SaLuSa 8.10.2013

Your world is changing with immense speed which you cannot perceive from current point of view, because within this reality all is measured with certain time frame and while you are still functioning in this reality, you need to keep measuring all that is happening with corresponding time. When you join your higher reality, your mind will have to get used to different time measure, as you would not be able to fully function within this higher reality. As your mind is now connecting to your higher reality, you might feel sometimes confused about time, one day everything is happening very fast, the other day no matter what you do everything is slow. This change can occur also within one day and could be even more confusing for you. Please know that also many physical changes are going on right now in your bodies, and together with all other changes are creating the perfect complex that is able to move you to your higher reality that you chose to experience. Be patient with yourself and enjoy every single change that you are aware of and allow the rest of them happen in the perfect moment for each of you.

We are still working on all of our plans and our contact with people “on the right places” for economical and social changes is widening each day. More of those who were serving the old system now clearly see that it is not leading anywhere, and they do not see any reason to stay in it and they choose to support the new and are starting to search the right contacts. They always find what they are searching for and are not left without support because all is well planned and no one wishing for a change is forgotten, because you all together create the reality of the change. If you are watching news of your political environment, this change can be seen in large scale, when you focus on speech of your leaders. Remember that there are many others in your system that are not visible and are working quietly until they feel it is the right time to come forward and speak openly. This time is getting closer and nothing can stop this process, not even threats to their lives, as you all live in a much higher energy field of Love and Light, which creates natural protection for All. Some might have chosen to experience it differently, but you need to remember that it was their own choice.

Focus now on your own changes, because with entering your higher reality you will help others the most. You will not only feel constant happiness and joy, which we know motivate you very strongly, but you will bring more inner power for others that still searching their true selves and you will also bring more Love for Mother Earth and this will help to speed up the changes that are necessary to stop of devastating her body and starting to see her once again as a living Being. So give even more attention to closing of all your preparations that are needed prior to step into your higher reality and do not let yourself be distracted from it. We know and feel that it was enough of “waiting” and we are helping you as much as we can. So do it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we are always sending you our love and we are already seeing ourselves working with you joined in our common reality that we have been creating together for all of us for many thousands of Earth years. It is this amazing moment that we will finally be able to embrace each other and share so much more than we do now.
Channeller: MADAD