Johnny Appleseed Today

ImageLet us all imagine a modern version of the story of Johnny Appleseed as if he were still alive. Let us imagine that Johnny’s seeds were not just apples but dreams, hopes, and energetic thoughts for a better world. In our story one of his apple seeds grew into a company that he decided to call Apple. This seed was about birthing a platform that would interconnect all of humanity. This tool was called the internet and would allow people across the globe to each plant their own seeds. He imagined a person in the villages in Africa planting a seed on the internet and bringing a smile to someone in Texas. From that seed, friendships and new bonds would be able to grow that were magical. He recognized that humanity could educate themselves in new ways allowing for each person’s interests to lead the way. He saw it as an escape from some of the old ways of revealing news and information in a much quicker fashion.

For Johnny had a vision that all of humanity would learn to plant seeds. That people would learn the value of becoming engaged with the collective. That humanity would become engaged in planting their own seeds of hope, joy, and opportunity for a better world. He knew that whether the seed was a photo, a video, a song, a blog, or a full length movie that universal sharing could profoundly change the collective. The seeds he planted were encoded with love and joy and all that feel inspired to share their seeds are encouraged to put the same love and joy into the seeds they plant on the internet. We are no longer just a person behind a computer screen but a powerful weaver of a new tapestry for a new world. The new Johnny Appleseed has changed his hat from a pot to a beautiful halo. He leaves us with this advise; believe with all your might that your seeds of love will grow strong and multiply many times over.  

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  2. Yes, I second-third-fourth that! Beautiful gardens, forests, meadows and orchards for all! 😀 it HAS been an intense week… So glad to have you all as companions. Namaste, Dear Ones.

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