Konstantinos’s Art-Divine Help and Astral Journey

Divine Help: We are not alone and we are Loved

Starseed Astral Journey

23 comments on “Konstantinos’s Art-Divine Help and Astral Journey

  1. Kp they are beautiful and so full of love you have captured their essence so well my dear friend much love Suzanne.

    • Hi Vlad – Konstantinos has gone into isolation as far as I know. He is no longer reachable, unfortunately. This is, as I understand it, part of the process for some.

      • I think he understood that he had been deceived, and these drawings are only cheating, just lie for naive people on earth …What prevents them to fly and help (to destroy evil on the Earth) – without these millions of messages – channelings ..
        And the answer is very simple – these messages from the forces of evil (these channelings) descend from the forces of evil, evil itself sends these messages to the naive people … telling tales about ascension and other nonsense -this is all terrible lie

        • That is certainly one perspective, Vlad, but that would be putting words in his mouth. 😉 Maybe one day soon you’ll have the opportunity to meet them yourself. My perspective is that humans are just as “evil” as they are… and just as “good” as they are.

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