Salusa-March 26th 2012

In some ways we would say that our mission nears completion, as we approach a time when all of the work put in to release you from the control of the Illuminati is showing results. It is for you the end of the cycle of duality, and for us simply the means of clearing the way for the commencement of a new cycle. It will be a new beginning and follow a continuation of the raising up of your consciousness levels, to allow you to ascend to even higher levels. We too will be sharing those times with you and are very much a part of your future. We are assisting you to eventually become Galactic Beings, and that will be by you rightfully reclaiming your place with us.

What you have now is not your true reality, but one you have created over millennia of time since you dropped down from the higher dimensions. Not a single soul was forced to do so, and each and every one of you freely volunteered for the experience. You did so with complete faith knowing that however much you strayed from the Light, there would be a time when you would be called back and helped to do so. That time is of course now, and in a short time you will know for certainty that you are firmly on the path to Ascension, and that nothing can stand in its way or delay it. Can you not sense the difference already in the energies around you, as they have become more of the Light and so uplifting. Those of fear have been subdued, and when you obtain confirmation of the extent of the arrests and resignations of the dark Ones, that will also help you to live more peacefully.

The freedom that has been denied you for so long is returning, and you will be in no doubt that the old paradigm has been destroyed. The new one is already taking its place and bringing you a new hope and belief in a wonderful future. Some of you have glimpsed it and it has inspired you and changed your outlook on life. It is so different to what you have now that words seem inadequate to describe it, and one notable aspect is the feeling of love that comes at you from all directions. If you have ever experienced such an energy it is likely to have only been a momentary experience, whereas in the higher dimensions it is continually present. You have an expression that “it is love that makes the world go around” and you do not realize how true it is. Indeed it is the lack of love that has torn your Earth apart and made you feel detached from your godself. Love energy is the most powerful one of all, and could change your circumstances in a flash if you were all able to come together in this way. Many of you have experienced what love can do, particularly where it is used to heal. It can transmute the lower vibrations, and that is why you are often asked to send love to those who are of the dark Cabal.

Think upon these things and when you feel that you want to help Mankind, send out love to those who are clearly in need. The results may not be instantaneous but be assured that it helps even if they take time to be seen. The Light can be built upon such as when you use it to protect yourself. If you are not already a beacon of Light, practice seeing yourself as one and you will surely create it around you. You will also find that you will attract other souls of a like kind, as they will sense your higher vibrations. Imagine if everyone around you was of the Light, and you will begin to get a feel of what it is like to be in the higher dimensions. Do not limit your expectations as to what Ascension means to you, as it will set you free from all of the conflicts and problems that beset you now on Earth. In the future you will want for absolutely nothing, and you will find that the Creator has provided for you in every conceivable way.

So Dear Ones, be determined to ride out whatever comes your way between now and Ascension. Do not let anything get you down as whatever happens it will be short lived. If you suffer losses they will be more than made up to you, and remember that you cannot take anything with you into the higher vibrations unless it is compatible with them. That is why no soul can force its way into them, and will automatically find itself at its correct and corresponding level. Understand that you all progress at your own speed, and have had equal opportunities to choose the path to Ascension. So please do not upset yourself should a near loved one choose differently to you, and honor their freewill choice. Loved ones are never far away, and you will always be able to meet again.

Get ready to enjoy yourselves and feel free to express your feelings, as once the changes come out and you see the benefits you will be ecstatic. Celebrations will be the order of the day, and believe us when we say that we shall organize some memorable events and take part in them. Joy and happiness are getting nearer and will carry you all of the way to Ascension. There are difficult periods still to go through, but nothing will last very long and if it creates new needs we will be on hand to help you. We already work behind the scenes and will be pleased when our activities can be more open. Our priority at present is stopping the warring factions from coming to blows, and we have no doubt that we can prevent any attempts at starting another war. You will be appalled and no doubt angry, when you learn of how many times the dark Ones have tried to start another one in the Middle East. We will not dwell upon such unpleasant things, but you need to know who has worked against you over many, many years, often in the guise of working for you.

We continue to closely monitor Mother Earth as there are physical changes happening, and some areas are more prone to them than others. We are not allowed to stop those that are necessary, but will do all we can to alleviate any harm to you and keep extensive damage to a minimum. Conditions could well have been horrendous if the dark Ones had their way, but we have stopped their plans to induce catastrophes to reduce the population of Earth. We know many of you cannot comprehend that anyone could fall to that extent, but with the almost total loss of Light such souls have lost any feelings of compassion.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank all of you who have given a hand in spreading not just these, but many messages from sources of Light. They have uplifted so many people, and prepared them for Ascension. God bless you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. **Wanderer of the Skies** ~ March 25, 2012

    Greetings from the Federation: Let us begin by saying that your world will shortly be undergoing changes that will bring it into alignment with the Ascension process. Gaia has sent her message to the Creator that she is ready. She, and all of us, are anxiously awaiting the response. It is no small matter. The response from the Creator could be the “green light” which allows us to move forward with disclosure. Therefore, our hearts are turned towards the Creator at this time as we await word of how and when to proceed.

    This message from Gaia is her assurance that she is prepared for the next step and is willing to proceed. It is also her “assessment” that all living beings which take sustenance from her are reasonably prepared for the next phase. This assessment is very important, for without it Creator would not consider such a position viable. Therefore, we have moved collectively into a very important phase of the process and one which brings us no end to the excitement of the prospects before us.

    There has been a turning away of many who see this process dragging on and use this as proof that is was never meant to be in the first place. This will change upon the Creator’s response and we are reasonably excited to believe that the time has come. The call has gone out from the Federation to all systems in the cosmos and an even greater number of visitors are now heading this way to observe this next phase in activities. In that respect, you can expect that another “Norway spiral” will occur as more dimensional beings arrive over the next several weeks.

    Many exciting things are now planned in the days and weeks ahead. As changes continue with your world governments and your media, with emphasis on your financial institutions, you will see more and more a willingness to openly discuss what has, until now, been the 800 pound gorilla in the room. You will hear statements as politicians and media personality begin to openly talk about the Illuminati and their role in your world and what must be done to take back the world for your people.

    A new “discovery” about to be revealed to the masses concerning the deepest underground cave yet found is a leak of information on one of the doorways to a world containing beings who you have called the Agarthans. It will set the stage, if necessary, for future revelations about these beings and their role here.

    Keep in mind that as these matters develop, they are done so in a specific order for a specific reason that is interconnected to a much grander plan than we cannot reveal to you now. But as these pieces come into place, they will be self-executing. And when the dominoes fall, they will fall quickly and without any doubt on your part. There will be no guess work involved at that time.

    Quiet your mind so that we may speak to you. Open your hearts so that you can hear each other. Stay in the moment and stay courageous in your calling. We are with you and we are you.

    Be at peace.

    • Holy, moly, Stick! I think somebody’s monitoring us! 😉 (re: GFL message…)
      I am laughing so hard…
      Thank you for posting this!
      And good morning!

  2. Morning Blessing: 03.26.12 ~ Rev. Angela Peregoff
    **Ending a Month of Powerful Cosmic Vibrations**

    “Know that the purpose for which each soul enters a material experience is that it may be as a light unto others.” ~Edgar Cayce

    Ho-hum, just another week of sweating the small stuff on Spaceship Earth? Not likely! While for some March has been quiet and constructive, for the rest of us it brought about heightened responsibility and soul growth/infusion. More depth revelation could attempt to steer you toward frustration, anger, tightness, and friction as March comes to a close. Strive for serenity to avoid falling into a temporary stupor of disharmony and discontent. Remain sensitive to your cosmic contract of becoming multidimensional during this ascension cycle to avoid feeling the sway of the Universe is beyond your control.

    Until recent times you have driven and pushed yourself to keep up with an accelerating world. Energetic events and unfoldments have been occurring with significant velocity as you set to launch your consciousness into a new system of dimensional awareness. Now comes the time when the process gets to morph into an easier, more natural state of existing. After this latest cycle, which wrapped up in earnest on the Spring Equinox, connecting to, downloading and transitioning into higher levels of your multidimensional self can simply be the norm without much concentrated thought or effort toward it.

    This is good news because the events ahead for planet earth are going to be so dramatic, so all-encompassing that, if the 3D reference is all you know, you will really be terrified. However if you have been one of the souls who can see the “bigger picture” view and understand that an invisible transformation is taking place within and upon our home environment then you will be anchored and able to go about your day-to-day tasks calmly. Sure, sometimes you’ll doubt, and sometimes you’ll see as clear as day but what’s different is that you’ll always trust that this is the process as we continue to expand.

    For a few thousand years humanity has lived in a dualistic reality, which allowed for the experience of third dimensional life. Now as we travel through the galactic center of the universe and reality shifts to a more omniversal experience, we enter into an existence that will not identify separation. As we claim our fifth dimensional abilities we all become more intuitive, telepathic, unconditioned, and in touch with our true inherent essence. For most of you reading these words, this is very good news! For many others, it is a very fearful and chaotic time because it means that they will be exposed if they are attempting to control, deceive, conquer, or manipulate.

    As mentioned earlier, the Spring Equinox opened a portal through which you may step to freedom. Let me give caution though concerning the manner in which you have designed this most important stage of your awakening. On the surface, it will seem that what I tell you is both obvious and inconsequential, especially when measured next to the many trials and problems that bombard a person everyday on planet earth.

    Part of the mechanism that binds together the 3D world is a “blocking” from your consciousness the full representation of all you are and all you (Self) are doing. Since 3D is a “defined territory” – there is just not room for the entire Self here. Until now your focus of Self has been a very limited view. As the solar system rotates the grand procession of planets into a livelier stellar village we are granted a potent crystalline infusion of energy that allows you to feel more of that Self.

    As that result is produced for you in full manifestation, “issues” will surface. Hint: Surprises and unsettled conditions are the usual Earth itinerary for spiritual evolution. As the incoming energies become quicker for the next vibrational shift allow yourself to have the “me time” you desire. Be patient and listen to your Inner Brilliance and problem solving genius as mass consciousness processes the karmic debt patterns tied to being enslaved from self realization. Most of all listen to the directives from your body and do what it tells you it needs.

    If you are feeling any kind of energy drain or physical exhaustion from the earlier aspects of the month I would advise meditating for guidance as you journey into anchoring the high, high crystalline freedom energy into the bones, blood and nervous system of your physical vessel. As your Soul soars to luxuriate in higher fifth dimensional atmospheres of unconditional love, gratitude, peace and calm your earth vessel has to jettison what would hold you back. Take care of it.

