Santa Muerte: All That Matters is Not Gold (dreamwalkerdiaries)

This is Santa Muerte, otherwise known as the Angel of Death.

There is a criticism that as a remover of barriers I may at times remove too many barriers between the subject and the objective.

My response to this has been that whatever barriers you might see before you are simply illusions to the objective that you wish to achieve.

So for those who are not so good at “delayed gratification” know that their expectations are not unreasonable. It is possible to have everything you desire NOW.  It is only your own creation of those barriers that prevents instant gratification of all that you desire.

It is to some degree (to a large degree) a product of a linear mind. You feel that you need to deal with things one at a time, so you place before you / between you and the objective, barriers to manage the flow of information your brain needs to deal with.

But your heart exists in every possibility as a multidimensional organ. This is why sometimes you hear the suggestion that the heart can handle what the head cannot. The heart can handle everything that is thrown at it, it is the brain that needs to take information and events in little pieces. By knowing this it is possible to allow the focus of the mind to see what it needs to see and not be bothered by the fact that the heart is taking in so much more of the whole. This is becoming whole-hearted.

So how is the mind trained to stop focusing / requiring linear events?

The answer to this lies in the philosopher’s stone. It is a stone that philosophers use. This is important because it is not a stone that is used by someone who builds things, or by someone who manages money, or by someone who wants to turn lead into gold! It is used by someone who wishes to know how to think with their heart.

When you are given a philosopher’s stone, you might be disappointed to learn that it is nothing more than a clear faceted gem. You are encouraged to look through it, and see not the gem or the gem’s facets, but the world around you. What do you see? Probably not very much, but you become aware that there are multiple views of the same thing. It is after all the reflection of the world that a diviner sees when scrying a water vessel (bowl). And then when one removes the crystal it is possible to continue to see every aspect of the world in this manner. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy might have been given emerald glasses to view the emerald city. But perhaps by donning those glasses she was in fact able to see the path to defeat the evil witch. The two events are not unrelated, but a critical part of the story often left out of the final telling. [I also hear “Agartha”, in that there is a key to how it is revealed here.]

So how does this relate to the process of alchemy? Alchemy is transmutation, which is changing “matter” from one form to another. So what matters to you? And how much can you change what doesn’t matter into what does matter? That is an interesting question and key to the process of changing lead to gold. Is changing lead to gold really what matters to you at this time? What matters more? By analyzing these questions you might find that you have higher priorities.  So the philosopher’s stone (that which you hold now in your heart) tends to transform matter into that which matters. If you pay attention to your timeline you will see that this is true in every case. This can be a difficult thing for the mind to deal with because what matters in the heart and what matters in the mind are not always the same thing. When they become the same, you have unlocked the secret of the philosopher’s stone.

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  1. great truth in these words for my problem exactly is this i truly not concerned about money and my brain try to tell me i need this and i need that but in reality my heart needs love and only love for all happyness comes from love .no since in thinking about gold when all your heart wants is love no amount of gold can buy love . well i tell you my heart says i love u Dan and only wish u lived little closer lol well i love this post as well great job miss u bro .love.peace.unity.

  2. Beautiful and brilliant, thank you Troy & Santa Muerte!
    If I understand what SM is saying about the emerald glasses and Agartha, this is consistent with hints I’ve been getting… Again, that we’re being trained to “see” and apprehend, comprehend…

    • Yes I think this might be a multi-layered message too… yet all I’m seeing at this point is blobs of light…. if only i knew where to buy some of those emerald glasses!


    • This also puts me in mind of Konstantinos’s latest revision to his drawing of Iltheos. How would one draw something that is invisible to our eyes? An interesting challenge!

      I read an article about a new species of scorpion and how they discovered it – they used black light flashlights at night because scorpions glow under the black light. Some rocks will do this too. A cave that looks like grey rock to us might look all florescent and multicolored to a scorpion. It’s just that our eyes are not capable of seeing that part of the spectrum unaided…

      • Kind of like “drawing” Abiquor… and this idea perhaps explains why we use “conventional” imagery to depict divine energies, deities, etc….

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