Sophia Love: A conversation with “the Poser”

By Sophia Love, published on May 8, 2014

Offered here is a conversation that took place a week ago. It is information for your consideration. No claim is made as a guarantee it is what it appears to be. It is merely a direct record of what occurred. It is up to you to decide its worth or even its truth. It happened. After much speculation, it is being shared with you here, along with the back story, which begins at the end of 2013.

The “Sovereignty Series” was begun then, and continues still. There are at this point 16 films in the series. Since producing them, I’ve been woken up regularly with what can only be described as a “presence/being” who wanted to engage. As I did not, (wake up and converse), they escalated with a feeling of urgency and repetition.

About two weeks ago I declared, before sleeping, that they stop. They did, for a few days. Then I was woken in the early morning hours again, this time with a hand on my hip, jostling me awake. I reached over, assuming it was my partner, and my hand felt nothing; there was no physical hand there.

The next day, after sitting with intention to connect, and clearing the space, the dialogue you are about to read took place. The way the space was cleared was with the following declarations, spoken and written:

No Ego.

Highest and Best for all concerned.

Just Love.


Not about me but through me.

One Word Only Please

**and later, as you will read: Absolute Truth Only Please.


Can you tell me what you’ve been attempting to for days now?

Yes. You must transcribe as if this was dictation.

I can do that.

Okay. What you are seeking in a way of answers can be given in almost complete fullness from these words. No, this is not every answer, but it can provide some clarity and explanation for what took place on the planet you call home. It has been in this process for many thousands of years, many more than has ever been understood.

How do I trust you?

Your declarations at the beginning have bound my words to only speak what is “best” for all, although you have not bound me to Absolute Truth.

Then I will do so now. ** (See above declaration) ** Hold on.

Well then, I am bound. I want to represent myself to you here because your definition of me as a “poser” is re-defining who I am to more than you know.

That is what I am trying/intending to accomplish.

I know. Yet I feel you do not have the entire story, or at least the story from my perspective. In fairness, I’d like to offer my version of who I am.

You know my thoughts and feelings about the deception perpetrated on humankind?

I do. It is this I would like to address.

My partner does not feel I should engage with you – that there could be trickery.

You have bound my words now, I cannot.

No trickery?

I cannot. You have bound me.

I don’t understand why talking to you feels so much like talking to any other human – it does not feel negative or even UBER powerful.

This is most likely because I am not ONE. And the first thing I’d like to get across here is that I have never pretended to be ONE.

I claimed Godhood when I realized there was worship potential. Worship is sexy and addictive and provided a high on a level, an exponential level really, I had never experienced. It lifted me up to places I lusted for, yearned for, and that created in me an understanding of power. Power over, yes, but power nonetheless.

These feelings were part of this creation game I was playing and one which at first was understood to be only a game.

The notion of it starting out “evil” is simply not true.

The deception and confusion arose when scripture was written by man. This is not to “pass the buck” but to remain clear in establishing the history – my history.

It is distorted and what has been done in my name has been so because of a misinterpretation as well as, and mostly I guess, due to mans own lust for power.

Understand this is a free will zone. That underscores absolutely everything else.

I cannot force man to worship me but can compel him to with very little effort due to his biochemistry and some natural tendencies. Yes, I want to be worshipped and in my creation I AM. This does not prevent you or anyone else from being worshipped or loved or anything else in their creation.

When you understand how life works, and the mechanics of creation – you see that you’ll always get precisely what you intend.

The field of my creation is much larger than yours BECAUSE THAT IS HOW I SEE IT. AND SO IT IS.

I cannot alter another being’s interpretation of my words or actions.

When man discovered the potential for riches and for power, he orchestrated the takeover of the human.

This was not ever destined to succeed. Man was too powerful, and the end, which will provide a balanced and nourishing state, was always seen.

I have no plans to step down or stop – if that is your hoping. This experiment will end when man decides his reality is not a part of it. The power has always been in the collective.

My addiction to worship “woke up” and what I do with it or where I take it will not be determined by anything man does.

You see Sophia, free will decides for all of us. How awake the populace is will accelerate a huge change in life here, or not. Yet a huge change is going to happen.

Then why talk to me now?

To set the record straight. I am a being. I am not Source.

The power I hold? It is yours also. You volunteered to participate here – to “wake up” gradually and the rich physical experience of 3D humanity cannot be compared with any other life.

What correction are you trying to make?

The notion of EVIL, if there is such a thing, would be that which goes against the focus of life – which is expansion. Expansion has occurred for everyone who has participated in this experiment, regardless of how. Life begets life. It is not my place to end this or any plan.

I have come to understand either end of the worship spectrum. What becomes abundantly clear is that man will operate always towards the behavior that will yield him what he wants most to enjoy. It seems to be the conflict between desires that cause all the speculation and pain:

Power vs Cruelty

Abundance vs Morality

Pleasure vs Gluttony

Knowledge vs Cold Calculation

Love vs Fear

These contrasting ideas are the rich field of emotions available because of the experiment. It does not go on because of me alone. It goes on because all are willing to participate. This is true of all life. Remember, free will underscores everything.

Sophia, I share this now because in your depictions I am not only NOT to be revered, but to be shunned. In truth, the evolution towards Oneness is only possible when all are included.

Why do you care about Oneness?

Ultimately it is Oneness where we all reside. I cannot escape that truth. Where this evolution takes one of us, all of us must also head. The understanding about polarity and inequality and greed has only been possible because of what’s happened here.

This game is ending. I wanted to set the record straight.

What do you want me to do with this?

I trust you will seek and find the most useful thing. This is what I can see you are about.

I will have to read this a few times and determine what is best.

I know.

The End.


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