    On those days when you feel you are spinning out of control or a bit spacey simply use a “cube” as an energetic stabilizer. Use your imagination to place a cube under your feet or take a couple of moments and breath into your vertical tube (prana tube of energy that runs the length of your spine) passing a cube up and down within it. My guides are also saying that we can use the essential oil of rose geranium for it is a sacred balancer.

    The illusion between physical and consciousness is closing. You are physical/matter intermingling with Spirit/Light. You are an interaction where the observer influences the outcome so welcome the change, or shift. Be open to meeting active energies this week. As the week progresses create an intention of consciousness to be an interactive force field of Soul awareness that activates an alignment with the etheric freedom rays that are beaming into your multidimensional first and seventh chakras.

    The last week of the month is a period of dedicated, calculated movement. The guides say we must follow nature and make certain that the expanded energies we now generate are grounded, anchored and fertile before we move onward or forward with any creation. A good practice would be to create ritual with all new endeavors. Consciously creating and choosing with a renewed reverence will put you in alignment with the Infinite. In doing so you will be tapping into and using skills from within your Ancient Self.

    Keep your eyes focused on the mountain top, as you stay centered within the God power of the moment and you will not be set apart from your Light. You have the potential to become physically vibrant, emotionally fulfilled, mentally aware, financially abundant and spiritually en-Lighten-ed. It is your Divine Birthright to experience your life’s journey in the physical realm to the fullest. You were designed to savor and enjoy life each day with passion, to experience physicality with full awareness and conscious intensity.

    Surrender to your needs at hand and nurture yourself through the process my friends… ~Rev Angela


    There is One power, One presence everywhere equally present in this universe;
    it is the Creator and the created; it is the inspiration and the expression; it is the
    thought and the word; it is the request and the answer; it is you and it is me …
    we are one in Mind, Body, and Spirit with the One creative power of the universe.
    It can be no other way.

    As Earth increasingly reflects the refined embodiment of Self-realization I know
    and affirm the ease of expression in a higher dimension of space and light. The
    stillness of Spirit brings calm, taking away all tension in the body. Up from the
    fathomless depths of my Being a wave of acceptance moves up to the mind – healing consciousness. Thus, I honor the ability to replace fear with peace, doubt with faith, and chaos with balance. Clearly I see through the illusions of “destruction” transformation and know these words are manifesting comfort, inspiration, knowledge and right action in every situation I live. If we are one in Mind, and one in Life, then we are absolutely one in Harmony.

    Moving joyously in the dimension of Here and Now with grace and equanimity I
    gratefully celebrate Earth’s rising to a new unique place in the Oneness of Life. My gratitude for living fully and completely during this time is immeasurable. I move the desire to be in flow with these transformative energies deep into the realm of change where the Law senses its presence and makes it operative. And so it is.


    • Thank you Stick for this post. I needed to read and get this message. It is so comforting. I am so stressed that I considered going to my doctor but all I need is to depend on my meditation and prayers.

      Love, peace and blessings

    • Thanks for the warm welcome, Tauno 😀
      We’re all waiting for the show to start – actually I think it already started but we’re not so aware of it, yet.

      • You are right, dear Sun, the show has started and those who are aware dance with grace but the sleeping ones …..imagine someone who tries to dance while sleeping ….but all is a matter of choise.I like the phrase” there is not more blind than the one who does not want to see”/ I may not write it correctly, but the meaning is what is important

        • I think a lot about the ‘sleeping ones’, dear Tauno… :-/ but I know that it’s our job to help them (even if that means not helping them because they don’t want to!). Freewill above all…

          • Listen to your heart and it will tell you how to react in each situation, the sleeping ones can bite, do not forget this 🙂

          • Hi Sunitra and Tauno,

            I think even the “sleeping ones” can maybe perform a perfect Tango 🙂 maybe through instinct.
            It remembered of a story about my big brother, told by my mom. He was about 6 or 7 years old and he had his arm cased in plaster because of an accident (falling of the wall) earlier that week. In the mean time they were some construction going on in his room, his window was to replaced, but in the mean time, there was no window and there was a ladder against it , taped of by a cord with a bell (you shouldn’t do that here in Johannesburg 🙂 ) My grandma was living then next to us and she heard my brother crying on the street. What happened, he sleepwalked right out of the window, stepping over the cord and went down onto the street, as of course he would wake up.

            Wish you lot of light and love

            • Ouch, that must have hurt! 😐 in my family there’s the story of a lady who would probably be my great great great great grandmother (or something like that) who was also a sleepwalker. So much, in fact, that while ‘sleeping’ she would go about doing her normal chores, including washing clothes and getting water from a well! O_o
              Makes you think about so many ‘sleepwalkers’ around us, right? 😉
              Lots of love ♥

  3. Laura Tyco – TAUK Message from Sfhs 26 March 2012- Merging

    Laura: Good morning Sfhs. I understand you are also part of the GFL, and are working with my own HS and with SaLuSa. Please give us your message for today.

    Hfhs: That is correct; we are all working together, as one in the Higher Realms. We are one always and in all, working and thinking as one in the higher dimensions. Our lives and mission here are mainly to support our 3D counterparts, to protect you, guide you and watch over you. We are overseers, oversouls, protectors and guardians. We do not interfere where karmic balancing is required, but where there is no karmic issue, we allow ourselves now to step in quite a bit more than previously. We know that our support is now needed more than ever, and we realize that you need to allow light within your life.

    It is now important that each of you experience true and genuine contact with your Higher Self, and with angelic beings, whether of this planet, or of a different part of the Universe. It matters not where your guide comes from, for the spiritual work ahead of you. Many wounds need to be healed now, many hearts need to close their wounds, however this can only be done with the right people at the right time for you. Do not try to force closure, or to let your personal emotions to interfere into this universal unfolding ahead of you. Just allow the grand scenario to be played out, with you as an observer.
    Rest assured that the energies will continue coming down from now on, the Sun is giving you amazing fire works, and you are making the most of it. Well done. Don’t forget to pause throughout your day, and just sense the light body penetrating your body cells, your tension releasing energy. You are a multi-dimension being with a mission to humanity, and your communication channels are then open when you feel calm. You can then receive our continuous briefings, through your Higher Self. Open up and allow the diving energies to enter your body, and lodge themselves where is necessary: heart, mind, body, feelings.
    Your Higher Self also acts as a general cleaner and regenerating healing being. Downloading light information directly into your DNA, and consciousness. When your Higher Self inhabits and merges with your human body, you are receiving food from above, love and healing. It is a process needing to be performed on regular basis from now on.

    I am Sfhs
    Laura Tyco
    Copyright © Laura Tyco. All Rights
    Reserved. You may copy and
    redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the
    content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this
    copyright notice link:

  4. Morning, All!
    Something happened last night, I’m not sure what it was, but this is not the same world today. I was told this morning that my mantra from now until whenever needs to be “It’s only a play… It’s only a play…” … No matter what happens.
    I spent yesterday with Teo’Na, answering some questions I had been asked by a gentleman I met while looking into the Hollow Earth Theory (thank you again, Babajij!)
    The results are posted here:
    And if you have a chance to check it out, you’ll understand why I’m chuckling so hard about the GFL message. Finally, things are coming together.
    The answers were a 10-page long Word document, so grab a cuppa…
    He has sent another 16 questions or so… And Troy, I think Adca and Teo’Na are about to lead us into the world of Ancient Ireland.
    Related to this, I’ve gotten some very clear messages that I need to focus for now on adding information to the BUTTA site. So, I’ll be around here on STC as much as I can, but BUTTA needs to come first, I think for at least the next couple weeks. It is intended as library (rather than a forum site), and there is much to be added and organized…
    I hope you all have a wonderful day – I’ll be checking in with you!
    Much love and light,

    • Wow, dear Les, it sounds wonderful 🙂 And what a synchronicity with your article and wanderer`s message, the show has started I do not doubt at all….see you at BUTTA 🙂
      Love and Light and ( ( JOY ) ) Les and
      everyone !!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey this is fantastic Leslee, thank you!

      Can’t wait to hear about Ireland, our offerings to the Leprechauns during St. Patty’s day must be finally paying off! hehe

      Hopefully they won’t be fooled by our plastic gold coins…

      Sorry which GFL message Leslee, you mean SalUsa for today?

      UFO hat… check!
      welcome energy mudra… check!
      pants… whoops!

    • Leslee this clears up some confusion I had regarding “Telos” versus “Agartha”. I have felt that “Telos” refers specifically to the inner earth / hollow earth civilization that we are most familiar with, not just to a city or series of caverns underneath mt. shasta (as others insist).

      Now it makes sense that this region could also be referred to as “Agartha” although there are other dimensions / civilizations that also apply to this term. It is like calling something a “fruit” rather than an “apple”. It is both a “fruit” and an “apple”, but more specifically, an “apple”.

      I hope my explanation reflects the information that you received.

      • Hi, Troy (and Kosta), I must have failed to click the notify box, because I’m just now seeing this online…
        Yes, your understanding matches my understanding, but I’m also under the impression that there is much more to learn, and we’re still working with incomplete/transitory information… I’m going to create a post related to this, because I think we are at a very significant turning point… 😉

  5. My dear friends!

    I have missed you all so much, and I wish I could find more time to be on this beautiful forum as well as over at the LRC!!

    We have been quite busy lately, from updating Aquarius every day to doing readings to doing channelings and writing articles…. it pains me that I haven’t made time to be here, and I’m not just saying that.

    I thought about you all last night and my heart swelled, I am missing valuable forum time with some of my greatest friends!

    Hopefully I will be back again s**n 😉

    Much Love all 🙂

  6. Let’s manifest disclosure! We are ready!

    Yesterday on March 25, Wanderer of the Skies gave us this message as a part of an overall update:

    “Gaia has sent her message to the Creator that she is ready. She, and all of us, are anxiously awaiting the response. It is no small matter. The response from the Creator could be the “green light” which allows us to move forward with disclosure. Therefore, our hearts are turned towards the Creator at this time as we await word of how and when to proceed.

    This message from Gaia is her assurance that she is prepared for the next step and is willing to proceed. It is also her “assessment” that all living beings which take sustenance from her are reasonably prepared for the next phase. This assessment is very important, for without it Creator would not consider such a position viable. Therefore, we have moved collectively into a very important phase of the process and one which brings us no end to the excitement of the prospects before us.” (1)

    We were also told that a ‘discovery’ of the ‘worlds deepest cavern’ would soon be made that would jumpstart the disclosure of the Inner Earth. Of course there were other things discussed in the message but I would like to focus on the part of the message quoted in this article. To hear more about the deepest cavern disclosure, simply google search ‘James Cameron deepest cavern in Earth’

    Yeah, that disclosure is already starting!

