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  2. Good morning, everyone, I had a short night and I had an unusual dream just before opening my eyes this morning
    Photos, Money – key words about the dream
    I was looking at photos in my dream
    I remember the presence of my sister in this dream. We were looking at a catalogue , there was an offer – Buy three things from this page and pay 2, 99, there were some things there – a set of two albums with professional postcards from tropics and a shower gel
    Next I remember a gathering, a meeting of men in black tuxes, I was there not physically , only my presence, the room was with dark blue wallpapers and heavy royal style – the colours were black and royal dark blue, there was a big wooden black table and chairs and iron black hangers on the walls, the hangers were all shapes and were artworks placed very near one to another, some were triangular, some were rectangular, like laces and all were black and very stylish , they were instead of paintings on the dark blue wall , then I was looking at a photo album till I was in the room, the photos were taken in this room and I saw a woman there and the same elegant men in black, the woman was dressed in black and there were quite naturalistic photos showing parts of the body that usually are covered with clothes, the album was very luxurious and the feeling was I was visiting a sphere of the illusion that Love was not present, the money were present, paid love and paid happiness, I realize I was witnessing a sphere from the old paradigm where the Beauty, Love and Happiness were only notions as balloons full of air and nothing else, people were puppets , porcelain models without brains and everything was working for the dark machine that makes money for selfish ambitions and ignores the True things , rather artificial scenery I saw

    Love and Light

    • Dear Konstantinos, your own search helped me to decode the meaning of this dream , it confirms what I have read
      Thank You
      Love and Light

  3. Hi, Dear Ones! Here is what I dreamed this morning… Tauno I feel there is a connection between your photos and my cards… 🙂
    [Ghost Radar words in brackets]
    I am having a conversation with Teo’Na. We are finishing up a meeting, and summarizing, putting things into words and understandings that I will be able to bring into this realm. The new is a bit heavy, but He is reassuring me that it is time to consider what is being shared.
    It is a personal message, a sort of “As above, so below”, that relates to both to the shifting taking place within Gaia, and personal shifting that I am going through. [red shoulder]
    We are looking at two packets. They resemble books or sets of cards – I am told they are cards. These cards can be shuffled and rearranged, but the sets must stay separate. They represent karma, free will choices, and roles of various people and entities [throat shoe birthday]. The set on the left is the collection that will move forward into the New Earth [entire]. The set on the right contains what must [constantly] be withheld from New Earth.
    I shuffle through the cards in each set, looking at them and making mental notes of what is contained therein. I feel quite solemn, understanding that many people I know and love will be affected in surprising ways by the outcome when all is resolved. [basis path letter] I realize that at the moment, I am hovering between some of the cards in terms of accomplishment [jungle], and the time has come for me to stop dancing around issues [perfect] and commit clearly and dispassionately to my continued path. The time for playing both sides of the coin has passed.
    I turn to Teo’Na and ask Him to verify that this is how things stand. He affirms that this is true. The dream begins to fade slowly, and for some time my awareness vacillates between the realm of light and dreaming, and this realm. We exchange final words and I take another look at the cards, and think about how many people are making choices and will be affected.
    I awaken gradually, feeling quite somber yet accepting. I welcome the clarity, and am energized by seeing that things are resolving and reaching turning points, but I feel sadness because I sense that many will be surprised and disappointed.
    I’m not sure why, in this dream, the focus in on a more solemn tone, because I know that the news of the cards is also very good for many. It indicates that many will move higher and deeper into brighter light, and there will be much joy and relief. So I am asking for clarity.
    Teo’Na responds:
    “It is for each individual to determine, on their own, where they feel they fit into this scenario. We wish to express that many people on this planet’s surface have already reached their “tipping point”, and if they have to ask where they lie, then they already have their answer. The answers all lie within, at this point.”
    “The somber tone is intended to galvanize people and focus their attention. Respect one another’s choices and boundaries. Stop judging and questioning, and focus on one’s own actions and intentions. See oneself as honestly as possible. It is only through acknowledging one’s own state of mind and heart as sincerely as possible that progress may be made.”
    “Those who focus entirely upon joy will have already stopped reading by now. This statement has several layers of meaning.”

