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By Judge Anna von Reitz July 2014 to Archbishop of Chicago

All bank accounts belonging to “JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC” are in fact accounts belonging to a Puerto Rican ESTATE Trust owned and operated by agencies of the IMF. [YOUR NAME is a fictitious entity incorporated through your birth certificate identified by UPPER CASE letters on official documents].

This is how Christine LaGarde can speak so nonchalantly about seizing American 401k’s and savings and other retirement accounts: the IMF surreptitiously owns those accounts.

Living Americans who innocently deposit their life savings into those accounts thinking that they are their own private bank accounts have been deceived and defrauded and “presumed” by the perpetrators to “donate” everything in those accounts to “public trusts” operated in their NAMES.


Step 4 PHASE OUT CASH AND INDEPENDENCE. One of the first signs is that paper currency will cease to exist.

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