    Anyway, in the particular segment of the message quoted, we are told that Gaia Herself has taken to asking the Creator to give the go-ahead to jumpstart many Lighted projects such as Disclosure and the resulting Contact with our Star Families. We are told that Gaia is now ‘anxiously awaiting a response’.

    Friends, how many times and how often have we sat around and waited? Waited for a response, waited for action to be taken, waited for all that we have wished to come to fruition without making the real effort ourselves to enact such change? We have read these channeled messages from ascended beings who are truly doing everything they can in each and every moment to aide in our ascension, but how much personal and collective responsibility have we taken for the shape our world is in as well as for the ascension and exposure of the dark on our world?

    From my view, it would seem that as Gaia makes Her requests to our Loving Creator, our Creator is looking down upon the surface of Earth at us awakening souls and determining how ready we truly are for so many revolutionary changes to manifest and come to fruition. Yes, we may think or in some cases, be completely sure that we are ready for such things right?


    In my personal view, humanity is ready to undergo this final testing period and we are all ready for all of the changes that we have been waiting for and that many of us have been working endlessly toward. Let’s show our Creator that we are ready for these amazing changes that are to completely shift the consciousness of the surface of Earth. Let’s make efforts in each and every moment to show our Creator that we are learning, growing and finding the energies and attitudes of the higher realms for ourselves. Let’s make this known!

    Personally, I would recommend when in meditation, make an effort to connect with our beautiful Creator for even if you don’t feel you are making such contact, you absolutely are as our Creator is with any of us as soon as we make the efforts and think the thoughts to connect. When in meditation, even if you don’t think you are connected with the Creator, speak to our Lord, attempt to feel the energies of our Loving Creator and begin to let the Creator know that we truly are ready for so many revelations and changes to occur on our world.

    Of course, the majority of people on our world are still unawakened and won’t be quite ready, but that is ok. Millions of us have found the energies of the higher realms for ourselves as well as been exposed to the truths of the Illuminati and everything that has been done to us. Let our Creator know that we know and feel of such things, and that we truly are ready to choose Love over fear while being exposed to so many shocking truths and revelations.

    You don’t even have to be in meditation to do this! Right now, simply make the effort to feel and communicate with our Loving Creator and even if you feel that nobody is listening, begin stating your case and the case of humanity in relation to us truly being ready for all of the changes that are to take place, that Gaia has requested our Creator clear to be enacted. Believe me dear friends, our Creator is listening to us! In fact, each and every one of us are the ‘targets’ of much looking upon by our heavenly Mother/Father Creator as they are very interested in our ascension processes and in our finding of the Love that we are incarnate.

    The Creator is looking upon you even right now, let our Creator know that you are ready for such changes in any ways you can!

    Of course, we must do more than just ‘tell’ our Creator that we are ready to feel the higher energies of Love that lay the foundation for all that we have been waiting for; we must also show our Creator through our everyday actions that we are already choosing the less-distorted energies of Love over the dense energies that we have grown used to and that we are growing away from.

    With every action you make, and I mean every action – keep in mind the request from Gaia to our Creator and keep in mind the fact that our Creator is looking upon us, each and every one of us on Earth, and using the actions we perform to decide in each and every moment if we are ready for all of the changes that we have been waiting for.

    We can do this, dear friends, and I have a strong feeling that this is one of many crucial ascension tests we are beginning to undergo as a collective. Do not sit idly by and let these decisions be made for us; by our extraterrestrial brethren, by our Ascended Masters, by our Creator, by anyone! It is now our time to make these decisions, and to take our collective power back in favor of the manifestation of each and every revolutionary event not just predicted by Wanderer, but by every message we have read and every impression we have felt in ourselves in relation to the glorious changes we are to experience.

    With our making the collective and individual effort, we will find these changes at our doorsteps sooner rather than later – but it takes the effort on our part.

    Can we do this?

    You bet!

    Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC



  7. ‘Buddha’ goes to the hospital: A convergence of art, history and science
    A 17th-century Korean bodhisattva statue undergoes an X-ray, CAT scan and endoscopy, leading to a surprising discovery.

    After a trip through the scanner, receiving a radiation dose higher than any human could endure, doctors and “Buddha’s” caretakers were a step closer to identifying the mysterious masses.

    But why stop there when they could get more detail?

    An endoscopy was scheduled roughly two weeks later at North Florida Regional Medical Center in Gainesville. And, after three scans at two medical centers, doctors, with the help of Buddha’s caretakers, were able to identify the mysterious masses: rare religious texts.

    It was a surprising discovery, since Buddha is a Korean bodhisattva, or “bodhi” for short, and his caretakers are curators at the University of Florida’s Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art who, until then, had no idea the documents were inside the statue. The two sets of documents — inserted only months after the statue was carved — were written in two separate languages. One set was written in Korean and the other is a dharani written in a combination of Chinese and a Nepalese script called Ranjana. While the documents have not been fully translated, segments of the text were discovered to be the Lotus Sutra — one of the most sacred texts in Buddhism.



    • Well, duh…
      Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.
      I’ll soapbox for a moment here… 😉
      Buddhists consider any depiction of scripture or an enlightened being to be an actual Enlightened Being. That is why it is considered improper to place such things on the floor or where anything else may be placed higher.
      When a statue is created, it is dedicated by the new owner by filling it with an assortment of objects: a lock of the guru’s hair, secret mantras, jewels, and most of all, texts.
      Every crevice is filled with ground or powdered camphor, tea or incense so that there is (theoretically) no space left for spirits to sneak in. Even the tiniest metal statue usually has a plug on the bottom. An absolutely airtight seal is required.
      This is why zealous Buddhists consider it soooooo wrong to plop a big fat fake stone Buddha head in the middle of a garden. A decapitated Buddha head actually represents the destruction by the Chinese of a representation of a sacred being. If I’m not mistaken, no statue has been destroyed by nature… Only man.
      I’m kinda surprised they are surprised…
      Sorry, I will calm back down now… Please don’t tell anyone I keep my I Ching stalks next to my Heruka statue… 😉

      • Agreed Leslee I was surprised they were surprised too! Like, surely if they are specialists in this area they would know a bit about how such a thing was put together? Perhaps it was just the doctors who were surprised? 😀 which makes me wonder what it was they were expecting to find… Hehehe

        I found value in the xray images… Oddly symbolic and beautiful images of “Looking within”, in a whole new way that the statue may have never considered… And symbolic of our own discovery process, looking at things in a different way and a new light…

  8. Thank you all for your great posts dear friends.
    Thank you Leslee and your Guides.
    Troy, I personally have learnt that ‘Agartha’ is a Lemurian term (‘Agarth/tti maybe a Tibetan) meaning ‘Inner Earth’ [Ag(Inner)-Artha(Earth)]. And yes, Telos(Mountain Shasta) is one of the subterranean cities, which exist to different parts of the world. Cities like Posid (Mato Groso, Brazil), Sonse(Himalaya), Rama(Jaipur, India), Singua(between Mongolia and China with a second city under Mountain Lasen , California) are some of the rest. I don’t know if I should have included Shamballa, because it’s not in the 3D anymore, but etherial. So, I think that Agartha is consisted from these cities (approximately 120) including Telos which is one of them.