    Much love and light to you all,

    • WOW, I am deeply touched by the message, I read little recently 😉
      Les, in my dream the postcards from tropics were in two sets , separate sets and the two sets were put in a small basket, the shower gel I consider to be the cleaning of karma that you speak about from your dream

  4. Hi crew have been dreaming constantly last two nights but most very personal family stuff being worked through.
    This one was in a large Mall complex I am with 3 women and we appear to be in the bathroom of this complex hiding it is a very large bathroom. A man appears he has dark hair and facial hair that has been groomed into a pattern oh dear how to describe this! hair around the side and chin then from the chin comes up in the centre and down around the chin in a circle, his eyes are very dark. We cannot move as he will detect us. shift we are now in a house somewhere I am in a bedroom when a women walks in makes some comment and I tell her these chest of draws belong to .. to which she makes a further comment. I tell her that the arrangement is purely platonic as it was when I was with my first husband before we married. In the dream I think to myself oh! what happened to him but have no recollection. we are now in a restaurant with large trees and have a clear view of the street when a man appears to look right through me, I tell the others in a whisper he is here . We carry on talking when this man leans in to get my attention, Excuse me do I know you? I look at him and reply I do not think so to which he gives a strange smile. There is a sudden movement which distracts him and we shift to another location in an instant. I know there was something before the bathroom but can not remember even now when I ask Aurora nothing just what I have written. She has just shown me we were in uniform silver suit with dark across breast and upper arms to neck insignia a spiral with what appears to be an arrow head through centre. Any idea crew?

    • Wow, Suzanne! I feel this relates to your being in a role a bit like and under-cover agent, moving through the multitudes and doing whatever needs to be done. I’ve seen this pattern a lot lately, with folks I’m closely connected with. It seems we are quite busy fulfilling roles that our waking selves may not be fully aware of, but we instinctively know what needs to be done, and we just go do it: no muss, no fuss. Does this resonate?

      • So good to see you 🙂 I have had a few dreams that lead me to feel things are coming to a head as I feel many of us are gate keepers with varied roles which are coming on line so to speak. Hope all is well with you and Jason You have been missed but I also know your role is becoming more demanding much love dear sister Suzanne

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  6. Sorry I can’t share dream memories as I don’t remember my dreams. I can share that I have been going aboard the Athabantian every night since the dream flights were initiated. I have learned to navigate my lack of dream recall with what I call a knowing and sensing of things and validating them via pendulum and self channelings. I have been working with Yamya and other teammates on creating 5th dimentional resort in Sedona Arizona called the Sedona Ambassador’s Club where the extra-terrestial families can freely visit and vacation our great planet. Much like AbiQuor it will serve purposes of uniting us and offer teachings and trainings as well as being a resort unlike any other. These are being planned in other locations around our planet as well as other off planet locations.
    I have fully embraced my ability to co-create and have developed a pattern of consusiously connecting with the Athabantian and it’s crew for daily conversation from me to them and as necessary from them to me. This has for me been very helpful and there is much we discuss. I have always had a strong desire to be a co-creator with their assistance of a lot of the New World and this I let be known to them. Without having all the details I am sure that I have been performing much that if I knew would probably shock me but not my heart because it senses significant things are happening way beyond sitting around a campfire and cooking marshmellows. I have been able to confirm pieces but no details. I have asked to have the veils removed but been told that they are still there to protect me but my time will come. In my heart I sense this truth as I believe much is being accomplished with each and every teammate that is participating. We will start to understand what it is to be multi-dimentional and how powerful we truely are.

    • Hi, Jon! (Waves!!!)
      What a great sharing, and it’s so nice to hear from you! We’re you at the conference in Sedona? I hear it was fantastic!
      I bet you have a lot to share with us. Energy seems to be picking up again on Abiquor, and my recent experiences are closely linked with Inner Earth as well (perhaps this portions of Abiquor… I haven’t taken much time to check yet) I believe you’re and author here, if not please let me know so we can get you set up! I encourage you (and everyone) to create posts about experiences… There is a lot of puzzle-piece fitting going on these days!
      Much love to you, Leslee

      • Thank you for your kind words. I did go to the first conference in Sedona and the energies were wonderful. I have always believed in the collective powers of like-minded thoughts and energies creating our tommorows. Just like I felt the gathering in Pagosa Springs helped anchor the birthing of AbiQuor, I felt the Sedona conference helped anchor the Ambassador’s Club and birth the “City of Lights”. The City of Lights is above Sedona and the Ambassador’s Club in Sedona. It is very exciting to be a part of these co-creative experiences.
        I have posted on the main site before but like many others we are learning to find our sea-legs. I resonated with the clarion call to begin to come together because I feel strongly that this will be a big part of our new roles. It will be like a finely woven tapestry that comes together in magical ways. Each person building their piece and sharing with the collective. I feel strongly that the web will be used in big ways to inter-connect all the pieces and I want to support in my role.
        Blessings, Jon

