1. I’m interested to listen to more of his podcasts (and side question: is there supposed to be more interviews with Bill?)

    One thing he brought up that I’ve been noticing lately – how much persona fluctuates depending on the environment/other personas around. At first, I felt a lot of frustration after leaving a particular situation because in a way I feel like it’s a lie…the actor’s mask that is dancing around in front of the witnessing of it. Though, sitting here listening to this I realized that while the persona can really push into “lie” territory (with blatant attempts to hide or sleight of hand someone) truthfully..no ego/persona is ever really the REAL since the truth is all is…the rest is an overlay to play.

    I feel naturally the state of being that is closest to “isness” for me would be the neutral state, non-reactive because no matter what…ALL IS. At this same time, to actually interact it seems some level of a reaction is..not necessary..but…expected so the interaction would immediately take a different turn if one wasn’t provided.

    A big example of this in my years is when people give a gift. I naturally, no matter if I think it’s amazing or not, don’t get EXCITED but that burning feeling of someone’s eyes waiting to see your reaction immediately puts me into actor mode…because I feel like it’s easier.

    I know that if someone is feelings a certain way, expecting something (i.e. you to looove a gift given) and you don’t provide it…they will most-likely be triggered into some unconscious trauma that makes them feel like they weren’t good enough or something in that spectrum.

    In a perfect world (to me) in this situation would be to stay true to how I express (or don’t) and if it did take a turn into unconscious trauma land…Cool! Let’s clear this out =)

    The more I stay neutral in any given situation, I notice how people are really just projecting their own thoughts and feelings and blame “you” for them now having the experience that they’ve projected. So I really don’t know what is “best”… because if the person isn’t currently at a place where they acknowledge “oh wow…look at that old wound I’m reacting from” and they are just living in it…It’s not helping to have it surface anyway.

    I think I just took a really long time to say….it doesn’t matter. We should just trust ourselves to be “who” we need to be in time… lol

    • Bill mentioned the possibility of another interview but nothing yet as far as I know.

      What you say here is just perfect. I feel the same way – and I am truly awful at remembering birthdays. Whatever reminder I have gets lost, when I do remember something distracts me and I forget – only to remember weeks later. An actual giving of a gift for me is a cosmic alignment kind of event. Practically a miracle…

      Our friends from eastern europe give gifts and watch the person open the gifts. I have fortunately never had to endure this but seems rather terrifying. A whole hour of acting excited… Yikes!

      Anyways, there are many more intangible gifts we all share. ❤

      Well I can always go for a starbucks coffee. 😀

    • so true what u just said =)

      well the situation about gifts… its for me huge ego situation… some gives u a gift that he/she thinks is what u might like…. but most people dont realy try to know u and there for dont always know what u like or not… in their view they gave u the best present and how dare u if u dont like it because i know whats good for u… but i think if we humans collectively would communicate more on a honest basis those things can be avoided… but there comes the “persona” again into play… the mask that we have so we feel protected and what not…

      what realy frightens me over here in germany… we dont have an id (identification paper) we have here a “personalausweis” (persona-lausweis or also personal-ausweis) so before the law we are viewed as a person… and yet we have human rights… but here comes the realy dark stuff well… can a person have human rights ??? and think about it if the law and gov sees u as a person and not as human… how dark is that ?

  2. u have a keen mind =) (i hope keen is the right word)

    i havent had the time to listen to the podcast but its on my to do list

    and wow did u do an analysis… u made me realy curious about the podcast =)

    i hope u guys have a nice ester celebration with ur loved ones =)

    • Thanks stefman, the podcasts get better as he goes along – there are some things he’s mentioned where it helps to have read the hidden hand material first, to understand the culture he’s coming from. Hope you have a happy easter too!

      • ok the podcast was nice hehe

        that guy has a realy strange kind of energy for me… i cant tell if its good or bad… it sort of feels so neutral to me what frightens me to a degree… because i cant “see” that guy… like he is invisible to me…

        nonetheless he makes very interesting points =)

        i got to listen to it again hehe

  3. My notes so far (intended as observations rather than judgements…)

    -I like the first one because it’s pretty raw and honest. He’s totally unprepared and nervous, and hard to listen to at times… but it’s just him getting used to things.

    -he can come across in later podcasts (as well as his blog posts) as being somewhat arrogant because arrogance is a big part of the program he was in from early childhood. This is part of their programming.

    -he knows about the dragon thing (which I think is very interesting) — this is a conclusion that we’ve arrived at independently.

    -along these lines, they’re told that they are a lineage with dragon DNA. What I believe to be true / or another perspective is that the “Illuminati” has been part of a selective breeding program, in a similar way to how dogs are bred for certain qualities. They’ve found that the process of breeding dogs makes them more docile, as well as giving them more diversity from their original “wolf” or “wild dog” state. So human influence brings out these hidden qualities. So too, humans have been “selectively bred” by this other group (whatever they are). The Illuminati are a “named breed”.

    In a later segment / podcast he refers to himself as a “pet”. He is no longer part of the program, but he served his early purpose and is no longer useful to them. The other way out of the program is death (in the same way that mutts will be discarded by dog breeders).

    So – they’re only special in the sense that they fit certain values of their breeders. The rest of us are considered “mutts”. (Which is fine by me!)

    They’re told a lot of BS to maintain their belief in the system. (likewise, so are we…)

    There’s a possible confusion between “dna lineage” and “spirit lineage” but I understand DNA actually does contain information about “spirit lineage” as well.

    -we might assume that someone in the Illuminati system knows a great deal, but as it turns out they are fairly compartmentalized. So he can tell his story from his experiences, but this is still a fairly limited and controlled perspective. He is fitting together puzzle pieces just like we are.

    Over the last couple of years he has been doing his awakening process. It started a bit earlier than that but he is still fairly new to things. In a way, thinking that he is “in the know” has kept him in the dark on many things, and he acknowledges this.

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