Dream and reality

10 years ago, I had a dream which I made into a painting.


The situation described by this image is complex. A soldier armed with an automatic rifle, is standing idle as a man with a wooden club is charging toward him. Why does he not open fire, this is a threat to him? Why is the man with the club so daring?


I now found this image in the newspaper.


This photo shows pro-russians storming a governmental building in Luhansk. The situation as well as the actual image has a striking similarity.



  1. Time in my view is like a roller coaster, in the sense that you can see the twists and turns it will make further ahead, while the nearest future is often moving too fast for you to take in.

    It also cycles, but each time it will look different. The current time is a small frame, it can only contain a certain amount. The concept “modality” can explain this. It means for example that if you have 3 buttons on a device, one is used to change the “mode” and the other two used to pick options. This way a lot of functions can be controlled with just 3 buttons. A simple way can be to set an alarm clock, press 1 to change between minutes and hours, 2 for + and 3 for -.

    Imagine then the day as the “mode” and the different events are moving and appearing within this frame. Some things that you want to achieve are somewhere far off in the system, and you need to change different options in different modes to activate that specific thing. So you have to bring this event into the present to change it. Then add, that the day is shared with other people, who all have their goals, like you’re using the same device as all of humanity. Trying to make this specific “mode” appear can be really hard.

    A very clear example of such a day, is the election day in a democratic system. Bringing this about if the country has a dictatorship can be almost impossible. Even if the country has a constitutional democracy, this day may only activate every 8 years. When it does activate, a lot of people will try to change things and you may not get it your way still. So once you changed this thing to you liking, you have to “turn” the roller coaster, as if it was a movable thing, to make this mode unavailable to other people and thus preserving your preferred state. So seeing the existence of a certain mode from a distance, that’s what this is. It has been activated in Ukraine and now people are trying to change it their way, after which they will want to change mode again to preserve this setting.

    If both sides are even in strength the changable mode can be open for a long time. Think about how the first world war went on for so long, it was a stalemate, then it ended with the treaty of Versailles, and the Germans felt ripped off so they didn’t accept this. They turned the device back and wanted to change this again, so this created the second world war. These are events of a higher place in the system so they effect many things, while smaller settings effect smaller areas. If there was a 3rd world war, the things from the 2nd would be changed again. That’s what some worry that these events will lead to, so in a way this specific event is of great importance, though the events in Ukraine are not on this giant scale now.

    • Thank you, Nils, I appreciate this clarity. Perhaps the bank takeover in the US in the 30’s had a similar connection to the South losing the Civil War. And secretly thhey are still pissed they “lost”. 🙂

  2. That’s pretty spectacular – you even got the trees right! I think your drawing is a great illustration of how accurate these dreams and visions can be. I’ve had similar dreams that are a “slice” of time in the future, and the events in the dream and events in real life are identical (perhaps it was the same for you). I’ve never understood why I’ve been able to have these dreams when others don’t, or what benefit they might have, other than to say that perhaps all is not as it seems. I am interested to know that all of this is part of a “package”. Maybe we’re distant cousins, or something. 🙂

    I was disappointed to learn that the farsight institute does not include future events in their process (at least from what I’ve read), because it really is part of the same remote viewing process.

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