SaLuSa 3.9.2013

Do you see now how powerful you are? Those who wished that you stay in lower vibrations of fear and hate have no more energy to feed from, and it can be clearly seen in current most spoken about conflict on your world. You have shown your intentions so strongly, that there is no possibility of starting a war at no place on Earth. Your old Leaders understand what is happening and the new Ones simply not engaging in such interests, as they want to bring that desired permanent Peace on your planet which so many of you now understand is the only way to move on, away from the old as it is useless and rapidly falling apart. Dear Ones, these are the inside changes that are being seen on the outside and cannot be overlooked, as this is how you can manifest everything in your lives. Do focus on the new as you are now in the middle of the ocean of changes, and you need to prepare your ship to joyously arrive at your destined port. Take out everything you feel is too heavy or is slowing you down and see how wonderfully you can flow and navigate in these immense waves, and do not forget to use the energy that these waves are carrying as they can take you home even faster. Do see yourself as part of this ocean and feel that wonderful connection to All That Is.

Some of you already pondering on the question of “leaving the time” and wondering how it will be, how it would feel and most of all how can they exist without the need to know what day, date and time it is right now. We cannot fully describe you this, as everyone will have their own experience of it, but generally speaking you will lose that sense of something is missing, something is not complete and it needs your attentions immediately, feeling of something important is just in front of you and waiting for you to do it, simply said, you will feel comfortable with just being alive and being exactly where you are and with whom you want to be, as all will come so to say in one package because you cannot truly feel happy and satisfied when someone or something do not match your vibrations. Many people are together for karmic issues and once they are solved with love and forgiveness, they are free to choose another path and they will feel very strong desire to depart from that relationship which fulfilled their needs, but please remember that love will always stay between you, as now you are able to look at all what happened throughout the time you were together, many of you were more than once bonded in such relationship, with higher understanding of learning your lessons that have taken you where you are now. Do feel the unconditional Love for each other, forgive and let go that old habit of one being responsible for the other’s unhappiness.

See yourselves as beautiful and shining Beings of Light and all that you want to understand will come to you in such great moments of enlightenment, that you will feel yourselves glowing with all that Light flowing from inside of you and many people will turn around and will be looking at you, and will wonder what is it that causing such strong feeling of attraction towards you. It will start a chain reaction within them, and they will share knowingly or unknowingly the energy of Love and Light with all others. This is the way Light and Love is spreading and we are so very joyous that you are so happily letting it shine from your Heart for all.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feeling great joy that I can share these thoughts with you. If you feel it is time for change, make your intention focus on it, and in no time the signs of it coming will be there for you to see, and surely you will understand what they mean and will act accordingly.
Channeller: MADAD

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