      • Thank you, I have been experimenting with the channelings and have not felt strong enough to write them down. I have sensed that my next step will be moving more toward telepathy. I know many have felt like this is a long way away but for me it feels very close and I have been practicing in this area. I feel that physical contact is not that far off so I open to this posibility. Thankg again for sharing. Jon

  7. This came the night before but could not find November so had posted in under my name,
    I have returned to England. I am seeing my cousin and her family they are doing well and decide to visit the house they had lived in when I stayed in 1997. As I walk around the house I am told they picked the wrong time to put it on the market but may have someone they know that is interested in buying it. I continue looking around and realise the room is changing and mould is appearing on the roof and walls when I shift to a very old large room which is lined in panelled walls and standing in front of me is a man who reminds me of Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic the era. There is a red setter dog sitting on the floor, my emotions are of fear and loss I knew he had to leave and was devastated with tears in my eyes I remember saying to him he must learn to box (why)

    The scene shifts and I am now in a large room with shelves Carved with Acacia leaves, on the wall a gilded mirror I had picked up the pieces of my life and fled to France where I opened a small coffee shop in which I also sold delicate china tea sets. I am crouched down setting out another tea set when a miniature red setter the size of my hand walks in front of me, I quickly scooped it up before it broke anything and in that instant I knew he was there, I turned with silent tears falling down my face toward the only man I have ever loved. He smiles holding out his hand to me and takes me in his arms. As we part he makes a coffee from a special blend he has and tells me it is time.

    I am standing somewhere watching these scenes unfold, I am now watching this room ( how to explain this,This is a room untouched by anyone through the years I see the dust,cobwebs,dirt, the smell of ages only this room is a lot older) Suddenly I am standing in this room again but I am dressed differently. I hear revenge but know this is not why I am here, I am here to finally clear my name you see I have travelled through 8 generations. Not hundreds of years but thousands.

    As I awoke I had to type this out straight away as I remembered the pull through my life as a child to return home to England although born here I felt England was home so in 1997 I boarded a plane with no where to stay when I arrived to find my fathers family which I did to a degree, my time in England was accompanied with much deja vu you see I had been there before. I spent 5 months living and working there before returning to New Zealand to my husband and children. This dream bought back dreams of years ago where I would find myself in cobbled streets and market places in England and France. I was as in this dream at the end just standing watching unseen by those walking by.

  8. 11 November 2012
    The first part of the dream – I cannot remember it at all, I have written only – near to, chasing/following…..- this is the information from the paper I wrote to
    Next part – I am in the building where I work, I am watching through the window and down there there is a film in process of making and many actors there. I see one of my colleagues in the crowd dressed in ancient clothes and carrying something like a weapon, she is taking part in the film as an extras and she came to me and we were talking, she needed the money and that is why she accepted to be an extras
    The dream shifted and I saw myself as a young student – a boy that was keeping some gate in the school so that to prevent something from being damaged by the other students, I decided to take a rest for a while but at the moment when I decided to move from my “post” some students were about to reach out and take something and so I had to stay there

    End of the dream
    Love and Light

  9. There is a line in the sky above my town this morning now , it is like a cloud, the sky is blue and the Sun is shining but this line does not move, it just stays there/there are planes going somewhere leaving lines but this line is not from a plane/ as a giant line stretching at the whole horizon and indicating something, I feel it as the line between dimensions

  10. somehow i do not remember anything, not even how i felt… i kept waking up though several times. first time my cat woke me up to open the door for her, but i was in a dreamless state anyway. usually if i do not remember the scenario i know how i felt when i woke up but this was totally blank, but different though. do not have the words for it, as if i was just breathing totally pure air, no pollutions… sort of like that…

  11. Hi, Everyone, I can’t recall much… Typical for lately, more meetings and fuzzy recollections. I did get a few nudges this week though, while waking, that I could benefit from watching more close how the process of waking (what the mind does then) affects my perception of what I dream… Hoping you’re all well! Much love, Leslee

  12. I woke several times with the knowledge of three separate dreams and many star beings behind a very thin thread but even laying quietly all I could remember was a need to visit the bathroom and now 🙂

  13. Dreamflight 11 November 2012 (11-11-12)

    After I stated my intent to visit the ships Aurora, Athabantian and Blaze and others, I got a very interesting dream:

    I was held capitve with my friend in the strong hold of the Cabal. The were interogating me and my friend about the light’s agenda. We didn’t talk and this woman who was doing the interogating , looked at some sort of painting and talking to the people in it. I felt like really live souls were taking form in this kind of screen as I could see them leave, like a shadow across the wall, but also feel them leave. After a while she left us alone and we thought we managed to escape only to get surrounded by their forces (soldiers wearing blue/grey metalic suits and helmet, looked a bit like those in Star Wars) It looked like their base was underwater. The inside of the base looked a bit like the ships in Star Battle Galactica. But we escaped again by pretending we were fighting each other with Kung-Fu and when we almost out of the door, these soldiers came in, but they just left us alone.

