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Eliza: Coming to Still Point

The moon is waxing and the equinox is swiftly approaching, Spring for the northern hemisphere and autumn for the southern. The equinox is always a time of change and with the completion of the first tri-semester after the Great Shift, even more so.

Are you in neutral yet? Have you arrived at still point and can view the world from a peaceful place? Not many of us are, myself included, but I am working on it. I am in the process of becoming aware.

Are you feeling a bit bipolar these days, not in terms of feeling mentally ill, but a little unstable in your moods? Are you going from happy to sad to angry to frustrated and back to calm and happy, all in a matter of minutes? Do you feel like, at times, that you are losing your “mind”, that you cannot remember…

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  1. Wise and beautiful reminders of our mission down here….thanks for sharing your wisdom….many blessings!

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