New Celestial Message Through Mark Kimmel

Hi, Everyone,

Mark Kimmel has a new post on Cosmic Paradigm, a message from Adrial. Below is a brief excerpt, and I highly recommend reading the entire post, because it brings new information on how we transition into 5D. It also explains why we needed to come here and take form in order to help others.

As a creature in physical form, you have a readily recognized individuality. It is easy to see and feel the limits of yourself. You can touch the limits of your body. You can feel your mental and emotional bodies. You can get in touch with your soul. Thus you are an easily defined individual. Within the celestial realm we are not so easily delineated. As we said before, we are a collective, and as such our form melds within the entire collective. When we wish to manifest an individual being such as I am doing at this moment, we do so from the collective.

We are belaboring this point because as you move into the higher vibrations, you too will lose aspects of your individuality. (The concept of the “rugged” individual exists only in the 3rd Dimension.) As one learns to exist in the 5thDimension, you will begin to feel the closeness of others in the 5thDimension. You will “know” that Oneness is a feeling, a knowingness; it cannot be put into words.

I have a big smile on my face, because Adrial is starting to sound a little more like Heruka, bringing out that wrathful, no-nonsense tone… We just gotta do the work… Enjoy!

To remain within the higher vibrations, you must put aside all that draws you back into the 3rd Dimension. Put aside anger, judgment, wealth, and power over others. Put aside attachments to the material comforts of the 3rdDimension. Be in the world, but not of it. Realize who you really are: An individuated expression of Source, a great being of light.


7 comments on “New Celestial Message Through Mark Kimmel

  1. I read the article, “Be all you can be”, and I agree with all, except the small part that said it would be 50 to 100 years until everyone achieves 5th dimensional vibration. That is impossible since we are having the Awakening, Mass Consciousness, right now this year. The negative energy that holds the lower 3rd & 4th dimensional vibrations are fading away. It cannot be allowed to linger on keeping people in a matrix that does not exist for 100 more years. That doesn’t make sense. It just doesn’t add up. There are major changes going on celestially and internally that are bringing our World up to the 5th dimensional vibration level right now, which means no one can remain in the lower levels of vibration that will not exist on Earth. So, any one “lagging” will soon be Awakened by the people and the World changing right now every day before their very eyes. Feel the truth in your Hearts that Love & Light is Now for every one to achieve. Not 100 years from now. Namaste to All.

    • Thank you for pointing this out, Tim! I agree that things seem to be moving *very* swiftly, and I’m so encouraged that I don’t even think in terms of “how long will it be” as if I’m waiting on some particular event. I just sense that as long as I continue what I’m doing, all is well. On some days I wonder if we’re already there and a simple shift of view point shines the light on our realized potential. Namaste indeed. 🙂

    • Yes that raised my interest Tim, as well. 100 years is not that long for a complete shift… But given the accelerated timeline I think we may cover that same distance by this time next year! I am speaking from insider information, too. Of course we here in the ‘States may have a few stragglers. This is not a political statement, I am just saying I do appreciate that some folks tend to resist change… From a country still using the Imperial system of measurement… Hehe

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