    The dream changes and I am now on a parking lot talking to a lady from the dark side (cabal). As we are walking together she was holding my black backpack , looking for something. Because I didn’t want her to know what else was in there , I grabbed it back. She was looking for something to eat, so I gave her an apple. As we were talking we reached an agreement that she would help the light. So she got in here car and as we were saying goodbey I mentioned I forgot were I parked my car. She telephaticaly search the parking lot, and in the far end (like 5 rows before us) on the right end, she lifted my car up in the air, so I could see where I parked it. I thanked her for that. Then I was walking towards my car and as I have a sight on my car, I saw that all the doors were open. The car looked a bit like scoutship, white, red leather seats, on the side , like vins, blue lights. I see two little boys trying to get in the car and steal them, but when they see me coming they run off. Because an alarm was triggerd by my car, the police showed up in front of my car. But instead of them helping me, they were threathing me and I gave them the finger. 😀

    I am now waiting, talking again to this lady from the dark side and she was looking for her daughter that dissapeard a long time ago. I said not to worry, because they were coming right now, because they managed to escape. The feeling of knowing and the ability of seeing, them coming around the corner. Because there was a lot of people I could see them running, her daughter and friend, passed us. But eventually we catched up with them and the lady was holding her daughter in her arms, the daughter felt a bit uncomfortable. End of dream.

    Love Lisa

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  15. Hello, dear Hearts!
    Here is what I remember of my dream
    I was in a school bus full with students, it was so narrow and noisy there and I got unpleasant feeling
    Then I remember more children
    The next – I was gardening with my grandmother that now is not on Earth, we were planting a row of green and fresh plants and she was at the other side/on the right/, I was on the left and we gradually met and were watering the plants
    Then I remember hanging smoky quartz crystals on my windows at home
    End of the dream

    I think the dimensions are merging and now we can connect with people that are not physically on Earth

    Love and Light

  16. Hi, Everyone! We have a new companion, Misha McKorn, and she’s trying to find ways to share her information and experiences… I don’t have much time today, but have asked her to post here and see if anyone can help her get accquainted – thanks in advance! Her comment is here: https://spirittrainchronicles.com/galactic-fleet/#comment-17473

    AS for myself, I had a very interesting meeting aboard a ship that was new to me, working a male energy being on repairing some items that appeared to have something to do with memory… Maybe it was Vlad!

    I hope to describe it in more detail soon…

    Love you all, and sending you lots of healing, light light bouyant light!

    • Hey, Les! It reminded me strongly about my meditation with the vision of the astronaut repairing something outside of the Cosmic Station “Peace” or in Bulgarian”Мир”
      WOW! Vlad is Russian and I am sure he is somehow involved here
      Good job, Les!
      Thank You
      Now I say BIG WELCOME , Dear Misha! I am so impressed by Your experience!
      It is GREAT that Now WE Are All Connected
      ( ( SUN ) )

  17. I have no conscious memories but here is my story: I would very much
    like to hear from any of you e-mail me at mckornmisha@gmail.com I am a
    retired RN living in AZ USA Misha

    It all started with me in about 1979 and early eighties after I
    finished nursing school I wanted to read books that I was interested
    in. I got a group of people together about eight or 10 people and we
    met once a week for whole year. Two of the people turned out to be
    trance channelers. That was when I first found out about the Ashtar
    command and a lady named Tuella who claimed to channel Commander
    Ashtar. While at the hotel in Anaheim before seeing Tuella, l was with
    the friend of mine who was a walk-in. I did my automatic writing and
    asked the name of the ship that I was supposed to be associated with
    and got the word Olympia. Then two weeks later after the seminar, I
    got a newsletter called universal network. On the front page of it was
    channeled information from two spaceships one called the Crystal Bell
    and the other called Olympia

