Thinking about love: New compilation of clouds

I am Arachanaï

Thinking about love is a poem I wrote long long time ago when I was a teenager. When I moved to South-Africa I stopped writing poems. All of my poem are in dutch this is the only one I wrote in English. I also made a painting that goes along with it, made at the same time this poem came to being.


I walk along the path
in the shadow of the hills
when time passes by
near the edge of myself

But along the path of shadows
I saw myself in the dark
thinking about sadness
that remains in the clouds

Then the shadows rise above
the edge of my mind
thinking about love
and no other


Here some new compilation of pictures I took with my camera and cellphone. 

Cloud ship


Now the cloud ship pictures taken by my cellphone , traced by photoshop to let you…

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