  9. Message from the Galactic Federation

    Think of the people of your planet as midwives, coming together to assist with the birth of your new world. Many of you have come from distant star systems and even galaxies, and you are here now at this time to do whatever it is you do to assist in this birthing. You are asked to do certain tasks to assist in this process, and nothing you are asked to do is detrimental in any way to your society. Everything you are asked to do is in the name of the light, and nothing you are asked to do supports in any way the darkness and their agenda. This you can be confident in knowing as you go forth on your missions to restore love and light to this world. This is the basis for your mission here, and although we have many shared goals and tasks we must accomplish, at the root of our purpose here together is to bring this world back to the path of light where she rightfully belongs.
    Along this path, there will be detractors of all kinds who wish to impede our progress, and it is your job to recognize these obstacles and find ways to clear them from your path without allowing them to deter you from your mission or to steer you wide from your course. There are, and will always be others with different opinions and viewpoints as to which direction it is better to proceed. Allow them the opportunity to choose their own course and they will learn from the choices they make as they move ahead on their journey. It is not necessary to try to save anyone, as this is not our reason for being here. Our reason for being here is to allow others if they so choose to see another way for them to live their lives, but again, this is a choice that is entirely theirs and it is their right to choose any path they wish to travel.
    We are not here to convince or to coax anyone to see things our way, as our choice is also a personal choice that we have made. We are here to make another choice available to those who wish to see and recognize it, and we are here to assist others travel this road if they so choose. In the days ahead, there will be many who choose many different paths, and although some of their choices may not make much sense to us or resonate with us, we must honor their choice and allow them to proceed in their own direction. Allow them this choice and honor and respect their decision, for it is they who know best the path they feel they need to travel for their growth and advancement.
    Many of us who have journeyed here in the name of the light will choose a similar path as we move forward, as many of us understand clearly why it is we are here and have a similar goal to achieve and a similar outcome we wish to reach. Others that are here may not be here for the same reasons we are, therefore the choices that we are making may not resonate with them. Understand this and you will understand the choices others make much better. Not everyone here is on a similar level of development, and therefore the experiences that we feel we need for our advancement may be quite different from one another. Keep this in mind as we move forward, as the choices that we are all making will crystallize and there will be many taking sides, making stands, and choosing paths that differ from one another.
    It is important that you understand your choices and make your decision on which path you wish to travel. Keep in mind that you are on a personal journey as well, and it is important for you to think over carefully your choices. Many of us will choose paths that will lead us back home at the end of our mission here together, and there will be different paths available that lead us there. Many of you will recognize these choices as they appear before you, and some of you will make these choices on a less conscious level. It is not always necessary to recognize consciously these choices before you and weigh them carefully, as sometimes these choices come rather naturally for you. Do not overly concern yourselves or worry that you are not making the right choice, as there is no right or wrong, and as we have said, many of the paths you choose will lead to the same point up ahead.
    You can combine your talents and gifts, and this will serve you well in the days ahead and will be the tools that you need to get your particular job done. Many will rely on you at this time and in the days ahead, for you are demonstrating your worthiness to be a leader of your fellow man and many will look to you for answers and guidance in this time of great mystery and upheaval. Leaders you are, many of you, and you may feel it is your duty to act upon your instincts and lead many through the course of these challenging events. We say to you that many of you are leaders, and this is why you are here. You have been selected out of many that expressed interest to be here as it was felt that you would respond to your call of duty and do what is that you do best. Many of you at this time are recognizing this inborn talent and are now deciding to take the reins and be the leader that you are.
    There will be in the days ahead many opportunities for you to put your talents to good use and forge paths for the others to follow. There will be many leaders among you who will make themselves known as we move forward, and there will be many who make it known who they wish to follow in accordance with what they resonate with. Allow all others to choose the path they wish to travel and honor and respect their choices. Again, we are not here to save anyone from anything, and each has the right to choose the lane they wish to travel.
    As we move forward into the days ahead, there will be many polarizing events that will serve as forks in the road and opportunities for many to choose the path they wish to travel forward. Be a beacon of light for those who resonate with the choices you are making and lead them through periods of darkness, as some may stray from the path and seek your light to help them remain on course. Proceed slowly at times where you feel there are those who wish to follow on the path but who may be falling behind. Not everyone has the ability to travel these roads at the same speed, be mindful of this and slow for them, allowing them to catch up with the others. This is not a race and it matters not how fast anyone can advance to the finish line. It is only important how you work together as a team to achieve your shared goals. Keep mindful of one another and help each other in each way you can on your personal journeys, for what is more important than completing your individual tasks is how you work together and assist each other along the way. As beacons of light you will together shine and lead the way for others to follow your footsteps through the darkness of the night.
    You are here for a reason and that reason must be fulfilled. Find what it is that you do and do well, and find areas where you can utilize these talents and make a difference to others and to your world around you. There are many tasks that need to be accomplished at this time, and there are many that can benefit from your talents. Look for them as they will look for you. Find each other and assist each other in the ways that you have been trained. This is what we wish to see more of at this time, and we will continue monitoring your social networks and search for your interactions together and continue to study how well you are working together. This is one of the reasons you are here, and this is a very important aspect of your overall mission. Many studies are being conducted on the manner in which you work together, and much data is being compiled that will be the subject of careful study in the future.
    Assist each other in the areas where you can and allow your individual talents to reflect upon each other, strengthening the individual parts that make up the whole. Put aside your differences for now as these little details matter not. Your aim is to work together and achieve a common goal, and that is what we would like to see you focus on. Put aside your differences of opinion and your debating among one another and focus instead on your common ground where you can forge a path to your new world you will share together. This is what we would like to see at this time, and we thank you for your efforts to work together while you co-create the new world that will benefit so many.
    Your new world will be a monument, a testament to how well you are able to work with so many others from so many different parts of this universe. Beings from all over this universe will travel here to see what can be accomplished when you put aside your differences and work together as a team. This project you are working on will be studied by so many different races and civilizations throughout this universe, and we wish you to understand this as you begin each working day together. Give this joint project your all, as what you create here together will stand for an eternity as a model for so many other civilizations to follow as they create worlds from the mold you are together forging today . You are the architects of this world that will be the template for new civilizations throughout the galaxies, and we wish you to understand this and give this project your all, for your work here will be memorialized for eons of time to come.
    We wish you to bring with you into each day your sincerest efforts to work with each other and build on your project together. Your masterpiece is nearly complete, and from our vantage point we see a beautiful sculpture taking shape of your collective design. Use these last days to put the finishing touches on your work of art, for soon it will be time for the unveiling of your masterpiece before the eyes of this entire universe. You are all artists and you all have your own visions of what you would like to create, but this is one work of art that is a joint creation. We ask you to do your best and work with each other, complementing each other, accenting each other, and learning from each other while you share with each other your creative visions, and together your masterpiece shall be one of unlimited vision and a true universal creation.
    We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

    As channeled through Greg Giles

  10. Goodnight my good friends! As I said to Troy by e-mail, I strongly wish and hope to meet all of you in the near future…somehow…maybe by asking our Space Families to gather us all in the same spaceship…(-_-)
    sounds awesome to me.
    See you next time….
    Much Love and Great Appreciation.

  11. **Be in Anticipation Now; All is Proceeding Well!**
    26th March 2012 ~ through Ron Head.

    You have reached a milestone in your process. The energy levels contained and emanating from your earth have reached a level which will both cause great change and bring it forward with grace and ease.

    Open yourselves, dearest ones, to the love and light which is being sent to you in ever increasing quantity and purity. Accept this as the love of your Creator, which it is, and shine it forth into your world with all your newfound splendor. Allow your hearts to sing in joy. Imagine, if you will, many hosts of beings arriving from every corner of the universe to witness the amazing progress of your awakening. Then know that it is true. As your light increases, more and more are drawn to both see the spectacle and to assist in any way they can. As each of you make what seems to you to be your tiny contributions, you are, in fact, contributing to the uplifting of all.

    Now imagine that your energies are sitting on opposing ends of one of your children’s playground toys. “See-saws” you call them, “teeter-totters”. At some point, one end will become so heavy that it will lift those on the other end right off the ground. On which day soon will that happen? We watch with joyful anticipation. We are not idle, you know. We nudge one here, whisper to another over there. But only you can take credit for taking the steps you have taken. This is as it was planned, and as it is decreed by Heaven. When you have won through, we will join you for the celebration you deserve. Be in anticipation now. All is proceeding well. Know that and be at peace. That is why you are here. Our promise to you is that the more you shine, that much more will be sent to you.

    Make today your best day ever, and tomorrow better yet. One day soon you will wake in a world you have only imagined and wipe your eyes in wonder.


  12. **Nephilim message for 25th March**
    through Karen Doonan

    Greetings dear ones we are here with you as you read our words and absorb our guidance. That which is now unfolding across planet earth is the new and we ask for all to process all guidance through the heart. The rainbows have begun to awaken and those who walk the earth carrying the rainbow tribes blood will begin to prepare the new earth for those who are awakening to the new earth.

    The tales in your histories distorted even to the rainbow warriors for the time of the warrior has ended. The rainbow warriors lay down their swords, karma completed and the time of fighting dissolved, they now carry the rainbows deep within their BEing and work to pour the colours back into and beyond planet earth. We ask that you process all communications from any realm through the heart, the way forward is only through the heart for the heart is your connection to SELF.

    We ask for those who resonate with the rainbows to bring the rainbows to all around them, we ask for them to detach from what is known on planet earth in order for them to remember, for this is journey of remembering dear ones, that which YOU know is deep within. Look to no other for confirmation of who you are nor why you are here, for all are children of GOD. We ask that the children of GOD now stand up to be counted for all is now changing and shifting, the GODs that you have been told are but faerie tales are TRUTH and we guide for all to anchor this deep within.

    To create the new world the old world must be dissolved and the energies of the past weeks have worked to create this. For in detaching from the old you claim YOU. Many are not allowing the new to dissolve that which was created for them and to them we ask for your LOVE and compassion. For all ARE ONE, none above or below the other and we ask for you to pour the LOVE that IS around you, through you and within YOU as all move towards that which was always to BE.

    Planet earth vibrationally is not the planet earth you were born onto and we ask for you to process this deep within your BEing for the changes are felt, they are not necessarily seen. The upgrading of vision and hearing part of the awakening process. Many are using the eyes they were born with and not the eyes of the BEing that they are to look at the changes on planet earth and we ask for you to process this. Do not look out across the world with eyes that are trained by the those who sought to control and contain, look across the world with the eyes that are YOU. We guide that not all will process our words for not all can hear our words and we guide the hearing will be honed as the veils are cleared during the awakening process. It IS a process, the teachings of distortion taking many to believe that the awakening is an event. As you grow and expand within your human vehicle you will remember and the memories will allow you to clear your vision and hone your hearing.

    Many are now hearing the whisperings of those around them, many are able to clearly see the rainbows that shine high in the sky whilst others do not look up from the ground. We ask why you would read our words if you do not anchor TRUTH. We would ask why you would wait for a new world when that world is all around you and needs only your clarity of vision to see it.

    There is much that is shifting across and within planet earth and more and more is being anchored on planet earth. The 144,000 who have incarnated to help anchor the new on planet earth now stir and begin to awaken to who they are. They are the rainbow tribes born afresh from the timelines and dimensions where they have fought to free the human race. In this timeline and dimension that freedom is here and they work now to harmonise all that is. We ask for those who can see and those who can hear to heed the call of the 144,000 and to respond, for they are but the crest of the wave that now cleanses the planet.
    We ask that all wear the gold clearly for the gold is the new that has anchored on planet earth. Reach out to the skies and see the gold reflected for the gold is YOU. Do you FEEL it?

    All are now moving rapidly towards the unfolding of the new for all on planet earth. The anchoring has allowed the new energies to burn away the veils so that those who were deeply asleep now simply slumber. There are many who are now moving around the karmic wheel and who will still slumber but their sleep is more peaceful than before. We thank you from our hearts to yours for this TRUTH.

    Know that each and every human alive on planet earth is capable of anchoring the new, all that stops them or blinds them to TRUTH are the veils that were placed by those who sought to contain and suppress. Allow the veils to be dissolved and take the time needed to anchor TRUTH as it is revealed. To move rapidly through the veils may see you fall in vibration as the veils run deep. How deep will be revealed when you start the process of dissolving for many are then plunged into the oceans of grief. Know that none drown in these oceans, they offer a deep cleansing followed by a deep knowing as you swim deeper and deeper and unveil the levels of SELF denied to you by those who sought to contain you.

    The time to implement the new is now dear ones, for we are the Nephilim and we walked your earth in a form that was recorded by the humans who lived in this timeline and dimension. We walk amongst you now and those who are able to see us will see us and those able to communicate will communicate. We are hidden in plain view and we ask that you process with the heart. We are YOU for we have never left YOU. We ask for you to reach deep within and to remember for the history you are taught is distorted. Another level of veil to keep you contained.

    We did not rule over you, we ruled WITH you for we are you and you are we. None above the other in any dimension and timeline. Those who have now left the planet unable to force a rule that is not TRUTH on a planet that is out of balance. The balance is now within you for as each human comes into balance then mother earth comes into balance. We watch as many step out of the timeline and dimension they are incarnated to balance that which is out of balance and bring harmony to mother earth in this timeline. We send much love and blessings to these BEings for they have reached within and found TRUTH. We send out the call to those able to detach from the teachings that taught this is impossible and we ask for them to maintain the balance within. It is from this balance that distortion is dissolved. It is not from reading the teachings and trying to work them out logically. Logic another distortion put in place to subdue a race that has been separated from their hearts.

