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  1. Hey, gang!

    I haven’t posted anything for a long time, but had quite a dream early Sunday morning the 7th. I received a thick green elixir that I was told would help straighten out my spine. Having had spinal problems for a long time, this would be Fantastic. Strangely, the elixir was given to me in a men’s room when I stood a paper towel on its edge on the counter. Somehow, that served as a focal point for energy to create the elixir out of “nothing” and place it on a plate that hadn’t been there before. ….. In the real world, I have been taking a “green powder” drink lately, so I took this as a sign to keep it up. And maybe visualize the elixir boosting the power of the powder. 🙂


    • Hi Pete – that is very interesting, I have heard that visualization is a big part of the healing process. It is nice to have confirmation that you are on the right path. I am visualizing a future for you without back pain! (-_-)

  2. dreamflight 13 april
    I had a very unusual dream, even though I don’t remember much. The only thing I can remember is that the devil was looking for me in person. I see him walk by in like a black bat cape with red and I managed to cloak myself even though he was looking in my direction but couldn’t see me. Then he almost caught up with me and my skin was turning red , like I was becoming a demon, but I could fight it of and become normal again. As I leave the room someone is giving me a card and it says “congratulation there is a pregnancy of 10 puppies on the way”

    A few days ago I dreamt that my soul groups number was 10 and yesterday on the tv I saw the number 10 again.

    NUMBER 10

    The number 10/1 brings all sorts of new changes into your life, and there seems to be an element of luck within those energies. Through this vibration you have the insight to recognize and understand the needs of humanity, and the ability to bring peace and harmony to all.


    Leadership, confidence, optimism, energy, independence, creative power and every, success, original, adaptable, individualisation, determination.

    Love Lisa

  3. I remember a small piece of a dream at last
    It is amazing how a vision from my meditation appeared again in a dream and continued the “story”
    I saw me and Lisa standing under the Tree of Life, me on the left and Lisa on the right of the trunk, the tree trunk turned into a Being – Spirit of the forest and then this Spirit became a Gate, the Gate opened and we saw the New earth, this was the gate to the New World of Higher vibrations

    Before this I remember a boy of higher vibrations sitting in a throne of green foliage, everywhere were plants, bright green colours

    Love and Light

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