Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

I am Arachanaï


Source Picture: copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

Once upon a time in the land of light and shadow
there was a tale about an ordinaire lighthouse
That lighthouse became famous when a battle started a thousand years ago. 
In that lighthouse lived a man
who’s job was too guide ship’s safely to the harbor. One day the shadow of the lighthouse 
became bored to always lie on the ground
and asked the lighthouse if he would trade places for a day But the lighthouse had his pride and by the way he liked to help people, and ship’s safely and so his answer was NO!!!
So the shadow house got angry at the lighthouse
As revenge, for denying his request,
when the lighthouse keeper turned on the light and left the  shadow house would sneak in and put it out again.
And when the light went out the ship’s got lost and…

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