    The rainbow and the heart is the key to the unfolding of the new dear ones. Those who walk the earth in rainbow form now work to bring in the new in increasing vibrations for the new is the new earth. The point of no return has been reached, the event horizon passed for the new is now unfolding in earnest across the planet earth. Detach from those who seek to teach that the new is not here, it is hidden in plain view, it was always in plain view. Those who sought to contain and suppress merely blinding a race that walked in darkness. The light is here, the light shines ever brightly across and within the planet earth.

    We ask all to BE in the heart, for the heart is the key to the SOUL, do you hear the music that calls softly from the SOUL? Do you hear your heart as it sings to you? to listen to the heart go within and sit in the silence and listen. Listen not with the hearing that you have been taught you have, allow the hearing that YOU are to hear the music that resides within your SOUL. Many now search for the meaning in the new and ask why they are here, the heart is singing its response to YOU but many are not listening. Fixated on that which is taught to them whilst being deaf to that which is within them. This is the new dear ones and we shower you with the gold that IS for the gold is the LOVE that IS in colour form, for if LOVE was a colour it would be gold and we ask that you pour the gold around you, through you and within YOU, for gold IS YOU.

    We are the Nephilim and we will guide in due course. That which is unfolding is YOU dear ones and we ask that YOU dream and dream big. For nothing is impossible, to believe it is possible you need only connect with the LOVE that IS and allow the GOLD to pour through you. For the abundance is YOU, the universe is YOU, LOVE is YOU, for you are YOU. Do you understand our guidance? Until we communicate with you again we wish you good health and happiness.

  13. **The Freedom of Ascension – From Archangel Gabriel**
    through Shelley Young

    Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be in your presence today. We honor you for setting aside the time in your busy schedule to come be a part of the energies of the group and, of course, when we say group, we mean not only those who are in this room at this time, but also those who will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.

    We are so excited for the times that you are in right now! You have worked hard, so hard, to be part of this amazing energetic shift of consciousness that you and the planet are moving through together.

    In your humanness, many of you tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. You understand with a deep knowingness, that there is something very important going on. In your humanness, you strive to understand it, to control it, to move it along faster, if you will. You complicate matters, Dear Ones.

    As you know, we have told you that there are vital aspects to moving forward with this shift of consciousness that are not dependant upon any certain belief system or healing system. Surrender, faith, flow, trust and gratitude are all of the aspects that will move you forward, as will embracing who you really are, remembering what you know and applying it to your human experience. Many of you have been in your learning process for centuries of your linear time just to apply what you know, what your soul has gathered as knowledge, in these now moments.

    So many of you are feeling a tremendous pressure because you understand that what’s going on is of great importance. Many of you can feel a great sense of excitement. Some of you feel fear. Some of you feel like you must hurry up and do something and yet have no idea what that may be. You are right, these are pivotal and important times. These are the times that your soul is here to experience.

    To add to your pressure, a great number of you have attempted ascension before and had it not work well on this planet. So, many of you are here saying, “This time, this time, it’s going to happen! This time I will make sure it happens!” You are feeling a tremendous responsibility. Dear Ones, it does not rest on your shoulders alone. It is a collective process. Any large load is made easy when there are many involved with a common purpose. It is not only those of you who are awakening on the planet at this time who are participating in this shift. Your guides, the helpers, the ascended masters, the angels, the entire universe is in this dance with you. So throw out the idea that it is a tremendous burden that you must carry on your own! Instead, replace that with the idea that you can dance with joy in the light energies that have become yours. Because you are just that – a beautiful dance partner with the universe in this process.

    So what it all boils down to, in many ways, is freedom. Freedom is what you imagine nirvana to be. You imagine going to the other side. You imagine being freed of the density of the body and you see that as being freedom. When your loved ones pass on, what helps you heal from your human pain is the idea that they are free – that they are free of their bodies, they are free of their pain. That is what the ascension is, Dear Ones. It is embracing the experience of being Home while on the planet, and that includes the freedom.

    Now many of you are so terrified of making a mistake that you are afraid to do anything. Freedom scares the pants off many of you. What if you do it wrong? What if you make a mistake? Dear Ones, the fact that you worry about that tells you that you will move forward mindfully. Do not allow yourself to be stuck in the illusion of your fear.

    Many of you have kept yourselves in tiny little boxes. You have not done what your soul has wanted to do because of what family expectations may be or what society says you should do. Many of you have kept yourselves small to conform. Many of you have paid dearly for doing just that, with your physical health and with your emotional health. Those days are done, Dear Ones.

    You are not here to conform to anything. You are here to expand beyond the box that you tried to wear. In fact, most of you can no longer stay small. It has become too uncomfortable to do so. You simply cannot. A great number of people have created crisis in their life by trying to stay small, and have had to learn that that is no longer being supported for them. So for example, jobs that didn’t honor who they really were, that didn’t give them joy, suddenly disappeared in order for them to move into something that is a better match.

    Relationships with others that involved giving their power away have also disappeared because, you see, the entire universe is helping you in this process. The sun is sending massive mounts of light to you to move out what’s keeping you small, what is keeping you from embracing your freedom.

    Freedom doesn’t mean being irresponsible, Dear Ones. It means giving yourself permission to live your life expression in the way that best honours you and allows your spirit to soar. How beautiful! Why would you keep yourself from such an experience?

    Many of you have been conditioned that imagining you are bigger or greater than your small, boxed-in self is falling into ego, so you shy away from it. Ego is false power. Authentic power means allowing yourself to shine exactly as you are and knowing that that is a thing of beauty to behold.

    Much like caged animals that have been kept confined for many years, now that the doors are open, you are afraid to venture beyond what has become your comfort zone. Do not be afraid! The energies are supporting you. The energies are encouraging you. In fact, the energies are insisting that you expand into your soul selves and experience the freedom that comes with that while you are on the planet. Do you see? Do you see what a glorious thing that is?

    What about the freedom to live without disease? What about embracing the freedom to have a career that allows you to shine in your highest purpose and help others remember who they really are? What about the freedom to do absolutely nothing at all, knowing that your energy by itself is more than enough? What about finally allowing yourself to travel and go to the ends of the earth, if that pleases you, because you’ve always wanted to do so and never had that experience because somehow not doing it would please others or make you feel that you were a better person? Perhaps, just perhaps, you feel called to that place because your energy is required in that part of the world. Did you ever consider that? What about trusting that if you follow your highest purpose you will always be lovingly provided for? What about the freedom of stepping beyond the illusion of poverty?

    I think you are starting to see what your soul has been craving all this time. It has been that freedom. Freedom to love unconditionally without fear. What would that feel like? What about giving yourself permission to be in the flow at all times knowing that everything will work out just fine, if not better than ever, from doing that? It is time to shrug off the old illusions and to know that you are prepared, that you are ready and it is through embracing your freedom that you will be the ambassadors of the New Earth. You will be bringing in the Christed energies of the Golden Age because that by itself is an energy of expansion and freedom and unconditional love. Do you see?

    We would like to give you an analogy because it is through analogy that many of you can embrace what we speak of. We have used this one before but it is so fitting we would like to present it again. When you have a group of children in a classroom and it is suddenly announced that there is no school for the rest of the day, that they are suddenly released from the classroom, you don’t see those children staying at their desks in fear. You don’t see them wondering why. You don’t see them asking, “Oh, am I ready for this?” Those children leap up and run out and enjoy their newfound freedom with open heartedness and joyous expectation. They immediately embrace the opportunity and go straight into creator mode, deciding what activity would bring them the most joy. If you can relate to this analogy it is because you have already had that experience as a child and that tells you that embracing the moment is a skill you already have!

    That is what the times you are in right now can be feeling like for you, Dear Ones. Don’t let the old conditioning keep you small. Leap up and run as a child would in the joy of the moment that you are in right now. Those children never stop and wonder will they be provided for. They don’t wonder if they’ll be okay. They don’t wonder if it will be safe, in fact, it would never even occur to them to doubt their good fortune. They simply embrace the moment with all of their hearts and they shine with it. This is what is available for you and this is what we wish with all of our hearts for you to experience in these now moments. This is what we wanted to share with you today.


  14. Interesting multidimensional food for thought
    given some of the ‘cave’ talk today 😉

    **James Cameron makes first solo dive to Earth’s deepest point**
    By Steve Gorman, Reuters

    “Titanic” film director James Cameron has completed the world’s first solo dive to the deepest-known point on Earth, reaching the bottom of the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench southwest of Guam in a specially designed submarine.

    The filmmaker arrived at the site known as “Challenger Deep” shortly before 8 a.m. local time on Monday, reaching a depth of 10,898 metres, or roughly 11 km beneath the ocean’s surface, said the National Geographic Society, which is overseeing the expedition.

    Cameron’s first words to the surface on reaching the bottom following a descent that took two hours and 36 minutes were “All systems OK,” National Geographic said on its website.

    “Hitting bottom never felt so good. Can’t wait to share what I’m seeing w/ you,” the 57-year-old filmmaker said in a separate Twitter message posted just after he touched down.

    The low point of the Mariana Trench, a great canyon below the Pacific, has been reached by humans just once before, in 1960 when U.S. Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh and the late Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard spent 20 minutes there in the submersible craft Trieste.

    Cameron, the first person to make a solo dive to the spot, spent about three hours on the bottom collecting research samples for marine biology, geology and geophysics and taking still photographs and video footage of the trench.

    After a faster-than-expected 70-minute return ascent, he safely reached the surface at noon local time Monday about 500 km southwest of the U.S. territory of Guam in the western Pacific, National Geographic said in a press statement.

    The expedition was a joint project by Cameron, National Geographic and watchmaker Rolex that has been dubbed “Deepsea Challenge” and was designed to expand understanding of a little-known corner of the Earth.

    The Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, is the project’s principal science collaborator.

    The single-man vehicle piloted by Cameron, the Deepsea Challenger, stands 7 metres tall and was designed to descend upright and rotating at a speed of about 150 metres per minute.

    The submersible represents breakthroughs in materials science, structural engineering and imaging through an ultra-small, full-ocean depth-rated stereoscopic camera.

    While he is perhaps better known as director of such films as “Titanic,” “Avatar” and “Aliens,” Cameron is no stranger to underwater exploration. For “Titanic,” he took 12 dives to the famed shipwreck in the North Atlantic, leading him to develop deep-sea film and exploration technology.