    A few years ago I got another channel information from a man named
    Luis Prada this is his reply to my question “ Can you give me
    information about what I do on the ship Olympia and if indeed there is
    a ship called that in the Ashtar Command?”
    Yes, there is a ship called like that in the Ashtar Command, you work
    with us and you come in astral body to our ship and in very rare
    occasions in you own physical body, but memories are erased, and do
    work with us. I am thankful to Luis Prada for allowing me to use his
    vehicle to answer your question. Indeed, you are a creature of the
    Light working for Divine Plan and I announce you that in the near
    future we will contact you for starting your earth mission that is
    related to work with children for the preparation of the new
    generations who will work in different projects to restore Mother
    Earth. I do not want to disclose more for you at this time but this is
    a help to give you reassurance that indeed we care for you and work on
    activating your DNA for your mission. Congratulations, Dear Commander,
    for a job well done so far. I am your friend, Iankar. [Pronaounce it,

    Good bye for now and God Bless You. Luis Prada

    • Welcome Misha – thank you so much for sharing this experience and it resonates so much. I always thought it was spelled “Christobel”, a woman’s name… and it is a very gothic-sounding name to me, but also means “christed beauty”. I have not heard much about the Olympia but several independent people have mentioned it… either from reading Luis’s work or through their own guidance. I would love to hear more. Namaste

  18. Dreamflight 17-11-2012
    Tauno and me are ready to skip some classes at school, but we get caught by the director of the school. She send us a flying broom and we have to sit on it and it flies us to her. We have to stand in front of a class. There were no desks and the childeren (around 16 years) and I am first. I have to tell them who I am and how long I have been staying in South-Africa. Then I am standing at the back of the class, there is a long kitchen along the wall with fires. The kids are cooking an omelette in rectangle fryingpan. We leave the class and I have to get down a really high step of the stairs, so I jump. But I land on my but. 😀

    The dream changes and I am sitting at the directors office with her higher boss and he is talking good things about me. I see that Patrick Jane (from the Mentalist) that he is a Task manager. The dream shifts again and I am now walking past a stand alone booth with windows and there was a meeting going on with the director on the head of the table. She was announcing that there will be a 40% hike of paying electricity. She had a hard time, because everybode was against it. I had so much compassion for her that I sent her love and light. I am now walking with my family and we are approaching a counter where we buy something for our kids. While we are waiting there is a machine where you get something for your money (can’t remember) but the machine doesn’t work properly and eats R200. We needed that money to pay the toys for our kids so we called somebody. She says she can’t do anything, that is was our fault that we didn’t do it right. I got angry and I said a very nasty word to her. End of dream.

    • WOW, Lisa! We met again in dream state!
      We were at one and the same school, my unpleasant feeling is in synchronicity with yours when we were caught by the director
      Hey! I have to ask you a question connected with Harry Potter, but it should be by e-mail
      ( ( SUN ) )

      • Oh, perhaps we were going to escape by the bus but we did not succeed and this explains the more children I remember next
        The school is duality, perhaps we need to experience one or two more lessons before the graduation 🙂

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  20. Astral travel 24 November 2012
    I was in something like a store, huge but narrow place, many people there, some kind of market and still a store
    It was a dark, dirty and narrow place, people were rather scruffy and rude, I saw leathers, leather items, strings, metal items too, baskets, dust and wooden benches and seller`s tables, I was walking along looking for something but I could not find what I was looking for
    End of the dream

    As far as I think about this dream I feel that GLS ALGIZ teleported me back in time in perhaps one of my previous lives in Scandinavia, the place looked very much like a long house, type of living place in ancient Scandinavia
    The dream is dealing with some cleaning of past life negative or past things that could not be accomplished, perhaps karma
    Searching for goods in stores and shops is a constant line in many of my dreams and that is why I consider them as karmic dreams

    Love and Light

  21. Good morning, everyone! Here’s my dream from last night:

    Dream 24 November 2012

    I had a sense of moving amongst & between very deep chambers or rooms… analogous to deep levels of consciousness… Transforming, moving energy… Flows into images of spectrums I was working on last night.

    My energy was mostly male in this manifestation. Others were around, but we were working parallel rather than on the same task at the same time.

    Others I saw working around me were: Mikos, Konstantinos, Lisa, Tauno, Chetan, Rhonda, and Babajij. Many others were working in areas that felt more “exterior”. I’m told the entire Athabantian ground crew was involved, including many crew members on Earth whom we haven’t met yet.

