Rubbing The Sleep From Our Eyes

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Good morning and afternoon, everyone… I only have about 15 minutes, so this will be in brief points…

I had a waking vision last night of [youth] surgery, my own chest being opened. It was not a “human” [not] chest. I know this is connected to the dreams of Vee, Lisa, and Tauno. You will be able to fill in the pieces. Suntria, I believe you have had dreams also along this theme?

We are seeing/remembering a past AND parallel experience we shared together. These memories are what has sparked our many dreams of chasing and monsters and fear, as well as our being unable to remember from time to time.

When I was retiring last night, my Guides made an UNusual request:

“Please ask Buddha Vajrapani to dispel all spies before you go to sleep.”

[heat sound flew numeral language pain else]

Vajrapani does two things, principally: 1. Cause Dharma (Wisdom) to appear so that others may understand; 2. Trample the “white, yellow, black, and multi-colored naga lineages”.

Nagas are “reptiles” that live within the waters and earth. Most humans are not able to see them.

I understand now that these are sometimes referred to as “Reptilians Aliens”.

I’ve realized this week that Peaceful-Aspect Vajrapani and Adama of Telos are one. Long, pale blue and white robes, long white-blond hair…

A we continue to connect directly, we will realize we are no longer “channeling”, but remembering and knowing from direct experience. We are accessing information from other times, dimensions [silver], and aspects of ourselves.

This morning, I had a waking vision of “storm troopers” raiding a “concrete” bunker, looking for someone. This was a memory, from a very very long time ago.

When fear is used to paralyze, it’s most effective to exploit the most treasured emotions, associations, and sensations. These easily become triggers for those who are being conditioned, because of their intense, deep, and lasting effect on the mind.


The more we remember and the more we record, the more we prevent [its] the further perpetuation of the illusions of separation and fear.

We must do this for others. We must do it together. Tiny pinpricks of individual effort to crack the shell are easy to re-close. One good crack formed by a series of pinpricks… and the shell dissolves into dust.

Lastly: Yesterday afternoon as I was driving home I took a series of photos of the sky. Small, discrete clouds appearing and dissolving right before my eyes, in the midst of a brilliant blue, clear field.

I realized there were green and violet auras in the sky, that held their shapes, even as the small white clouds appeared and disappeared within the auras. More blue orbs, and a shadow one as well.

Portals are beginning to open, and we will be able to see the “world” outside of our perceptions soon. If you can unfocus while looking at the blue sky and see the Purkinje lights in your eyes, you will be able to perceive more as things are revealed.

We need one another, to assure one another that we are truly seeing our new reality.

Untold blessings of love and light to you all… See you soon!


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  1. Thank you so much for this useful article, dear Les! I have something to add from my experience today. When I looked out of the window I saw a beautiful morning sky with white clouds over the mountain, the shape of a giant cloud was astonishing, it was like a huge Mothership. The cloud reached the mountain and i thought..Oh, they are going out of the ship and reach our Earth, they are here already….When I was walking later I noticed a cloud with a shape of a flying disk, I could really see its windows…I also had a vision twice during the day and the same being in meditation, I saw a face , it was human-like….gigantic, in the mountain…it appeared for a second….I heard “Adama” in my mind…later the same Adama appeared in meditation…

      • My Spirit is with you, Les ! Just take those amethysts in hand πŸ™‚ Hope to have an opportunity to read from you s**n
        I am sending to you rays of LOVE………….

  2. Interesting experience with the clouds, Tauno πŸ™‚ A couple of days ago , for several times, during that day, I had the distinct feeling that there was a spaceship very very close to me, but I couldn’t *see* it – somehow I could *feel* it. It was strange, I was looking around, certain that it was there, somewhere, I just couldn’t see it! Argh, frustration! 😐

  3. Thank you Leslee, what you have written rings so true. Suntria and Tauno thank you for sharing your experiences. Beautiful

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