    He has since led six expeditions, authored a forensic study of the German battleship Bismarck wreck site and conducted extensive 3-D imaging of deep hydrothermal vents along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the East Pacific Rise and the Sea of Cortez.

    The Deepsea Challenge expedition was chronicled for a 3-D feature film set for theatrical release and for subsequent broadcast on the National Geographic Channel.

    Scripps oceanographer Lisa Levin said the project’s potential for generating public interest in deep-ocean science was as important as any new species that Cameron might have discovered.

    “I consider Cameron to be doing for the trenches what (French undersea explorer) Jacques Cousteau did for the ocean many decades ago,” she told the National Geographic Daily News website.

  15. I am watching all the amazing things happening on the march astral travels post, I appreciate all that is unfolding… I realize this is the one year anniversary of my own coming online, as of March 21, 2011. Has it really been a year already? So much has transpired in such a short amount of time, I am honored at this auspicious time to watch others walk their own path, wherever that path may lead. Namaste ♥

  16. …*Dreamwalker, May the Following Year Bring Us Mind-Boggling & Remarkable Miracles Thru-Out the Universe…May the Word “Soon” be No Longer Used…And May Light Permeate in All of Our Bodies… 😀

  17. ~Bringing Humanity Home~ Energy and Event Update~ Today the ships are abuzz with activity~

    Greetings Love Beings, today the ships are abuzz with activity. This is a good sign, as this means we are close to a final trigger event in which we have been speaking about. We feel this very likely will occur before we enter the Energies of April. These will bring us closer to our Destiny Together, As One Love. Our Destiny is One Planet of Humans=God In Manifestation, in Unified Joy, Equality, Happiness, True Freedom and Real Unconditional Love. Balanced Harmonic Living, in True Harmony with each other and The Planet.

    Photo Of Our craft coming from the skies By Earth Allie Will Harader

    Galactic Earth Daily Truth Report:

    Earth Alliens Report:

    Daily Blue Star Planet Ufo’s Report:

    The Earthquakes are swarming out in the oceans and we are observing an increase in activity. This Is Mother Earth=Heart being as gentle as Possible right now in releasing density from the Planet. This could change very quickly depending on how many we have awakened to what is happening. The More awake the lesser the effects of this releasing will occur.

    Density are simply pockets of unconscious energy that Humanity has stuffed into Mother Earth=Heart, which as released, the faster and smoother we move through space towards our Destiny. The Galactic Alignment, The Center of this Universe~

    Photo By Earth Allie Will Harader~ Our Craft pumping energy into the Planet for Humanity’s Upliftment Home into Love~

    The More who can embrace the Real Truth, the quicker events will unfold. We are now seeing an explosion of People arriving to the Press, with 60,000 Hits in the Past week. WOW~ This is a Miracle for Humanity unfolding right before their eyes. The More that connect into the Oneness Energy, the Light Grows Even brighter on the Planet and the Momentum gains speed to reach our Combined Destiny. It will become increasingly challenging for Humanity to ignore what is happening, as we arrive into April.

    The ego’s on this planet will demand proof of what is happening, because they simply are afraid. Those in the Know, Thank you for standing Tall In The Truth and Love. We Stand with you in all Love Is.

    Everyone on this Planet aware or unaware in their awakened States ,are Truly Wonderful Loving Beings. To Our Awakened Ones, Thank You for assisting in Bringing in this Wonderful Energy! Humanity, lets get this Party Started~

    ~ Thank You for Spreading the Message to others~and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned IN~

    ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~

  18. Hi all,
    Lately I feel so out of synch with you guys, when I am awake most of you still sleeping. And when I see a lot of responding, then I almost going to bed, read your comments on my phone. Sadly when I want to comment my phone doesn’t allow me to comment. Anyway miss you guys.

    Love and light,

    • Me, too, dear Lisa 🙂 But we are very close in spirit, my spirit is always a thought away from you all 🙂
      Love and Light

  19. Hi Lisa, I feel pretty much the same. When I’m usually online things are very quiet around here and then when I leave work everybody shows up! :-/
    Lots of love to you ♥

    • Suntria, great to hear from you. I check your blog and also Lisa’s for your updates. Dear sister, I have missed you.

      Lots of love and light

      • Thanks for being so sweet, Vee ♥
        I was never too far away, just hiding in my hole for a while, solving some things (life, work, ascension, being without a car, you name it). March is usually a rough month for me, but it’s almost ending so I guess now it’s safe to come out again :mrgreen:

  20. Oh Gee….I don’t want to see both of you sad…it breaks my heart a little…….
    Even when it happens for us to communicate less constantly (or not), we still remain connected and our Love United Energy is so strong that nothing can break it.
    Much Love and Light to you, dear Suntria and Lisa (-_-) (-_-).

  21. Goodmorning konstantino, Sunitra

    Thanks for the uplifting words K. and I keep thinking about something I read on the website of the Andromeda council ( I feel so connected to that galaxy even before I knew I resided there with my twin flame after Atlantis), And then there will be no time difference and everything will be in the NOW: (if its true of course, like they said, we like to have proof 😀 )


    Know that this solar system will become a binary star system. Thus, you will have a blue white star shining in your solar system, your evolved sun, and a smaller reddish star, Tekoma, that will bring about the beautiful colorful prism of rays to Earth for the 4th dimensional life that will exist on the planet.
    What about the current status of Tekoma the brown dwarf that will become our second sun?

    ANSWER: Tekoma the brown dwarf & its accompanying planet, Nihohia, and its own moon, they are all ‘tucked’, located on the back side of Jupiter among its mass assortment of 64 moons. This was an easy place to locate them for the time being. They have been temporarily ‘docked’ there, until the appropriate moment when the combined biospheres of the Andromeda Council {to use a term most people will understand} safely use their ‘tractor beams’ to move Tekoma, Nihohia & its moon… into their new orbit close to Venus. please see: .

    With light and love
    Lisa ( I feel already better, thanks K. 🙂 )
    Love to you to Sunitra, my dear sister.
    And everybody else also of course, to you an infinite of love’s.

    • Lisa, how wonderful to see you here! I have missed you. Thank you for the post.

      Love, light and laughter

  22. Vast amounts of Love, Light and Smiling Energy to you too, dear Suntria and the rest of our world, including Gaia Herself. Happiness and Love , the greatest treatment to all kinds of unpleasant experiences.

  23. Thank you for the great post dear Lisa! Andromeda Galaxy is one of the many places I wish to explore in my new life of the New Era. I’m Happy because YOU/ALL OF YOU are/when you are Happy (-_-)!
    Much Love to you dear Lisa (-_-).

  24. Good morning everyone and another 3 day weekend for me. I made my first meal in the new oven, chicken parm and man did it come out great. ashley actually said it was the best she ever had, NICE!!!!! I take pride in my cooking.
    Did not get a chance to read comments as I have to catch up on my e-mails but I wanted to just say hello and thenk you for everyong that sent prayers to my Aunt Nancy for her test about 3 weeks ago. Here is her response.

    Good Morning John. I want to extend a HUGE thank you to you and to everyone who sent prayers and well wishes on my behalf this Saturday. I passed my exam and am very relieved and happy. I have an amazing story about the angels to tell you John, but will have to tell you later. I have to go into the office now and do some paperwork. I wish you a wonderful day!!!
    Thank you so much.

  25. From: Tuesday, Mar 27, 2012, 6:19 AM
    To: Tuesday, Mar 27, 2012, 9:20 AM

    Medium Sensitivity

    Words Spoken:
    9:10:56 AM : hand
    9:02:16 AM : pony
    9:01:52 AM : wood
    9:01:20 AM : column
    9:00:56 AM : mad
    8:59:12 AM : please
    8:58:56 AM : factory
    8:55:04 AM : control
    8:54:16 AM : invented
    8:53:44 AM : Lee
    8:52:56 AM : April
    8:52:00 AM : adjective
    8:51:12 AM : Betsy
    8:48:08 AM : vessels
    8:47:20 AM : shelf
    8:46:48 AM : police
    8:46:24 AM : bent

    • Lately, when using GR I sometimes *feel* that words mean this or that, like ‘house’ meaning ‘Gaia’, etc. Does this happen to you, as well DW?

      • Yes it really does Suntria… it also happens for me with a series of words, for example another session I did had “pig iron cross” which meant “Compass”.

        Leslee has shown me the multi-dimensional aspect of this too – each word she gets is added to something she writes, but THEN there is also the entire session as a whole, which is a completely separate “dimension” / discussion. TWO conversations going on at the same time!

    • Hmmm… What do you guys make of that?
      I do sorta feel like there are some Galactic “bad cops” who are not real happy about some of the connections being made…
      Suntria, I feel the same way you mention with the GR… many if the words seem to trigger something very deep, while, taken simply as a list if words, they seem like gibberish…

  26. Space, the final frontier. that is how my head feels today so I am going to just kick back and enjoy being spaced out for the day, NIIIICE!!!!!

    Oh yeah, I watched ET over the weekend, great movie.
    Then, we watched major Payne last night and if you guys and girls want to LYAO, I highly recommend this movie. I seen it over 10 times but it still cracks me up.
    There is also a great idea to take away anyones severe physical pain. you just take their thumbs and break them and then they will forget their original pain focusing on the thumb pain that may be less severe. hey, it worked in vietnam with Major Payne.

  27. this, for example, is what I got today when I turned on GR on my lunch break:
    house –> Gaia?
    to shine –> ascension?
    ants –> army? lots of people ‘marching to the same rhythm’?
    driver (professional)
    population –> citizens of Earth?

  28. DW and Tauno – Ah, all valid possibilities! 😀 In fact, it’s the second time in less than a week that I got the number twelve – the other was while I was doing a research suggested by Leslee’s guides while having GR on and the word ‘dozen’ showed up. 😀

  29. Thank you Vee, Leslee and Wes for your great posts!
    Thank you dear Troy for the maps and your communications so far.
    Thank you also Troy for the link and thank you Tauno for your posts there, as well.
    Gunner, I’m very happy for you and your aunt. Much Love to you.
    I can’t describe how GRATEFUL I feel for meeting you in this life (-_-)!!
    Much Love to all.

    • I feel just like you do, dear Kostantinos 🙂 I feel blessed being connected with you all, I have an offer to you inspired by Wes …actually we do this but let`s visualize the meeting with our Space Family before going to sleep every night, what do you think?
      Good night, everybody see you 🙂
      Love and Light!!!!!!

