Love, Sex, Dragons, and God


After Andromeda walked into my awareness I had another, more subtle shift in prospective. I started feeling God within me. It is not something I intentionally did. It just started happening. I have heard, my whole life, that God is within. But when I prayed, I would pray as if I was sending a message out. My view was that this expression was going somewhere and God was there and (s)he would get it, and maybe respond.

A few days after meeting Andromeda, I noticed that I had started sending my prayers inward. I noticed that when I felt the urge to connect with God, I was now looking to my own heart. Even now I can see subtle rays of light coming from my heart chakra when I close my eyes. Read More ….


8 comments on “Love, Sex, Dragons, and God

  1. Hi, Kelly! So nice to read your words again, and what a wonderful sharing! Much of what you describe about your connection with God aligns with my experiences with connecting… It always makes my heart sing to find others describing it, because for me, it’s almost impossible to describe! The knowing is divine, in feeling and nature…
    Lately I’ve been finding and learning more about accepting when this connection deepens, and trusting. So your post is very timely for me. Lots of love to you!

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