Connecting Cosmic Dots – February 2013

Greetings of Love, Everyone!

I feel prompted to share today, some of the things I’ve been experiencing since December 2012, and to invite others to share too. A lot of what I’ve swirled around in doesn’t really fall into Astral Travels or Dreamflights or channeled messages, so categorizing it is a challenge.

At the same time, I’m hearing and seeing that others are having similar perceptions, and I’m finding it seems to “click” when we talk about it together…

So that’s the first thing I’ve noticed: lots and lots puzzle pieces being presented, with different people bringing forth different aspects. It feels like we’re being guided, perhaps even “forced” (oh, okay… “strongly encouraged”) to work together and walk the talk of what we’ve all been talking about for a while now.

Physical moving and change, shifting, bumps in as another really prominent theme for me personally. I’m currently bouncing between cities and lifestyles every few weeks… Totally different environments, and quite different energetic settings and energetic beings.

For me, fluidity and flexibility seem essential more than ever before. The good part is that I can tell these qualities have strengthened for me in the past couple years; however, keeping exhaustion at bay presents a challenge.

Anybody else feeling this?

When I sit to connect lately, I feel, see, sense, and sometimes even hear so much, but finding words to describe it escapes me. I know they’re all there: Adrial, Fa, Adca, Heruka, Lhamo Dorje, Teo’Na, Theron… (gosh, who am I leaving out!) But none of them seem to really want to speak up and put forth anything specific. So we just sit and commune. It’s nice, but I catch myself wishing for one of those clear lightning-bolt insights!

This gentle energy feels so new… It’s going to take a while to acclimate, I suspect…

Many things are easier, many things fall into place just in the nick of time, and yet vestiges of old fear-based splinters pop up now and then. A lot of my friends report these kind of feelings too, and I take it as an encouraging sign… We’re gradually getting to where we want to be.

I haven’t followed the money-related goings-on very closely, but I gather there’s a really cool and indisputable wave of self-empowering energy flowing for a lot of folks. I had a nudge about this this morning… Something a out the importance of taking action when appropriate, yet choosing to steer away from a path of fear and retribution.

The words “gradually” and “eventually” seem to come up for me a lot, as well as “just in the nick of time”!

As far as things related to cities of light, Abiquor, Athabantian, etc., my sense is that the unveiling/manifesting/realizing of Abiquor progresses, and the Crew is taking particular delight in watching us learn new ways of understanding it all.

Water plays a key role.

I’ve been getting bits about a group who have referred to themselves both as “The Masters of Change” and “The Oracle”. They are a collective who manifest often as individuals when we need that for comfort. They connect somehow with all the above as well as a network of “Mechanics of Change”, who are currently here on Earth in human form, patiently (or not-so-patiently) awaiting the arrival of the “mother ship”. About all I know is that it is nearby now, and they’re really gonna stir things up before long. At least I’m counting on it and holding them to it!

Their energy is very loving yet firm, and connections/ties include (in my limited understanding) Buddhism, Hopi, just about all the ancient visitors Earth has ever had, especially the Himalayas and Inner Earth, the Violet Flame, Arcturians, Alpha Centaurians, and saying enough is enough about Illuminati related shenanigans as well as “contracts” that may not be working out as intended.

The pieces are coming together… I’m told they somehow are the glue or matrix that ties together just about everything that’s come my way since I started connecting in 1999. Sheesh.

Oh, add crystal skulls to the mix too!

So, that’s a nutshell version of how my heads been spinning the past couple months. I’d love to hear from everyone else – please share if you feel inclined!

Much love and brilliant joy to you all!

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  1. YES!! I have sensed more just by sitting and My link to Twin Flame is so strong now that I find he will link in telling me we need to talk. I am also being pushed shoved lol to communicate with out words using my heart and the sensations that flow to me the words seem unable to grasp what how this feels but it is so familiar and beautiful. There is also a build up of Desire that I have never felt before in my life as he travels closer to me here on Earth. I have also found I am working with Data that is symbol based and had to prevent something which I was able to with another on Ship. Athabantian is also strongly involved in what I am doing some how. The past week I have seen so much I cannot really put into words again but I can say I received a vivid picture of Babylon falling and crumbling to Dust as I watched. Last night as I was starting to wake before my eyes I saw before me 1110000101100010100010 not in this order but they were flowing in front of my entire vision just these nos.