  30. Absolutely agreed dear Tauno!
    Good night to you Tauno and good night to you too, Leslee, though it’s not my time for night sleep yet (-_-).

  31. Message from the Galactic Federation

    We would like to say we are humbled by the efforts of our Lightworkers in the field who are working very diligently towards our shared goals. We would like to thank each and every one of you for your efforts in support of our cause. Your work is clearing many paths, and we see the light at the end of the tunnel approaching. Please continue the great work you are doing, and together we will complete our assignments and move on to better days having achieved what we all desire. Continue into each new day knowing we are that much closer to the completion of our mission and that nothing can stop us from reaching our goal. Try to look at these last days of your current reality as a time to sharpen all the new skills and techniques you have been learning. Practice makes perfect as you know, and we would like to see you practicing your new skills as they will take you far and be very useful to you in your future endeavors.
    It is almost time for those of you that will be working with us to meet us in person face-to-face. We look very forward to these introductions, and look at this meeting as an historical event that will be recorded in your history books for posterity and for future readers to look back and learn how first contact was made with your celestial neighbors. Those of you who will be involved in this project will be remembered for your courage and your efforts to be the Wayshowers of your fellow man. Many doors will open upon our introductions and we are able to begin working together in a peaceful cooperation. There are many gifts that we offer in friendship, and there are many technologies that we can share with you that will assist you tremendously as you move forward as a society. You have been living with outdated technologies for quite a long period of time. It is now time for your culture to catch up to where it is it could be at this point of your journey.
    The means in which you travel are a major stepping stone for you as we will share our space travel capabilities with you and you will be able to traverse your planet in a matter of minutes, whereas now it could take you days at your current level of commuter capabilities available to the average citizen of your world. Allowing you the freedom of movement will greatly enhance your collective experience and bring your world so much closer together. These capabilities will also bring you closer to your Galactic neighbors from many different star systems and galaxies. We are those neighbors, and these capabilities have brought us to you.
    There is nothing we want except your friendship. That is all we ask. Accept us as your friends and neighbors and you will be doing your society a tremendous service, as it is now time for you all to experience more of what the universe offers you. They changing of the guards is what is in store for your society as we assist in the removal of those of the dark who are sworn to an agenda to enslave and impoverish the people of your world. This is their mission. This process is nearing its completion stages as all systems are go and we are moments away from moving forward in this operation and taking into custody so many of those who have conspired against you. This operation will be vast, and it will reach far and deep into your societal structure as we remove deep-rooted corruption throughout your world. Please be patient as we move forward with our plans, and continue to spread this information to act as a precursor to what will be a major media event. This is our plan, and we expect it to go off without a hitch.
    We, along with our Earth allies, have invested a great deal of time and effort in the planning stages of this operation and we plan on it moving forward to its completion perfectly according to its design. We have no intention of allowing any part of this operation to fail for any reason, and every name that is on our list for arrest and subsequent trial will be taken into custody when we want them to be, perfectly according to our schedule. This is how this operation will unfold and proceed to the letter, and we will not stop or slow our efforts until every name on the list is checked as they are removed from your society. This operation will take days and possibly even weeks, but we tell you this is only due to the amount of arrests that will be made. There are limits to how fast we can proceed as resources will be thinned, as these arrests will be scattered all over your planet.
    You may have confidence that the dark and their days ruling over you and your world will be finished upon these arrests, and you may take solace in knowing they will never be allowed to transgress upon you or your society ever again. There will be no second life for them once they are taken into custody. They will not be permitted to reenter your society, and they will not be able to enter any society until they are fully rehabilitated. Your society will be free to grow and to prosper, and each of you of your world will enjoy a freedom that many of you have never known. You have this to look forward to, and we wish for this knowing to keep you going through this challenging period in your lives. This day is now dawning on your horizon as final preparations are being made for these mass arrests. Please be patient while our Earth allies make final preparations for their roles in this operation. We are ready on our end, and we await the signal that the time has come to proceed.
    This operation will be a testament to how well our Galactic alliances can work with your Earth alliances. We have worked with your Earth alliances a great deal through these planning stages, but now it is time to see just how well we can work together through our coordinated efforts in the field. This day will mark great achievements, not only in the removing of those of your dark Cabal, but this day will also be remembered for the achievement of our Galactic commands working together with those of your world to successfully achieve a common goal. This will be a triumphant day on many levels, and we wish to say that it has been an honor to work with those courageous men and women of your world who have dedicated so much of their lives in this effort to bring peace, prosperity and stability to your world. We owe our thanks to these men and women and salute them for the courage that they have shown in the face of danger and threats made against them by those of your dark Cabal. They have shown great tenacity in their pursuits of justice, and their efforts will not be in vain as justice will be served when those of the Cabal are removed from your society.
    We look forward to working with you as we move ahead with this operation, and we say to you we will be with you and watch over you as you make these arrests throughout your world. We will give you maximum support in all areas of this operation, and you can be assured there will be no military intervention against you and your efforts permitted in any way. You can proceed through your operations with confidence knowing that we are overlooking this entire operation and are monitoring those military factions still aligned with the Cabal. No one or nothing will be permitted to interfere in any way with you or your operations, and we will remain in contact with you throughout these proceedings and keep you up-to-date on the movements of your targets. No one will be able to escape your grasp or elude capture for any length of time. You have our word and we will not let you down. We wish you success on your mission, and again say to you that we are set to go on our side and only await your final signal that you are ready to proceed.
    All throughout the joy you have experienced here as well as all of the hardships you have endured, you knew deep down inside there was going to be a great change for your society down the line. That time has now come as you have reached the point where the great changes in your society will now be made. This is a large project we are involved with and a great deal of time and effort has been invested in this process to bring to this world changes and advancements that will benefit everyone greatly. You may look upon these changes as necessary, and know that all has been planned from the very beginning and that all of the events that are now to occur were inevitable.
    This is why you are here, to help usher in these changes and bring forth a new and better world for all of the inhabitants of your planet. There are many throughout your world who are in need of assistance, and this assistance has not been offered them by the current rulers of your world. The help that they need will now be extended to them through our efforts and those of you who wish to work with us on these many projects that will see to the upliftment of all those in need throughout every corner of your world. This is an opportunity for you to help others and to make your world a better place. We wish for you to take advantage of these opportunities and share these gifts we offer with everyone who can benefit from them. We have scouted your world for many years now and we see those who need assistance and we would like nothing better than to be able to give them the help that they need, but this can only be done through those of you who are willing to work with us through this process.
    We look forward to working with those of you who are interested in working with us, and it will be soon that we can begin the initial orientation programs to get you better acquainted with us and familiarize yourselves with the opportunities that will be made available to you. We will begin your training immediately after your initial consultations with us as there are many projects to be completed and as matters are, our time is very short. These initial consultations will begin shortly after your society is purged of all those that stand in the way of your progress, and we see this day just up ahead now. We wish for you to prepare yourselves for these opportunities, and we will make the procedure for these known to you at the proper time. Once you see these arrests you will know that it is now time for you to keep your eyes and ears open for these opportunities to become available to you.
    There are several ways we will make these opportunities known to you and they will differ from person to person, but all of you that we are interested in working with will be contacted in some way and advised how to proceed. Once we can begin to freely communicate with you, all will be explained to you and there will be no further need for secrecy for the sake of safety as there is today. Although the days are numbered for the Cabal, there are those of them that still wish to interfere with us and our plans, and so we must take precautions and therefore cannot reveal too much at this time. Be assured this will change however in the coming days and we will be able to freely communicate back and forth, and at that time all of your questions will be answered and all your options will be fully explained to you. We look forward to discussing these opportunities with you, and say to you it will be a pleasure and an honor to work with many of you who are demonstrating your will and your determination to change your world and make it a better place for everyone. We will be in touch with you soon.
    We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

    As channeled through Greg Giles

  32. Very humorous Leslee (-_-)! Have a goodnight dear friend. Same goes for the rest of our common friends. Much Love to all.

  33. **Blossom Goodchild ~ Federation of Light**
    March 27, 2012

    Blossom: Good morning to you. Happy to have a chat if the timing is appropriate with you?

    Federation of Light: It is of much pleasure as always. Would you be so kind as to inquire of our status?

    Blossom: ‘ows ya status lately?

    FOL: It is more that we FEEL many would benefit if they understood that we come from a position of acceptance of who we are. This role which we play within the undivided attention upon your planet at this time is to be one of great participation from the overall perspective. Therefore we would consider it worthy of yourselves to also take a deep insight into that role in which each individual is also participating … from the perspective of the Earth soul.  We would ask if you are playing your role well? Have you been rehearsing lines and now ready to perform? For indeed it is very soon to be a time when veils are lifted and one’s strength must carry them through.
    Are you ready for this change? Are you ready to step into position and claim knowledge of all that you are? Standing ground upon your planet Earth. Standing up for/to all your hearts KNOWING?
    Can you say in your Truth when you ask your heart ‘YES I AM READY’? Because it is NOW … in these days that are just around your corner that you will need to KNOW that you are indeed in the position that you have been awaiting. You came to serve and service on a scale much larger than you have served ever before is what shall be required of you.
    We ask you not to be weakened by bullies. We ask you to hold on to your hats. We ask you to show strength in all that you witness and all that you are preparing to share. We willingly send you atoms of Higher energy that will assist you in this.
    Yes you have waited for so long, yet we wonder if you have TRULY considered consequences of our presentations?
    For those in a position of security and LOVE, for those who KNOW who we are, then we say to you … gather yourself in a way like you have not done before. In this we mean … PREPARE! Talk to yourselves … we believe this is KNOWN as a pep talk. Begin to do this on a regular basis.
    We suggest you convince the doubting part of your minds … ‘I am a warrior of LIGHT. This that is to come is why I am here. I am strong. I am here to assist. I am willing to speak Truth. I am ready NOW for all that lies ahead and I shall assist this Awakening process throughout all doubts and fears of others. I shall not be sucked into the fears and doubts of those who have not yet opened up to the TRUTH of their soul. I shall be there to assist them. I AM READY NOW to do what I came here to do. IN KNOWING. IN TRUTH. IN LOVE’.
    Prepare in this way. With words that resonate similarly. Build your KNOWING that what has been considered fantasy for so long is so very soon to become your reality. KNOW that your hearts are ready. This is why you came . Fill your souls with Love on a conscious level regularly in order for strength to be maintained.
    The LOVE that we have … for your mother Earth and all upon her has no boundaries. You will FEEL this vibration of LOVE emanating from that which we present to you. No artificial replicas are capable of resonating TRUTH in a way that speaks directly to your hearts. Let go of all misconceptions. Of all rumours. Of all that is heralded to proclaim to be something they are not. For we tell you … Dearest Family…. When we merge with you once again … when we return to your planet in these coming days to reunite with you …
    This will be apparent and cannot be neglected. Rejoice in your thoughts. Rejoice in your hearts, Visualise these times when once again we become close to you on a physical representation.
    FEEL this reality into Being. Changes that are taking place as we communicate are reaching their pinnacle status. The turnaround of events that you hear of shall be phenomenally large in size compared to that which you have considered huge in past days. For that which is to be revealed to you on so many levels of your existence … is of a magnitude far greater than even those who think they know what we are speaking of … imagine.
    That which is to be revealed will be the uprising of the consciousness. When many hear what has been going on secretly behind the scenes … their Awakening will recognise Truth.  Although ‘new’ to the ear … much will ring a bell … and once processes of thought have settled down and been comforted then acceptance for TRUTH shall allow the next phase to commence.

