A glimpse of my twin flame

I had a dream about a month ago where I found myself  in a snowy place.It was day and I was very well dressed yet it didn’t really matter because I couldn’t feel the cold on my face.I sat down on the snow and a few moments later I saw her.She just appeared in front of me.She wore pretty much the same clothing as me.She had black straight long hair and she was smiling at me all the time.She was very beautiful and cute and her aura was so reassuring and calm that I didn’t care about anything in the world than to just be there with her.I remember that we didn’t talk much and frankly we didn’t have to.Thats pretty much what happened in the dream.When I woke up I felt so refreshed but I couldn’t and still can’t remember her face.While I was having the dream I could see her face and I knew what it looked like but now when I try to think off it,nothing.But I feel that it doesn’t really matter.Every time I remember that dream my twin flame comes in my mind and I believe that it was her.The reason why i this particular dream is so important to me is because it felt very tense and relaxing at the same time.I felt like i was really there with my physical body and its the most realistic tense experience i had with her.ArmsofHeaven

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