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Now, about the formations of our ships, you could say that the formation of a triangle and especially that of a circle, are the most often in our tactics of our placement in Space. There are many times also that we use the formation of concentric circles. ‘Per circle’ seems to be the key on this specific tactic, where the first series of circular arrangement of ships is ‘visible’ while the next series, that encircles the first one, is ‘invisible’ and the series that encircles the ‘invisible’ one is ‘visible’ and so forth and so on. Sometimes the semicircle arrangement is implemented too.

As for the mother ships, these are usually located ‘farther’ in a way and it does not matter if they are in the ‘front’ or the ‘back’ or ‘up’ or ‘down’. Many times our mother ships, while through them the crews like mine observe, exist in frequencies of more subtle matter and consequently, they are not visible to the instruments of NASA for example, except from the times of course that we leave some of them to be seen. Also I have to add that our formation and arrangement tactics exist for different purposes such as safeguard, stand-by and observation  and also, energetic application for reasons like energy assistance or transformation. For the time being, I cannot and it is not necessary to mention more.

No problem from my part. By checking out again the subjects that you have mentioned so far, I think that what remains for you to share in this interview, is the systems of monitoring and detection of you all and your ships from specific governments of the planet.

Indeed. I will refer to these systems with the form of numerical apposition.

1. Particular groups of people in the science field, especially in astronomy, and in the military.

2. Monitoring in the physical or from distance of channeled material or of references of contacts of the first, the second, the third or the fourth type.

3. Use of persons that are able through their ‘esoteric’ abilities to confirm some things but not beyond a specific decree, usually because of the vibrations of their character that is surrounded from conditional motifs or in some cases from fear. On other cases, these persons have been mislead by given false reasons from their ‘employers’ about their recruitment. We have also to mention the Remote Viewing (RV) method that is used as well. Not all the users of RV are persons with conditional motifs.

4. Exploitation of the space missions, where they use the astronauts as another set of ‘eyes’ but when the evidence and testifications from their part go out of hand, then threatening and intimidation are the more immediate solutions in order none of them to confirm or disclose anything. Of course, fear shows to lose its power for some time now, a fact that is confirmed even more from many informants that show openly their face while some others do not, which is not necessarily enough reason to judge these specific ones since you are not aware what they go through.

5. Gathering and collection of technology from leftovers of crashed ships or through exchange between the military and specific extraterrestrial races. These races do not necessarily share the same motifs and thinking. Also, examination of biomaterials from extraterrestrial corpses or extraterrestrial imprisonments. They used to think, and some of them still do, that through these examinations they will be able to ensure and obtain more things about us as if we all originate from the same species or produce exactly the same things. Of course there has been dialogue, mostly through telepathy, exchange as well and sometimes by force from their extraterrestrial imprisonments.

They tend to ignore in the biggest part the multiformity of the Creator’s Wisdom and also, the participation of Spirit in everything, by exalting and recognizing as the dominant force the Mind and nothing else. It is of no wonder that the outcomes of their attempts are unsuccessful in the biggest part. Because regardless of how many gates, techniques, teleportation systems and planetary or moon bases they use, they will never be cognizant of more things, except from those that we let them to, since they also consist of a significant part of the ‘Experiment Earth’.

If they were completely satisfied from their attempts, they would not impose themselves through fear, disinformation and implementation of methods of slow and initially not so obvious death…there are many things that they did not have in mind back then, when their plan was first applied and even now, they are in no position to know of all the infinite possibilities of manifestation of the inevitable. Remember, that those who spread fear are full of insecurities and lack of confidence and what has as its basis the fear, then it cannot last forever. There will come a time that it will fall apart.

6. Contact with the Instigators of the penetrating invasion and conquest of your planet. This contact can be achieved through physical meetings or invocations and horrible acts in the so-called ‘satanic or blood rituals’ in which, many of your ‘celebrities’ take part in. These ‘instigators ‘are entities of very low vibrational octaves, many of whom have incarnated in particular places and periods throughout your history. Some of them are representators of specific star systems  and are able to adjust their molecular structure in the human general look in order to move among you, an ability similar but more advanced of the chameleon’s.

Remember that some representators of the Dark recognize their role as that of the balancing factor while others from them choose to ignore the Plan and identify themselves according only to the one face of the Creation, being fully aware of what they do.

I have nothing more to add for the moment. If it is considered necessary, we will communicate again. I am biting you farewell for now and thanking you for writing down all these that I mentioned.

Thank you for responding to my request for contact and for answering to my questions. Oh, also I wish to thank you for allowing me to depict yours and Thoria’s appearance. I’m grateful to you as well as to all those ‘out there’.

My Love and Appreciation to all of you and to the sacred spirit of your blue planet.


[And to not forget dear friends, here are the portraits of Kenan’s 25 comrades with whom he reunited as he mentioned to the Part 1 of the interview.Click on the images in order to enlarge them.In case you can’t enlarge some of them, go to my art category where you can view the 10 last images that depict these kind beings.]
Eriol Lunley Nilhthop  Rudu


HoronisMunipt  Yernalia

Unandia    gp o Kenan cmrds

As received by Konstantinos.

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