    Blossom: Which is?

    FOL: Which is time to put the kettle on!
    Be alert Dearest Ones. Smile in your hearts and in your eyes … always NOW. Keep tender in your souls the KNOWING that the place in which you find yourselves is one of great honour. There are many ‘envious’ souls who would have loved to be in your position, yet glory in YOU that are where you are. Build on this momentum of LOVE. Fulfil your destiny and see this transformation through with the ease and Grace in which you specified.
    There will be times of such confusion that the world would seem best viewed from under your bedcovers. It is then that you remember to breathe deeply and hold your Swords of Light to the sky to be recharged. It is in these times that you drink daily from the Golden Chalice. It is NOW that you remember to recharge your batteries not just now and then, but twice daily .
    Yes the Light is with you and shall and cannot leave, but it is inevitable that in times of great change such as that which is upon you … you will have weaker moments through tiredness and vulnerability. This is why we insist that you PREPARE. By doing so … little damage to the soul shall take place.
    These words we offer are not by any means meant to concern you … merely to PREPARE. We would not wish you to find yourselves a little depleted at times and say ’Well, they never mentioned about this part’.
    And we say ‘part’, because that shall be all that it is. A small part of the change. When you move house … you are excited about the change , yet even though everything may go as smoothly as possible it does not mean that there is not a lot of work involved.
Remember the balance of your souls is required. For this will assist greatly in how one’s handling of any given situation shall receive the most beneficial outcome.
    Without doubt, without question … these times … for those who are ready to welcome us with open arms … shall be of such joy to the soul. These days shall have you almost floating in appreciation of yourselves … for listening to the inner you that has struggled now and then to understand its Truth.
    Your inner joy shall be uncontainable. This in turn shall assist in that which is to be accomplished. For this inner joy carries with it an energy that is of a contagious nature. This is nothing new … yet it shall appear that way due to the heights in which it can reach others energies who are not FEELING as bright as perhaps yourself.
    Consider yourselves to be KNOWN as ‘HAPPY HUMANS’. Make a pact with yourselves each day to be a ‘Happy Human’. This is your side of things. We can offer assistance, we can offer guidance … yet as we have said before … we cannot do it for you . This is your biggest role.
    You cannot be happy unless you are filled with LOVE. LOVE and Happiness are peas in a pod. The happier you allow yourselves to become … the more joyous you openly become … the more LOVE you express to those around … the more courageous your outlook  … the more you plant seeds for those who are too afraid of themselves to be as you are now.
    Examples of LOVE are your greatest gift to yourselves and others.
    How easily recognisable you shall be to each other. Is this not already so?
    The Truth is ones’ smile and one’s eyes speak to another without words. For the heart in this way does all the talking. Just through a smile. You know of this. You are nodding saying ‘Yes they are right’. So smile even more, and as you smile KNOW your heart is speaking.  Spend more time allowing your heart to speak … in the silence of itself.
    All these things can you do to assist yourselves as we move into this new time. This new vibration.  When we visit … for the first few times that we come in a more spectacular recognisable fashion … indeed your hearts will resonate on a Higher vibration as we merge. Yet it is still your position to remain in this ‘state’ once we leave . Upon returning … more shall be accomplished due to the resonation factor that has settled between us.
    So much excitement is abounding in many ‘Places of residence’. If you chose to quieten your minds and ‘tune in’… you will FEEL and ‘see’ much that is taking place.
    Full steam ahead would be our ‘catch phrase’ to you.

    Blossom: truth … I think you are rather more advanced than steam automation!

    FOL: And yet as always, we chose our words wisely and do not see point in wasting them.

    Blossom: Tickety Boo ……  I had a funny vision of an ET with a peak cap on shovelling more coal on the boiler at a rate of knots!!!   ‘Crystals’ and ‘thought’ I would imagine are more the order of the day. Thanks too for the reminder of the Chalice and Sword to the sky etc … would hate to have these ‘handy hints’ fall on stony ground. In Love and thanks. 

  34. Update by Sheldan Nidle ~ 3 27 2012
    for the Spiritual Hierarchy & the Galactic Federation

    6 Eb, 5 Mac, 8 Manik

    Dratzo! We return! The time for the great shift in consciousness draws close. Your dark cabal faces a dilemma that gets harder by the day for it to handle, and we are ready to act as divine executors on behalf of the sacred secret societies appointed by the Ascended Masters. In short, an immense transformation of your reality is ready to begin. A number of key monetary programs are being prepared for global distribution, and relevant components of our various first-contact teams are in place to protect what is to be the initial foray into abundance for your world. This project kicks off a whole slew of activities that will set your reality on a path toward the Light! The Ascended Masters are setting up the new financial system as quickly as possible, and already the nations of the East are being groomed to accept this new system which ends the long financial dominance of the West, giving them true fiscal equality. Simultaneously, the bridging needed for the new governments is being brought into being by the numerous sacred societies founded in Europe centuries ago.

    These European sacred societies are concentrating on the best way to remove the dark-centered governments which have kept your globe destabilized by the threat of nuclear war ever since the splitting of the atom in the 1940s. In addition, these same governments have invaded many nations throughout your world in order to maintain the fear and gross manipulation long employed by the Anunnaki and their many Earth-bound minions. The immense arrogance of the dark’s strategy developed into tunnel vision, which over the last decade opened a way for the sacred societies to reveal a new and wondrous reality to you. This moment in your history also coincides with the many decrees of Heaven for your realm. These sacred edicts invited us to come here to carefully oversee a unique series of transformations, which is why we here above you in huge numbers to ensure that these decrees are carried out. As a result, the dark is no longer in charge of this world, and Earth humans dedicated to the Light have reached the prophesied point of success.

    The work of the Light has brought you to the moment when a great prosperity is to sweep through your societies. This prosperity heralds a series of governmental changes which will enact, among many things, the legal basis of your freedom and individual sovereignty, accompanied by an official proclamation of this. It is a historic moment. For the first time since you were permitted to enter limited consciousness, you are to be acknowledged as worthy Beings by your former ‘masters.’ At a stroke you become their equal, able to wield justice and appropriate retribution for their crimes against you and your ancestors. This time is when the present reality collapses and is transformed into a vehicle capable of conveying you back to the very threshold of full consciousness. Our responsibility is to take you from that doorway through to your final transformation, which will allow you to take your place once again among your many spiritual and space families. This will be a moment of long-awaited celebration for us all!

    In anticipation of bringing your planet and yourselves back into the Light and into full consciousness, we are increasing the sightings of our craft in your skies; they are making themselves more noticeable to you by decloaking in broad daylight and by being more dramatic in your night skies. Our message is, You are not alone! Further, Mother Earth is accelerating her transformation into a unified, 5-D-reality Being. In the eyes of your geologists and atmospheric scientists, the latest geological indices seem to point to the potential for worldwide catastrophe, but such is not the case. Mother Earth is indeed drastically altering her weather patterns by changing the jet streams that create the global climate; also, unusual heating and cooling states are changing the very nature of the Conveyor Belt that mixes the waters of your oceans, and this too influences your weather patterns. However, this is part of a positive process that will eventually bring together the waters and atmosphere of the surface with those of Inner Earth.

    Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today with an update of what is currently happening on your world. Presently, we are moving through the final days of the ultimatum that is forcing the dark cabal and its die-hard adherents to resign their public and ministerial offices. These coming official ‘resignations’ will signal the start of the process of a vast conveyance of power from the dark cabal to the agents of the Light. This process also parallels an immense transfer of money throughout your world. During this time, many banks will change hands from the cabal to delegates of the Light. In charge of these complex transactions are various elements of our secret sacred societies. In effect, a new financial system will rise up out of this change in bank ownership and it will be based on new gold-backed currencies. Once these proceedings are complete, the new governments will make their broadcasts.

    The new governance in many nations will be secured by the power of the Light, the Agarthans, and the first-contact team. We are committed to ensuring that the holy edicts of Heaven are manifested here on Earth. All this is being done in order to set you free, and to move you through the next phases of your path to full consciousness. We are monitoring everything as these things come down the pike, as this massive transition is designed to be swift and benign to all life. For ages we have discussed within our holy communion how best to create this new reality; above all we dearly desire to present these things in a manner that is comprehensible and acceptable to you, and that truly serves the greater good. The divine purpose of our undertaking is to give you the opportunity to be free and sovereign. Much knowledge needs to be imparted to you during the coming months in order to reassure you and to retain your sacred trust.

    Communication remains the key to everything we do, and so we have been careful to cover all the bases to keep you informed. We have asked the Galactic Federation to make itself fully known to you after disclosure is announced, and have asked the Agarthans to do likewise. Each of you needs to acquire full knowledge of what is happening and why, and where it is all headed. It is equally important for us to have feedback from you regarding this sudden flurry of events to hit your societies. We, the Ascended Masters, intend to appear and heal and bless all of you even before the mass landings. We sincerely ask for your feelings on these matters as the time has come to change how you interact with Heaven. You are each a sacred physical angel. You need to learn about your divine lineage and the sacred Orders you are a part of. Ponder on these matters, as Heaven is now returning in force to your world!

    Today, we brought you another message. We are providing them to keep you informed as best we can about the events of the day from our perspective. We ask that you use this information to help others as well as yourselves to better understand what is now ready to happen across your world. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

  35. “Television is by nature the dominator drug par excellence. Control of content, uniformity of content, repeatability of content make it inevitably a tool of coersion, brainwashing, and manipulation.” ~Terence McKenna


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