      • Lesleehare, having probs with computer – cant get where i want to go!
        Hope you see this πŸ™‚ thanks so much for ur welcoming words. appreciated deeply. this group has created a place of truth and wonder and am i ever glad to have been lead here. just to read of similar expereinces ….. well it fills my spirit with such joy! i am loving this growth period!!! *grins* Blessings Dear One!

        • I’m so glad to connect, Rose!
          Oddly, WordPress is acting like it doesn’t know me, so I’m get sent to odd places too! πŸ˜‰

      • Hi, Frila! I have a feeling we are going to be seeing so much more… It’s so wonderful to share, so we can all see how we’re together in this!

        • Thank you for your lovely responses, my dear angels. In the past moth, almost all my dreams have to with “school” or the course of transit. It’s pity that I can only recall few pieces of them which are stored in my 3D memory. So again, your stories give me a great encouragement. Though I didn’t see Adrial in meditation or dream, I’ve felt a strong connection with her. I know that I was not only once with with you in the ships. Hugs to you, my angels !!!

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  4. i hear the strangest,oddest most unique sounds.1 is like a dying cricket chirp (no,there are no crickets πŸ™‚ a line of buzz noise starts LOL sounds so crazy! a pic appears in mind of a sparking white line. vague faint noise and image. starts when i go to bed, continues till around 4-5am. suddenly today i “get” something. im learning something. last night,after 2yrs of practice i got name of guide in channeling however STILL not 100% as name floats in to me kinda like FROM me so is it an actual channel? other side is i FELT this was kind,benevloent being of patient caring. i have been bamboozeled before not afraid to be again as ill alwys keep trying. name was a 3rd guess but it felt like it was floating in . all i know. i am mighy pleased to meet you all – ever so glad to have found you i consider now that my good luck streak in continuing with blessings of all sorts. πŸ™‚
    Hope to talk with you for long long time…. Love & Luck

    • Hi, Rose, and welcome! Wow, this is cool to hear, for me, since most of my experiences are so visual… Thank you for sharing this! (I’m learning more & more deeply that everything we channel, we already know, we perhaps simply need “help” bringing it forth… Wonderful higher selves!) πŸ™‚

    • Wecome Rose! That is indeed a channel and I offer warm encouragement of all your efforts in anything you wish to explore. Take it and run with it! πŸ™‚

      What I hear at night is the sound of AUM. It is a sound that occurs on many octaves. I thought it was one of those electric transformers outside the house, or maybe the various fans and noises that a house makes. But one night the power was off in our neighborhood and there was that same sound. So I looked it up on the web and it was AUM.

      Now I hear/see other things too – similar to your experience – and once I heard Adrial’s voice in my head but it was like she was in the same room with me. I had to look behind me to make sure she wasn’t there… I was in the shower at the time! She said “Hello Mister Dreamwalker!” (and I said “eek!”)

  5. Fantastic summary. Thank you.

    Regarding the silence it is just “BEing” and learning to “BE”. You see how meditation can be a good backgrounder for this because it is quieting the voices of daily life in order to hear/know the “BE”. So BEing as I understand it is the next step from meditation. That is the energy of us without all the “noise”. Full awareness of that god-spark intelligent energy (joy/bliss). Our galactic friends are showing by example the next steps – but it can be difficult for us at times because we are currently immersed in a pretty noisy world.

    I hear “shhhh” “shhhh” “shhhhhh” – it is the sound of quiet but also of waves going in and out with the tide. So the positive/negative of what we experience is a little like this. This is the same for the money stuff going on right now – just another part of the same waves, rising, falling. Focusing on one aspect such as the money is to not focus on the larger aspect of the energetic pulse happening all around us. But we can focus on one and still be aware of the whole. These are not separate things, they just appear separate to us in a physical world the emphasizes separation.

    The crystal skulls show us our multidimensional nature but also serve as a conduit for awakening to this nature, as I understand it. We pass the knowledge of this energy between us without realizing it – but it is something like a relay race without time or competition being involved. Here’s the light – pass it on…

  6. Thank for the warm welcome! Grateful to meet you all. incredible place this group has created. Im joyfully sinking into the experience of meeting people who are of like-mind…. or whose experiences are similar enough to know this is REAL! having trouble finding the words but i know u catch the energy! *smile*

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