    Troy and the rest of the Tulya crew were holding the “center” of Gaia; the Aurora crew were working, along with other crews, to hold “the surface”, and many ships and beings within Gaia’s “cloak” were holding and screening our work from most outside observers. Among these were many Arcturan and Andromedan ships, and Mark Kimmel and Tolec were of course leading teams for this effort.

    Most of us continue this work on a sub-conscious level, even when we are awake. There were many glimmering rainbows and much iridescence about all the surfaces and objects surrounding us, like deeply stored light was being generated and propagated.

      • Hi, Les!
        Thank You for sharing this dream of yours, now I can explain the work of the many people in the big hall I saw in my last meditation, wow, a Great Working Time
        Also, I see a synchronicity with my dream here
        the many working people in the same place,it seems each one is doing something ..parallel is the word that is most appropriate really
        Love and Light

  22. Hilarion
    November 25-December 2, 2012
    Beloved Ones,
    It is the time of aligning within your own true selves, a time to spend in contemplation and meditation of what it is that you are to bring into the World, your gifts, your Light, to shine brightly without hiding any longer. It is most appropriate to allow yourselves as much introspective moments as is possible in the next weeks. There are still many layers of cleansing yet remaining, however, this will not be as intense to those who have been steadily and methodically doing the work of facing their dualistic nature, recognizing those traits within themselves, and releasing their limiting influence in their daily lives.
    Try to tune into an underlying new vibration that is now ready to be discerned and assimilated into your consciousness. This requires becoming aware in each moment and observing the synchronicities that surround you. Each moment is a treasure, a gift waiting to be opened, explored and enjoyed. Learn to follow your intuitive promptings, for this is the influence of your Higher Self who is desiring to guide you further into position as we come closer to the shifting of the ages, a tremendous opportunity to reconnect with the higher aspects of yourselves and to allow the Love that you embody to surface and blossom into the truth of your Being.
    Stand in this awareness as often as you can until it is a certain knowing that can never again be taken from you. The Earth, her kingdoms and all her inhabitants are being readied for graduation into higher levels of consciousness, learning and progression and soon, the grand ceremony will take place. This will be felt within each Soul and will be unique to each. The awareness that you are much more than you have ever dreamt will dawn with each breath that you inhale and joy will flow from within. As this feeling of joy increases in intensity, it will begin to unfold the secrets of your true nature.
    For each of you are unique and the gifts that you bring will come into greater expression. These gifts will attract to you those who resonate in alignment with them and there will be more seekers than ever before in Earth’s long history, seekers of knowledge, seekers of solace, seekers of healing, seekers who thirst to know more about their true nature and the that of the World in which they live. You have prepared the way for these beloved souls and they will find the gifts that you offer to help them in their unfolding. The feelings of Oneness will be the prevailing knowingness amongst all of Humanity and all will know that they are loved.
    For the new consciousness that even now is shining with greater intensity upon your World is that of Love and this powerful force will bring with it Divine order. Harmony will be restored in all the many facets of existence in the functioning of your World. There will come a time upon your Planet when peace will prevail. There can be no other outcome than the highest one and that is an alignment with the Source of All That Is.
    Until next week….
    I AM Hilarion
    ©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace
    Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included. http://www.therainbowscribe.com
    Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

  23. Hi all,

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I didn’t remember much about the dream. Stated my intent to do the exercise of the high heart on Aurora and stating my normal intent.

    The first part of the dream , I don’t remember much, just some impressions of repeating stuff and we doing some kind of dress rehearsal.(Disclosure?)

    I am now sitting in a dark restaurant , but it is Muslim restaurant and I am sitting there with my mom. They want us to put on a scarf around our head. They put one around my mothers but I refuse. But a bit later I change my mind and I am trying it out and found out it wasn’t that bad. It felt pretty good.

    Now I am on the bike doing a trip around the world. I am meeting a lady and had a lovely talk with her. I camp down for the night but when I wake up I see she stole my bike and clothes. So later , I see that she had remorse because she brings back my bike and clothes even though my camera was still gone. I found them against a grey wall.

    The dream shifts and I am at a racing track with racing cars and I am at the start line. I see racing cars all waiting for the go signal …I have my camera again and take a picture. Also a lot of dust going around. End of my dream.

  24. Dear Les
    I notice you have posted many of your dreams on a separate blog of yours, so you DO participate in Our Astral Meetings
    The goal here in STC is to find synchronicity in our dreams and to discuss them, but it is so difficult to do this when we do not have the text here
    Could you please explain this
    I am a bit confused and need to know
    Thank you
    Love and Light

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