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  1. The words of this man strike the heart of the enlightened ones for they know the truth of what he speaks. Thank you babajij for posting this for us to read much love dear brother

  2. About 1,500 years later The Domain began the
    installation bases for their own forces along the path
    of invasion which leads toward the center of this galaxy
    and beyond. About 8,200 years ago The Domain forces set
    up a base on Earth in the Himalaya Mountains near the
    border of modern Pakistan and Afghanistan. This was a
    base for a battalion of The Domain Expeditionary Force,
    which included about 3,000 members.

    They set up a base under or inside the top of a
    mountain. The mountain top was drilled into and made
    hollow to create an area large enough to house the ships
    and personnel of that force. An electronic illusion of
    the mountain top was then created to hide the base by
    projecting a false image from inside the mountain
    against a “force screen”. The ships could then enter
    and exit through the force screen, yet remain unseen by
    homo sapiens.

    Click to access Roswell.pdf

  3. Babajij and Troy, I’ve been meaning to comment for days about how much this has rocked my world! (both the post and the PDF!)
    So many things have looped and threaded and tied together just in the past few days, from so many sources… so beautiful to experience!
    (big happy smiles!)

  4. Me Lord/Lordess!, There Ya are Leslee!…I was gonna send out a ScoutShip Search Party for Ya!…hehe…and Of Course, Ya manage to Show Up, just at the Nick of TimeTravel… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. LOL Babajij, you know Leslee’s only vacationing here on planet earth!

    I agree Leslee, these kinds of “independent accounts” are exactly what I’m looking for. In this case the timelines are a bit skewed but the fact that both sources mention exactly the same thing in a fair amount of detail is what interests me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Haha, just now finding these follow-up comments! SHeesh, inbox is totally beyond managing right now! I kind of like it, it forces me to relax and release… ;D

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