The Light Collective, “The Wisdom of the Heart”, via Tazjima

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The Light Collective: The Wisdom of the Heart

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Light Collective, made up of the Archangels, angelic hosts, the Ascended Masters who oversee and over-light this planet and solar system, as well as the lighted galactic councils. There are no borders that exist between our individual and collective consciousness. We exist and function as individuals and in unity with the whole. We serve the All That Is, Creator, and Source. And we gently remind you that we are not overly concerned about titles or offices or being categorized. We serve the One and we are each a part of the One, as are you.

Today we come to you to speak of the wisdom of the Heart.

Blanketed by the warm emanations of the heart, you are calm and at peace, even though you may be standing in the midst of chaos. We beckon to…

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