airport with my parents and the ex –girlfriend of my brother. I don’t see my brother anywhere so me and my dad went back in and go through security. I see my brother waiting in a big row of people and I am relieved to see him. Outside I see he is with his new girlfriend and he is hugging my mom. I am standing on the stairs and I turn around seeing a very dreadful place, very grey looking place. People coming my way and I ask the name of this town, but they look very grumpy and ignore me. But there is a young man who stops for me and I ask him the name of his town. The name is so alien to my ears I ask him to write it down. It looked like Greek letters to me. Then my brother sees across a crime being committed and he runs down towards the thieves, trying to stop them. Our whole family is following him and I hit a guy with my pillow on his face. He falls down the stairs and get unconscious. I ran back up the stairs and I see security coming out of the doors running with a kind of, looks like a water hose, but another fluid is coming out spraying it on my family and my baby. They turned into statues. I am chocked and asked them how long they stay like this. Two hours. They say they gone ship my family back to America. I ask if they could unfreeze my baby, because she did nothing wrong. They agreed. The young man next to me starts to talk and I ask him if he could help me to free my family. He says this place is perfect and they don’t need crime. I told him to I would prove him that this society doesn’t care about the people and take away their freedoms.
    The dream shifts and I am running through this city’s streets, followed by the security men, I even stop and fight them with some karate moves. I find myself now on a roof top and jumping of the roof tops to the lower down rooftops, chased by the security.
    Now I am standing at the toilets and security agents are looking for a particular girl. I was hiding this girl in the toilet. The agent asked me to open the door, so I did. But no one was in there and I was relieved. When they are gone I need to go to the toilet and I close the door. As I turn around, the girl is back and standing behind me. She scared me and then I woke up. End of dream.

    Déjà -vu: from French, literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of believing an event or experience has occurred in the past.

  41. I had two dreams on 21 July.

    The first dream I’m in the “Astral” version of Victoria, BC (Canada). I know this because there’s a restaurant there called Pirates Cove, down in the Inner Harbor, that isn’t there presently.

    I find myself holding a white road bike with a broken front wheel. The tire is off the rim, and the tire is split. I think I was riding it with my older son, but riding the bike with a flat tire apparently shredded the tire. We’re near a gym with an adventure playground set up in it, so I bring the bike in with me and set it next to the wall. My son wants to hang out there (it is a daycamp, very similar to the gymnastics he’s enrolled in now), and I go off to the local mall (Eaton Center) to do some errands.

    In the “astral” version of Victoria there is a Jazz restaurant/ nightclub there, with a big band playing on the stage. I’m walking towards the front entrance, and someone (one of the waiter) has an airline service cart that they push towards the entrance to cause problems. I try and stop the cart from rolling into a bunch of people but it still crashes, and all the food it is carrying goes all over the place. The manager comes and and starts yelling at me, saying I’m going to be working there for the rest of the day to pay off all the damage I caused. “No way!”

    I duck out of there, and apparently I have an office somewhere in the mall that I hide out in. The office has wood floors and stained glass Tiffany lamps. It feels old-fashioned but has computers on the desks. I decide to hide out here until it’s time to pick up my son, apparently the security guards are looking for me.

    The second dream was fairly simple, I was looking up at the sky and these UFO’s that look a lot like lenticular clouds were putting on a show for me, appearing one after the other. They were all the same size and shape, they must have been quite large (300 feet across?). This is the first dream I’ve had of this type. The first one was a beautiful aqua color (sea foam green?), it was there in the sky, then disappeared. Then another one showed up, first it was white, then it went half-invisible, then disappeared. Another one was white then aqua, then merged into the clouds, then disappeared, then a couple of them showed up at the same time and disappeared. The way they moved was effortlessly, like a cloud, but much faster; it was more like they were fish moving through water. I think there were 5 ships total. Half way through this display I thought “come on guys take me with you!” but that was not why they were here at this time.

  42. I actually had a dream that involved being in a small room with 3 other “good guys” and 2 enemies. The enemies even seemed to be a king and queen. The woman was wrapped in some kind of gauze and she pulled it up into a kind of a headdress. That’s all, but I clearly remember the position of everyone in the room, if anyone else was there.

    When I awoke and realized how closely this matched the Aurora mission statement, my jaw dropped! I haven’t even verified with Laura whether I’m on the crew. And my reaction to the mission statement was, “Why bring a bunch of noisy earthlings along on a secret mission requiring silence?” Now, I’m pretty good at tapping in to Silence during meditations, but my mind is as chatty as anyone’s. So I figured this dreamflight was not for me. Perhaps another part of me knew better!

  43. Ok, my turn…..

    I woke up a few times during the night, I recall being on a ship serveral times, and as i woke up, i would say to myself: “Humm… no Reptilian meeting? I wonder where I am? Ah!! This is it!! I am on Aurora..! ”
    then one of the people i was with would look at me smiling! and we would get on with the general discussion and the dream..

    Several time i would say to myself as I woke up:
    “U will have 2 remember all of what is going on here and tell the rest of the lads!!! This is unreal!! Man!! i wish i could remember a fraction of this stuff!!! I should turn the light on and write it down!! I will never remember all of these details and amazing facts!! ”

    Then, i would be pulled back into the dream again… and i would get on and continue with the mission..

    I am sorry…. as i woke up, i still remembered a few of the events on Aurora.. but as i fully woke up i forgot almost everything… well almost… the most significant memory was being on a planet with violet and dark blue skies.. it was night time.. and there was something looking like lava coming through the sky.. the lava like substance was divided in strings, and formed a V shape. i recall speaking with someone on the scout ship we were on, and i asked what is this?
    Reply: This is where the Reptilians are. There is where we are heading.
    Then i went into deep sleep again!! man!!! 😦 no idea what went on after that… ??

    I woke up a few more times, i knew i was on Aurora, everybody was busy, even a little tense, high stakes were playing out, that much i recall!! everytime i would wake up, i was with someone on the ship, in the middle of big talks!

    After a while, my cat Indy came into my room, she was giving out to me … then slept near my head… she usually guards me, she is my guarding angel! 🙂
    I believe it was her way of complaining of all the racket in the higher dimensions in the house.. she was not impressed and could not sleep with all the intensity… i am very serious.. I have NEVER EVER SEEN her scared or nervous in the 2 years she lives with us.. But as I woke up and walked out of a room, she jumped in fear all the way from the top of the stairs, and went almost at the bottom of the stairs. Later on during the morning, she was asleeo again, and as I had a noisy jacket in my hands, she jumped up nervous, as if she was again super afarid, until she realized it was me. I have never ever seen her act that way.. I am sure she has seen our Galactic Folks around the house, witth her extra sensorial mind 🙂 . As the day went by, she was no longer nervous 🙂

    I went on to the healing chamber after that i believe… i cannot speak much of the dream which followed.. all i can say is that it involved a difficult personal challenge of dealing with 2 people .. and the dream .. well.. it showed me other ways of dealing with the situation and my spiritual group leader was in it, and people from my spiritual group were in it as well.. it touched me so deeply i was under the dream state all morning and could no longer ignore it, so i had a lazy comtemplative morning.. parts were surreal and almost disturbing… because it showed me deep down how i feel about these 2 people.. and how my subconsient would like to deal with them..

    The end !

    Looking forward to next trip! it should be more general!! 🙂

    • Laura I have a recollection of seeing something which was not Human but cannot bring anything of this part of my dream back and there being people but that is all from last night but I did feel safe. Not sure if I was on Aurora this time as when I made the intent I thought they might leave me behind in case I got scared although I felt I would not. 🙂

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