What is My Mission Question Answered by Multidimensional Ocean

Multidimensional Ocean

Hi everybody, someone just asked me kindly the follwing question on chat, so I said I will reply for all with a post.
Here is his question:
” What is you own personal misshion as a starseed ~ Indigo child ~ crystal child # starseed warrrior etc. ”
My Reply:
As I recall my mission from pre-birth life planning, my mission is to assist, along with thousands (or possibly millions) others, this planet to rise from the lower density. In other words to help Earth and her life forms ascend into the higher realms of existence.
I was told that there will be enough of us this time aruond to join hands together across the globe and to help the enite planet ascend.
However, I was told back then, that there was no guarantee for this to be successful, so that I had to decide if I wanted to come…

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