SaLuSa 24.9.2013

As your Sun is so much brighter now, your Light is also shining so brightly and this allows us to work with you and come closer to you each day. This also allows all the changes to move much faster, as now your wishes being fulfilled almost instantly. Do practice fearless wishing and see for yourself how it is manifesting into your reality. Being fearless is the most important point in your current transformational process, that is why we are constantly making you aware of the fact, that only fear and doubts are holding you now from making your dreams come true. You need to find the best way of clearing away those old memories and thoughts that are causing you looking back and questioning if this what you dream of is really that what you wish. We want to let you know that your dreams are with certainty showing you which way to look and therefore see them as guidance on your path. Do trust yourself, because now you are aware of the basic principle within this whole Creation and that is that you are creator of your own reality and co-creators of reality that you are sharing with all of Beings you meet on your journey.

With manifesting your thoughts and wishes into your reality comes also the responsibility for all your actions. We know that this is the fact that some of you might have difficulty with, but remember Dear Ones, everything is wonderfully planned and assured, and no Being will be harmed by your single thought. Firstly, you are getting cleared of all unwanted thoughts, that will simply no longer be present in your mind and secondly, there is a mechanism that will warn you before you will be able to manifest harmful thoughts. It is function of your connection between your heart and brain and it is being activated at the moment of your preparation to step in the higher realm. Those who are prepared, already noticed that when this kind of thought entered their mind, there was also another thought coming within the same moment. This thought was nothing else but letting go of that old, needless and hence that first thought did not receive enough power to manifest. These days that can happen often, but be assured that all these old thoughts will not be returning anymore, thank to your own determination, clearing and intention.

We are very much enjoying coming closer to you and being able to share so much more with you. We feel your happiness and we know that you are ready even for more, but your physical bodies still need little time to adjust to these high energies. On the other hand, your bodies are more quickly transforming when our energy is present, so we all have to find balance in our connection, because imbalance of energy is causing tiredness within our bodies and we are aware of the fact that it can cause doubtful thoughts flowing to your mind, when you cannot get enough rest in your busy days. You are so very close to reach the point in your transformation when this will not occur anymore and we will help you with sharing enough of our energy to enter your higher reality that you have created for you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am happy that I can tell you that very close is also very close within your time terms and already feel your joy over it. Together we are sending very powerful intentions to Creation Forces and they are allowing us to follow our dreams and visions and moving along our soul paths. Feel the power within you. So it is.
Channeller: MADAD

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